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MIUI Fan Site Awards 2014: Introducing MIUI Global Fan Sites

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11:42, Dec-08-2014 | From PC
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Hey guys,

With the advent of December, 2014 is coming to an end soon. Wonderful things happened within this year.

First of all, we have some new fan sites joining us in 2014.

Secondly, Xiaomi released Redmi 1S, Redmi Note, Mi Pad, Mi WiFi, Mi WiFi Mini and new flagship Mi 4, with a new domain for global expansion.

Thirdly, Xiaomi goes international. Mi phones and Mi accessories have been brought to Mi fans in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, India and Indonesia. With the support of global MIUI fans, Xiaomi became the 3rd largest smartphone vendor in the world.

Last but not least, MIUI has upgraded to MIUI 6. It is visually stunning and stunningly simple, and we can foresee many more global MIUI users will be stunned by its new design very soon.

It is been a year full of love and passion. Many fan sites have organized MIUI fan meetup in their own city! Everyone had so much fun! How wonerful! We would like to express our gratitude to all of you once again. You may remember that we had a wonderful fan site contest last year, and MIUI Fan Site Awards 2014 coming soon! It's not only about great gifts, but also about the love of MIUI global community. We couldn't have made it without your continuous help and support.

The winners of this year might win Redmi Note, Mi WiFi Router Mini, Mi Band and other gifts! I'm currently working on the prizes now. Please stay tuned.



Please reply to this thread with the brief intrduction to your fan site for MIUI Fan Site Awards 2014 before Dec. 15, 2014.  It's not only a yearly summary, but also a great chance for people to know more about MIUI global fan sites!

Here're some samples for your information. Introducing MIUI Global Fan Sites (2013)

Thank you!


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14:04, Dec-08-2014 | From PC
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MIUI India

MIUI India ( ) was founded in October 2012 by Rohit Ghalsasi. From 2012 to the end of 2014 the journey has been interesting with lots of support of all the Mi fans from India. There are many things which can be highlighted from this year as a valuable contribution. Right now at this moment we have 20,000 registered users. This huge support of Mi fans from India which motivated us to bring some major changes in our fan site. Not just we did changes in our servers and in our website but we also have built up special teams of MIUI experts. Statistics and growth of has been appreciated and presented by Hugo Barra,V.P,Xiaomi Global and Manu Kumar Jain, G.M, Mi India, in all Mi launch events in 3 Cities Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai in front of Media and bloggers in their presentation slide .

We are proud of what we have done but we are more focused on what we have to do. With the start of Next year we have planned for a grand Mi fan meet in Bangalore. After upgradation to phbb3 forum software we lost all the users from previous forum software, that time we had targeted to get around 10K users on forum by the end of 2014 but right now MIUI India forum has 20k members. also at the end of 2013 we were supporting MIUI on 25 devices but now at the end of 2014 we are supporting 83 devices. We have also made India specific themes like 2 Diwali themes ,1 Xmas themes and 2 MIUI India specific themes, Thanks to @viral316 and @helloansuman for that.

  •         16th Feb 2014 - We moved to phbb3 forum software. In this transformation we lost all the users and there was no way to recover users from previous forum software.
  •         16th July 2014 - For better forum experience we bought our web hosting server .
  •         29th July 2014 - We held up first Mi fan meet in India. Mi fans came from different cities just to attend this fan meet. Not just Mi fans but Manu Kumar Jain,G.M, Xiaomi India, he was also present at the fan meet. He traveled from Bangalore to Mumbai just to attend this fan meet and appreciate all the Mi fans.
  •         Rohit Ghalsasi, Founder and Admin of MIUI India got a new role and became Asst. Product ops Manager for Mi India.
  •         15 Nov 2014 - Huge support of Mi fans motivated us to upgrade our forums. So we bought Vbulletin forums for better user experience
  •         28 Nov 2014 - With a high traffic on MIUI India we also upgraded our server and we bought VPS server.
  •         Translated MIUI v5 official ROM in Hindi language.
  •         Translated in Hindi language.
  •         MIUI India has 12k likes on facebook page.
  •         Developers and Porters of MIUI India supports MIUI on 83 devices.
  •         We are teaching new users how to port ROM.
  •         We are guiding new users how to build themes, which will be helpful for Mi India theme market in coming year.
  •         We are also Device making tutorials and guides which will help from beginner to advanced user.
  •         We have formed special team of Super Moderators and Moderators to answers users on queries and bugs related to MIUI.
  •         We have also formed our own team of Bloggers who have just started to blog exclusively about Mi India

For next year we have targeted to get 35,000 users on forum and we are constantly planning to increase MIUI India community by various activities. I like to thank Xiaomi for recognizing as an official fan site. 2014 will be ending with Xiaomi at Rank 3 on global market for smartphone. Lets take Xiaomi at Number 1 by the end of next year. My wishes to all, Merry Christmas and Happy New year to everyone .

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Follow me on Facebook :  LINK
MIUI India fan site : : LINK

MIUI Fan Site

thanks for being there

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17:38, Dec-14-2014 | From PC
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MIUI Spain ( was born on January 11, 2011. Since then, our forum has migrated its database many times (Thnx to Faralai). This year, 2014, we have redesigned our forum and we have gathered all our projects (miuithemes, miuiapps, miuitv and mitools) there. Now, we have around 52.000 users registered in the forum, and almost 6.000 followers on Twitter. This year we have also reached the number of 10.000 views in a single day! In addition, we have created a new project called Mi Fan with #mifan hashtag. The main aim of this project is to publish every piece of news about MIUI and Xiaomi, but not only that, we also publish anything related to technology that we find interesting. For that purpose we have our MI Fan section on the forum and our Twitter account @mifan (Thnx to vmrr8395).

Currently we put all our efforts on cooking and giving support to all Official MIUI ROMs, MIUIAPPs, and MI Tools (Mi Phone Manager, Mi Flash, Mi USB Wi-Fi desktop manager) in Spanish for all Spanish and Latin American fans (Thnx to rauldlnx10 for all these amazing works). We also continue creating great video-changelogs on MIUITv ( (thnx to 64Izadi for his amazing work), and publishing in a daily basis MIUI Theme resources on Twitter (@miuithemes) with nearly 4.200 followers (thnx to Parry68). Also we want give a mention our work and constant intervention on the translations on Crowdin, we work hard with that waiting for the international MIUI Rom with our native language (special thnx to kot7k for your time and patience).

And we also have the honor of publishing the TWRP Recovery for Redmi 1S, CWM-Philz for Redmi 1S, TWRP for Mi Pad, CWM-Philz for Redmi Note4G, TWRP for Redmi Note4G, and TWRP for MI2/2S, and we are even testing TWRP for MI3/MI4 ;). All of these incredible work is being made by Juliusssss for (Thnx a lot for your amazing work).

Besides, we have also being able to to give OTA service to all of our users with the help of Meretith and Wuna, xiéxie!. You can't imagine how happy they are!

Since we started our adventure with we have already organized three Mi Fans meetings, the last one took place in September in Vigo. Next year we will be celebrating our fourth anniversary and we could held another meet-up a week before Mobile World Congress in Barcelona with the assistance of Hugo Barra. We have also been able to do to Hugo Barra an interview for all Spanish speakers. Another great event we organize this year its a MITU (Mi Bunny) design contest, which you can see that here (Thnx 2 Hawaian and Redber).

Moreover, we continue working with the thing we like most and is our biggest passion since day one, MIUI. Thnx to MIUI for being there from the very beginning (specially to WuNa) and to all users who have made our MIUI Spanish project the reference for every Spanish speaker all around the world.

Thank you all!!

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MIUI Fan Site

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16:43, Dec-13-2014 | From PC
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  • MIUI Serbia Was Established In Q1 2014 As Part Of MIUI Adria Group (MIUI Community Dedicated To Residents Of Ex-Yugoslavian Countries)
  • Main Purpose Of MIUI Serbia Is To Provide Quality Support & Introduction To MIUI/Xiaomi For Residents Of Serbia(& Montenegro) In Their Native Language.
  • Founder Of MIUI Serbia Is @BalcanGSM (Also Founder Of MIUI Adria Group)
  • As Part OF MIUI Adria Group - MIUI Serbia Fans Are Active On MIUI Adria Forum (~ 1300 Members And Growing)
  • MIUI Serbia Is Promoted Via MIUI Adria Social Network Accounts : Facebook / Twitter / Google+
  • Special Thanks For Great Help To Admins Of MIUI En(@Nanana) / MIUI Croatia(@MASVA) / MIUI BiH(@Daconi) / MIUI Macedonia(@thenewmaker) / Xiaomi.Eu (@miui-uk)


  • Xiaomi/MIUI Promotion On Various Serbian (& Montenegrin) Tech Related Websites
  • Xiaomi/MIUI Related Tech Support On Serbian (& Montenegrin) Language Via MIUI Adria Forum
  • MIUI Translation To Serbian Language (WIP)
  • Translation Help To MIUI Croatia For Croatian Translation And Tech Support Help To MIUI Macedonia
  • MIUI Serbia Rom Builds Are Shared Xiaomi.Eu Builds (There Is No Reason To Have Separated Builds If Language Is Already Included In Existing Build)
  • In Cooperation With Other Adriatic Region MIUI Fansites We Are Preparing Nice Things For MIUI Community For 2015 e.g. Meetup, Contests, Better Support,..

Best Wishes To Xiaomi & MIUI Fans In Year 2015 From MIUI Serbia Team

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MASVA + 5 Thanks! Izjela te cijela
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[ MIUI Serbia ]-[ MIUI Croatia ]-[ MIUI Adria Forum ]

Xiaomi Global Team

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Hi Guys, here is the story of MIUI Indonesia. Our journey start in March 2013, started with translation project for MIUI v5 (thank you MIUI Android/ for all of your help and guidance). Afterwards MIUI Indonesia ( become one of official MIUI Fansite. We also try to help and collect every Indonesia Mi Fans from forum, Facebook, and twitter.

In this 2014, we have done so many activity, specially after Xiaomi officially launch in Indonesia. So many Mi Fans established in almost every cities in Indonesia, and here are our activities:

And still so many more from Indonesian Mi Fans. For all of that, we from MIUI Indonesia want to say so many thanks to every Mi Fans who already give us their best support, and also for Mi Indonesia and Xiaomi for their help from the smallest part to the biggest one. Thank you everyone, hope MIUI Indonesia will getting bigger and bigger next year.

MIUI Indonesia


kennyanthony8 Support: 5 Objection: 0 Agreed Gaes  18:14, Dec-16-2014

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05:36, Dec-15-2014 | From PC

  • Miui-France adventure begins 5 years ago.
  • Today, with a team of 15 passionate and motivated people, came from various fields,and since the first day, Miui-France is doing translation every week for all XIaomi's devices and various other Miui's portages on European devices.

  • With around 22 000 members, we reach 10000 downloads of our translated ROMs by months.
  • We are on social networks with 1800 followers on Facebook and 1080 on Twitter.
  • Everyday more and more francophones peoples join us to help other users and improve traductions, coming from Belgium, Africa, America and all around the world.

  • Miui-France makes french traductions of many Xiaomi's applications like MiBand, MiTalk, MiWifi... And is very active on MiTalk with "Miui-France Forumeur" channel of discussion !

  • This year we were in Top 3 of official fansites communities on en.miui forum. We offered throughout this year many gifts to our faithfull community with funny contests ;)

  • Our engagement to Miui was also rewarded by an interview for 01net, a major website on technologies stuffs.

  • Our next big project ?
       Continue to work hard on great Xiaomi's devices, and have a meeting with all members of Miui France !


MIUI Fan Site

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Everytime I have to tell MIUI Italy's story I have to back in September 2010, when an amazing video crossed Chinese borders showing to western Countries one of the first MIUI ROM releases running on HTC Desire (I think here we have some young users they don't know what device was this). I still remember western people amazed from this new exciting Chinese project. An English translation project quickly started on XDA Developers forum where I used to join daily, in that time I did my first steps into MIUI translations and localization and keep monitoring day by day MIUI developement out of China. There I met MarkHUK (mobiousdigital on XDA), I followed his work and his advices on xml work and when he founded I was one of the first to get into this new community and when it turned it into I became part of the Staff. Last stage of this evolution is now and I'm still there as owner of Italian localization project for the multilanguage ROM released at During the followng months my work continued on the pages of and in October-November 2010 I was ready to release my first official MIUI Italian Pack, since that day tha game become tough, I worked on MIUI using all my spare time and I released updates every week ! In January 2011 I founded MIUI Italia ( and one of the very first (1st or 2nd !) international MIUI Fansite was born.
Few months ago MIUI Italy started taking care of italian localization for the official Xiaomi project ''MIUI Global ROM''.
Our community keep growing, week after week and release after release, we are the bigger and most important point of reference for MIUI in Italy, also thanks to the huge help from these people.

  • MIUI ROM Downloader app: this app scored 200.000-500.000 installations from Google Play, the starting idea was to make available base MIUI ROMs (not the originals but the deodexed versions,optimized for non-chinese user ) and language packs from any Countries all in one app, ready to download and install. Of course with other new fansite popping up quickly translators managed themselves their updates, but the app still works and now is optimazed for italian and english users. On MIUI Italia we also test and select best (more stable) unofficial MIUI portings and we support it with our translations, so even more users can enjoy MIUI ROM on their devices. We ALWAYS credit other people work, we are happy to do it publicly and privately, because I really know how hard is, people spend time and energy with a great passion, they deserve to be credited. MIUI ROM Downloader
  • Xiaomi ''Mi Talk'' app: localization and optimization for italian language, rebuilding, testing and release. This project has been paused for a while and we are going to update to last version. Project page.
  • Xiaomi ''Mi Home'' app: localization and optimization for italian language, rebuilding, testing and release. This project has been paused for a while and we are going to update to last version.
  • Xiaomi ''Mi Key'' app: localization and optimization for italian language, rebuilding, testing and release. Project page.
  • Xiaomi ''Antifake'' app: localization and optimization for italian language, rebuilding, testing and release. Project page.
  • Xiaomi ''Mi Tag'' app: localization and optimization for italian language, rebuilding, testing and release. Project page.
  • Xiaomi ''iHealth'' app: localization and optimization for italian language, rebuilding, testing and release. Project page and MIUI Forum thread.
  • (coming soon) Xiaomi ''Ants Camera' app: localization and optimization for italian language, rebuilding, testing and release. Project page.


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MiTalk: 3912883

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12:06, Dec-08-2014 | From PC
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The Philippine MIUI Fansite was conceptualized by Mikadee and Asrock early 2013 but implementation was not yet finalized due to limited resources. Then back in September 2013, as I was added as a new moderator for App sub forum, I hatch again the idea of a Philippine fansite to Derica. She then told me that there are already a discussion of creating one by two of the Supermods that comes from the Philippines.

As we (Me, Mikadee and Asrock) have talked and discussed the work to be done, we three finally decided to create MIUI Philippines (MIUI Pilipinas). We started planning it October of 2013 and set our goals and do some tasking. Mikadee as more exposed on the web assigned to be the webmaster of the site, Asrock will be responsible on device ports and development while yours truly will manage, host, act as human resource and speaker of the group. I bought the domain ( host the site on my shared hosting site to jump start the fansite. After some test we officially launched the site last January, 2014.

Here are some of the milestones of MIUI Pilipinas:

It was a fruitful year for MIUI Pilipinas and all Filipino Mi Fans in general! Thank you everyone especially to Xiaomi for all the help. Special mention to Wu Na, Han and other admins with all their support, help, and complete trust to all of us!


Jov1989 Go PH! Go! :D  10:58, Dec-17-2014

MIUI Fan Site

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MIUI Adria Calendar presentation.jpg

MIUI BiH Fan Site


- MIUI BiH Was Founded In Q3 2014 By @Daconi As Part Of MIUI Adria Group (MIUI Community For MIUI Fans From Countries Of Former Yugoslavia)
- Our Main Goal Is To Provide Quality Support & Introduction To MIUI/Xiaomi For Residents Of Bosnia&Herzegovina In Their Native Language.
- MIUI BiH Fans Are Active On MIUI Adria Forum (~ 1300 Members) And MIUI BiH Is Promoted Via MIUI Adria Social Network Accounts : Facebook / Twitter / Google+
- Special Thanks For Great Help Go To: Admins Of MIUI En(@Nanana) / MIUI Croatia(@MASVA) / MIUI Serbia(@BalcanGSM)
/ MIUI Macedonia(@thenewmaker) / Xiaomi.Eu (@miui-uk)


- Xiaomi/MIUI Promotion On Various BiH Tech Related Websites / Tech Support On BiH Language Via MIUI Adria Forum / GFX & Design Support For MIUI Adria Group
- MIUI BiH Rom Builds Are Shared Xiaomi.Eu Builds And Although BiH Language Is Similar To Serbian/Croatian MIUI BiH Team Is Helping In MIUI Translation To Them
- In Cooperation With Other Adriatic Region MIUI Fansites We Are Preparing Nice Things For MIUI Community For 2015 e.g. Meetup, Contests, Better Support...

All The BEST To Xiaomi & MIUI Fans In Year 2015 Wish With All My Heart:

MIUI icon BiH.jpg

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fksgs2 + 10 + 3 Fantastic! All the best brother :)
BalcanGSM + 10 + 5 Cijelog Te Izjela Slampaca

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MIUI CZECH was formed in 2011 by “bckp” and started with MIUIv3 translation to Czech
language. In start of year 2013 came new admin “ingbrzy” and czech translator “kynio”, joined also
SLOVAK Republic and now we are known as MIUI CZECH&SLOVAK. We have more than 25000
users on our forum with 300.000 visits every month and rising so fast. Xiaomi is now very popular in both of countries thanks to our localization and promotion at social media.
We are part of team and together with other european miui fansites
and translators producing MIUIv5 and MIUIv6 Multilang version with more than 25 languages for all official devices every orange friday!

Our social media:
- Official forum
- Twitter MIUICzech
- Twitter MIUISlovak
- Google plus
- Facebook

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MIUI CZECH and SLOVAK Admin&Developer

Xiaomi MiMIX2

MIUI Fan Site

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MIUIArabia was founded in 2012. At that time, we called it ( Few months later, we have changed it toMIUIArabia for few reasons, one of them that the entire Arab world have thesame language and we all can understand the same language and terms. MIUIArabia(also is the Arabic support and fan site for MIUI ROM, we work toprovide the users with the latest Arabic interface, and we do our best to solveand fix some errors that cannot work well with Arabic language. We also provide support for Xiaomi products and we make sure our users got the original producs and help them get the original products. At this time,we do not provide our own ROMs but we contribute the Arabic UI translation to ( be implemented in their ROMs.

We had few managerial mistakes at the beginning, once we lostour server and this made us lose all the data including the forum, members, tutorials…etc. We have started over and right now, we have:
  • 303 members.
  • 214 post.
  • 1904 reply.
  • About 150 unique visitors per day.
They are not good numbers trust me, I know, and we are workinghard every day to get better numbers and provide higher quality services.

In the future, we are looking for:
  • Have our own theme
  • Have our own ROMs
  • Make tutorials about theme making
  • Get more people to join us

We are looking to have more Arab users and we would reallywant to have some developers and graphic designers with us to help us providebetter and faster service.
You may find us on and on Facebook at
And if you ever found fome extra money with you and wanted to something good with that extra money, you can alwayes buy us a cup of coffee from here.

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Greetings from Turkey!

MIUI Turkey was founded 26 April 2014. When creating the site; our main goal was bringing all MIUI fans in Turkey together. When i checked the statistics of our site i can say we reached our main goal. MIUI had several users in here before our site and all of them were sharing their experiences and knowledge in different sites and forum (e.g. miuitr, androidsitem, dh, miuiturk etc.) When we created the site almost all of these users decided to join us and now we are like a big family.

After gathering we see that our biggest problem is we don't have a proper translation. We already had a translation made by c.madencan but he was only one person and translation had some issues. So we started to translate the whole MIUI. With a team of 8 people we finished it in only 4 days. (I guess this was a record, sorry if i'm wrong) After that we started to know each other better, had small meetings, made future plans, tried to increase awareness to MIUI and Xiaomi. Increasing the awareness is really hard for us. Because of legal restrictions, buying a Xiaomi phone in Turkey is almost impossible. Only a few lucky fan has one of these special phones. When we show our phones; everyone wants one, when we advertise in different internet sites; lots of people asks how them can buy one... But sadly we have to give negative responses to all these people... However when i checked our site statistics i can say they are much more better than we expected. For now we have more than 500 unique visitors per day. We had more than 1500 forum members and have about 14000 forum posts. On average we are having more than 60 forum posts in a day. Especially on weekends these numbers doubles. And these numbers are increasing day by day which is nice for us.

On the 30th November we organized the first fan meetup in Turkey. You can see the details from here : With this meetup we took very important decisions. We created some new teams to work within our site. These teams are the developer team (for porting roms, creating apps etc.), news team (will translate news from all over the world including English, French, German and Chinese) and Support Team (for problems with MIUI roms). In the near future we are planning to create new teams like a team for virtual designers or a team for importing Xiaomi devices. We are hoping everything will be better by time and of course we are trying to do our best.

Thank you for reading and support.

Best regards,

MIUI Turkey Team

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Hello Miuer's of all over the World.


Our community ( was born a year and 8 months ago.

Gradually became known to the public in our country and increasing in number.

Right now we are approaching 3000 members and each day we receive quite a large number of visitors and members.


From the beginning we tried to create a community that will be able to offer the maximum to its members, and to represent the best of our beloved Xiaomi And MIUI.

So beyond the typical forum, we incorporated many useful Add-ons such as...

  • Files Database to accommodate large collection of ROMs - APPS - Wallpappers - MODs - Themes etc.
  • We created our own newspaper, with news from around the world
  • Gallery to host our favorite photos and videos from our Xiaomi devices,
  • Bugtracker to further facilitate the wokr of our Developers
  • Market place to help our members to sell and buy their beloved devices
  • Lexikon to help those do not know much about terminologies
  • And we gave the opportunity to our members to communicate with each other straightly using the Chat and TeamSpeak.

For the translation of the ROMs we created 2 Repositories.
One for MIUI V5 and one for the new MIUI V6, and we translated almost the entire environment of MIUI.
We also created and Facebook page and on Twitter, and their traffic grows day by day.

Each week our users via OTA, informed and shall take Weekly updates for the Greek ROMs that we create.
Our Rom are tailored to our needs and we cover all the devices of Xiaomi.
In our main Projects also was to translate and compile many miui apps like Mi-Band - Mi-WiFi - Mi-key - Mi-Transfer - iRremote etc...
In this short time we are active, we believe that we made a great job in many areas.
Powered by Xioami and people who daily work for our beloved MIUI, together we can do even more.

Our work did not end here, but we have much more to offer to all members - guests and friends of our community.

Some statistics about our Traffic....


We hope the comming year (2015) above of all, to bring health around the world, and yet a major international successes in Xiaomi and MIUI.

And we will help as much as possible we can, to achieve together our new goals.

We wish 2015 to bring Xiaomi in Europe, and why not in our small but wonderful country.

Good luck to all !!!

For Xiaomi-Miui Hellas (Official MIUI Fan Site in Greece)
Dagalidis Dimitrios (Administrator & Founder)

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MIUI Bangladesh
Greetings and Love you all.

Web Site: -
Forum: -
Facebook: -
Twitter: -

Bangladesh fan site is just one month old. We gradually increasing the number of effective posts, Bangladeshi people enjoy to use English on their cellphones though we are translating MIUI rom to native language. Many people of Bangladesh are using MIUI but they dont know about the fan site by this small amount of time.  It will take some times to increase the fans so we are taking many initiative to gather more fan. A small step will change everything we all know. So really looking forward and want all your support to build a greater community as we all are in the same family.

And also my request to all fan site moderators please add Bangladesh on your fan site list.

Thanks a lot for all the supports and really looking forward. Let’s make MIUI agreat technological achievement of this World.



Super moderator

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Reserving on behalf of my msian gang..

Malaysia MIUI Fans Facebook Join here

MIUI Fan Site

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MIUI Hungary

The History
The hungarian fansite was founded in september 2013 on idea of rajen and the help of vagyula. It was just a website, no a forum yet, here we published the changelogs of the updates and tried to communicate with the fans. Thank's to vagyula's awesome work, and rajen's unbroken development and the pressure from the fans, we created the forum in december 2013.
Last year's foresight has proved to be false, since we have only dreamt of 1000 members, and now we are very proud to look at the counter, which currently consists of 3,750. Unbelievable.
The progress has been steady during 2014, and because of the growth of the forum members we have to pick up team admins and moderators. Since then, a very good atmosphere were evolved among us, and every week we work very well together on the ROMs. Today, the number of the team increased to 6: rajen, vagyula, peanar, hriska, Digojr, parkasz

The Work
In June, we released our first ROM to MI3 phone, which has only in English, Chinese and Hungarian language and we optimize all settings and applications for Hungarian users. Later we prepared it for Mi2S, Mi4, Mipad and Redmi series.
The extra applications translated into our language, eg .: MiBand, Mikey, MiTag, MiRemote, WSM, etc.

The Fun
At the end of September this year, on the one-year anniversary we organized the first fan meeting, which met with unexpected success. There were many, many pleasant surprise for our members and the atmosphere was great.

The statistics
Website (2014)
- 82.546 unique visitors
- 413 visitors / day
- 207.852 page views
- 5108 ROM download (MIUIHU)

- 3708 members
- 689 topic
- 10 new member / day
- 30 new messages / day
- 243 member
- 178 post

The future ...
- We want to finally solve the OTA update, but there aren't any Android developer in the team so it is difficult. We are looking for the solution to solve both our client and the server problem.
- Theme design
- Gift Webshop
- New domain:
- And so much more

The thank you
- MIUI Hungary staff for their hard work
- Xiaomi admins for their support
- Fan sites for the many help
- All Xiaomi Fans for gain trust

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