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[Tips & Tutorials] [MIUI Beta Team] What the TECH?!! #3: BLOATWARES (and how to get rid of them)

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17:34, Dec-08-2014 | From PC
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Unfamiliar with the What the TECH?! Series? Check out my previous issues below:

What the TECH bloat.jpg

Have you ever bought an electronic device or a smartphone, and the first time you opened it, there's a bunch of pre-installed ( a.k.a *premium freebies* for marketing purposes) apps inside? While some of them are quite useful, most are just annoying! Some just bugs you over and over to subscribe to their service. And worse, you cannot uninstall them?


I have nothing against the apps mention in this thread, or the companies who developed it. Judging an app as a bloatware is entirely subjective and just dependent on the user at hand. The purpose off this thread is to give you freedom of choice whether to remove or not to remove pre installed apps.

If this is your problem,  you've come to the right place!

In this Issue #3 of What The Tech?!, we'll be discussing the most hated B-word of Android Devices,


So, what the TECH is a BLOATWARE?
Bloatware is the slang phrase used to describe an app or a bunch of apps pre-installed in your device OEM (LG, Samsung, Lenovo, etc.). Although the pre installed apps are seldom used but perhaps we tend to ignore due to uncertainty.

A screenshot with preinsntalled apps "out of box"

Why should it affect me? Can't I just leave them alone?
They're technically nothing but Resource HOG. While you can just ignore it, do note that it takes up treasured storage space, and worse, uses your precious RAM and battery. So you might just want to uninstall them and free up you space and RAM.

Does MIUI have Bloatware?
Fortunately, MIUI only has very minimal bloatware (like Line Messenger, WPS Office, etc.) compared to other OEMs (*cough* TouchWiz *cough*). Even vanilla Android itself has some stuff inside that we can actually still squeeze some unused juice. (Live Wallpapers,

(*Disclaimer: I have nothing against those Apps I mentioned above, or the companies who made it. Judging an app as a bloatware is entirely subjective and just dependent on the user at hand. The purpose off this thread is to give you a choice whether to remove or not to remove those said apps. Thanks for your time.)

bloatware comparison.jpg

(See? Not much Bloat. Just beautiful.)

So our Goal here is to make our bloated Android the POWER it deserves!
(Refer to the Picture below)

bloat to beefy.jpg

How to de-bloat your Android Phone?
Now we're talking!

There are 2 ways to do this:

1. Disable unused apps (SAFE) (non-root)
If you do not have ROOT in your device, and you're not really sure about uninstalling, you can just disable the app. Disabling the app keeps it from running and taking running resources from your phone.

To do this:

First, go to your Settings App > Installed Apps

Second, locate the Bloatware you want to disable.

Third, press both FORCE STOP and then DISABLE.
Screenshot_2014-12-05-20-29-22.png Screenshot_2014-12-05-20-29-26.png

Fourth, make sure you also clear the DATA and the CACHE.

(However, Disabling an APP only deactivates it, but it still takes up storage space, so we might want to get rid of it entirely, that is if you're rooted.)

2. Root-uninstalling bloatware (RISKY) (ROOT required)
(Caution: Root-uninstalling can be really benificial to your device, but without proper knowledge on systems apps that you're going to uninstall can cause you bootloops, or worse, brick your device. Be very cautious.)

Since we're focused on MIUI here, i'll only list apps that can be safely removed in MIUI.

App Name APK name in /system/appDescription
Android Live Wallpapers LiveWallpapers.apkLive Wallpapers Support
Basic Daydreams BasicDreams.apkScreensaver
BlackholeGalaxy4.apk Live Wallpaper
Bubbles NoiseField.apk Live Wallpaper
Live Wallpaper Picker LiveWallpapersPicker.apk Live Wallpapers Picker
Magic Smoke WallpapersMagicSmokeWallpapers.apk Live Wallpaper
Music Visualization Wallpapers VisualizationWallpapers.apk Live Wallpaper
Phase Beam PhaseBeam.apk Live Wallpaper
Photo ScreensaversPhotoTable.apk Live Wallpaper
Xiaomi AssistantMiAssistant Chinese Assistant App
Swiftkey KeyboardJust uninstall normally 3rd party keyboard
WPS Office
Just uninstall normally 3rd party Office App
Line Messenger Just uninstall normally 3rd party Messenger App
Mi Message Just uninstall normallyMi Message
Google Play Apps (Music, Books, etc.) Just uninstall normally Google Apps

(Other-wise, if you want a more comprehensive list of removable system apps, refer to this list of system apps and their level of safety for removal, written by Jared Burrows @ .)

To remove them using Titanium Backup,
(There are many Root Uninstallers out there, but I recommend using Titanium Backup - Free from the Google Play Store for free!)

Titanium Backup is a very useful, free app that lets you backup, root uninstall, and manage all your apps for free. But if you want more advanced features like freezing your app, cloud backup, and more, would should really consider buying the PRO version.

1. Go to Backup/Restore Tab

2. Locate the bloatware you want to remove
(for example: Android Live Wallpapers)


3. (A MUST READ: Back-up the app you want to uninstall first before you proceed, in case you end up uninstalling the wrong app)

TO do that, select the app you want to Backup > Press Backup. You're good to go.

4. Read the warning! Press  Yes to uninstall.


5. Voila!

(Caution: Be very very careful when uninstalling system apps. We all wouldn't want an expensive paperweight, do we?)



This has been another Issue of What the Tech?!
Always remember: Don't be ignorant. Be smart, Be informed.

Thanks to @meredithhan, @penguin, and to the rest of our team members at QQi, especially to our ever supportive team leader @iyengar! This thread wouldn't have been possible without their support and guidance!

Watch out for Issue #4! Until then, Stay Awesome!

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19:12, Dec-08-2014 | From PC
Superb bro... nice work


iakwbos thanks for the support man!  19:29, Dec-08-2014

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Oh yeahhhh! 6-packs android!

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Thanks. Most times, when trying to disable these bloatwares, a message will pop up saying that disabling them may cause phone to be unstable or something along that line especially Google apps. Can really disable them?

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very useful...
thank you....

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this is why i love miui so much...minimum bloatware and i can uninstall unwated bloatware

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thanks for sharing ...nice update
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flipkart bloatware :P

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thank you....

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Great! :)
Xiaomi Is Best

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