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[Feature Request] Request for more double-Sim features

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20:49, Feb-09-2015 | From PC
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having used a double sim phones for now more than 6 years, I would like to raise a need for a little more double-sim features than currently offered in the MIUI Roms.
I have a redmi 2 with the French ROM v5.2.6.

In the ROM, the main (if not only) double sim feature I have found is the possibility to allocate a different Phone ringtone depending on the SIM that is called. This is a nice one, to keep.
Hewever, this is quite basic, and here are some other features that would be useful and should be considered
- Possibility to allocate a color depending on the SIM, much more visible than the (too) small number 1 or @ in the icon.
- Possibility to allocate a default SIM for each contact. If I call Mr. X, I'd like the SIM1 to be used, always (no need to prompt the question)
- Possibility to tune the waiting time before a SIM is used. Example: Somebody called you on SIM1, when you call back, the phone ask you for the SIM to use and there is a counter on the SIM1 (about 7 or 8 s). This time is too high and triggers out-of-time message  (on my car when connected in BT for example). 2 or 3 s are enough....
- For all SMS or call log restored from other phone, could it be possible that the ROM see to which SIM it relates (since the info "called number" is there, it could see if it is SIM1 or SIM2.

That the main ones that come to my mind.
I don't know if I have posted this request in the correct sub-forum, do not hsitate to move if more appropriate.
I just hope it will reach the developpers' team.


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17:29, Jul-12-2018 | From Redmi Note 5
you're so right!
the possibility of a different color allocated by SIM card IS just nécessaire


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