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[Tools, Tips & Tutorials] [MIUI Device MythBusters][Vol. 2] More Antennae = More Coverage? Myth Busted!

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18:51, Mar-15-2017 | From PC
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Hello People!

I'm back with yet another Device Mythbuster, which will shed light on the Mystery behind Antennae used in routers.

In today's highly connected world, everything from your laptop to your watch uses some form of connection systems such as WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS etc.

Developed/Urban cities provide open public wifi networks (which was once an Airport only availability) allowing citizens to stay connected even when not at home.

With economic and high speed broadband connections dominating the markets globally it is more economic to use it on our smart devices, compared to the expensive data packs from the telecom providers.

Now to get this done, we need something that's know as a Router/Modem. This basically converts the wired broadband line to a wireless link between your smart device and the wired internet line.

While this seems absolutely dope (and super fun to use too!), the only issue face by many out there is the Signal Coverage offered by modems. We all have at least once faced the problem of having bad WiFi coverage in one of the rooms.

Let's look at this problem in detail.

About the Myth:

Often ISPs while providing a connection to your home recommend using dual antenna or triple antenna routers based on the size of your house.

Now the question is, does the number of antenna help in getting better coverage? Or is it Just a Myth?

Facts to Bust the Myth:Going by what is told to us by the ISP fellows that come around, more antenna would give better coverage. But let's have a look at the science behind this and find if what they say is actually true!

Let's start off with the basics.... What's an Antenna?

In radio and electronics, an antenna (plural antennae or antennas), or aerial, is an electrical device which converts electric power into radio waves, and vice versa.

In simpler terms, it basically puts out electromagnetic (radio) waves that contain the data is supplied it.

Since there is a whole stream of science dealing with antenna, I'd like to stick to the ones used on our routers.

A typical router antenna would look something like this:

What's Inside the Antenna?


The above images shows what's exactly inside the Plastic cover. It's just a conductor placed of a determined length. So basically, a metal object of a determined length could constitute an antenna.

Who determines the length?
The laws of physics that govern the motion of radio waves determine the required length to transmit or to receive a certain frequency of signals.

In case of general commercially available routers the frequency of transmission and reception is 2.4GHz and 5GHz. This is exactly why the length of antenna on most of the routers will be same.

Directivity of an Antenna.

Antennas have a certain direction in which they transmit the radio wave which is fixed based on their construction. The following images will show you the antenna radiation directions.

Pattern.jpg 90-ant-ori.jpg

As you can see the single antenna router transmits major signal sideways.

Now consider 2 such antenna placed besides each other and in the same way. The patter would be the same. Just that the radiation between the two antennae would be strong, but the radiation towards the outer sides will remain unchanged.

On similar notes if we consider 3 Antennae, things do not change much.

So what exactly does having multiple antennae help with?

Having multiple antennae basically helps with
  • Transmitting signals in more than one direction
  • Helps with other functional capabilities of the router.
  • Transmitting both 2.4GHz and 5GHz signals at the same time.

Other Information:

Now that we have the antenna basics covered, let's figure out as to why the signal is weak in certain parts of our home/office etc. and really strong in some parts.

The radio waves emitted by the antenna possess penetrating power and can penetrate through many objects. But as soon as it faces an object that has metal inside or is made up of metal, the signal gets attenuated (reduction in power) and therefore gets weak as it passes through.


The above image shows an example of how the signal gets blocked by metallic objects. Though as you can see it only shows obstruction by metallic objects, you must also consider that the walls would have a significant dampening effect on the signal too.

Other Method to increase the range of the WiFi signal is to use a router with Higher dBi antenna. In the earlier days routers used to have antenna for 3 dBi which moved on to a 5dBi which is very common these days. There are routers that have longer antenna that has a transmit power of 9dBi.

Antenna Rages.jpg

If you see the image above, you will find that, as the power of the antenna increases the width of the transmitted signal reduces, which would in a certain way impact the coverage.


After reading the information above, you must have already concluded that More Antennae, does not mean More Coverage. To get the most out of your router, you must place it efficiently, and in certain cases, using a repeater is a must!

Want to read more about such Myths and Facts?

Links for Previous Threads:

Image Source: Google images.
Content source: Books for Radio Wave Engineering.

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Well done. You are an awesome mythbuster. Keep up the great work!

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Awesome thread...
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Good info bro

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Well done! Good to know! Thanks!

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Thanks for sharing..
Follow the white rabbit.



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Thanks for sharing

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Thanks for the info

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thanks a lot

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