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[Tools, Tips & Tutorials] 'Camera MOD' for Redmi 4X (SANTONI) MIUI 9 & MIUI 8

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09:04, Apr-17-2017 | From PC
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Hi MIUI-ers,

Last Update : August 09, 2018

This Mod works on (MIUI ROM, Xiaomi.eu ROM, MultiROM, Epic ROM, MIUIPRO, mi-Globe) :
  • Stable ROM : MIUI : 8.1.x.0, 8.2.x.0, 8.5.x.0, 9.x.x.0
  • Developer ROM : MIUI : 7.x.x, 7.12.x,8.1.x,8.2.x, 8.3.x,8.7.x, 8.8.x

*Previous Updates :
  • Add a 'Developer (Dev)' version Mod.
    Dev version has an additional feature 'advanced HDR' (Pro & Live HDR mode for Camera & HDR for Video Recording), HDR mode in video recording might not work on some ROMs, If you like to use it,
    remember to turn HDR mode off before switching to front camera or any other camera mode and your MIUI Camera app should be fine.
    (if you like to try the 'dev' mod, download the 'dev' zip file and flash, no need to uninstall the current mod).

New features for MIUI Camera App :
  • HDR
  • Fully Working Manual Mode (Exposure Time, Focus, White Balance, ISO) without losing the Scene mode
  • Square Mode (Only works on some ROMs)
  • Full Size Panorama
  • Slow Motion Video Recording (Set video quality to SD or HD & need good light conditions).
  • Audio Focus Mode in Video Recording
  • Camera Torch capture
  • Quick Snap Mode
  • Age Stamp in Photo (Front Camera)
  • Mirror Front Camera
  • Burst Shoot Count One Time = 100
  • LED Color Notification

If you have problems understanding this thread (English), try : https://translate.google.com/

Here I like to share a simple Camera Mod for Redmi 4X (SANTONI). This Mod is based on my Mod for Kenzo, I modified it to suit Redmi 4X (SANTONI).

Please be noted I will not take any responsibility for anything happened to your device.

What do you need:
  • An unlocked Redmi 4X SANTONI (You can follow this guide or this guide to unlock the bootloader, don't worry, the Bootloader Unlocking Guide is applicable to all Xiaomi devices.).
  • TWRP Recovery installed.
  • This file : 'HZQ_MIUI_Camera_Mod_SANTONI_17xxxx.zip'
  • No Root needed (You DON'T need to root your phone to use this Mod)

Installer :
MIUI 8  :

MIUI 9  :

MIUI 10  :

VERY IMPORTANT !! BACKUP Boot, System & Data partition using TWRP to ext sd-card
It's really a good habit to backup before flashing anything to your phone, personally i always backup using TWRP before flashing.

Please follow these steps to Install :
  • Make sure you've unlocked the bootloader and installed TWRP recovery.
  • Copy 'HZQ_MIUI_Camera_Mod_SANTONI_17xxxx.zip' to your phone (skip this if you download the file using your phone).
  • Boot into TWRP recovery mode. You can do this in two ways:
    Method 1: Open ‘Updater’ and click the ‘…’ the icon at the top-right corner, and select ‘Reboot to Recovery mode’ to enter.
    Method 2: Turn off your device and hold both Volume+ button and Power button at the same time to enter Recovery mode.
  • Backup Boot, System & Data partition.
    Tap on Backup » and select Boot, System & Data check boxes and swipe on the Swipe to confirm option at the bottom of the screen to confirm backup.
  • Install the Zip file:
    Tap on Install » browse to the location where you saved the file and select the 'HZQ_MIUI_Camera_Mod_SANTONI
    _17xxxx.zip' file. Now at the bottom of the screen, do a swipe on the Swipe to confirm flash option to begin flashing.
  • Reboot your phone (No need to wipe anything)

If you like to undo this Mod, download the Uninstaller below & flash via TWRP
(No need to restore from TWRP, the Uninstaller will do it perfectly and very much faster)

Uninstaller :
HZQ_MIUI_UNINSTALL_REDMI4_170519.zip (124.28 KB, Downloads: 5690)
Most Frequently Asked Questions :

Q: Will my phone get bricked / bootloop flashing this Mod?
A: Very unlikely, but...Please keep reading.

To help preventing bootloop, Please make sure you disable DM-Verity check from Advance Options / Settings of TWRP. ZCX TWRP and many others well-known TWRP  have the option to disable DM-Verify (see picture below).

TWRP 1 - Disable DM-Verify.jpg

If your TWRP doesn't have the option to disable DM-Verify, You can flash LazyFlasher (this LazyFlasher also works in Redmi 4X Santoni, you can read more about LazyFlasher here) right after you flash the Mod (flash Mod, flash LazyFlasher, then boot) to help preventing bootloop (thanks to @MohamadReza91 & @Suspect008 to pointed this out).

Please backup your BOOT, SYSTEM and DATA partition 1st via TWRP before flashing.

Q: How do I uninstall this Mod ?
A: Download the uninstaller, and flash it via TWRP.

Q: Can I Update via OTA-Update?
A: It really depends on what custom recovery you're using. Some custom recovery like ZCX TWRP support OTA-Update, but you need to follow some steps to enable the OTA-Update support. If you like to upgrade your ROM via OTA-Update, You need to flash the Uninstaller to undo this Mod.

For custom recovery that doesn't support OTA-Update, you can upgrade your ROM using Full recovery ROM or Fastboot ROM.

Q: Do I need to root my phone to use this Mod ?
A: NOPE, no need.

Q: But If my phone already rooted....is ok to flashing this Mod?
A: Absolutely. This Mod doesn't need a rooted device, but it works just fine with rooted device.

Q: Does this Mod works with xiaomi.eu ROMs?
A: Absolutely. This Mod also works on other custom ROMs that are based on MIUI ROM (XXiaomi.eu ROM, MultiROM, Epic ROM, MIUIPRO, mi-Globe, etc)

Q: What exactly does the Mod do to the MIUI Camera app and why some features are not working or not perfectly working?
A: Well, Nothing!
Hah?? really?!!? are you sure??!!
yap, really, absolutely nothing, trust me (I made this mod, remember?)
Your MIUI Camera app is exactly the same.

What the Mod really do is enabling features that are already in your MIUI Camera app (but disabled, don't ask me why Xiaomi's developer hide these features away) by changing the device properties file. and because of this reason, how these 'new features' behave are very much depend on the ROM you are using, for example the Square Mode and Slow Motion seems to work better with Dev ROM.

Dev Rom is always newer then Stable ROM, so all these enhancements in Dev ROM hopefully will come to Stable ROM later.

Slow Motion seems to only works in HD or SD resolution (quality) and it need good light conditions to work.

Q: May I share your Mod on my website?
A: Yes, of course, please put a link to my thread here in your web.

SANTONI_Camera SS Manual - 01.jpg SANTONI_Camera SS Modes - 01.jpg SANTONI_Camera SS Modes - 02.jpg SANTONI_Camera SS Video Mode.jpg SANTONI_Camera SS Settings - 01.jpg


127.54 KB, Downloads: 9929, Download cost : Experience -1


127.54 KB, Downloads: 4467, Download cost : Experience -1


127.54 KB, Downloads: 4197, Download cost : Experience -1


127.54 KB, Downloads: 3871, Download cost : Experience -1

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Mi Max 2 | RN3 Pro (Kenzo) xiaomi.eu 8.3.29 | 'RN3 PRO & SE' 4G Fix & Camera Mod: http://en.miui.com/thread-472731-1-1.html

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11:07, Apr-17-2017 | From Redmi Note 3
nice info

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very good


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14:27, Apr-17-2017 | From Redmi 4X
nice mod

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14:34, Apr-17-2017 | From PC
Good Job

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very good

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16:39, Apr-17-2017 | Via mobile
Awesome MOD

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16:48, Apr-17-2017 | From Redmi 4X

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Nice work

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