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[Discussion] [MIUI Device Team] MIUI Monthly Talk - April 2017: Mi Pad 3, Android O and More!

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18:27, Apr-16-2017 | From PC
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Welcome to our latest MIUI Monthly Talk, the issue of April 2017. A month has passed since the March 2017 issue has been written by our team member @SaiTyson. In the March issue we have been talking about the MWC 2017, the brand new Pinecone SurgeS1 SoC and many more.

Now we want talk about new tech themes - right here and right now! Just for you! Get ready!

Here are the topics for this month:

  • Tech of the month: Xiaomi Mi Pad 3
  • Talk of the month: What's new in Android O
  • MIUI's Ahead: Dual Apps
  • Discussion of the month: More products or wider reach

So let us begin:

Tech of the Month

According to our team's decision, the Talk of the Month is: the brand new and amazing Mi Pad 3.


  • Last week Xiaomi was celebrating its birthday as the company hits 7 years old. An that was a good moment for launching the new tablet - the Xiaomi Mi Pad 3. The release date was the 6th of April but only in China. The tablet is priced at CNY 1,499 (roughly Rs. 14,100) and is currently available in Champagne Gold only. At the moment nobody see this device getting launched outside China.The tablet aesthetically look similar to the Mi Pad 2 but some nice hardware improvements can be experienced within the new model.

  • The Mi Pad 3 is enclosed in a metal unibody casing which we also know from Mi Pad 2. The tablet is powered by a hexa-core MediaTek MT8176 processor supported by 4GB LPDDR3 of RAM. The Mi Pad 3 is offered with 64GB of internal storage which is non-expandable.

  • The screen has a resolution of 2048x1536 pixels, which results in a nice and convenient 326 ppi at a display size of 7.9-inches. That's why your games, e-books, and videos will be more vibrant, clearer and bigger than ever.

  • Xiaomi's newest tablet provides upgraded optics with 13-megapixel rear camera with f/2.2 aperture and 1080p HD support. The front camera has 5-megapixels with large f/2.0 aperture. The Mi Pad 3 also gets a bigger battery at 6600mAh with a claimed standby time of up to 867 hours with support for 5V/2A fast charging. The tablet runs of course MIUI 8 based on Android Nougat. Connectivity options for the Mi Pad 3 including Dual-band Wi-Fi 802.11 ac, Bluetooth 4.1 wireless technology, Bluetooth HID, WiFi Display, WiFi Direct.

  • As with all of the company’s devices, the Mi Pad 3 offers a great price-performance ratio.

  • What do you think about this amazing device? Is this a must have for you? Please share you thoughts beneath.

Want more facts and specs about Mi Pad 3? See here:

Talk of the Month

Just 3 weeks ago, after the 2nd version of the Android 7.1.2 arrived for Pixel and Nexus devices, Google has announced another surprise for android fans. The company has announced its next version of Android, called (unsurprisingly) Android O. Of course, this won’t be the final name of the next version of Android, but for now, it’s just Android O (maybe "OREO"?). In the meantime the first  Android O Developer Preview is available for the Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel C, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, and Nexus Player.
The expected release date of Android O should be August/September 2017.


So what are the new features and changes coming to Android O?

Background Limits

One of the biggest changes in Android O are the background limits, which will help your smartphone save more battery life than ever before (so they say). In Android N we have a ability to restrict some app activities in the background, but in Android O it improves on this by placing the priority on extending battery life without user-input. Here you can learn more: https://developer.android.com/preview/features/background-location-limits.html

Notification Channels

In Android O we can find user-customisable notification channels whereby alerts are grouped by type. For example users will be able to snooze notifications. Further we
can block or change the behavior of each channel individually and these channels let developers give users fine-tuned control over different types of notifications. The background colours of the notifications and the messaging style will be adjustable as well.

Picture-in-Picture Mode

The Picture-in-Picture Mode (PIP) will allow users for example to watch an YouTube video in detached window while browsing your emails or navigating through other apps! This seems to be a very handy feature, and one that should be welcomed by most Android users out there. Google is also introducing new windowing features including new app overlay window and multi-display support.


Adaptive launcher icons

Another new feature in Android 8 are the adaptive launcher icons. That means
for example, a launcher icon can be shown in a circular shape on one device, and in a square on another device.

They can be used with app shortcuts, and they can also be set up inside the Settings app, along with sharing dialogs and the overview screen. The adaptive launcher icons can further support visual effects when a person interacts with an icon. Here you can read more about this feature: http://www.androidauthority.com/adaptive-icons-android-o-758454/

NB_Icon_Mask_Shapes_Ext_01.gif NB_Icon_Mask_Shapes_Ext_02.gif

Wi-Fi Aware

New connectivity features are coming as well: one of them is Wi-Fi Aware. Wi-Fi Aware (
also known as Neighbor Awareness Networking or NAN) will allows apps and nearby devices to discover and communicate over Wi-Fi without an internet access point.
Wi-Fi Aware networking works by forming clusters with neighboring devices, or by creating a new cluster if the device is the first one in an area.

Other Features

Other new stuff is included in Android O is an better support for keyboard navigation, an high-quality Bluetooth audio codec such as LDAC codec which will make the audiophile Android users happy, or the new Autofill API or Framework that will make setting up new apps and placing transactions easier.

So, that all sounds fine and promising, but the question is - when we will get this on our MI devices!? Let us wait patiently.

MIUI's Ahead

Dual Apps


One of the headlining and maybe most sophisticated features introduced in MIUI 8 is Dual Apps, which allows you to run two instances of a single app at the same time. The feature is especially interesting if you have two social media accounts and are looking to access them from the same device
without the inconvenience of having to log in and out on the same app. That means for example, that we are able to use two different Whatsapp accounts within one device. Another great fact is that each app (1st instance or 2nd instance) has its own independent data and settings and the cloned app will not interfere the original app.

How to activate/use this feature?

Enabling this feature is quite easy:

Go to > Settings and navigate to the section called APP SETTINGS. Here you should tap Dual Apps and toggle the app you wish to clone.
That's it!

Screenshot_2017-04-14-01-09-54-303_com.android.settings.png Screenshot_2017-04-14-01-10-03-525_com.miui.securitycore.png Screenshot_2017-04-14-22-42-12-814_com.miui.securitycore.png Screenshot_2017-04-14-01-10-22-969_com.miui.securitycore.png

Once you clone an app, you'll see two icons for the chosen app on your home screen, with the cloned version featuring an indent that indicates that it is the cloned app.


Each instance has its own data and settings. But if you uninstall the original app  the cloned app being deleted as well. So
if you want to revert to a single instance, you can delete the cloned version without it affecting the default app in any way.

Discussion of the Month

  • Finally we want to discuss about a topic apart from any hardware matters or devices specs. We want to discuss with you about different sales strategies.

  • Most of us heard the known slogan more is bettermany times in our lives. More time, more education, more space: The general consensus seems to be that more of everything is the key to success. Is it therefore quite natural that likewise more products means more order volume or more orders and, ultimately, more money and more success?

  • Yes, it seems to be logical that If you’re only selling a few items, you’re really limiting the audience for your brand. For example: if you are selling just a handful of devices (such as smartphones or gadgets) you will not reach a huge audience, because the needs and perceptions of the customers are really widespread. Some people does need cheap and elementary devices, other need expensive high-tech devices with lot of gimmicks and so on. So if you offer just a few devices, you can't cover the market.

  • Thus you have to provide an wide range of devices and accessories and gadgets to suit different types of customers. An good example is Xiaomi. We all know how much different Mi devices and gadgets we can get from Xiaomi. There is something for everyone.

  • And, it's hard to deny that Xiaomi has lot of great products. Apart from the company's high-end flagship devices its budget line is impressive for the value it offers.

  • But aside from this argumentation some brands prefer less products, but wider reach. That means  to increase the estimated number of the potential customers by selling their products more globally or in more markets.

We all know that Xiaomi don't sell their products in a number of country and regions, that means its devices are only officially sold in a few markets. The company sells the majority of its phones in China, India and a some other Asian countries and regions, but it has expanded slowly into other markets like Brazil and South Africa.

  • Other brands rather strive for bigger global presence than to fabricate more products and have a huge product range. Some companies or just start-up do concentrate all on a handful items ("less is more"?), maybe with an excellent quality or built with high-tec materials, parts or hardware. Further they might place their product(s) with an oustanding and special marketing strategy (distributing its phones by personal invitation in the beginning) and offer the items in many countries and regions.

  • Maybe OnePlus is a good example for this strategy. As we know OnePlus creates exquisitely designed devices with premium build quality and high-performance hardware. The product range is more than small.

  • But since its founding in 2013, OnePlus has grown rapidly in a short time and apart from mainland China, the company serves 42 countries and regions around the world (directly from own online store) as of March 2016.

OK, dear MIUI friends I have just tried to share some facts and thoughts. But what do you think about it? Independently of whether company or product you prefer or like more. Let us know your opinion!

Very special thanks @soumya_2002 and my team for making this initiative possible and kindly helping me doing this!. Also I would like to thank @candicesu for her kind supervision and @Nig_Za for outstanding support!

Sources: Of course, Google for images and facts.

Previous Talks:

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