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[Tips & Tutorials] [Updated 5.3.27] 53 MIUI 6 Tips & Tutorials You Should Know

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16:50, Sep-25-2014 | From PC
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Hi MIUIers, how are you enjoying MIUI 6 after over a month of its release? Some say MIUI 6 features are pretty much the same with those in MIUI V5, but is that so? If you really dig into it, I believe you will be constantly surprised by it. This thread is a collection of MIUI 6 tips & tutorial shared by fellow MIUIers. If you know a trick or two that worth sharing, please let me know and I'll add it to the list.

Lock screen & Home screen
1. In MIUI 6, you can turn on torch on lockscreen by long pressing the home button just like in V5. But if you want it to stay, you'll need to press the Power button, otherwise the torch will turn off after 2 seconds. This is to prevent misoperation.

2. When on home screen if you swipe 3 fingers from any sides towards the center of screen you can set the screen you want to be your home screen.
205634nz1slccsslollsqs.png.thumb.jpg 205137g8z1j2mf8szo4v1s.png.thumb.jpg

3. Pinch on any page of home screen using two fingers to enter home screen editing mode.
194124rifyfdwf5md5mvio.png.thumb.jpg 194329k614yqagop47pqpm.png.thumb.jpg
Or Hold the menu button for 0.5 seconds

4. In home screen editing mode, click the small edit button and it will take you to theme store to download customs clocks.
MI_20141015_204726.png MI_20141015_204750.png

5.To put two apps into a folder, just drag one app towards another, and a folder will be created automatically
MI_20150326_112838.png MI_20150326_112901.png

6. How to put several apps into a folder
In home screen editing mode, tap on move apps, then tap on all the apps that you want to move, and they'll be added to the dock. Tap on the folder widge to add it to the home screen.
MI_20150326_113612.png MI_20150326_113619.png

Swipe from left to right, or from right to left to put the apps together. Then drag them to put into the newly created folder
MI_20150326_113628.png MI_20150326_113642.png MI_20150326_113707.png

7. The apps on your screen are sometimes scattered, want to arrange them automatically?? Enter home screen editing mode, and shake your phone, the apps will get automatically arranged (Not in alphabetic order).
201442cul8fcu80upwpp50.png.thumb.jpg 201538tj000rx300alwagw.png.thumb.jpg

8. Easier way to search for Contacts, apps installed etc. is just “SWIPE UP and TYPE” when in home screen

9. When the lockscreen is activated simply slide left to quickly launch the camera
MI_20141016_151247.png MI_20141016_151329.png

10. On home screen, swipe left or right from the Home button will enable one-handed mode. And you can choose the screen size in one-handed mode settings

11. In Recents page, drag the apps icons, and they will show in full page mode
MI_20150326_141303.png MI_20150326_141329.png

12. In the recent menu if you long press on the clear all button, it will take you to  apps settings page (ALL, Downloaded, Running, Cached)
MI_20141016_142943.png MI_20141016_143000.png

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Contacts & Calls & Messaging

1. How to Let Your Contacts Display in WhatsApp (by Iyengar)

Click on Security and then Permissions in Security App.
114606i0pmi3pmez9jmoz3.png.thumb.jpg 114613nz68788igbz98yf9.png.thumb.jpg

Select Permissions to take you to next screen where you are prompted (Apps / Permissions) Select Permissions and then Contacts
114615elwrqrrzvzq6s9cx.png.thumb.jpg 114622qr6ouprxqq6pxozr.png.thumb.jpg

Scroll down to the list where it lists the app WhatsApp. Select WhatsApp and you will be prompted for further permission levels. Select Accept and this will turn Green as shown in the next screenshot.
114653gq3tot0w9twhh38h.png.thumb.jpg 114658el1lalva1714vz9u.png.thumb.jpg 114628ue1e7grw5m5t1zb3.png.thumb.jpg

Open WhatsApp and refresh your contact list and all the contacts part of WhatApp are listed, all your contacts are now synced with WhatsApp.
123541kcnfj5rjnfzcnzox.png.thumb.jpg 114644hgbtzbo35gekck55.png.thumb.jpg

2. Small but Great Call Note Reminder Feature in MIUI (by The.Tycoon)
Go to call log of that perticular number

long press selected call and goto Add Call note

Add reminder text then go to notes settings and set a reminder
MI_20140926_152613.png MI_20140926_153826.png


Now you have a reminder note under that call

3. Every contact in your phone has a QR code card.
It's much easier now to give someone's phone number to a third person
113113xz4kigrim2kzd1b2.png.thumb.jpg 113123dzz9784z9an28ee4.png.thumb.jpg

4. In the call menu, press the call button to call the most recent number
MI_20141016_170806.png MI_20141016_170825.png

Read more:
Scan QR code card to add new contacts
QR Code Name Card for Every Contact


1. Double tap on any images in Gallery to view it in full screen mode

2.  Music Player: the background color adapts to the album cover

3. Swipe down on camera to switch between back and front camera
MI_20141016_144151.png MI_20141016_144641.png

4. Hold camera button, and capture multiple pictures
095007mlrslls3utsklcxk.png 095230y12oq4zzo55q2kqu.png

5. Gallery >tap Local images >hold tap on the album you want to hide >choose option  Hidden album to hide an album

6. By pulling down (green arrow) any images of the albums, eg. Screenshots (under Local / Cloud content gallery) on the screen, its hidden Date, Name & Size will appear for sorting.  
7. To go to audio settings while in music player,just tap the album art, then 5 icons will appear under the album art, Just press the icon at right end (3 dots) , and it will bring up another menu with options of sending, Setting as ringtone,Audio settings & Sleep timer
204213x8mzln1kg1g7gb7r.png.thumb.jpg 204233forys3tj9v02p205.png.thumb.jpg 204246ax61bxd7b6ztpl7h.png.thumb.jpg

8. Did You Know that you can instantly adjust the Exposure Value of your clicks in the Camera app,simply by (1) FIRST, TAP TO FOCUS and while the green circle indicates that the focus is now locked (2)Drag the Circle (3)COUNTER-CLOCKWISE / TO LEFT or (4)CLOCKWISE / TO THE RIGHT to increase or decrease the Exposure Value in a jiffy?
151003tzrebvq363tdbd33.jpg.thumb.jpg 150717dhaxbv86ybep8pwc.jpg.thumb.jpg 151511xoh4ww46gbobz41t.jpg.thumb.jpg

9. Floating capture button in MIUI 6 camera
Launch Camera App, and wwipe up on the capture button. A white transparent button will appear.Drag it around according to your preference, and tap the button to Capture.

Read more:
Getting to Know Better About Galley App on MIUI 6 by veirkov

System Tools and Operations:
1. Getting to Know Better About Notification Shade (by veirkov)

Notification page:
1) The easy one, you can just press once on the notification and it will send us to the related app :) (everyone knows that)
2) We can discard the notification just swiping it to the right side of the screen, but...if we want to discard it by swiping to the left, we have to swip a little to the right and then swip to the left. The last one it's a little tricky but it's necessary because if you don't do in that way you will get to the toggles page.

3) Another interesting thing that we can do with our notifications is to modify if we want to show the related app in the notification shade and if we want to show it in the keyguard. To do so, you only have to long press on the notification and then you will be prompted to change such options.
4) we have the option to discard all notifications, just pressing on the "X" placed on the bottom.
5)We can pinch with two fingers on some notifications to expand them for getting more information, options like share...
181900jhx46r64zkc1ox4r.jpg.thumb.jpg 182016v9j595k53535uz25.jpg.thumb.jpg 182448psqs7tisf7f7ffih.jpg.thumb.jpg

6)  There's another option that we can do with our notification shade, you can go to Security->Options/Settings->and activate "Show in notification shade". By activating this you have now placed Security shortcuts directly to our notification Shade
MI_20150326_150217.png MI_20150326_150414.png

Toggles page:

As you can see, that toogles page it's divided in three sections:
1) Placed on the top of the screen we can access to the music app directly tapping on that place, and we have the possibility to pause, resume, play our music.
2)  In the middle we have access to the toogles, and we can enable or disable them, to view more toogles you have to scrool down. If you want to access more options of one toogle, you can make a long press to go directly. (Nice Shortcut). :P
3) And placed in the bottom of the screen you can go directly to the settings page.

2. You can rearrange toggles positions in Settings - Notifications - Toggle position
MI_20150326_150618.png MI_20150326_150626.png

3. In Calendar, if you want to access an old agenda or forward to a future date, just press the three dot menu below and select "Jump to date" and scroll the menu for the particular date.
152454vhhaz0kcfiani0oe.png.thumb.jpg 152458qc75ag4agaa5ag7v.png.thumb.jpg

4. MIUI 6 Calendar has a new interface while viewing an agenda which offers much more choices than on V5. Like what you usually see on Facebook when someone invites you to an event, you can set your attendance here too. Also, you can e-mail the guests and remind or inform them of the event.

5. Learn All About the New Notes App in MIUI 6 (by Bughinirari)

1) In order to keep it simplistic and minimalistic, the search bar is hidden by default, only accessible when users slide their finger downwards. Through the search bar, users have quick and easy access to previous notes and their contents.
201349y4hsyq04qmyrqqlq.png.thumb.jpg 201133c9obc19hioo77snw.png.thumb.jpg

2) In MIUI V5, we need to swipe our fingers across any sentences to cross it out. This can be troublesome, especially when the sentence is rather long. In V6, check boxes can be added. A simple tap is what's needed to mark a task as "Done".
201127s5x3dz5nnq33dzs5.png.thumb.jpg 201135yk38xckf81ff9xfg.png.thumb.jpg


3) Fancy a different colour for your note? You can do it by accessing the three dot menu in the top right conner. You can choose between five colours, which is the default grey, yellow, blue, green and red. You can pick any colour according to your current mood and your liking.

6. How to Use Password to Protect Individual Apps (by Iyengar)
Go to the Phone Settings >> Security and tap on the "Privacy Protection". Note: If you have selected "Make Passwords Visible" toggle to on, person sitting next to you perhaps can see the pattern you use to operate.
103352ixjxmxjdmxmwkw8h.png.thumb.jpg 103355w3mtjkw3y0tl3xzj.png.thumb.jpg

Once you in the privacy protection page, click on the "Permission" toggle and it will prompt you to set the "pattern lock" to lock the apps.
103909j86v178pyfyg9yy9.png.thumb.jpg 103911bsmozvozb7gbma7j.png.thumb.jpg


Once the unlock pattern is confirmed, go back to the Privacy Protection page and tap on the "Lock apps" option and select the apps which you want to lock.
103908yw6hp6r7hgqrz4r4.png.thumb.jpg 103912ubbaemw1wucezw7o.png.thumb.jpg

7.  Swipe left and you will get a level within the Compass app
MI_20141015_203706.png MI_20141015_203722.png

8. Share any website using QR code. Open defaualt web browser,type any web url on url bar and select it,select QR can even save this QR code to device.
MI_20141015_205159.png MI_20141015_205210.png

9. Delete, starred, mark unread and read your mail is easy as dragging it to the LEFT or to the RIGHT

10. In Weather,swipe down it will be update automatically
115521pjajvvzcuaxkbz5h.png.thumb.png 115524lhptrvuopuvby4jr.png.thumb.jpg

11. In Settings - About phone, press Internal memory for several times (or enter *#*#4636#*#* in the dialpad) to enter phone info page. Press Kernel version for several times to enter Hardware test mode
152606p53h9m5xqcajxjmh.png.thumb.jpg    MI_20141016_155246.png

152611snj7nhzbfinfyrti.png.thumb.jpg MI_20141016_155221.png

12. How to remove the download limit when using data
Find Downloads app. Click on the three dots on the Up Right Side
235658wm5b2mz28q53jyg1.png.thumb.jpg MI_20150326_154431.png

Choose Settings.In the Settings menu, you can change the Download limit, choose unlimited
MI_20150326_154437.png 235701k9nt0l0eulutdm6c.png.thumb.jpg

13. Many people have trouble going into option menu of apps after migrating from Miui v5. Here's an easy solution.
Go to Settings- Buttons-Recents - Choose Show menu.
So whenever you want to go to option menu of apps like you used to in Miui V5, just hold the menu button for 0.5 seconds and the option menu will open


14. Whenever you have a message or a notification of any app it'll show it to you on the icon. You can access the notificaion by double clicking the icon of that app. It'll show the notification in short in the 'Notification panel'. You can clear it by sliding it left or sliding a little to left and then to the right.
MI_20141016_164444.png MI_20141016_164453.png

15. How to connect to a wifi even if you don't know the password? Provided that some other device is already connected to it.

Go to the wifi setting of connected device and click on the little arrow on the left side.


Clicking this arrow will take you to the following menu.

Now click on share WLAN Network. which wil take you another window. Scam the QR code with your another device. After authencating, your wifi will connect to desired network.

16. Schedule a power profile switch at inactive time to save battery. Security > Battery > Schedule profile switch

17. In Settings - About phone tap cpu multiple times to create a bug report.
Screenshot_2014-10-16-17-28-00.png Screenshot_2014-10-16-17-27-54.png Screenshot_2014-10-16-17-28-50.png

18. Screenshot captured with hidden share icon

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In Camera If you swipe from top to bottom.....You can toggle between Front and Rear Camera..

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17:08, Sep-25-2014 | From PC

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Excellent....specially the whats app and notification tricks :)

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orluk + 1 Great!

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