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[Reviews] [Part I] MIUI 9 + Magisk + MicroG + ARISE Magnum Opus: An Experiment By Grandpa!

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06:29, Oct-05-2017 | From PC
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And custom ROM friends. Maybe you have read some of my threads about the NOUGAT (7.0 / 7.1) and lately OREO 8.0 custom ROMs or MIUI ROMs from mi-globe ROM for our beloved Mi 3 and Mi 4 aka cancro devices (or even the Redmi 1s and Mi 4S). Usually, I am using any custom ROMs on my device and I have been using them from the beginning. You can check some of my reviews here:

My favourite at the moment is the NITROGEN OS OREO (by @shahan_mik3 and @vasishath) and the here presented MIUI 9 experiment.

Guys don't get me wrong: of course, I like MIUI, but I do mostly prefer open-source custom ROMs and love to test ROMs, mods and more. I like to control my device as much as possible. My privacy is the most important aspect for me. That's why I am rarely using vendor ROMs, but constantly checking mods which makes my device best from my point of view. Some call me paranoid. On the other hand - everyone has a hobby.


Today I want to present you the new and amazing MIUI 9, but some kind of different. You all certainly know everything about MIUI 9, so I don't want to describe it in detail. My concern is to show you a different way to use MIUI (or another custom ROM); a way how I am using my device based on custom ROMs and tried to make it nearly perfect for my needs. Of course, this may not be perfect or good for you; maybe you hate it or reject it. I just want to show you some opportunities:

  • probably you need a rooted device but have to hide the root

  • perhaps you want a more battery friendly device or reduce the data which you device might send to the Google servers
  • and maybe you need an excellent sound system on your phone.

I have been looking for an GAPPS alternative (Google Apps) because GAPPS eating too much battery and Google is also hungry. Further, a good sound is very, very important for me and I am never satisfied with the default sound in any ROMs. Root is obvious and my decision is Magisk instead Super SU for some reasons. That is the idea behind my experiment. If you are interested and have some free time, you are welcome here.

ATTENTION: It takes a moment to read this stuff here. You will need time, wisdom and patience if you want to flash and install this. Also, you need some experience with flashing ROMs. This tutorial is not intended for a novice! But it's not difficult to learn it!
Maybe you like it! And don't judge me hard: this is an experiment. I have tried it successfully with MIUI 8 - it has worked perfectly. But now MIUI 9 is here. This is for all who like to test something new and just play a little around.

My description contains two parts (or threads):

  • Part One: introduction, facts about the components and a small review

  • Part Two: how to flash all this stuff




None of this is my work. I am not the creator of the mi-globe ROM, Magisk or anything else. I am only sharing my experience about this stuff which I have lately flashed on my Mi 4w. And really my experience only!!!! Nothing else!!! All credits & thanks belongs to the developer!

PLEASE NOTICE: Be sure the Custom Rom or any mod you are flashing is meant for your device or otherwise it can cause boot loops or brick your device. I’m not responsible for anything that happens to your device while flashing ROMs . If you believe you know what you're doing - then fine, go ahead, but please don't complain if you experience strange behavior. Please ask, before doing any mistake. We are here to help! This is not a common MIUI - be aware of that. This version may not be as stable as you might have expected. So afterwards if you don't like it, read the following words carefully in order to get your previous installation easily back!


1) Use a (global) ROM from MIUI globeROM! MIUI globeROM is an unofficial custom firmware, available for all latest Xiaomi Smartphones. It is based on the xiaomi.eu multi-language ROM which already has a lot of great optimizations!
Here some samples:

MIUI globeROM basic Features:

  • init.d Support for startup scripts
  • zipaligned APKs on every Boot
  • Battery Tweaks
  • Performance Tweaks
  • RAM Tweaks
  • Clean UI
  • Removed Chinese Apps
  • Faster GPS Fix
  • 3-Way Reboot Menu (added Recovery and Bootloader)
  • CPU and Thermal Tweaks

If you want to know more, please check my threads about MIUI globe-ROM here:

To use this MIUI custom ROM, you need the TWRP recovery. On the mi-globe homepage you will find a ROM builder:
http://mi-globe.com/index.php/rom-builder/, where you can "cook" your ROM; with Viper4Android, Magisk or Super SU, some MIUI stuff and many more. You can choose the latest weekly build or a stable one. Check my links above in order to find out more. Once you have downloaded your mi-Globe ROM, flash it like any other custom ROM.


ROM Builder on mi-globe.com

2) Use Magisk! Do you know Magisk or already using it? OK, let me introduce it in just a few words. Magisk is an open-source app which contains several mods under the hood. With Magisk you can root your device (instead e.g. Super SU), you will be allowed to bypass the SafetyNet check and install useful modules, similar to the modules known from Xposed Framework. Magisk would help you to use apps like Netfix, Pokemon Go or banking apps even if your device is rooted by passing the SafetyNet test on your phone. The SafetyNet test is a way by Google to ensure that your device is safe against harmful and malicious apps.
If you know more about Magisk, please check this wonderful and awesome thread written by @

Guide To Install Magisk Root v14 and Magisk Manager 5.3.0 On MIUI

Magisk on my device - SafetyNet check has been passed

3) Use microG instead Google Apps (GAPPS). microG Gms Core is a FLOSS (Free/Libre Open Source Software) framework, to allow apps designed for Google Play Services to run on systems without Play Services and calling proprietary Google APIs to run on AOSP-based ROMs. This is meant to be a thorough guide on using Android systems without the official Google Play Services.
In plain terms: microG is acting as a replacement for the closed-source and proprietary Google Apps (GAPPS). There are some good reasons to use microG instead GAPPS: battery concerns, privacy concerns (the most important aspect for me!), or maybe disliking Google.

One prerequisite in order to use microG is that your ROM must be free from GAPPS. Therefore you have to use e.g. a china developer MIUI ROM, an stock ROM without gapps or in my case here, you have to remove the Google stuff from the ROM, before flashing! Another condition is,
if you are using microG as a replacement for the Google Play Services, the ROM that you install needs to have support for signature spoofing. In short, this allows microG to pretend to be the official Google Play Services, otherwise the system and other apps won’t listen to it.

If you want to learn more, please read this:

microG on my device - with spoofed signature


4) Use ARISE Sound Systems! Do you want to improve the sound quality of your device? Or want to increase the volume? If yes, then use a Sound Mod! Like Viper4Android, Viper4Arise, Dolby!

What is a sound or audio mod?
An Audio Mod will help your device optimize the device audio in order to give you the best sound experience. There are many Audio Mods available for Android devices Like Viper4android, Dolby Atmos, Beats Audio, Sony Audio, ICE sound or Dirac (known from MIUI).

A.R.I.S.E. Sound Systems™ is an established and renowned Android audio development project known best for its cutting edge sound systems and trendsetting techniques, perhaps known even more for its unmatched support and assistance for users and its unrivalled community, breaking XDA records for activity, accolades only possible by doing things the right way, every day.
With A.R.I.S.E. Magnum Opus you can enjoy all these mods on Marshmallow/Nougat based ROMs.

For more information, please refer to:

Some Viper screenshots


Yes, of course. I have flashed it all with the latest builds (except Arise Magnum Opus). First I have "cooked" the 7.9.21 MIUI 9 build with the ROM builder on mi globeROM. Including the Magsik v14.0. In order to use the microG stuff I have downloaded the microG components included in a mod called NanoMod. Also the NanoMod patcher; this is needed for spoofing the signature.
For detailed information check this:

As I have mentioned before, here in PART 1 I just want to introduce my idea and the single components of my "experiment". In PART II I will explain every single step how to make this work.
But anyway let me explain in few words how to proceed:
  • 1. the downloaded ROM has to be extracted first
  • 2. all of the Google Apps (you can leave the Google Keyboard / GBoard if you like it) must be removed
  • 3. the extracted parts of the ROM have to be compressed to a flashable .zip


  • 4. flash the ROM from mi globeROM which you have previously cooked with the ROM BUILDER. Then you can manually delete the Google Apps!
  • 5. sign out of all Google accounts on the device, uninstall any updates on the apps you are removing. Now remove the Google apps from /system/app or /system/priv-app using an file explorer like ES File Explorer or Amaze file explorer.


  • 6. the NanoMod-microG module with the GmsCore and the companions/app store / GNU bash should be flashed. Afterwards the NanoMod-patcher
  • 7. A file called arise_customize.prop has to be configured in order to flash the Arise Magnum Opus mod. In this file you can configure which parts or mods you want to be flashed: Viper, Dolby....
  • 8. At least the Arise Magnum Opus sound system and an Arise compatibility mod for Magisk

Maybe this sounds very complicated and lengthy, but I can reassure you - it is a bit tricky, but not difficult!

Of course, everything in life has a light and a dark side - pros and cons. So let us talk about my tinkering and its advantages and disadvantages. First let me say it again: this is an experiment and a part of my hobby. I wanted to learn something new.
But that doesn't mean this is not serious enough. Finally, I am using this combination as my daily driver - with pleasure.


  • 1. MIUI 9 is great and imo definitely the best MIUI ever. The OS feels very smooth and lightweight and the latest features are nice. But the custom MIUI 9 from mi globeROM is excellent. The ROM is completely debloated and optimized. Further because I don't use much Google Apps, I have "debloated" the ROM much more. There is no Google Calendar or Contacts Sync or even other parts of gapps on my device - only the GmsCore and the Play Store. You can realize that easily with microG. MicroG will save your privacy and your battery life. So if you also need the essential and minimal Google stuff, you can consider it as an advantage
  • 2. If you want to use a ROM from mi globeROM, you can choose excellent options in advance - before you flash the ROM, You can select e.g. no root, SuperSU or Magisk. You can choose which part of MIUI you need or not: Browser, Mail, Weather... Further you can select a "Center Clock Mode" or the "Beauty Mod". More information about that later.
  • 3. if you need a rooted device, but still want to play Pokemon or use Snapchat Magisk ist the best deal. You just need the Magisk Manager app and enable the "Magisk Hide" option. Also with Magisk you don't have to miss the Xposed Framework anymore because you can download a bunch of useful apps and use them privileged (e.g. Greenify)
  • 4. if you are an audiophile and if your listen to music the whole day through, try the Arise Sound System. You will get millions of possibilities to improve your sound of the devices speaker or even the headset or a bluetooth device.
  • 5. your whole system is lightweight, snappy and smooth. None of the single parts presented here will eat much battery (like some Google Apps). The overall performance is very good, the OS safe, lean and reliable.

  • 1. on first sight all this sounds very complicated and indeed, you need some time to flash it all. So if you always want to have the latest MIUI stuff (the Friday's weeklies/developer ROMs), you must repeat the most procedure on every update
  • 2. no OTA with ROMs from mi globeROM!
  • 3. every time you update your OS, you have to remove the GAPPS before you flash the ROM if you want to use microG. So maybe it is better to make this with a stable ROM
  • 4. if you need most of the Google Apps or you don't care about your privacy, then better avoid this here
  • 5. don't use this, if you need your device daily and for serious purposes. Don't take any risk!! I have more devices at home and I can play around easily
  • 6. on every update you have to flash some parts again and again (e.g. Arise Magnum Opus)
  • 7. with microG you will not have the full functionality like with the standard Google Apps (for example the Smart Lock option, Google Wallet, Google Calendar/Contacts Sync, Hangouts, Google Mail). You always have to seek some alternatives.

You will find all the mentioned stuff on my Mi 4w. Behind this I am using following apps:

  • 1. AfWall+. A firewall indispensable for me. Saves mobile data, protect your privacy and extends slightly your battery life, because not every app needs to connect to the net.
  • 2. AdAway. No ad is a good ad!!!!!
  • 3. Greenify. Hibernate all of those apps which you don’t use all the time
  • 4. Titanium Backup. For me there is nothing else is more important.
  • 5. F-Droid. F-Droid is an installable catalog of FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) applications for the Android platform
  • 6. SecDroid. SecDroid hardens the android kernel by disabling certain binaries that have internet access or can be used as an attack vector and by securing the TCP Stack using Systctl. This helps prevent some MITM (Man-In-The-Middle) and Spoofing attacks. It may also prevent some DOS (Denial-Of-Service) Attacks

Nice theme

Battery life with stock settings

Google Cloud messaging and the Play Store

AnTuTu Score with stock settings and settings from the Greenify app



Initial setup after install

"Naked" and debloated MIUI 9 from mi globeROM


OK, dear friends now you have an overview over my latest "project". I don't know whether you like this or not. And i don't know if that is worth to be installed in your opinion. You can just consider it useless and more a gimmick than everything else. But I am sure there are more users thinking like me. And I know some others are always searching for something special, not just the default. Which is my elemental drive for doing this.

Maybe you like to plug into some of this ideas and to try it out.  If yes, do please wait for the Part II, where you can learn about the flashing and installation processes of each component.
If not, I hope you've enjoyed nevertheless reading my thread.

Thank you for your attention!

Even the Part II of my experiment!


All credits, thanks and compliments go to:

  • 1. Jake dr4kendroid and Paolo paolodev00, Developer and Administrators of the globeROM
  • 2. John Wu @topjohnwu the Magisk developer
  • 3. A.R.I.S.E Sound Systems
  • 4. microG Team
  • 5. @KoHsetGyi's for the Magisk install thread
  • 6. and very special thanks @Nig_ZA for correcting and supporting my threads. Also thanks to @Muz_paray for kind support.
  • 7. also I would like to thank @candicesu for her kind supervision and outstanding support!



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nice work
Always happy to help MIUI User

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