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Redmi Note.jpg
FAQ for Redmi Note 3G WCDMA
(Exclusive Edition)

This is a full collection of FAQ for Redmi Note 3G users. All info here are extracted from each thread in Q&A, Discussion, Reviews and Others under Redmi Note 3G sub-forum. Hope this thread can provide sufficient info for Redmi Note 3G users to solve the problem on their own.

Note: I will try to keep update this FAQ to make this thread more helpful for users. :)

General FAQ

Q: Where can we buy a Redmi Note 3G?
The production of Redmi Note 3G has stopped in China. Hence there is no more official sale for Redmi Note 3G.

Q: Can we buy Redmi Note 3G from other seller?
It is not recommended to buy from other seller as we might get a fake device. Buy it at your own risk.

Q: How do I verify that my Redmi Note 3G is genuine?
We can download Mi Verification App here.
In term of appearance, you can read this thread > How to Identify a Fake Redmi Note

ROMs Related

Q: How to flash MIUI 7 Beta ROM in Redmi Note 3G?
You can use recovery method in the following tutorial thread -> http://en.miui.com/thread-150530-1-1.html

Q: What are the differences between Chinese ROM and Global ROM?
Chinese ROM - Additional China apps, more Chinese themes, no GAPPS
Global ROM - Without China apps, less Chinese themes, have GAPPS
More info ->

Q: Can Indian/SG/MY/Indonesian Redmi Note 3G use Chinese ROM?
Yes. You can still switch to English language, download GAPPS and use it. Though you will find chinese word in some apps.

Q: Where is Indian specific ROM for Redmi Note 3G? Where can we download it?
You can download the only Indian specific ROM JHDMIBH38.0 here:

Q: What are the difference between Indian specific ROM and Global ROM?
There's aint much difference. Just some additional apps for India.

Q: How can I update MIUI 6 for Redmi Note 3G?
There are two version for MIUI 6 available in public.
MIUI 6 Developer ROM (China version) for Redmi Note 3G. Download here. (Scroll down to find it)
MIUI 6 Global Stable ROM. Download here > http://en.miui.com/thread-138816-1-1.html
Here's a tutorial on how to install MIUI 6 > http://en.miui.com/thread-99524-1-1.html

Q: Can we flash Redmi Note 4G ROMs into Redmi Note 3G?
No! It will brick your phone as they have different built and processors.

Q: How to flash back the stock recovery in MIUI 5 for Redmi Note 3G?
For this, you must root your phone first and you need Mobileuncle tool app. Read more here.
Credits to oxye and Di4N post.

Q: How to downgrade from MIUI 7/6 to MIUI 5 in Redmi Note 3G?
We will need MIUI 5 stock recovery first. Follow the procedures here.

Q: Where can I find Fastboot ROMs for Redmi Note 3G?
You can find the Fastboot ROMs collection here.

Q: Where can I get Lollipop custom ROM for Redmi Note 3G?
There is no custom ROM in Android Lollipop for Redmi Note 3G, but we have a modded one with kitkat based.
Download here.

Q: When is the release of kernel source for Redmi Note 3G?
There is no announcement date from MIUI Developers. Since MIUI Developers are busy with a lot of devices and have no time in dealing this, it might not be released.

Device Related

Q: Why does the front camera icon missing in stock camera app, front camera is not working?

  • We will recommend you to flash again the latest ROM and see if it helps.
  • If not, then it is most probably due to hardware issue, and you have to send it back to nearest Xiaomi Service Center for further check.

Q: Why is there a message "Don't cover the top screen" when we unlock our phone?
This is a feature of "Prevent Pocket Dials". To disable this, go to Settings > Display > and disable "Prevent Pocket Dials"

Q: How to take a screenshot with Redmi Note 3G?
1. Volume Low + Menu Key Button
2. Volume Low + Power Button
3. Use the screenshot toggle in notification bar.

Q: My phone stuck in Mi logo, help me!
Your phone is probably stuck in bootloop. Try either one of these methods to solve your problem:
http://en.miui.com/thread-64425-1-1.html (Global ROM)
http://en.miui.com/thread-23268-1-1.html (Chinese ROM)

Q: Do we have manual shutter speed for camera app in Redmi Note 3G?
No. Stock camera app in Redmi Note 3G does not provide that setting, for both MIUI 5 and MIUI 6.

Q: Why can't we connect my Redmi Note 3G to PC via USB cable?
  • Reboot your phone and try to connect again.
  • If that doesn't help, you need to install proper driver in your PC to read your phone files.
  • If it still does not help, try to update the latest version for your Redmi Note 3G.

Q: How can we use Mi Band on Redmi Note 3G?
First, we need to flash MIUI 6 in our phone. Download here. (Scroll down to find it)
Here's the tutorial on how to install MIUI 6 > http://en.miui.com/thread-99524-1-1.html

Q: When I pressed Volume Down + Power Button, I see Chinese Setting. How to enable Fastboot Mode?
Redmi Note 3G does not have Fastboot Mode.
The Chinese settings in Redmi Note 3G is actually "Work Mode".
The only way to flash Fastboot ROM is to use SP Flash Tool and other third party tools.

Q: How to root Redmi Note 3G for MIUI 5?
The easiest way to root Redmi Note 3G is using native root zip file -> http://en.miui.com/thread-26572-1-1.html

Q: How to root Redmi Note 3G for MIUI 6?
MIUI 6 China Developer ROM is pre-rooted. Just download an app which requires root and enable it in Security App > Permissions > Root Permissions.
For MIUI 6 Global Stable ROM, follow this guide to root your phone -> http://en.miui.com/thread-144485-1-1.html

Q: Can Redmi Note 3G receive latest update via OTA when it is rooted?
No. We have to unroot our phone then we only can get OTA update. (Apply only for MIUI 5)

Q: Does Redmi Note 3G have color saturation setting like Mi 3 or Redmi Note 4G?
No. Redmi Note 3G does not have screen color setting.

Q: Does Redmi Note 3G have Glove mode like Mi 3?
No. Redmi Note 3G does not have this setting.

Q: How to enable Mass Storage mode for Redmi Note 3G?
Redmi Note 3G does not support Mass Storage via USB.

Q: Does Redmi Note 3G have double tap to wake up screen feature?
No. Redmi Note 3G does not support this. However there is an alternative app for that feature. View more here.

Q: Why there is yellowish mark/screen on my Redmi Note 3G?
It is usually cause by hardware. Other than that, it also might due to the calibration of color tone while manufacturing. Best advice is send your phone to nearest Xiaomi Service Center. More info about yellowness on screen here.

Q: Why do we see different colors on the LED notifications? How does it work?
  • LED colors may vary with different applications we use in our phone and while charging your phone.
  • While phone is charging, red LED indicates battery below 20%, yellow LED indicates battery below 90%, and green LED indicates battery has 90% and above.
  • For default apps, go to Settings > Notification Light, you can change the LED colors for (all) apps notifications, calls and messages.
  • For third party apps, you need to download 3rd party app from Playstore to change it.

Q: Do we have SIP/Voip Settings in Redmi Note 3G?
Yes. Just flash MIUI 7 to get this feature.

Q: Does Redmi Note 3G supports Qi Wireless Charger?
No. Redmi Note 3G does not support this.

Q: Do we have device encryption feature on our Redmi Note 3G?
No. MIUI ROM in Redmi Note 3G does not have device encryption feature. Read More

Q: Does Redmi Note 3G supports Dual Boot?
No. So far there isn't any user who can do this on Redmi Note 3G.

Network Related

Q: Can we use 3G network on SIM 2 in my Redmi Note 3G?

No. SIM 1 provides up to 3G networks, while SIM 2 only provides 2G network.

Q: Can we switch network usage between 2 SIM card, i.e. use 3G network on SIM card 2?
No we can't. MIUI does not provide this feature, but it is possible in some custom ROMs for Redmi Note 3G.

Q: Why our Redmi Note 3G does not receive any Internet connection after enable Wi-Fi?
Before answering your question, ensure that the Wi-Fi modem or router has a working Internet connection.
Please relogin again if your Wi-Fi password for router has been changed

Q: Why does the Internet connection weak in Redmi Note 3G?
  • Make sure you have updated the latest ROM version.
  • Ensure that your mobile data has good signal strength in your area.
  • You can try delete the saved network, then add and connect it again.
  • If you are using Wi-Fi, try static IP to connect Wi-Fi. Go to Setting > Wi-Fi/WLAN, click on back arrow sign on the network you connected to enter network setting, select IP settings and choose Static. Key in your IP address, Gateway, and other information.
  • If you are still not convince with your phone, try connect to your friend hotspot to test if you still have weak Internet connection.
  • More info about poor signal strength here.

Q: Can we use 3G Network in SIM 1 at the same time while receiving call in SIM 2?
No. The phone cannot multitask on this due to hardware limitation.

Q: I have lost/invalid IMEI and I don't have a IMEI backup. How can I recover my IMEI on Redmi Note 3G?
Try to follow this guide -> http://en.miui.com/thread-60910-1-1.html
Credits to Jesrin.

Q: Does Redmi Note 3G has Wi-Fi Direct?
No. It does not provide that feature.

Q: How can we connect Redmi Note 3G to Mi Box through Wi-Fi Display?
Go to Settings > More > WLAN display, search for the network shared by Mi Box and connect to it.

Q: My GPS (Location Set by GPS) always auto turn ON! How can I solve this issue?
Pull down your toggles page, long press GPS to enter Location Setting.
Select "Battery Saving" as the option for GPS, then turn off your Location access.
Reboot your phone and check again. Here's the Reference.

Apps Related

Q: Why can't we move apps to external storage/SD card in Redmi Note 3G?

This is a default setting for Redmi Note 3G to ensure stability and fluency of a system. But if you really want to do that, you need to root your phone first and use 3rd party app to enable this feature. Refer here. (The tutorial can be applied to Redmi Note 3G as well)
In my point of views, there is not necessary to move apps to SD card just to get more spaces for internal memory. All you need to do is proper memory management, move all the media files (photos, videos, recordings and music files) to external storage.

Q: Can we use custom ringtone in Redmi Note 3G?
Yes. In music app, tap on menu button to go into settings, disable "Filter by size" and in "Filter by folder", make sure you selected where your custom ringtone located. After that, go to setting > Sound > Phone Ringtone, select Browse, then Select track. You will see your custom ringtones there.

Q: Why Google Playstore cannot download games, keep loading but not downloading?
Try to clear data and cache for Google Playstore. Go to Setting > Apps > Google Playstore and clear both.
If that does not work, try to reinstall Playstore and also relogin your google account.

Q: Can Google Cardboard or other Virtual Reality apps work in Redmi Note 3G?
Unfortunately no. MIUI for Redmi Note 3G does not support them. More info here.
Edit: MIUI 6 China Developer ROM has solved this issue.

Q: Why there is no Google Apps/Play Store in my Redmi Note 3G?
You probably flash a Chinese ROM. You can manually download all the google apps by using this Google Installer.

Q: Is it okay to play games while charging our Redmi Note 3G?
No. Your phone will be heat up so much if you do that.
It is recommended to leave the phone alone until it is fully charged.

Q: Why my Waze app keep force closed while using it? How to solve it?
These are issues originated from some of Waze version which makes it force close in our phone, usually on Global MIUI 5 version 40 and above. To avoid this issue, we can download waze version 3.7.2. More info here.

Q: Why can't I apply theme apk in my Redmi Note 3G?
Only Chinese ROM can apply and use 3rd party theme from forum or other sources.

Q: Why True Caller or any Caller ID Apps aren't working in our Redmi Note 3G?
Check if you have enabled the pop-up permission for the app under Security > Permission > Permissions > The App you are using.

Q: Why my Redmi Note 3G cannot record my audio message in Whatsapp?

Check if you have enabled the "Record audio" permission under Security > Permission > Permissions > Whatsapp.

Q: Why Whatsapp audio message in our Redmi Note 3G has lot of noise?
Whatsapp audio message sometime incompatible in Redmi Note 3G, hence funny/noisy voice will be generated. Read more

Q: Why my Updater App keep force closed (FC) or not working?
This is usually caused by the wrong ROM version. You can flash a proper MIUI ROM version by downloading from here. Update your phone via recovery by following these steps:
1. Download ROM package to PC.
2. Change the name of the file to 'update.zip' now put it directly on to the internal storage folder of your phone.
(p.s Check the file and make sure it doesn't add the letters ".zip" as filename becaue it will not be read)
3. Turn off phone and restart it by holding volume up and power at the same time.
4. Volume down to jump option and Volume Up to select, choose recovery mode > Update via recovery.
Credit to @pacowinks post


Sources: VoteNote's FAQ, fksgs2's FAQ,

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Hey, Since I updated my redmi note 3g..I can't focus using my camera.. Camera focus isnt working.. using any camera app.. It worcked perfectly on miui5 n miui6 china rom but in Miui 6 global 6.6.1 and 6.6.2..camera app or any other third party app isn't able to focus from cam..I used to love my redmi note 3g camera.. Now all pics come Blur! Something is wrong with the ROM! HELP!! :'(

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Thanks for sharing this useful information.

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wwwoooooww marcus!
very awesome. i just realise that screenshot button! LOL

thank you for the information. Btw can we do dual boot for Redmi Note 3G???


marcus_keong Hey there! Unfortunately we cannot.  08:40, Aug-28-2015

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12:13, Aug-26-2015 | From PC
MIUI 6 is pre-rooted. Just download an app which requires root and enable it in Security App > Permissions > Root Permissions.
Hi Can you please explain this step. I m not getting Root permissions option. I  have MIUI , and device is Redmi note 3g India


marcus_keong Sorry, its outdated. I have updated the FAQ thread.  09:23, Aug-28-2015

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very good info thanks

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Awesome post , Cleared almost all Doubts
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That's a neat and well arranged collection of information :)  Thanks +1

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