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[Tools, Tips & Tutorials] [MIUI Device Team] [iTechkySpot] All About Redmi 4 Variants!

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14:48, Jun-13-2017 | From PC
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All About Redmi 4 Variants

Greetings MIUIers,
Hey guys!! I am back!! Hope you guys had a nice day. Previously, I have wrote a thread about solution to solve 'Couldn't Download' Error for. China beta ROM, here's the link , hope it works for you. Today, I'm gonna present to you guys about Redmi 4 Variants.

Hope you guys enjoy it!!

Introduction About Redmi 4

Are you guys looking for a budget but powerful phone? Seems impossible right? Meet the new era of budget Phone killer - Redmi 4. There's no way you gonna missed this phone. It's been the bang-for-buck benchmark for a while now, delivering a feature set and performance way above what its price tag suggests.

Let's recap our memory, first Redmi 4 powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 had launched last year November, together with Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 Driven Redmi 4 Prime which you call as 'Smaller version of Redmi note 4 Qualcomm'. In May 2017, Redmi 4 India Version which also known as Redmi 4X has launch in India which is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 435.

How to Identify Their Variants

There are three variants of Redmi 4 available in the Market: Redmi 4 China, Redmi 4 India and Redmi 4 Prime. However, many users are confused about their device variants and flashed wrong rom which will cause their beloved phone bricked. So I m gonna teach you guys how to identify the variants of Redmi 4 variants.

Here's the methods you can check your phone variants.

METHOD 1. You can check the Model number behind the phone box.

(Redmi 4 China Model number)

(Redmi 4 Prime model number)

(Redmi 4 India model number)

NOTE: If you bought the phone from third party reseller, I STRONGLY recommend you don't open the phone box first, check the model number incase the reseller sold the phone variants that doesn't match the phone variants you wanted, so you could return to the reseller.

METHOD 2. You can check the code of the ROM you are using in the 'About Phone' page (Stable ROM User only)

Example Photo:

(Redmi 4 China Version )

(Redmi 4 India Version)

(Redmi 4 Prime)

Ever wonder what does the code means?
  • M= Marshmallow
  • CE= Redmi 4 China Version
  • CN= China Version
  • DI= Code for the update

  • M=Marshmallow
  • AM=Redmi 4 India Version
  • MI=Global build
  • EA= Code for the update

  • M=Marshmallow
  • BE=Redmi 4 Prime
  • MI=Global build
  • DL=Code for the update

TIPS for Fastboot and Recovery flash:
If you want to flash official rom but don't know which ROM to download? Here's the tips:

You can check the code name in downloaded fastboot and recovery rom.
  • Redmi 4 China Version

Recovery -----HM4_V8.1.5.0.MCECNDI_7379d10c7b_6.0.zip
Fastboot-----prada_images_V8.1.4.0.MCECNDI......... _6.0_cn_c7398e9d33.tgz

  • Redmi 4 India Version

Recovery -----HM4XGlobal_V8.2.9.0.MAMMIEA_4dc698e10b_6.0.zip
Fastboot------santoni_global_images_V8.2.9.0.MAMMIEA.......... _6.0_global_32f531d3cc.tgz

  • Redmi 4 Prime

Fastboot------markw_global_images_V8.2.4.0.MBEMIDL.......... _6.0_global_247b750df3.tgz

METHOD 3. You can check the CPU of the you are using in the 'About Phone' page (only differentiate Redmi 4 Prime from Redmi 4 India and China as both of them has same clock speed)

(Redmi 4 China and Redmi 4 India CPU)

(Redmi 4 Prime CPU)

METHOD 4. The location of the camera and led flash at the back of the phone

Here's the most tricky part, Redmi 4 China and Redmi 4 Prime are same but you can differentiate them by looking at the location camera and Led flash at the back of the phone.

(Redmi 4 China)

(Redmi 4 Prime)

(Redmi 4 India)

METHOD 5. Download Device variants checker

You can try Device variants checker apps like AIDA64 and CPU-Z


Redmi 4 ( All variants) Specification


Q: If I have a Redmi 4 China version, can I flash Redmi 4 India Version ROM on it?
  • A: Don't ever try to do that it will cause the device bricked.

Q: If I have Redmi 4 Indian version, can I flash Redmi 4X ROM on it?
  • A: Yes, you can, Redmi 4 India Version and Redmi 4X is using same ROM

Q: Is Redmi 4 getting Nougat update?
  • A: Currently there still no new about Redmi 4 China Version/ Prime getting nougat update, please wait for the official announcement.
  • B. Nougat is under beta Testing for Redmi 4 Indian Version.

Q: Is Global ROM available for Redmi 4 China version?
  • A: Yes, It was released in 2018

Q: Is Redmi 4 has locked bootloader then how to unlock?
  • A: Yes, Redmi 4 (All Variants) has locked bootloader due to GOOGLE requested.
1. Before you want to unlock bootloader, please apply permission first, apply here http://en.miui.com/unlock/
2. Wait for the permission message to be arrive, usually it takes 1-15 days ( Depends on the server)
3. Once you received the message, follow this guide for unlocking procedure--------http://en.miui.com/thread-200858-1-1.html or http://en.miui.com/thread-202290-1-1.html
4. Also check this thread out, Important Changes Regarding Unlocking Bootloader Application Status And Reason, http://en.miui.com/thread-410945-1-1.html

Q: My unlocking progress keep stuck at 50%, how to solve it.
  • A: This is a common issue, developers are trying their best to fix this issue ASAP. Here's the tips to solve, http://en.miui.com/thread-434406-1-1.html, after you have done that and it failed, just give it a break for a week then come again to unlock.

Q: I haven't received any permission message yet after 15 days, what should I do.
  • A: Check in this page http://en.miui.com/unlock/
  • See if it mentioned rejected, submitted or redirect you to the the page for downloading Mi unlock.

1.If it's rejected, Reapply here http://miui.com/unlock/apply.php?retry=1

2.If it's mentioned submitted, report this issue in 'complaint /advice' section. Here's the link http://en.miui.com/forum-64-1.html
State in this format
  • Account number :
  • Current rom version :
  • Your device :
  • Reason  :

3. If it's redirect you to the page that downloading Mi unlock tool, that's mean you already have permission.

Q: I have a query, where should post it?
  • A: If you want to post a query, post it in Redmi 4 here's the link http://en.miui.com/forum-119-1.html, our Professional MODs team will do their best to answer your query.

Hope You Guys Undertsand It, Peace Out!!

Thanks to @Muz_paray @candicesu and all the team member!


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If I missed out any info, kindly reply below
Thanks and Regards

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Thank you for the info, but I think you forgot the Redmi 4A.

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please share redmi note 4x variants.
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superb explanation... very helpful for Redmi 4 owners

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15:02, Jun-16-2017 | From PC
nice thread...thx to share....

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