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[MIUI] Introducing MIUI 9 Key Features: Image Search, Smart Assistant & More!

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15:00, Jul-27-2017 | From PC
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MIUI is Xiaomi's first product, which started in August 2010. Currently, MIUI ROM is used in 55 languages, 142 countries with 280 Million active users. In MIUI 9, our aim is to offer a great user experience in terms of stability, smoothness, better battery backup. Last but not least, a lightning fast system.

1. Lightning Fast MIUI 9

MIUI 9 is lightning fast and responsive, and the three key features, Image search, Smart assistant, and Smart app launcher, are the main highlights in MIUI 9. These features allow you to access to everything you need literally just a few clicks away. We also revamped and simplified more than 50 features in MIUI. Be sure to check it out when the update is rolled out.

2. Lightning Fast And Stable System

Unspeakable lags and slowdowns are common in Android. Why do Android devices stop performing at top condition after a period of use? One of the reasons is that the system is not well optimized. To ensure that MIUI 9 delivers a great user experience, we've put in a lot of time and efforts in system optimization. A new file system, wireless acceleration, cache management just to name a few.

In this video, a test was conducted by using Mi 6 (running MIUI 9), Huawei P10 (running EMUI5.1) and Samsung S8 (running SE8.1). All of them are brand new phones and apps were installed from the same source. Can you guess which device performs the best after a 6 hours test*?

Shorter time means less lag

3. Quicker Launch-times

We can open apps faster than ever before in MIUI 9. How do we achieve this result?

Optimized haptic feedback, intelligent CPU acceleration, and optimized thread scheduling are our secret in achieving this result. No matter you are launching games, system apps or third party apps, once you tap on the app, you will be amazed at the explosively fast app launch time.

We conducted a speed test with Huawei P10 (running EMUI5.1) and Samsung S8 (running SE8.1) under close inspection of an adjudicator. 50 most popular apps in China were installed, guess who is the final winner? Mi 6 (running MIUI 9) is comfortably leading with a score of 43, a lightning fast system indeed!

Dynamic Resource Allocation

Dynamic resource allocation - with its own critical thinking to allocate priority to in-use App to let you enjoy the fluent experience! MIUI 9 prioritize resources for what you are using. How do we test?

  • 1. In the first part of the video, we switch in between apps and at the same time, downloading a large file in the background.
  • 2. A latency test was conducted in the second part of the video, where you are playing a game and starting a download in the background.

5. Image Search

Smartphone cameras are getting better every year, it has eventually evolved to become the main tool for photography, simply because they are convenient and connected. However, you know how challenging it can be to go through and organize all of the photos and videos on your smartphone.

In MIUI 9, image search is a powerful search engine on Mi phone that can differentiate your images by typing in keywords, including your conversations!

Type anything you want to find and the image search will do the rest of the job. Let's say today is Valentine's Day and I want to send a photo to my beloved wife. Just type the keywords, "My Wife and I" in the search column, photos consisting of you and your wife will be compiled and shown. Pretty handy isn't it?

In fact, you can even search photos for baby expressions by using image search too. You can use keywords such as cute, smiling, wink, open mouth, tongue out and more! Images related to search terms will be displayed.

MIUI 9 image search is a powerful and smart tool. You can use it to search for important documents. Currently, we support identification card, passport, credit card, bank card and business card.

Besides, image search allows users to quickly search text in photos/ screenshots. Do you like this feature?

6. Smart Assistant

Swipe right from your main home screen and smart assistant is there with everything you need. The smart assistant gives users instant access to various information and frequently used applications with one click. Smart assistant is the easiest way to find anything and almost everything at your will! It is an easy way to find almost everything, schedules, notes, and much more. You can read more about this feature here.

7. Smart App Launcher

Only TWO steps are needed for all the vital information you need. For example, I came across this name Lei Jun when reading an article and I don't know who he is. Just long press the name/ term/ item/ links and the relevant info will be shown. For users in China, you can even use this feature to shop without launching the app.

8. Split Screen

Increase your efficiency through Split Screen. Enter "Recent Apps" mode by tapping on your Menu key button, tap on "Split Screen Mode" at the top left. Choose the app you want to split from the recent apps, then drag it onto the upper part. Understand more about Split Screen feature here.

MIUI App Support

Due to the rather special usage scenarios of split screen view, MIUI apps will automatically determine whether to allow the use of the feature according to its display requirements. For example, Dialer will not support Split Screen.

Third-Party App Support
- Third party applications need to be updated to the latest versions to support Split Screen View
- Due to the requirement of feature support by the application developers, some apps will not work with the Split screen.

9. Notification Filter

Notification filters keep unimportant notifications from interrupting you. This feature will automatically specify the priority level of a notification received.

Home screen Customization

The editing mode in home screen has been redesigned and the icon arrangement function optimized to provide users a smarter and more convenient editing mode. The bottom menu of has now reduced to three, wallpaper, widgets and home screen settings.

11. 3 New Themes

In MIUI 9, we've added 3 new themes along with the default theme. They are 无界 (Limitless), 幻彩 (Color Fantasy), and 炫黑 (Cool Black). Take a close look at each theme and tell us your which one is your favorite! The dock icons at the bottom now do not have texts below them giving a neat look to the home screen. The official English names for the new official themes haven't been settled yet.

无界 (Limitless)

幻彩 (Color Fantasy)

炫黑 (Cool Black)

Default Theme

12. MIUI 9 China Developer ROM Public Release Timeline

  • 1) August 11th, 2017
MIUI 9 China Developer ROM for Mi 6, Mi 5X, and Redmi Note 4X Qualcomm will be released to the public!

  • 2) August 25th, 2017
MIUI 9 China Developer ROM for Mi MIX, Mi Note 2, Mi 5, Mi 5s, Mi 5s Plus, Mi 5c, Mi Max 2, Mi Max 32G, Mi Max 64G/128G, Mi 4S, Mi 4c, Mi Note Pro, and Redmi 4X will be released to the public!

  • 3) From late September 2017
MIUI 9 China ROM for all the other Xiaomi / Redmi devices (except Mi 1/1S and Mi 2A) will be successively released to the public!

  • 1) The features included in MIUI 9 China ROM and Global ROM might be different. Some features are available in China only for the time being. Stay tuned for Global MIUI 9 rollout.
  • 2) There might be slight changes of supported devices list, please stay tuned for further info.

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MIUI 2017

17:18, Oct-14-2017 | From PC
this new features are awesome, but can any one can confirm that this above mentioned features are available for MI4i device also
because it running on android 5.1 itself from two years .can miui developers can confirm it .

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16:34, Jul-27-2017 | From Redmi Note 4X
cool waiting for miui 9

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16:33, Jul-27-2017 | From Redmi Note 3
Too Lateb😫😫😫😫😫

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16:32, Jul-27-2017 | From Redmi Note 4X

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16:23, Jul-27-2017 | From PC
Great sir waiting for miui 9


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16:25, Jul-27-2017 | From PC
thanks for introducing MIUI 9 to us

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16:32, Jul-27-2017 | From Redmi Note 4X
when global room releasing, for rn4, 7.0.0 or 7.0.1 or 7.1.1


Nagur Surely next year bro.becoz there is no official dates still now and observed the past series of teasing non sense upgrades with bugs  21:02, Jul-27-2017

MIUI Beta Team - Global

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16:33, Jul-27-2017 | From Redmi Note 4X
Sir Tell Me How I flash it via Fastboot Method..

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16:33, Jul-27-2017 | From Redmi 4A
thanks for sharing

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