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[Feature Request] 3.5 jack is heaven

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04:17, Mar-16-2019 | From Mi 8
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Hi xiaomi  .. hi xiaomi fans  ..

me and my family and my friends all using xiaomi mobiles and electronics  .. they are great  .. xiaomi always offers big hardware for price  .. i a big fan ..

but ......

it is my first time to try a phone without headphone jack  .. i wanted a flagship from xiaomi  .. but no flagship offer a headphone jack  ..

i bought mi 8  .. it was great in every thing even with big ugly notch  .. nothing to complain .. but the headphone jack was really really problem .. i bought a lot of bluetooth and adapters  .. the situation was miserable  .. nowdays i quit the headphone and i am very obsessed ..

before i bought mi 8 .. i ask my self  .. does it worth to pay double price of mi 8 to buy samsung note 9  .. i said noooo ..

nowdays i am saying to my self yes it worth .. and will never buy another phone without headphone jack  ..

xiaomi is great great company but why  .. why you are doing this  .. you love your customers .. why you are trying to lose them  ..

it was shock that mi 9 without headphone jack  .. ok at least leave a choice of flagships with headphone jack .. mi 9 and mix 3 and blacksharck dont have headphone jack .. why ???????????????

you will shift your customer to samsung as easy as possible  .. beacause what ?
because of small thing called 3.5 headphone jack .

please dont make flag ships without jack  ..

please fans rise your voice and request the company to put jack in the flagships  ..

thank you

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