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[Country Review] [MIUI World Tour #31] Kellaw & Mi Bunny Explore Jakarta on a 2-Day Layover

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18:33, May-14-2017 | From PC
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After the last Air Show trip to Langkawi, Pak Mi Bunny & Smod Pak Kellaw followed the TNI-AU Jupiters on their way back to Yogyakarta. He spotted Jakarta from the air and decided to visit Jakarta while bidding the Jupiters farewell.

Note: Intensive images below, WiFi recommended.


Wonder what Pak Mi Bunny & Kellaw did when he explored Jakarta before taking the next flight to the next secret location?


First thing first, Pak Mi Bunny went to Money exchange and found himself an instant millionaire. So what did Pak Mi bunny do with so much cash on hand?


Tadaa.. Of course take the opportunity to sleep on em like a boss


It's already late when Pak Mi Bunny arrived and of course hungry. So both of them raided the nearest Indomaret for instant noodles (Pak Mi Bunny bought a whole bag of Indomie)


While on the way back, we spotted some Gerai Nasi Goreng at the "Kaki lima"(Pavement/Sidewalk). Shhh, of course, we did pack and eat them. Sorry no pics cos we were too hungry.


Both woke up to an early morning rain window view overlooking Bundaran Hotel Indonesia while sipping a cup of Luwak coffee watching car driving around.


Time passed so fast and it's already 2 pm when the rain stopped.


Pak Bunny decides to drive out and find some local food for lunch.


Pak Mi Bunny's first experience with Jakarta Traffic. If you get stuck, there are even roadside peddlers selling food and drinks. This is something Pak Mi Bunny has never seen before elsewhere. With the recommendation of local Mi Fans, Pak Mi Bunny finally got to an authentic Indonesian food restaurant.


What would the trip be without food eh? Otak-otak Tenggiri


Ketoprak - A combination of lontong, tofu, tauge/kecambah(bean sprout), rice noodle, cucumber, and crackers all mixed with peanut garlic sauce.


Nasi Goreng with Ikan Pari asap(smoked stingray) and herbs, served with pickles and crackers.


Ikan Gurame Bumbu Kemiri


Nasi Bakar Roa - Grilled lemon grass fragrance rice, wrapped in banana leaf and stuffed with spicy smoked Roa fish served with Roa sambal.

After this heavy lunch, Pak Bunny and Pak Kellaw has to golek keluar (roll out) instead of walking out due to the round tummy

After a rest, both were ready to explore the streets by foot trying the best to diet and burn off some fats. Thing with Jakarta is it gets dark real early due to the timezone difference with Beijing. It's 1 hour later (6pm in Beijing but only 5pm in Jakarta) but it's relatively safe to walk and much faster too as the traffic starts to build up real fast after office hour.


One of the mode of transportation available like everywhere, the Bajaj is like a mini-car which could be running with a scooter inside much like Thailand's tuk tuk. 2 of these could squeeze into a single car lane..


Pak Mi Bunny and Pak Kellaw continued walking towards the direction of the Merdeka Square where we saw numerous interesting statues such as the Mohammad Hoesni Thamrin Statue.


MONAS - Monumen Nasional(National Monument) from far


Thamrin Fountain


Spot Pak Mi Bunny in the dark


MONAS Up Close


National Hero Pangeran Diponegoro Statue


Istana Merdeka or the Merdeka Castle. Both of us could no go near as there are guards manning the building.

After the walk around the Merdeka Square, both Pak Mi Bunny and Pak Kellaw is already hungry from all the exercise. Guess what they did?


Tadaa.. Walking the street's to find more food


One thing is there's no shortage of gerais by the kaki lima everywhere selling gorengans (fried food)


The number of fried rice available on sale is just too high. Imagine having one of each plate. Takes a whole month to finish


Then durians.. From Musang Kings to all sorts of types(D24, D101 and some other Ds)


Finally Pak Mi Bunny decided to give the satay a go..


Satay slowly cooked over slow charcoal fire. We just ordered 50 sticks and eat like no tomorrow before returning to the hotel to rest.

The next day, Pak Kellaw carrying Pak Mi Bunny in his backpack decided to travel around the Jakarta way.


Grab Bike, Ojek or Uber Motor


As the driver was heading for his Friday prayers in the largest mosque in Indonesia and South East Asia, the Istiqlal Mosque, both of us decided to follow along and explore the surrounding area using Grab Hitch (Nebeng).


The mosque was packed and we decided to get to the nearby Jakarta Cathedral, just opposite the mosque. This is one of the best examples of religious harmony in South East Asian countries where people of different religion live together peacefully.


The Cathedral which makes it look like we are in some European country is actually a Neo-Gothic-style Roman Catholic place of worship, founded in 1901 with 3 spires & 3 altars


The vast halls of the Cathedral with the ancient feeling architecture


The window patterns was real nice and hard to find today


One of the few antique altar


After spending some time there, it's time to leave the area. It hot and sunny to walk so we pulled out our Mi Phones and called Grab Bike


It wouldn't be a Kellaw's thread without a selfie right?


On the way back, we passed by Istana Merdeka again


One thing that amazes me is the roads are literally free for all. It's a good thing as it drives the economy. Heck, where else would you see at the roadside people selling petrol in bottles?

Evening was the time to go shop for some Indomie cup noodles to bring along our next journey and before we know it, it's already dark on our final night here. We both decided to go see Jakarta from the top.


We went to SKYE Bar & Restaurant on top of the BCA tower





Let the pics do the talking.. We spent some time up here deciding where to go next


Both Pak Mi Bunny and Pak Kellaw woke up real early to get to the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport (CGK) or also known as Bandar Udara Internasional Soekarno–Hatta. Nope we didn't call Uber Motor and ride while pulling our luggage all the way.


Pak Mi Bunny looking at the planes flying off wondering what is in store for us on our next journey


As we get nearer to our flight, we think back what we have missed and all the places we could have been, all the foods we could have tried if we are given the chance to stay longer but right now it's time to say goodbye and till we meet again.



Jakarta from the plane..


Thanks for bearing with this long post. Here's a naked bunny for you.. Oops I mean skin coloured Mi Bunny


Take a guess where is Mi Bunny headed to in the next [MIUI World Tour]?

Reply before 26th May 2017 to win Mi Bunny Medal!

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14:54, May-20-2017 | From PC
Haha, do you like Indomie too?

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08:32, May-20-2017 | From PC
Great journey, hope you like Jakarta (both view and food).
By the way, if you come to Yogyakarta, don't forget to meet me LOL.

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02:55, May-20-2017 | From Mi 5s Plus
Judging from the plane, which is Sriwijaya Air.
Maybe still in Indonesia, perhaps Bali.
If Bali isn't Mi Bunny's destination, then there's only 3 possible choices that Sriwijaya Air will fly to.
Either China, Malaysia or Timor Leste(unlikely Mi Bunny will go there imo).
Unless your question referring to different Mi Bunny ofc.

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20:45, May-19-2017 | From PC
Thanks for sharing , suddenly i regret seeing this thread , specially the food part ! LOL you made me hungry...
Btw Welcome to jakarta

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12:44, May-19-2017 | From PC
Everything is just amazing and delicious cuisine @Kellaw

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12:59, May-19-2017 | From PC
Thanks for sharing with us
Please use Reply button or do @Manwex so I can get a notification and reply faster.


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13:09, May-19-2017 | From PC
That's my country's capital city!
Awesome trip!

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13:16, May-19-2017 | From PC
amazing and delicious cuisine @Kellaw  

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13:18, May-19-2017 | From APP
enak iki


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13:22, May-19-2017 | From PC

Thanks for sharing. Very good

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13:27, May-19-2017 | From PC
Awesome,Thanks for sharing.

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13:39, May-19-2017 | From PC
Wow! What a beautiful city Jakarta is :)

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13:54, May-19-2017 | From PC
A wonderful publication. Thanks for sharing.

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