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[Contest] [Announced]MIUI Now Has 100 Million Users Globally! Reply to Win Mi4

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15:17, Feb-12-2015 | From PC
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To my dear fellow MIUIers,

It is been the fifth year of MIUI and it has been evolved to MIUI 6. Five years ago, there were only 100 die-hard MIUI fans who put their devices at stake to flash the very first version of MIUI. They are respected as 100 sponsors of our dream of redefining Android. We did it. Thank you for the trust!

With time passing by, MIUI never lets us down by updating weekly for over 220 weeks, and there are now 100 million MIUI users globally, flashing and supporting MIUI everyday. Besides, 31 fan sites were launched by international fans and MIUI has been translated into 31 languages. Thank you! We would never achieve this without your help.

Let us celebrate the historical moment together.
Read MIUI Timeline here and Create your own MIUI footprint here.
We are giving away a Xiaomi Mi 4 WCDMA and other cool Mi products to MIUI fans.


  • First Prize Winner: Atyant with voting rank in 1st place and an excellent entry
  • Prize: Xiaomi Mi 4 WCDMA
  • Second Prize Winner: jenz1 with voting rank in 2nd place and great popularity on Mi Facebook accounts
  • Prizes: Mi Bluetooth Speaker +Mi Band + MIUI backpack


  • Lucky Draw:
  • Winners: Swapnil94, Simran, nilzkul, shehbaz5196, parvatammalli, edufex, Ronti, karakatsan, yomellamoisaac, sanjaymzp, Shazain, ak2768, ommanandkaran, jaasmaulana, Oronno, jithin.rao, sds9714, shree@12345, Vraell, ITZMi
  • Prizes: 600 forum credits each
  • Special Prize: "MIUI 100 Million Users" medal for everyone who replied before deadline.


  • Submission: 12 February - 12 p.m., 25 February, 2015 (GMT +8)
  • Voting: 25- 27 February
  • Announcement: 27 February

  • First Prize (1 winner): Xiaomi Mi 4 WCDMA
  • Second Prize (1 winner): Mi Bluetooth Speaker +Mi Band + MIUI backpack
  • Lucky Draw (20 winners): 600 forum credits each
  • Special Prize: Everyone who replies to this thread can get a "MIUI 100 Million Users" medal

How to Win:

Reply to this thread and answer this question: Why do you love MIUI?
1) You can write up your own story with MIUI or share the timeline of your MIUI journey or any other reasons that make you love MIUI.
2) You can reply with texts, videos, pictures or other formats. Be creative and brave :)

1) The top 10 entries with highest ratings will proceed to voting phase.
2) The winners of 1st & 2nd prizes are co-determined by voting results + admins' choice (50% respectively).
3) The winners of lucky draw are # of Reply = Below % * Total # of Replies by 6 p.m., Feb 19 Beijing Time.
(5%, 6%, 15%, 16%, 25%, 26%, 35%, 36%, 45%, 46%, 55%, 56%, 65%, 66%, 75%, 76%, 85%, 86%, 95%, 96%)
For example, if there were 1000 replies when the thread is closed, the 50th, 60th, 150th, 160th, 250th, 260th, 350th, 360th, 450th, 460th, 550th, 560th, 650th, 660th, 750th, 760th, 850th, 860th, 950th and 960th replies will win the forum credits. If it's decimal number, we will round it.
4) Please make sure your reply is in English and related to MIUI ROM.
5) Each user can only participate once; if a user replies more than once, only the first reply counts.

6) Please don't beg for ratings in this forum, otherwise, you will be disqualified. However, promoting this contest in other sites such as FB, twitter, google plus and other forums is allowed.

Let's have a look at the prizes!

Xiaomi Mi 4  WCDMA 16GB

Mi Bluetooth Speaker
Mi Bluetooth speaker.jpg

Mi Band
Mi Band.jpg

MIUI backpack
MIUI Backpack.png

Everyone who replies to this thread will get a "MIUI 100 Million Users" medal!

Good luck to everyone!

How long have been using MIUI?

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6.09% 110
9.41% 170
16.11% 291
60.63% 1095
0.66% 12
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12:03, Feb-13-2015 | From PC
Coz its unique :)

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Why I love MiUi

This post was edited by Rajesh13 at 17:49, Feb-17-2015
For This Question I replied and Answered Lot of Times , So I will not leave it this time This time also I am going to say all the Reasons Why I am impressed and loving MiUi, Actually I have to copy paste my answers because Its just Unique answers which I am going to share I already Share With you guys many times.

Introduction to me and Miui
                  One Fine Morning In my Office We were Talking About Miui Phones when it was released in India which is the next day of redmi 1s release , Some People were saying its just Chinese phone some people were saying Its good quality phone with powerful hardwares those times are I was one who knows simple things about Phones processor , chips Rams and about Wifi Ghz, Which version of Ieee version these things only i know, I was a Samsung User so I dont know about stock android how its looks like Even I dont know I am using Touchwhiz before a year back after that only while refereing somethign about android phones and android I came to know about Everything Then I was waiting for the long time to buy new mobile with the super quality but money is the main problem In my home my dad wil not allow me to buy phones all the times again and again all the times If am buying one phone Then It wil take 1-2 years to buy new one.
            Those times only Moto E released in india and hardly tried to getting of it but some of the reviews and friends exp i decided will wait for sometimes that time Micromax released its Unite2 Phones I thought to going of it but Bcos its processor and Software Issues my friends said dont buy Then again I waited for Long Time Then it was the day which we were talking about redmi Phones in my office. That time only One of my collegue explained me lot of things About android customization which i never think of it and I never knows those things I love in adnroid is we can get anything and everything through apps thats what I know about android but When my collegue EXplaining me about android customization and MiUi and its features then my Eye started rolling and started thinking of it , Lot of things I loved in miui Even when I ordered in that second sale I dint get my mobile even though I was visiting and started searching about Miui features, I used torture my friends by saying just see we can do these things, see this is nice feautres by saying like this i just tortured my friends everyone used to think about me like something they used show on their faces and they used to say that you are ambassador of Miui and Xiaomi phones like that, Some people used to Tease me after that I just stopped saying the things when I got my mobile I used show them everything If anyone saying Mine is china phone I used ask their phone and I will shoe that "Made In China" Label then Everyone will stop everything some people will comes with issues with Miui but I used prove them that Theirs phone nothing compare with mine. It was going like this.
I cant afford Apple phone but I can Buy Apple in market But Xiaomi changed thoughts by providing Miui it was new and awesome feeeling to me, Everything was going fine when everyone was facing heating issues I was not having anything like that. Everything was fine I wrote a thread that time how to optimize the phone normally which got popular that time, I was so happy that till the time when lot of people teasing around me and this much people ar appreciating me I got surprised and Wowed, Thanks to @Bingo220 for highlighted that thread he was the one who I know after that lot of things happened.
My Sour Days Turned to happy with Miui:

                  After the Update of Version 45 I was facing lot of issues and phone was getting hanging,lagging all the times I got Irritated lot, I used argue with people in the forum and I used fight that its not good update its not using power of Redmi hardware the frustration I shown that time is the feeling like when you are having everything suddnly losing the things which you like most most its a kind of feeling So i used fight and show my frustration with people then I just thought about my samsung phones yes It was worst one ever then why I am getting this much tensed about miui then I just thought "Rajesh you gave optimization thread to others did you tried it after updating like that, then I tried the optimizing my phone and I took back my old lover back. Then I understood that It was not Miui and phone mistake its me only

Loving Miui Always:

             Then I was became so happy and passinate about Miui When Everyone is saying something wrong I dint accept anything why because I Love Miui., I am not a Hardcore Game or App lover so its more than enough to me for day to day works but power users they used always complain that its hanging slow like that never worried about that. I am using my phone till this date without any problem , I can do anything and everything with my phone what ever I want. Because It has Miui with it. When Everyone was going for Rooting ,Unrooting other phones and what ever I dint go for anything because I love Miui, I dint make it naked with any other roms I never damaged it with any other things Since I love it more than anything Even I dint go for Miui based Adria Because of the fresh Miui which I have I dont want anything else. I cant understand Why people are getting bore about Miui, Its mostly redmi users because of the hardware which is not giving satisfaction, I used see that lot of users globally asking Miui porting for Their devices but because of jellybean update redmi users not satisfying with the Miui but the people who donthave Miui are asking requesting for miui always when Samsung or anyother products getting released you can see that lot of people will request even nexus users used give request not only that those who bought Yu Yureka phones people for CM they are asking Miui and requesting for Miui porting. I just thought how people re loving miui.

          How many people are expecting Miui for their device. Its an awesome news that these muchpeople are awaiting for onething and loving it much. Mi team understand theusers and needs to make all the people those who can support provide miui andget the hearty thankfulness from them. Its not easy matter this much people addicted to this But this is the matter from the from people Love, Its huge success to have 100 million people around the Earth.

         You Guys Can think that Why I am updating useless stories when they asked "why we Love Miui", Everyone knows the features and usefull of miui and how it works and all teh features , We knew that everyone loves all the features in that so I dont wants to try the features and descriptions which everyone knows already and seeing the dat to day Life , I just want to give the notes from my heart why I bought Mi phones and the reason behind that is not only Good phone at the Good price Yet also the Miui is the reason since I am a designing and customization lover so i just wants to be with Miui so I just went to Mi phones and Miui. My Aim is needs to learn about Porting and serving all the people Miui for their phones and technical things about android and needs to help the people those who are having less knowledge in Android. There are lot of people ready to help for that am learning from my best buddies all the things they are not treating me like someone and they are teaching me everything thanks to the Miui Digimind team for that.

         No One Can Give These Kind of Support to the Users with the helpful and powerful community which Miui is doing flawlesly which is really awesome. Hearing user voice is the thing a company can grow itself and users will start loving the company from the heart which Mi understood and giving the things to the user very well, They are giving the weekly and updates well but the platform update is getting played since it has highly customized so Mi needs to develop that and hpefully doing that so that we can see the Miui ROM for all the upcoming phones it will be superb when its happening. Releasing kernel sourcs as they said and updates got bit late and releasing one by one even low end superstar redmi also going to get the updates asap. And there is no issue with Miui we can believe that we will get the updates till the device lost because Mi3 which is probabily 3 year phone getting the updates still now Why cant new phones so this is the most powerful reason I am being with Miui.

It May Come Late But It will comes with the Best and Latest

Notes:: Everyone knows that Miui is greatly customized android and most of the people here knows the features and I love all the features of Miui, Especially Security App, Music App, Nothing can beat music app even a Paid app cant beatmiui stock music app, Notification bars ,Each and everything in Miui.
*10 Features of Miui -
*Why Miui Bulk and Huge-  Link2
*Optimizing Rm1S - Link3

so I dint write the features here I just want to write somethign beyond from the heart so I just tried and gave it to you guys. Thanks to All this community for helping and developing my knowledge.




Images Taken from Net EditedbyMe.

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Hello MIUIers First CongratesTo MIUI and MIUI Team For This Sucess

When Xiaomi Released in India In Aug Then I know about the Xiaomi and MIUI and My First Experiance on MIUI is when i am using MI3 with MIUIV5 and then at first time MIUI impress me its All Customization and UI Is Soo Good compare to Other stock Roms Now I am Using MIUI less than One Year with  MIUI V5 and V6 and Now i am loving it very much its Very Good Costomize Android as i ever seen and Compare To Stock Android Here some Loving Things why I Love MIUI   01.jpg

  • So Much Customization

The MIUI is One Of The Best Customize Android It Has Lots of Customization Include which users need this some advance features in MIUI

  • Home screen, themes and more
I like how MIUI is different enough to feel novel, yet familiar enough for any smartphone user to dive into. As with earlier versions of the OS, you can tap and hold the menu hardware button on the home screen and shake the device to neatly arrange your icons. MIUI  also lets you move and delete multiple apps at once, which works very well and makes a stronger case for doing away with the app drawer.
MIUI’s customization game is still going strong. IN MIUI there are now more than 8,000 themes available in the store, with over two billion downloads worldwide.
Tapping the menu hardware button brings up running apps as icons, but if you’d prefer larger app previews you can simply pinch out to see them.

  • Shiny happy icons and Better notification handling
MIUI  has got a nice visual refresh, complete with colorful flat icons for default apps, and a range of motion effects and animations that make the OS feel subtly different from stock Android.
The cosmetic changes are definitely an improvement. Charming animations abound through the interface, from the volume control to the clock app to the running apps preview screen. Delete an app, and you’ll see the  icon burst into a cloud of dots, their colors drawn from the icon’s palette.
The status bar is also slimmer and sleeker, with updated icons and tighter typography that make for a more modern look while taking up less room.
In-built apps like Calculator, Calendar, Compass, Clock, Weather, Recorder and others have gotten a new look too. They’re pretty enough that I launch them every once in a while just to fiddle with them.
You’ll also notice nice little details in each. My favorite is the Compass, which uses the camera to become transparent when it senses you’re panning the device around to find an exact direction.
MIUI  does a great job of accommodating power users’ demands while remaining easy to use, and the way it handles notifications is a great example of that balance. Essential apps that feature on a company-managed whitelist, such as messaging, email and calendar services, are allowed icon real estate on the status bar by default. Other apps, like games, music players and so on, are grouped automatically, so multiple notifications from them show as ellipses on the status bar.

  • Mi Cloud

Mi Cloud allows you to sync contacts, texts, photos, call logs, notes, and more to your account so they’re all available across your Mi devices. You get 5GB of space for your stuff, and customizing your sync settings is a breeze.
Thats Why  MiCloud Becomes One of the Largest Cloud Service in China


  • Useful tools and settings
MIUI covers a lot of ground with its bundled apps. There’s a new Cleaner tool in the Security app to swiftly empty your cache and clean out ads and other residual data. You’ll also find a Virus Scanner to weed out malicious files, and a Data Usage tool that allows you to easily restrict apps from using mobile or Wi-Fi data.
Want to get a better look at what data and services your apps can access? Security lets you inspect your apps’ activity closely and deny or request a prompt for individual permissions from them. Plus, you can also choose which apps auto-start when your turn on your phone

  • Better Photography Made Easy
you've got a bunch of other modes to choose from, including audio-triggered capture (say ‘Smile’ to take a picture), burst mode, panorama, and HDR.
These work as advertised, with pleasing results across the board. Of course, the quality of your pictures will vary depending on the handset you use MIUI on. I found the HDR mode to work very well — captures were quick and the pictures had a lot of detail and color while adjusting for light and shadow in different regions of each shot, without looking overly HDR-ish.

Unlike other messaging apps, MIUI’s private messaging feature is integrated within its default app. The usual security features apply, you can set a password to prevent unauthorised access, or you can even designate private contacts that’ll send messages straight into the private folder.

In MIUI, there’s an easier way to share your Wi-Fi network via a QR code. Plus, all Xiaomi devices have a QR code reader integrated into the camera app, so you can simply activate the camera, point it at the QR code and you’re connected. And it’s not limited to Xiaomi phones. We’ve tried scanning the QR code with another Android smartphone, and it worked.

MIUI is Soo Loveing and Even More Popular In Worlds So MIUI User Fan Base Expanded to 112 Countries



This Is Created By Me For My Love In MIUI




GR33dyBlackie Support: 5 Objection: 0 awesome!  23:58, Feb-17-2015

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ThunderYunus + 1 Fantastic images dude !
Dezzmond + 10 + 3 Awesome!
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Happy Valentine's DayMIUI 100 Million UsersMIUI Fan from MalaysiaMIUI Follower

12:08, Feb-13-2015 | From PC
Super fast and cheap. Comparable to big players.

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I love MIUI because this is the ROM which has all the features(except 1 or 2..)I always wanted.
In love with my Mi3 & MIUI

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12:08, Feb-13-2015 | From PC
MIUI ROM is the best ROM out there. Allows Several Customizations and  complete control over my phone.

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because it's unique

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12:09, Feb-13-2015 | Via mobile
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Wow can't believe it's 5 years already. Congratulations to current and ex team for all the support and patience...
For me MIUI journey began accidently. I had been using this "branded"  device for good amount of time. However with the specs given the device seemed to underperform. It was then I was introduced to the awesome world of rooting and custom ROM.  Every week tried different custom ROM and it was then needed up with MIUI. It was sadly then available only in Chinese and was forced to remove it. However had liked the subtle nature of icons and smoothness it offered.  
Over a period of time though I kept switching to MIUI through its development cycle. Thankfully Xiaomi entered Indian market last year and finally got an opportunity to own an official MIUI device.  It's been pretty exciting journey. Loved MIUI 5 and now excited about v6. Also thanks to India team got a chance to be part of Beta Testing team with so many trials and tests down. It feels exciting and makes owning the device a pleasure.

Features I love : Flat icons (can't remember loving anything more than this) ,  smoothnesssss,  Notification tray and Theme support ( I am practically new me everyday)  

Congratulations team once again...



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