Chase your dreams
Super wallpapers

Break the boundaries of space.
Peer into the far corners of the universe.

Explore our home planet and travel beyond the familiar realms.
Let your Home screen, Lock screen, and Always-on display show you things other people wouldn't believe.

Chase your dreams

Super wallpapers

Super wallpapers create seamless interstellar journeys as you switch
between your Lock screen, Home screen, and Always-on display.
Be it Martian desert or a remote corner of the Earth, the splendor
you'll witness will go beyond imaginable.

The power of reality

Nature is full of life

The new design of our Weather app doesn't simply inform you.
It shows you how it feels to be outside at any given moment.

What's the weather like on your screen?

Your device is a part of nature

All you have to do is look at your screen: blazing sun, soft breeze, and refreshing rain will be there.
Just like outside your window.