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[Contest] MIUI 100 Million Users Celebration! Vote for the Mi 4 winner here!

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20:20, Feb-25-2015 | From PC
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Hey guys,

During the celebration of Chinese New Year, MIUI marked its milestone of 100 million users globally. MIUI forum is giving away a Mi 4 and awesome Mi accessories to MIUI fans on this important occasion. Our contest was just closed today and we've got nearly 2400 entries from MIUI fans. Many fans have expressed their way of love to MIUI in unique and interesting ways. Bravo!

Let us take a quick look at the top 10 entries with most ratings and vote for the best one! <Click their name to read more>
(From left to right: Forum User Name / Posting Number / Rates)


Why do I love MIUI umm Intresting question. why ?
To be honest I started using MIUI on my old samsung galaxy s3. As I was bit bored with that app drawer feature. I started hating that old UI. That time it wasn't flatter and beautiful like it is today. But yes it was good awesome looking. Most important of all customisable Interface. We all love rooting and want our device to work on it's peak potential. A Beautiful User Interface and Some Extra Features
MIUI is my dream come true

When Xiaomi Released in India In Aug Then I know about the Xiaomi and MIUI and My First Experiance on MIUI is when i am using MI3 with MIUIV5 and then at first time MIUI impress me its All Customization and UI Is Soo Good compare to Other stock Roms Now I am Using MIUI less than One Year with  MIUI V5 and V6 and Now i am loving it very much its Very Good Costomize Android as i ever seen and Compare To Stock Android Here some Loving Things why I Love MIUI  

I love MIUI, 'cause it's the most humane ROM around. It provides so much better ease of access and intuitive controls which allows for faster learning. I've been checking out MIUI since it's very first iteration, however I don't have a smartphone back then, just relying on a Nokia N73. It was only till last year that I finally changed to a Mi3 that I finally get to try out MIUI and I got to admit I immediately fell in love with it. After that, I joined this awesome international forums and get to know people from throughout the world. Joining the first batch of MIUI 6 beta testers in August last year, soon I find myself in MIUI Beta Team and then offered the chance to become Moderator of Beta Team. I've been writing new feature threads of MIUI for some time and I feel involved with the growth of MIUI and the community. It's been a real fun ride for my experience with MIUI. It's through MIUI that I finally find a great ROM that I don't have to switch out, and it's through the community that I got a lot of friends globally.


After the Update of Version 45 I was facing lot of issues and phone was getting hanging,lagging all the times I got Irritated lot, I used argue with people in the forum and I used fight that its not good update its not using power of Redmi hardware the frustration I shown that time is the feeling like when you are having everything suddnly losing the things which you like most most its a kind of feeling So i used fight and show my frustration with people then I just thought about my samsung phones yes It was worst one ever then why I am getting this much tensed about miui then I just thought "Rajesh you gave optimization thread to others did you tried it after updating like that, then I tried the optimizing my phone and I took back my old lover back. Then I understood that It was not Miui and phone mistake its me only.

I used many roms on my previous phone i.e. touchwiz, xperia, stock based etc. Last year i decided to upgrade my phone so i baught redmi note enhanced and started using miui the first thing i noticed about it is that it is different ( a good kinda different) from all the other interfaces it was new it was unique it has so many customization features it didn't needed any 3rd party launcher as it supports themes in the default launcher and very interesting feature which is still unknown from many people is that you can swipe up or down the music and notes icon and it opens like a window, i like that very much plus if you want to root it you don't need any supersu app you just have to flash a zip and enable root permissions in security options. It also clears the ram effectively if you want any application to stay open you can swipe it down in recent apps to lock it. you can also open the notification panel by swiping down from the middle of the screen you don't need to drag the notification bar. It has many more features i am still discovering them so miui is full of surprises i think everyone should try it and feel the change.

jenz1Here's a video of why I LOVE MIUI! Sorry if it's a bit short. If I had to include everything I love about MIUI, this would be a full-featured film haha. Anyway, Congratulations on another milestone guys! Cheers!

The Journey With MIUI started When Mi released its first device in china. At that time i was a symbian/Nokia User and a die hard Fan.
But there was something special that was attracting me towards Mi/Miui And definitely One thing Was the price 4.jpg


Factor 1: Quality and Innovative Products
As like many others I came to known about MIUI after I purchased my MI3. Initially I thought Xiaomi is manufacturing only mobiles and creating MIUI rom. Via this forum I Came to know about other MI products like MI BOX pro, MI BOX MINI, MI BAND, MI TV etc.. All these products are very innovative one's, that's why these products won many awards in different countries. To name the few
Xiaomi Piston Earbuds won iF Design Award 2014 in Germany
Xiaomi Bracelet Won 2015 German iF Design Award
Redmi phones won the Good Design Award 2014 from Japan
MI BOX PRO won the Good Design Award 2014 from Japan

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30.93% 103
4.80% 16
7.81% 26
8.71% 29
5.71% 19
4.80% 16
22.82% 76
4.80% 16
5.71% 19
3.90% 13
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Rated by 24 people   Experience Prestige Reason  

makumark + 1 Great!
624508446 + 2 Great!
Andro4513 + 1 Fantastic!
Tukaistar + 5 Great!
krishananto + 1 Great!
LimPT + 1 Great!
bexruzboy + 1 Хорошо
HarisPR + 1 Fantastic!
stefu + 1 Awesome!
Neo_Genesis + 2 Awesome!
rohitbn31 + 5 Fantastic!
rammymishra + 5 Great!
selvakumarm + 5 Agreed!
xaviertansync + 10 + 3 Fantastic!
gh0st3g + 1 Awesome!
muharrem + 1 Fantastic!
Xuso77 + 1 Fantastic!
dev11295 + 5 Awesome!
kennyanthony8 + 10 + 3 Awesome!
Rajesh0037 + 1 Fantastic!
Swadheen + 2 Great!
lijo_1 + 5 Fantastic!
Rajesh13 + 4 Thanks to all for supporting
helgo9 -2 unfair fight

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 Author| 11:27, Feb-26-2015 | From PC
helgo9 replied at 2015-2-25 20:49
This post was edited by helgo9 at 03:28, Feb-26-2015
Dear administrators!
Pay attention to my post ...


Thank you for your concern, man. We really appreciate that.

Firstly, you are supposed to read through all the contest mechanics and agree to them the moment you decided to take part in the contest. We stated clearly that the entries with top ratings will enter voting phase. I am sorry that you didn't make it.

Secondly, the contest is open for all MIUI fans and we tried our best to make it as fair as possible. That is why the winner is determined by multiple criteria other than only one.

Last, it is understandable that moderators who have been active in the forum get more ratings. They have helped common users on a daily basis in the forum, let alone they really put efforts in submitting fine entries. Sometimes it is not about who wins, it is the sense of involvement that matters.

Besides, some moderators' fine entries didn't get into the voting phase and entries from common users did. It is a fair contest.

Thanks for your understanding.


aremeis To hell with top ratings...these are all moderators who should be disallowed from participating!  12:33, Mar-05-2015
j3j contst is a no-contest but fair ..hopes complaints will be sorted out and more people shall be satisfied in future  05:09, Feb-27-2015
aremeis The admin might as well join in then....C'mon when are you going to admit that you have erred here for allowing ineligible forum moderators inside this contest?  18:33, Feb-26-2015
lijo_1 Though One must Acknowledge that the 10 Finalists have put in Pretty Gud Entries...The Voting Process is a bit "Harsh" on Everyone Else...Should be +1 for Everyone to put QUALITY over RATING  17:09, Feb-26-2015
Skidanonymous Support: 5 Objection: 0   12:53, Feb-26-2015

Rated by 4 people   Experience -6 Reason  

Abhra -1 Not agreed.
scitech_india + 2 Agreed!
punkthemonk -5 Not Agreed!
helgo9 -2 not agreed

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20:22, Feb-25-2015 | From PC
This post was edited by Rajesh13 at 17:54, Feb-25-2015

All The Best To ALL. I too in the Entry Thanks to all the people for supporting me lot even though I am a normal user of this forum.

Always Believe That Something Wonderful About to Happen...

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20:33, Feb-25-2015 | From PC
@Atyant , MY vote goes for you :)

Active on Mi India Community :D ...Join in to have fun and more

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20:41, Feb-25-2015 | Via mobile
this is not fair :( the users which got thousands of credits and friends plus are on super positions only got ratings .. and what for us ? huh ? I think you should mention this competition is for only users which are on super positions >:(


Ayot @helloansuman - I hope, you are not about special privileges (also in contests) for more active, more contributing users. :)  00:06, Feb-27-2015
helloansuman Those who are boasting about fair and not fair check their contribution to this forum. Lol  03:10, Feb-26-2015
Atyant Support: 5 Objection: 0 AGREED +1 should be for the rates part or may be counting for the number of supports  23:37, Feb-25-2015

Rated by 8 people   Experience Reason  

kickthefreak + 6 Agreed!
pavel150582 + 1 Fantastic!
helgo9 + 4 Agreed!
helloansuman + 5 Awesome!
sameer_farms + 2 Agreed!
zmylna + 1 Great!
Piratz + 6 Agreed!
lijo_1 + 5 Quite True!

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20:43, Feb-25-2015 | From PC
My Vote to Atyyy...
This guy is doing great job...


Atyant Thanks :)  03:45, Feb-26-2015
Facebook                                              QQ : 3187293899                                              Twitter

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20:49, Feb-25-2015 | From PC
This post was edited by helgo9 at 00:09, Feb-27-2015
Dear administrators!
Pay attention to my post, please and take action against unfair fight!

Is it a contest for moderators?
Is this a fair fight?

For example let"s consider
average number of votes:

Rajesh13 -Elite Member
Rated by 17 people
Experience +106  Prestige +18
Average Vote for 1 person = 6.23

Skidanonymous- Moderator
Rated by 22 people
Experience +136                                                                                                                                                                                                              Prestige +28
Average Vote for 1 person = 6.18

Rated by 15 people
Experience +72                                                                                                                                                                                                                Prestige +17
Average Vote for 1 person = 4.8

Rajbhardwaj -Diamond Member
Rated by 103 people
Experience +103Average Vote for 1 person = 1,
voted for him 100 Fake accounts...

5.png 4.png 3.png 2.png

Atyant -Moderator
Rated by 25 people
Experience +163                                                                                                                                                                                                           Prestige +21
Average Vote for 1 person = 6.52

Dezzmond -Moderator
Rated by 13 people
Experience +76                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Prestige +12
Average Vote for 1 person = 5.06

Bughinirari -Moderator
Rated by 15 people
Experience +125                                                                                                                                                                                                               Prestige +29
Average Vote for 1 person = 4.31

kennyanthony8 -Moderator
Rated by 17 people
Experience +118                                                                                                                                                                                                               Prestige +21  
Average Vote for 1 person = 6.94

jenz1 -Moderator
Rated by 15 people
Experience +106                                                                                                                                                                                                              Prestige +15
Average Vote for 1 person = 7

sameer_farms -Moderator
Rated by 12 people
Experience +89                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Prestige +12
Average Vote for 1 person = 7.41

Dezzmond -Moderator
Rated by 13 people
Experience +76                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Prestige +12
Average Vote for 1 person = 5.8

lokgenie -Moderator
Rated by 15 people
Experience +72                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Prestige +17
Average Vote for 1 person = 4.8

to compare my post ... d=84654&pid=1668409
helgo9 -Elite Member
Rated by 37 peopleExperience
Average Vote for 1 person = 1.43

  They just wind the rating of each other!
Ordinary users do not have a chance to reach the final!

My solution is either  to except moderators from this competition or to organize separate ones for them!

Sorry, nothing personal, only justice

MIUIer support my post please!


theloneseeker The contests are only relying on rating, not Quality.... making easy for Admins and timesaving  08:15, Feb-26-2015
j3j making 100 fake accounts..hes desperate for free mi4  06:18, Feb-26-2015
visky2096 I support this post so darn bad,altleast you raisedyour voice  05:22, Feb-26-2015
sameer_farms So you Got genuine vote ??? Don't you think 10+ ids that voted you are more or less fake ( they have 2/7 replies in a span of 1 year (few) and i suspect they are used only for voting/cheating )  03:51, Feb-26-2015
helloansuman Not agreed to your 1st line. There are other moderators also In the list.  03:19, Feb-26-2015

Rated by 35 people   Experience Prestige Reason  

Abhra + 2 Agreed!
djsiropchik + 2 Agreed!
Ayot + 2 Agreed!
fox0 + 1 Great!
SEER_MI + 2 Great!
kickthefreak + 2 Agreed! Need solution here
devilnath + 1 Agreed!
lsa_1974 + 1 Great!
aremeis + 2 Agreed!
rocco6 + 5 Agreed!
B0P4YH:( + 1 Согласен!
ypmos + 1 Agreed!
amitry + 1 Вы правы!
Ky3hell.A + 1 Agreed!
jockjoint + 1 Agreed!
adolphovich + 1 Thanks!
fidelich + 1 Agreed!
BlueCrush + 2 That person who created tons of fake acc
Gerkhulet + 2 Agree with you!
bexruzboy + 1 Agreed!
theloneseeker + 2 Agreed! Only relying on rating not Quali
automat89 + 1 Agreed!
uzb777 + 1 Agreed!
malchik-solnce + 5 Agreed!
sned722014 + 1 Great!
Sun_Riser + 1 Agreed!
WOLVERINE90 + 2 Agreed!

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20:51, Feb-25-2015 | From PC
Vote Goes to my bro Atyant.
Active On Mi India Community. Plz PM me on


Serenity is King of The Hill.

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20:53, Feb-25-2015 | From PC
My vote goes to Bughi !
Malaysian MIUI-ers, Join us here!

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21:30, Feb-25-2015 | From PC
My vote for dezzmond.

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21:34, Feb-25-2015 | From PC
Mine goes to Atyant

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