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Title: [Unofficial ROM][4.3.28]MIUI V5 for Google Nexus 4[LTE][Multilang] [Print this page]

Author: dreamingon    Time: 2013-7-15 10:32
Title: [Unofficial ROM][4.3.28]MIUI V5 for Google Nexus 4[LTE][Multilang]
Courtesy of Datsun.510

This thread will be updated with the latest MIUI V5 builds and fixes needed.
The ROM is based on a Port so expect bugs until MIUI releases official...if they do.

If you have any questions, Please read the FAQ / HELP section at the bottom of OP.

MIUI ROM 4.3.28

1. Download ROM:
Stock 4.3.28 + r165 + Multi-Lang

2. Pick the Gapps you want:
Gapps + Extras_V4

Gapps*(Gmail, Google+, Google Gallery w/Photosphere Camera 4.3, Google Now, Maps,* News&Weather, Play Store (Multi-DPI), Talk, Voice Search,*YouTube)
Adaway*(for ads)
Custom BootAnimation
DSP Manger
Flash Player
Google Installer*(Install other Google apps)
Mediascanner*(scan media to show on gallery and computer when using USB)
MIUI Keyboard
MiuiSpnConf*(Edit operator name shown in the status bar, if you want nothing to show just put a space only.*
Hit Save, then turn Airplane mode On then Off manually through the status bar (dont use the airplane button in the app or it will FC)
Rebooter*(to preserve our power button's life)
Weather BZ*(working weather)


Small Gapps V3  (No Extras)

Gapps*(Google Gallery w/Photosphere Camera 4.3, Gmail, News & Weather,*Play Store)

3. LTE Package 4.3.28:*(Optional)

LTE FIX*(make sure to have .27 or .33 radio for LTE to work)
No audio fix(T-mobile LTE users)


If you are coming from any other ROM, including 4.2.2 and 4.3 ROMS:
Clean Wipe:
Backup your ROM or Apps (Optional)
Wipe:*Factory Reset, System, Cache, and Dalvik Cache
1. ROM
2. Multi-Language*(Optional)*
3. Gapps+Extras or Small Gapps
4. LTE Package*(Optional)*
Wipe:*Cache & Dalvik Cache
5. Flash NavBar*(Optional)
Open Play Store and Sign-in
Go to: >Settings>Accounts>Google>Location settings>Enable 'Let Google apps access your location'
LTE Users: >Settings>Mobile networks>Access Point Names>Select your LTE Carrier

If you are coming from a previous version of MIUI:
Dirty Wipe:
Backup your ROM or Apps
Wipe:*Cache & Dalvik Cache
1. ROM
2. Multi-Language*(Optional)*
3. Gapps+Extras or Small Gapps
4. LTE Package*(Optional)*
Wipe:*Cache & Dalvik Cache
5. Flash NavBar*(Optional)


Fonts in Theme Manager

MIUI ROM 4.3.28 Changelog

Check it


Working Kernels for MIUI (Make sure you download 4.2.2 Kernels):
Franko Kernel r165
Linaro franco.Kernel r165
☆ AK ☆
☆ AK ☆**FAUX*021-faux.017.zip
☆ AK ☆**v.043
Franco kernel Milestone 3
Franco r161:
Supercharged franco.Kernel - r155 | 3.4.49+ gcc 4.8.1 -O3-Modified by Nburnes
Hells Core:
Bricked Kernel

ModInstaller thread: Thanks to: Kingzak34 http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=2462815
ModInstaller 3.9.16 Thanks to: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...postcount=3033
ModInstaller3.8.2 v2:* **Posted By: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...ostcount=2119*
ModInstaller3.7.26 v2:
Mirror: *http://d-h.st/PSl
ModInstaller3.7.19:* (Select the mods you want) *Posted by:*http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=43783488&postcount=1646
ModInstaller3.7.5_V3.1:* (Select the mods you want) Posted by:*http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=43376870&postcount=974
Custom Home Grid:


1. Q. How do I turn on Root?
* * A. Home Screen>Folder>Permissions app>Root>Enable permission monitor.

2. Q. OMG! *Why are my files not showing on my computer or in the gallery app?
* * A. *Run Media Scanner app included with Gapps + Extras. If you don't have it then install this:*https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.clypher.mediascanner&hl=en

3. Q. How to make Over-lay apps work such as LMT Launcher,*GMD Auto Hide Soft Keys,*full!screen, or any other similar app?
* * A. Go to Settings>Apps>Find the App you want>Enable 'Show popup window. *Also from Home Screen>Folder>App control app>Manually add auto start apps>Allow the app you want.

4. Q. *I'm coming from a 4.3 ROM can I flash this?
* * A. *Yes you can, just follow instructions in the bottom of OP.

5. Q. *Can I use the ModInstaller or NavBar with different MIUI versions?
* * A. *NO you can't. Only use MODS with the correct version.

6. Q. *Help some apps FC in MIUI?
* * A. *We know. *There is no fix yet.

7. Q. *Help Trickster MOD app shuts down when 'Set on Boot'?
* * A. *We know. *There is no fix yet.

8. Q. Help!!! I bricked my phone using your ROM!!!
* * A. *No you didn't!!! But nice try.

9. Q. *I have a question that is not listed here?
* * A. *Search the Thread for it. I'm sure it has been discussed already. If you looked and still can't find it then ask in the thread.


Author: csazoo    Time: 2013-7-15 14:27
Good work!I'm using this version.Cool :)
Author: hassanaltaf    Time: 2013-7-15 16:46
nice port. tried the previous release and it was awesome
apart from that gallery bug. dual gallery icons and camera icons

Author: devang98    Time: 2013-7-17 18:31
Great Port, I am using this as my daily driver
Author: RiderOnSuzuki    Time: 2013-7-17 18:56
PIN Code should work with 3.7.12 based.
It's fixed in Galaxy Nexus's official build :P
Author: Saunish    Time: 2013-8-14 01:27
my phone gets bootloop it just shows google and does not boot
Author: Zehlek    Time: 2013-8-14 03:09
DATSUN.510 has posted 3.8.11 on xda
Author: 豆棚瓜架    Time: 2013-8-26 14:45
Title: can get ota update?
This post was edited by 豆棚瓜架 20:09,Sep-25-2013

every update ,i have to have a drity clean, and must install the gapps.
Author: anishandie    Time: 2013-9-4 02:00
fingers crossed for the new version
Author: gurukiran    Time: 2013-9-7 20:01
Downloading :-)
Author: wajud1    Time: 2013-9-8 22:49
Thank You.
Author: tottoroo    Time: 2013-9-17 19:13
Hi. I have a big problem. I get this error message after flashing the ROM. "Unfortunately, Nfc service has stopped". And I can't get rid of it, the Ui is unusable since it keeps coming back. I tried to find a solution online and people suggested removing NFC service in ADB mode. Didn't work for me. I also tried removing it from the zip-file before flasinh but that gave me other error messages. Help. I'm stuck at vs 3.6.28 which is stable but i'd like to try something new.
Author: 会飞的阿力    Time: 2013-9-17 21:48
This post was edited by 会飞的阿力 23:49,Sep-17-2013

Reply tottoroo Add Thread

Hi. I think you can try to flash back to previous MIUI version without wiping data.

If you wants to update to a new version. Please backup apps and data then wipe data and flash rom.

I also meet this problem when I update this rom. Now I am using http://www.miui.com/download-75.html, which can OTA weekly. You can have a try.
Author: tottoroo    Time: 2013-9-17 22:00
I've already restored to an earlier version, that's not the problem.
I want to update.
The link you put here, is that an English version?

Thank you.
Author: tottoroo    Time: 2013-9-17 23:12
It seems to work, the only issue being that I lose my apps after wiping data.
Author: tottoroo    Time: 2013-9-18 15:43
OK,everything seems to be fine now except for one thing: location services. Google maps can't locate me even with GPS on.
Author: 会飞的阿力    Time: 2013-9-19 18:43
Reply tottoroo Add Thread

The problem of google maps NetworkLocation really exists. I think it is the problem of Baidu’s NetworkLocation, which is used instead of Google’s. However, GPS works fine on my device (I live in Sydney). There is a bug that it shows 'Location set by GPS' while GPS is actually still searching. You should wait for few seconds.

If you want to reply me, please click the 'reply' button in the bottom left corner of my post. So that I can receive a notification that you replied me.

Author: iYousif    Time: 2013-9-21 18:53
There's a new update, but every time I downloaded it and try to install it it give error (Status 7) in recovery. I tried to switch signature verification off, but it still the same!

Anyone has the same problem with the latest OTA update (9/21)? ~
Author: otoha    Time: 2013-9-24 18:04
big thanks to datsun
Author: sirgpm    Time: 2013-9-25 23:49
Miui is the best looking ROM. But I am having problem showing my contacts right in SMS and call, if I got 12345678 Peter in my contact list, and write a SMS when he replies I have a new thread +50512345678 without a name, same applies to calls. This is the bug why I can not live with miui.
Author: robin_amko    Time: 2013-9-26 14:31
good port...keep up the good work..
Author: sukest    Time: 2013-9-28 04:14
When I receive a call my Screen can not be unlocked so I cant answer the call, any suggestion?
Author: pavlisliv    Time: 2013-10-3 21:35
Hi ,can anyone help me to uninstall the 'floating keys' and install the 'soft keys' . I already  flash the Navbar_24DPI_3.9.27 but after the reboot again the floating keys are enable.

Author: Hum0nX    Time: 2013-10-4 12:27
Are there any setting for the Nav bar? ( in the settings app or something similalr) if there are any I can't find them, and if there is not any if possible please add even some basic setting for it. Also is thier a way to disable both the floating buttons and the Nav bar at the same time ( to navigate i would just use android pie or some other app/mod) I doubt there is but again if possible please make a way to turn it off (possibly in dev. settings). The floating buttons are clean but annoying to use in terms of quickness and fluidity, but I love the idea of removing the nav bar. And thanks! the gapp LTE and everything else is awesome!
Author: Hum0nX    Time: 2013-10-4 16:29
Hum0nX replied at 2013-10-4 12:27
Are there any setting for the Nav bar? ( in the settings app or something similalr) if there are any ...

I found the answer to my own question (no there are not settings), to turn both off just delete the miPOP app under system/apps. Also i thought the creator of this list made the floating buttons (and i was impressed) I had no idea the normal 3.6.27 ROM had them.  
Author: teachmeluv    Time: 2013-10-21 16:35
Good work by Datsun :)
Author: GearboxBunny    Time: 2013-10-24 03:48
I don't know if this was asked already, but I am currently using your ROM, and I love it. I just have one problem. I have to use ear buds with a built-in mic, and it makes my phone all weird. Sometimes during the day it will open up random things like Google now and not close it. It also takes control of my music sometimes. Is there a way to disable the mic setup? I just want to use the headphones.
Author: Chak_g    Time: 2013-10-27 15:36
I installed miui 3.10.25 on my nexus 4 and installed pimp my rom app did some random tweeks that i felt should make my rom fast and save some battery, and when i rebooted my phone, it got stuck at boot screen, then i went to custom recovery and reinstalled 3.10.18 and it again still stuck at boot screen, looks like it was end on miui for me. i tried installing stock ROM which works perfectly fine. But i really want to use miui and i have no idea what went wrong and what i need to change to make it run.
Author: Sidphantom    Time: 2013-10-31 13:17
I have installed 3.10.25 in my nexus 4. I had flashed the zip file 0*NavBar*DPI (Removes NavBar)
+ 20 DPI Status Bar (Stock is 25)  so as to remove the nav bar but when i rebooted my phone, after the google text screen, it went blank. Can anyone please help? I just want to remove the nav bar and install mipop.
Author: Chak_g    Time: 2013-11-12 14:17
Thank you for this thread.
Author: piratekingluffy    Time: 2013-12-1 00:56
Help Wifi not working on Nexus 4 with miui V% 3.11.22.
It wont turn on.

Author: carloa78    Time: 2013-12-3 02:08
Reply piratekingluffy Add Thread

Hi, I had the same issue with my wifi, the problem was I was downgrading from 4.4 to this rom and the radio was different, I solved by flasing the hybrid radio .27 / .84 and Im good now
Author: LZ58840    Time: 2013-12-3 19:24
Reply Chak_g Add Thread

How miui's rom works is different from how the stock rom works. Miui is a heavily modified version of Android, so the system works differently from stock rom. Pimp My ROM however, wasn't designed for a rom that heavily modified, it was designed for mostly stock.
Author: LZ58840    Time: 2013-12-3 19:29
Reply Saunish Add Thread

you have probably followed the instructions wrong.
Author: soundn    Time: 2013-12-7 07:40
plz where can i find all the fix i need to flash cos i also downgraded from 4.4 and i had no working radio, sound. i even flashed francos kernel and no change....please can i need step bey step guide..i need to come back to miui
Author: promethe    Time: 2013-12-11 05:59
I have MIUI v5 on my NExus 4 and I constantly loosing wifi when I lock the phone and the phone would not reconnect it automaticly. SO I must tuirn off wifi and the it connects normaly. Any tip for this problem?
Author: Neojacks    Time: 2013-12-22 20:44
Hi there
I m using MIUI V5 port on my nexus 4 since 3 months ...updating regularly...its running well..with no issues..
Author: bhushan2k    Time: 2014-1-4 13:41
this port is based on android 4.3 or 4.2?? why miui rom developers don't mention android version in thread title i dont understand..:(
Author: piratekingluffy    Time: 2014-1-28 00:15
Reply carloa78 Add Thread

Thank you carloa78,
I have another query.
Can I flash this rom on Android version 4.4 kitkat which is currently rumming on my nexus 4.
Or do I have to first flash 4.2.2 on my device and then flash this rom ?
Thanks in advance.
Author: LZ58840    Time: 2014-3-9 01:50
Reply iYousif Add Thread

What recovery are you using?

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