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[Tech Wednesday] [Tech Wednesday] Mobile Data: Do You Think Unlimited Data Plans Are Worth It?

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05:03, Jan-10-2017 | From PC
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Hello MIUIers,
Time for Tech Wednesday!
If you are here you probably know that Internet access requires a connectivity, which can be guaranteed by WiFi or Mobile Data connections. If you have not a WiFi connection, and you want to walk around the web wherever you are (well, more or less) you should need a data plan.Obviously, connectivity is also required for Instant messaging services, social networks, VoIP, emails, streaming services, etc. Without doubt there are people who don't need Internet access, or they are okay just with the WiFi connection at home, work place, or who knows where .


But what about people who need it? For them (depending on the place where they live) are available from service providers many data plans, which offer a various quantity of Megabytes (Mb) or Gygabites (Gb) for an established price, monthly.

Unlimited data plans give customers the freedom to go nuts on LTE data consumption. Some of these plans can give 10, 30, 100 Gb or even Unlimited plan, for a price that, in some cases, cannot be very affordable for the most. The price can vary, from 10-70 US dollars, on the average average (depends on many factors). Despite this, for who has to stay constantly connected with smartphone, these quantities could be considered a must: think about those who watch a lot of videos, download and upload a lot of files, but also to the ones who have not access to WiFi connection at home.


But what's the appeal of unlimited data plans? It's like paying slightly more to have a buffet lunch instead of a slightly cheaper two-course meal. The unlimited data buffet is for those who generally have larger appetites and don't want to worry about running out of bytes.
"The majority of users don't really need unlimited data." -- Lynette Luna, Current Analysis

Do you really need it?  "It's a nice marketing tool because it gives customers comfort in knowing they won't go over (although they are throttled)," Luna said. "The majority of users don't really need unlimited data."

Do You Think Unlimited Data Plans Are Really Worth it?

What are your thoughts? Are you using unlimited data plans?


Pro side Yes they are, I need tons of Gb.
for me, unlimited is better. don't know when you will need this to download and upload the files.
If in the end our life revolves around our smartphone, then if we call...
To enjoy 4G or 5G(Future) mobile data, I think there should be unlimit...
Yes they are, I need tons of Gb
Is there anything like a limited plan for data anymore? At least here ...
Per Day 1Gb is Great (Jio 4G),
Of course unlimited data plans are better. It's not that I spend a ton...
yup, coz if i have 10GB data it's mean only for 1day haha
I would like unlimited data plan, because I use a lot
Yes we need
I think unlimited data transfer is very good for me. I transfering a l...
no dubt, yes
yes i need it. easy to upload video to youtube :) and build my site ...
Unlimited is always a better option when it come to internet connection.
I have 20GB and almost spend it{:3_48:}
I use near 50 GB monthly, that's I need unlim )))
Of course, there are people who take full advantage of it
Of course, there are people who take full advantage of it
yup,,, but in my country, unlimited data came with limited quota,, i m...
Yes I need it!
Yes they are, I need tons of Gb.
Hmm. . . if i had wifi in my house, i wouldn't need it. But, since I h...
thanks for sharing ...
i need unlimited data ...
i need it
Yeah I Need Unlimited Access Data
Yes need it
Con side No, they aren\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t. I do not need so much Gb.
i have wifi at both office and home, 1 Gb is enough for me per month for mobile data
not yet
It expects of the usage of every user and it depends on application too.
No, because even if it's called "unlimited" - it does have a cap.
i do not need so much Gb.
Usually 20gb max per month sometimes less on the phone, for spotify. And...
enough 1Gb
{:7_240:} aaaaeee
we need truly unlimited plans and affordable like the dsl plans, what they...
unlimited cost to much for what if offer. probably between 2 and 5 gb is en...
Enough 2-3 GB per month...
no need
I have Wifi and 2 GB mobile data. It's enough. Real problem is quality sig...
I have wifi at home, but 20 Go seems to be enough, not unlimited
No I don't. In Indonesia, the most operators use limit of use, the limit ex...
i never consumed more than 2 gb. i use wifi were is open. its true that it ...
It would, of course, depend on the cost of the unlimited. I'm a heavy user,...
i get 1gb 4g everyday, i don't need more than that
no need unlimited data,, wifi everywhere,, i got tons free data everyday.....
Nope because companies are for the profit so they need to move your ideas t...
we are surrounded by Wifi's, no need for unlimited plan's...
I'd rather choose wi-fi, no mobile data.
About 10 Gb is enought
I'm against it just because I always find that THERE IS A LIMIT to my "unli...
the telcos or data service provider should improve first their service, it ...
I'm think 3-7Gb is OK.
my data is unlimited
I use my data very effectively, hence I do not need unlimited plans. You ca...
No. Dstatochno limited traffic
I don;t really need so much data, for me 10-12 GB are ok.
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11:51, Jan-11-2017 | From PC
i have wifi at both office and home, 1 Gb is enough for me per month for mobile data

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11:57, Jan-11-2017 | From PC
for me, unlimited is better. don't know when you will need this to download and upload the files.

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11:03, Jan-11-2017 | From PC
Yes we need unlimited plan...bigger the better

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11:51, Jan-11-2017 | From PC
In my country there is no true unlimited data, after like 5GB of data speed decreases and it's too slow!
Please use Reply button or do @Manwex so I can get a notification and reply faster.

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11:53, Jan-11-2017 | From PC
Yes, the Unlimited Data Plans are definitely worth it except the speed after consuming some GB.
A user from INDIA who got Redmi 3s Prime and Redmi 4.

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11:54, Jan-11-2017 | From PC
I am limited to 5 Gig where I live however that is sufficient for me

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11:59, Jan-11-2017 | From PC
no i don't use it

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12:00, Jan-11-2017 | From PC
Unlimited data plans are good because we use our smartphones a lot.

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12:02, Jan-11-2017 | From PC
Yes we need unlimited data with a minimum speed of 1Mbps

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