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[Discussion] [MIUI Device Team] MIUI Monthly Talk - January 2017: CES 2017, Mi TV 4 and More!

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07:12, Jan-22-2017 | From PC
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Greetings fellow MIUI Global Forum Users!
The long winter holidays have come to an end and it means we are in 2017. Every month we have a talk - MIUI Monthly Talk. And here we go again with it. Our previous Monthly Talk was written by @SpideyMan and we were talking about Redmi 4A, Gooligan Attack and Video Editor in MIUI ROMs. Here's what we are going to talk about today:

Talk of the Month: CES 2017
Tech of the Month: Mi TV 4
MIUI's Ahead: Android Interface Theming
Discussion of the month: What matters more - larger batteries or thinner phones

Talk of the Month

We are going to talk about the CES 2017 and the trends it has shown.
CES also known as Consumer Electronics Show is an annual trade show held each January in Las Vegas, state Nevada, USA. Typically this show is the one where technological companies present their innovations, products and technologies. And it's becoming more and more interesting from year to year. This year it's been even more interesting for all of us - Xiaomi fans. It's the first time that Xiaomi was taking part in this event. And I think that was superb! But what were the cool things presented at CES 2017? Let's find that out!


Some numbers

Traditionally, most of the big electronics companies take part in CES events. But it has also got some space for startups as well. This year was not an exception and somewhere around 600 startups took part in the event (numbers by Consumer Technology Association SVP Jeff Joseph).

This year CES also broke the record for the space it occupied - more than 2000 square feet (35 footbal fields) and, as Jeff Joseph stated, this was due to the penetration of digital technologies in various sectors, which seemed far from tech just some time ago.

As for the consumers they were mostly shocked not by the size, but by the prices at this show. Just think about a bed, which costs 7000$ (yeah, really, it's the Sleep Number 360 bed, which automatically adjusts its firmness reacting on the sleeper movements), or about a fishing drone by PowerVision priced 2000$. Or maybe Infinity Massage Chair which costs 7744$. Are those prices high? They are HUGE!


PowerVision fishing drone

Relationship with the gadgets

One of the most spreading trends, according to the attendees, is that our gadgets are no longer just objects, they become their owners' companions, relationships are being built between them. You remember how we laughed hearing someone saying "Hey Cortana, do you love me?" or "Siri, I love you". It's going to be not that funny any more. Washing machines can now be paired with Amazon Echo, your bed can be connected to a thermoregulator within your Smarthome, and your car is going to "become your best friend". Faraday Future also said their e-car FF 91 was going to learn from its owner. Robots presented at CES 2017 are also getting some "personality": the Avatar iPal robot is made for children, eldercare and retail applications,  Blue Frog also showed Buddy Robot, which can be used for entertainment, security, elderly care and smart home integration. Although these robots don't look like humans yet, we can see their "faces" becoming more and more human like.

CESavataripal_robot.jpg CESbuddy_robot.jpg CESeinstein_robot.jpg

Avatar iPal, Buddy Robot, Einstein robot

Lots of "Smart" devices

Aren't you still used to attempts to create "smart" device for every thing you use everyday? Then you should get used to it as this year smartifying everything is still a trend. For example, LG said that every electrical appliance made by them was going to have WiFi access this year. What they started with was the fridge Smart Instaview Refrigerator, which is intended to work with Alexa assistant by Amazon.

Other manufacturers also believe that WiFi, BlueTooth and cameras can give their devices more power. Looks like they walked around their houses to find out what else they can make "smart" and found the things, which nobody else could think about. Have you ever imagined that your toothbrush could stream video from your mouth while you brush your teeth? No? Onvi found it could be cool and showed their smart toothbrush Prophix, which streams your teeth brushing process to your smartphone and costs 399$.

Did you know that the sound you hear while brushing your hair can give some information about your hair? Kérastase and Withings found the ways to analyze it and presented Hair Coach (priced 200$) working with your smartphone to tell you if your hair is healthy.
But you shouldn't think nothing good was there. Smoke detector Nest Protect can be really helpful. If you ever forget about food cooking on your stove and Nest Protect finds it spreading smoke it sends a signal to stovetop burner and turns it off. We are going to be safe, aren't we?


Kérastase and Withings Hair Coach

Amazon Alexa domination?

Alexa, the smart assistant based on Amazon's Echo is one of the leaders at this year's CES. It's not only house appliances, which got support for it (lights, fridges, air purifiers, routers), but it was also integrated in cars. It can now control ignition, lock doors and check fuel level for Ford autos. It is also partially supported by Volkswagen and car platform called OpenCar by INRIX. It is also installed on some smartphones. For example, Huawei Mate 9 comes with Alexa pre-installed and to activate it you only need to plug your headset in.

Voice commands can also be used for controlling audio systems, TVs and robots. LG's Hub Robot and Samsung's Powerbot VR7000 (vacuum cleaner) can be controlled by your voice, whereas Lynx robot by UBTech Robotics plays music and activates your appliances responding to your voice.


Amazon Echo

Automotive boom

As CES 2017 was held at nearly the same time as Detroit Auto Show did and both shows were becoming closer to each other in terms of what we could see there, almost all the automotive trends were there at CES - from electro to smart cars. Among the novelties seen at CES 2017 we should mention new e-car with autopilot functions from Faraday Future - FF 91, Hyundai's Ioniq, ridesharing car from Honda and also AI-driven car by Audi, which learned driving in just four days.

Overall, all car manufaturers are now trying to take a share of smart vehicles market and compete with Tesla's and Lexus's cars we've already known.


Faraday Future FF 91

Thin and curved display TVs

New and improved TVs were a nice part of this year's CES. We all remember the TVs with curved displays, which were thought to be a good trend. Surely, there's not many people who bought curved display TVs, but the trend now looks like it's changing. This year we could see more of the TVs, which were thinner or more lightweight. LG presented an interesting TV, which can be placed on your wall with the help of simple magnets. Xiaomi also showed us a new TV - Mi TV 4, which is in this trend - its minimal body thickness is just 4mm and it has no bezels.

There were also "Smarter" TVs - Amazon announced that a bunch of new TV sets were going to use their Smart TV OS called FireTV paired with Alexa smart assistant. And again Mi TV 4 is in trend - it is based on PatchWall, which is an AI deep learning system developed to help its owners find the most suitable TV shows and movies.


LG Signature OLED TV W


Xiaomi Mi TV 4

Tech of the Month

You must've already read before this thread that Xiaomi was taking part in CES 2017. And I think you know what our team is going to call the Tech of the Month today. Ofcourse, it's the Mi TV 4 presented at CES.


Mi TV 4

Mi TV 4 is a high-end super new TV set, which follows the new trend of ultra-thin, ultra-light TVs. It's just 4.9mm thick (in the thinnest part of it, but still). It also comes with nearly no bezel (I hope everyone understands that currently it's impossible to make a TV with no bezel at all). What allowed Xiaomi to make it so thin is separating motherboard and sound system from the TV panel itself. Before this TV appearance most of the manufacturers were combining all systems in one case - motherboard and speakers were packed in it alongside with the panel. But it's time for some changes and Mi TV 4 comes as two separate parts - the panel which can be attached to a holder on the wall or placed on top of the TV stand and the Mi TV Bar, which connects to the panel via Mi Port. It's the so called conception of "Modular TV".


This TV set features the newest version of "Patch Wall" software. This software is a UI layer over the Android TV operating system, which uses a lot of metadata about movies, shows, cartoons etc. It keeps track of history of which content you watched and is said to intelligently suggest you what to watch next.

Mi TV 4 will be available in 3 sizes. They are going to be 49-inch, 55-inch and 65-inch displays. Let's have a look at the features this TV is packed with:

  • 4.9mm ultra-thin metal body
  • Quad-core 64-bit flagship TV processor
  • Independent Dolby Atmos sound system
  • Dolby and DTS dual audio decoding
  • Deep learning AI system
  • Available in 3 sizes, including 49"/ 55"/ 65"


As for me I hope this TV will be eventually available globally - it's the most beautiful TV I've ever seen. If you want to get more information about Mi TV 4, you can read these threads:

Mi TV 4 is Now Everyone's Dream Machine - Ultra Thin 4.9mm, Bezel-less and More!
Mi TV4 Hands On Pictures - Bezel-less, 4.9mm super thin display,Dolby Atmos!!
Mi TV 4 - Xiaomi

What do you think about this innovative product?

MIUI's Ahead

While discussing with Device Team members which feature we should talk about this month I received so many ideas that I was feeling lost. Seems like we have loads of topics for this section. But there is one that is visible to everybody, used by everybody and liked by nearly everybody. This feature, which I want to tell you about is MIUI's famous Theming.

Well, yes, we live in 2017 and you can barely impress anyone with themes in Android. But even now themes aren't fully replacing the Android's UI. By what I've seen I can tell you that MIUI has got the largest space for designer's ideas to work on. Most of the theming engines limit styling to changing colors of some UI sections, some also allow replacing images. You can correct me saying that we now have Substratum theming engine. But don't forget you're reading section called "MIUI's Ahead". Does anybody remember when MIUI first introduced its theming engine? Does anybody remember what did other theming engines allow users to change and what did MIUI's engine allow at the same time?

The first MIUI version I remember packed with Themes was MIUI v2 (Android 2.3). At that time this made this ROM so outstanding. It looked absolutely different to all the other Android interfaces. That was the main cause for more and more users to change their phones ROMs to MIUI. Do you remember how that MIUI looked like?


Designers and enthusiasts started developing themes for MIUI at that time and community of MIUI designers has been growing ever after. To be honest, I think theming was the main feature, which allowed MIUI to become what it is now. And its developers understood it too. That's why we have theming engine becoming more and more advanced with each new version of MIUI. What do we know about MIUI theming system?

As a result of long term development MIUI Theming Engine is the most advanced theming engine currently available on Android. It allows to change every application UI (no matter if this application is built-in or third party one). And it's not only the colors that can be changed. It's also the way application's UI behaves, its animations, fonts etc. With some coding knowledge designers can make the default MIUI look absolutely different. More than that, it is also supported by a special utility by Xiaomi made to make designers' life easier. This util is called MIUI Theme Editor.


Xiaomi also supports theme designers, who can register a special account on Xiaomi's designer portal. If one creates a good-looking, attractive theme he uploads it there and the new theme appears at Themes App on every phone using MIUI. Some of those themes are paid themes and the designer who made it gets his revenue from theme sales.

What do you think about themes in MIUI? Do you like them or are they missing any special feature you would like to see?

Discussion of the Month

Our smartphones are gaining more "power" each year. They are receiving more powerful CPUs, GPUs and more RAM along with bigger and brighter screens. But if the CPU is more powerful it also should consume more power to work. Bigger screens that are so popular nowadays also consume more power - the bigger the screen is - the more power it consumes. Same can be stated about RAM - more RAM = more power. Yes, we also know energy-efficient technologies are here these days. But they are also more expensive.

What gives our phones power to work are batteries. Batteries consist of several power banks combined into a single power element. Each of those banks can store a limited amount of energy. Total battery capacity depends on number of those banks in it. If we pack a battery with bigger number of power banks it gains capacity. But it also becomes thicker.


Lots of different batteries

And now look at your smartphones. I bet 90% of you have a thin smartphone - it's the trend to make mobile devices thinner but with a larger screen. Thanks to technological development batteries in such phones still store enough power for your phone to work for a day or two. But would you like to be able to use a powerful device longer without charging? It would make it thicker, but with a battery of a bigger capacity.

What would be your choice - a thinner phone with a standard battery capacity, or you would choose the one with a bigger battery regardless of its thickness? This is what I offer you to discuss in this thread.

Special thanks to @soumya_2002 for giving me an opportunity to create this thread. Thanks to our beloved device admin @candicesu for her constant support and motivation. Thanks to the Device Team members for their help whenever I ask them.

So what would you choose?

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Thanks for sharing the awesome thread

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I prefer thinner phones, don't care about battery capacity

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i prefer better battery capacity.

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I prefer larger battery capacity, don't care about phone thickness!

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Eagerly waiting for enjoy in Bangladesh, but the question is how? :(

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thickness and best bettery capacity
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thinner phone with good battery capacity ☺

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10:44, Jan-22-2017 | From Redmi Note 4 MTK
Larger battery...

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10:45, Jan-22-2017 | From Redmi Note 4 MTK
about the mi tv:
the idea is great, and the quality seems too!
I love the fact that tvs are getting thinner and thinner, making them suitable for smaller spaces.

About battery vs thickness:
Battery. As a hardcore user, I really need more power (see pic), and also, if the phones are thicker... they are more resistant! also, thinner phones may even result uncomfortable on our hands. Screenshot_2017-01-22-00-22-44-109_com.miui.securitycenter.png

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