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[Xiaomi] Xiaomi New Product Convention 2013: Xiaomi MI3 and MiTV Released!

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10:17, Sep-05-2013 | From PC
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Download the Launch Event PPT here.
Xiaomi MI3 and MiTV Launch Convention (English Subtitles)

Introducing Xiaomi MI3 (3D)

- 13 megapixel, Sony stacked camera. F2.2 diaphragm; 28mm wide angle; 5 specially made lenses, blue glass infrared filter

- Philips double LED flash, increased the brightness by 30% consuming the same power

- 5 inches 1080P super sensitive touch screen; 441PPI/IPS Full View/OGS single glass full fitting technology, allowing you to control the touchscreen when your finger is wet or you’re wearing gloves

- Using two top platforms. NVIDIA Tegra4/Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 8974AB
   - NVIDIA Tegra4, quad-core 1.8G A15/72-core GeForce GPU
   - Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 8974AB, quad-core 2.3FG/ Krait400/Adreno 330

- 2GB internal storage LPDDR3, 16GB flash storage eMMC4.5

- 3050mAh Lithium-ion battery

- Six-colored protection cover

-Dimension: 144mm×72mm×8.1mm. Weight:  145g;

- Camera comes with Intelligent beauty corrector. It can also identify age and gender.
The GPS can preserve the satellite trajectory for 7 days.
Immersion vibration



Introducing Xiaomi MIUI MiTV (HD)

- The super narrow frame is only 8.4mm

- Thickness ranges from 2cm to 4.8cm

- Aluminum alloy front panel

- LED light + Touch-control switch

- Used LG & Samsung as screen supplier

- SVA screen & IPS hard screen. Higg transmittance, saving power by 10%. Full view 3D

- Fantastic speaker, independent separated resonate chamber, supporting DOLBY and DTS

- Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 MPQ8064 processer. CPU Quad Krait quad-core 1.7G. GPU Adreno 320
- 2GB double channel DDR3 RAM. 8GB eMMC 4.41 ROM

- WIFI double frequency 2.4GHz/5GHz. 2x2 double antenna.

- Cast pictures, videos, and music from Xiaomi phones/iPhone/iPad/computers to TV via WIFI

- Support bluetooth 4.0

- Ordaniry smart TVs = A TV + A smart box. v.s. Xiaomi MiTV = the basic TV function is part of the entire system

- The remote control only has 11 buttons.

- Using the up/down button to change channels. Using the select button to see programmes of a channel. Using the right button for channels preview, the left button for

- History/Favorites/Most watched.

- Xiaomi MiTV comes with a set top box. You don't need another remote control for it.

Giftpack for the fans at the convention: Hongmi Red Rice + F-code for Xiaomi Mi3

Xiaomi MiTV Price: RMB2999 ($486)

Xiaomi MiTV comes with a Set Top Box

Mi TV used the best screen

The other new product: Xiaomi MiTV!

Xiaomi Mi3, The Fastest Smartphone
Size: 144mm×72mm×8.1mm, weight: only 145g;
Six official colors;
Camera comes with Intelligent beauty corrector. It can also identify age and gender.
The GPS can preserve the satellite trajectory for 7 days.
Immersion vibration function with situational vibrate mode.
Price - USD$327 for 16GB; USD$408 for 32GB

Price of Xiaomi Mi3: 16GB RMB1999 ($324)/64GB RMB2499 ($405)

Size of Xiaomi Mi3: 144mm × 72mm × 8.1mm. Weighs only 145g.

Photos Taken by Xiaomi MI3

Distinguished features: GPS automatically save satellite trajectory for seven days; Immersion vibrate; Mi Sound 2.0; WIFI double frequncy 2.4G/5G

The camera can automatically beautify your pictures.

1.3megapixel, Sony stacked camera. F2.2 diaphragm; 28mm wide angle; 5 speciallymade lenses, blue glass infrared filter

Super Sensitive touchscreen

Performance test of Mi3

The internal storage & flash storage for the best processer!
Performance of Xiaomi MI3 is enhanced 40% compared to Xiaomi MI2S

Mi3, the fastest phone ever.

Founder & CEO of NVIDIA Jen-Hsun Huang is on the stage now.

Xiaomi MI3: Nvidia Tegra4 + QUALCOMM Snapdragon

Hugo comes to the stage

The Convention begins!! Xiaomi Founder and CEO Leijun is talking about MIUI ROM
MIUI ROM has 20 million users now!

Xiaomi MiCloud Service has 10.5 million users!

Introducing MIUI wifi sharing

Introducing MIUI images sharing

Greetings from Worldwide MIUI Fans for Xiaomi New Product Convention 2013

Former Google VP Hugo Barrais Joins Xiaomi

Xiaomi is Preparing for the Convention!!

Seat reserved for Hugo Barra

Hugo Barra discussing with Xiaomi Founder & CEO Lei Jun


Xiaomi Founder & CEO Lei Jun

Working, working...


We're waiting for you!

Outside of the venue

Inside the venue

MIUI & Xiaomi fans are arriving!

A journalist is interviewing Mark from MIUI UK.

Gifts for Xiaomi MIUI fans


This is how it looks inside


Waiting for the fans to enter. :)

MI cake from Xiaomi fans

Look at the queue of the fans waiting outside.

The first fan is coming into the Convention after security check(12:36)


Fans signed in via NFC


Ready to party??



Wonderful microblogs from fans are shown on the screen

MI LOGO is reflected and all seats are occupied now

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Huwow! Now the wait is over! Let's Party!

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ready for the news!!

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Waiting the news!!!

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Livestream video?

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Hmm Nice Girls And Chairs Also .

Cant Wait For MI3.

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Amazing...i waiting

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Can't wait anymore

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