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[Country Review] Bunny Explore - Answer 4 Simple Questions and Win Fan of MIUI France Medal!

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23:06, Feb-12-2017 | From PC
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Hello MIUIers!
Welcome to Bunny Explore! Today's journey will bring us to France!

France is the "melting pot" which melted stories of many peoples: Celts and Romans in ancient times, Germans and Scandinavians in the Middle Ages, Africans and Asians in the twentieth century, and also occasionally English, Spanish and Portuguese . All of these groups had a significant impact on the composition and the complex nature of contemporary French society.

Every year over 70 million tourists
visit France, which in this respect puts the country in first place in the world. They come mainly from EU, especially Germany, Great Britain, Belgium and the Netherlands. In addition, a large group of citizens from the United States and Japan.

Diversity of natural conditions means that France has a rich and diverse natural beauty. There are many centers of coastal tourism. Gained international fame village located in the eastern part of the Mediterranean (Cote d'Azur). The most important tourist destinations are: Saint-Tropez, Cannes and Nice. Mountain areas of France allow for the development of winter sports. Most centers are located in the Alps.

Inherent in the French countryside, enjoying the interest of tourists, there are areas related to viticulture. Special trails combined with a tour of the cellars and tasting arose among Burgundy, Champagne, the Rhone Valley, near Bordeaux.


Thousands of tourists are attracted by the beautiful, picturesquely situated castles of the Loire. Many monuments and places are worth visiting in Paris. And among them are the Eiffel Tower, Pantheon, Triumphal Arc, Observatory of Paris, Sorbonne, Notre-Dame, Hotel de Sens, Montparnasse Tower, Odeon Theatre, Elysee Palace, the Bastille, the Louvre.

Top 5 tourist attractions :

Louvre Museum (fr. Louvre) was built in 1190. Initially, the building served as a fortress. After two hundred years it transformed into a royal residence, which for centuries was the seat of more than 20 kings of France. In the seventeenth century the royal court moved to Versailles, and thus decided to give abandoned building in the hands of artists. Finally, 1,793 years opened a museum. The basis of the collection were works hitherto collected by the kings and the spoils of war Napoleon.

Amboise castle , towering over the Loire in Amboise castle has always been a strategic point on the map of France. They fought for him, the families of Blois and of Anjou already in the twelfth century. The present shape of the castle owes to Louis XII. After the fall of the Empire, Amboise fell into the hands of the Bourbons, who rule it today. An interesting fact is that in the city of Amboise created and died Leonardo Da Vinci. Here, too, there is a museum dedicated to the artist (Le Clos Luce).

Cote d'Azur (Cote dAzur), also known as the French Riviera, stretches along the northern shores of the Mediterranean, from Toulon to the Italian border. Territorially belongs to Provence and covers a large part of the departments of the Maritime Alps (Alpes-Maritimes) and Var.

Many cities along the Côte d'Azur, such as Nice (Nice), Monte Carlo, Antibes, Cannes and St-Tropez, owes its international fame here wypoczywającym popular artists, politicians and businessmen. Although the reality seems to be distinctly different from the images of the Côte d'Azur, it still attracts a lot of tourists and holidaymakers, guaranteeing them the sun, kilometers of beaches, warm sea and all sorts of cultural attractions. The capital of the Côte d'Azur is Nice.

Numerous hotels and convenient rail connections make it a good base for exploring the region. For traveling coast to the west of Nice, Antibes awaits charming and famous Cannes, and further, to the west of the breathtaking red mountain massif Estérel - St-Raphael and Frejus. In the hills above the picturesque coast are incorporated towns and villages - Grasse (famous for its perfume), Vence, in the last years of his life were spent Witold Gombrowicz, St-Paul de Vence, and Bormes-les-Mimosas.

French Alps. Part of the Alps situated in the south east of France. This region combines the Maritime Alps, Provençal, High and the Dauphiné and the Savoy. This is where there are the most famous and popular ski resorts and spas of France, such as Grenoble, Chamonix, Chambéry, Albertville and Val d'Isere. Among the many three- and czterotysięczników peaks rises the highest mountain in Europe, Mont Blanc (4807 m n.p.m). Alpine beauty of nature and plenty of well-prepared ski slopes and the hiking are the main advantages of this region.

Haute-Savoie - a region where there is a season all year round, in summer you can relax on the shore of Lake Geneva and go on a roof of Europe, while in winter you can enjoy perfectly prepared pistes.
Savoie - apart from the lakes and mountains, and above all, Mont Blank, Savoie is renowned worldwide for its resorts healing mineral waters.
Isere - Dauphiné Alps - the land is a paradise for lovers of winter sports, you can find here kilometers of ski slopes, the "capital of the Alps" is called the town Grenoble.
Alpes - region virtually all year round sunny feather snow, perfectly groomed in the forests of larch and well prepared infrastructure promotes arrival.
Provençal Alps - the land located between Durrance valley in the north west and the Sea coast Liguryjskiegona south-east of the region is famous for its winter sports.
Alpes Maritimes - this region due to its location has a warmer climate and thus luxuriant vegetation.

Pont du Gard - ancient Roman aqueduct 25 km from the city of Nimes in France, one of the most visited monuments in France. It is situated on the river Gardon is 49 meters high and 270 meters long. Built in the first century. Century AD in the 40 - 60, in 1985, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Pont du Gard - is preserved in the valley of the river Gardon section of the aqueduct built by the Romans leading water source in Uzes to Nimes. The building, with a total length of about 50.0 km and a total drop of 17.0 m consisted of a series of tunnels and bridges built of stone blocks without mortar. The construction of the aqueduct started during the reign of Emperor Claudius in 40 r., And completed by the Emperor Trajan - about the year 60. The section called the Pont du Gard is a three-storey arcade with a height of 49 m and 275 m in length.

The lower part of the act as a bridge that runs over the river Gardon. Provided on the upper guide channel of water. The total length of the preserved section of the aqueduct is approx. 270.0 m. The decline, typical of Roman construction, is 35 cm to 1.0 km. Aqueduct water supplied in an amount of approx. 20000 m3 per day. Water getting into the tank with a diameter of 6 m, where was distributed to residential houses, thermal baths and fountains.

French cuisine for centuries exerted a great influence on other cuisines, especially in Western Europe. Most often it is associated (though not always correctly) with frogs' legs, snails, baguette, cheese and wine. In fact, the French cuisine is not uniform.
In addition to the large differences between regions, we can distinguish the so-called. haute cuisine (high cuisine) - expensive, traditional cuisine prepared by renowned chefs often and nouvelle cuisine (new kitchen), which was born in opposition to the former. Nouvelle cuisine is based on light, healthy and briefly cooked dishes.

In France, people eat three main meals a day:

Breakfast (petit déjeuner) - usually consists of baguette or croissant (crescent) with jam or butter, and coffee or
             chocolate, served in small bowls to thus be able to immerse them in a baguette. Increasingly, the breakfast
             includes orange juice also.
Lunch (déjeuner) - consumed between the hours of noon and 14. It is rich meal, kilkudaniowym, first served
         appetizers (entrée), then the main course, cheese, dessert and coffee.  
Dinner (dîner) - is eaten quite late - between 20 and 22 and usually lasts quite a long time. They served hot meals.

During meals always drink water, pours straight from the tap, and the wine dinner, which recently often happens replaced beer. The French believe that every meal you have to finish a piece of cheese. Regarding the desserts are traditional delicacies eg. Creams brûlée, tart, tart Tatin and much more
Top 5 dishes:

Onion soup. One of the most popular soups in France, and for many undisputable leader. Definitely better in cold winter days or during the rainy autumn than summer. Aromatic, thick soup with a clear taste of onions, usually hidden under soaked croutons and baked with cheese. Surely this is not a diet dish, but it is a perfect balance improves mood in gray and gloomy day. To do many not need - onions, butter, broth, white wine, stale baguette and cheese, so you can prepare it at home too.

Like many other signature dishes of national cuisine, soup once popular among the poorest layers of society - at the end of onion was cheap and readily available.

Boeuf Bourguignon. Mandatory to try for each carnivores! Classic and supposedly one of the spectacular course the famous Julia Child, popularized worldwide by the film "Julie & Julia." Ultra-long pieces of boiled beef in a velvety sauce with vegetables, perfect taste with boiled potatoes.
As the name suggests, the dish comes from Burgundy. Again, once they are eaten rather by representatives of the poorer and less privileged social strata, now a dish to order also quite elegant restaurant or to go for dinner with friends. Julia Child would say that this is one of the best meals of beef, which known to mankind.

Quiche lorraine, or cake Lorraine based on bacon, ham, grated cheese, cream and eggs. Sometimes vegetables are also added. It originates from the north-east of France, and the beginnings of cake are associated with Lotharingia and Alsace. Like onion soup, this dish was originally a farmers - cheap, with readily available ingredients. With time, however, the cake fell in love with the princes and the original recipe for the pastry crust has been changed and enriched - on the one hand, more ingredients, on the other hand, with better quality ingredients (such as meat).

Moules. France is admittedly not the only country where the mule is eating and more associated with Belgium, where they are administered with beer and thick chips, but here as well, especially in the north, the mud are everywhere !!! Cultured both on the coasts of Brittany and the French Basque Country and in various ways - in a white wine sauce Provencal, with calvados, with curry, coconut milk and typical French cheeses such as Roquefort and Camembert for example.

Crème brûlée
is a French specialty, known and loved around the world. If you do not know its taste, as soon as possible Catch up up and reach for the recipe for the classic crème brûlée.
Cream creamy delicacy of velvety texture with a wonderful vanilla note is delicious, and for this very simple to prepare. Dessert is made on the basis of egg yolks, cream and sugar. Is covered with the characteristic crunchy layer of caramel, through which you have to break through, to get to the cream.

Rules escort, and so the famous savoir-vivre is the basis of the behavior of every human culture. Before traveling to France's take a moment to familiarize yourself with the applicable rules, eg. At the table or during visits. Really worth!
French invite guests for dinner, less for afternoon tea. Dinners usually eat with the family, although it is not the rule. If you are invited to the house Frenchman should not come empty-handed. You can bring flowers for the hostess and alcohol for the host. Safer, however, to buy sweets. Why? Handed a bottle of wine may suggest that you do not trust the host in the selection of drink, therefore You shall make it hurt.

Going into someone else's home better not take off shoes. This gesture means intimacy with family members or belonging to it. Each visit begins with the so-called. aperitif (a glass of white wine, drink, champagne or port to which chomps salty little thing: pistachios, plugs or small French cakes). At the moment when the master of the house invites you to the table, in bad taste is his hasty finishes his glass and take it with you.

The way you sit down at the table is not accidental. Seats on the right side hosts belong to the honor, so you should wait a while until the master of the house will show us the place. When all sit down, start dinner.
When the plate is always a napkin, which should put himself on his knees and wiped her mouth as often as we will be necessary (I recommend this gesture before reaching out for his glass, to avoid marks on the glass and greasy "mesh" in wine). Cutlery are arranged in the order in which they will be used.

A poor education can provide drinking wine, the host will raise a toast (the same principle applies during an aperitif), and start eating before all the guests at the table will receive a plate. The words "bon appetit" may suggest that the meal does not look too appetizing.

I apologize for such a short summary of France, but I do not want you to fall asleep reading this.

It is time to check your knowledge about France! Everyone who corretly answer 4 question will be rewarded by:


Here we go :
Enter the height of Mont Blanc.
2. In which castle did Leonardo da Vinci create his paintings?
3. Which dessert has crunchy layer of caramel ?
4. What is

all the answers are contained in the text , contest end time 6th march.

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source : wikipedia ,wikitravel, kwestiasmaku.com , holidaycheck.pl , studentnews.pl ,blogerzyzeswiata.pl ,domowe-wypieki.pl , zajadam.pl ,tasteaway.pl , budowle.pl

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The life is not a frothy cake.

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