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[Tools, Tips & Tutorials] [Miui Device Team] All about update-script!

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16:04, Dec-26-2016 | From PC
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FAQ to create, a patch for the firmware via recovery!


- Adding multiple user / system applications "per click" (one patch)
- Adding / deleting system apps without root access and support programs
- Firmware Change (replacement of files, decorations, etc.)
- Updating the software or firmware

- Mounted on the phone custom recovery (CWM / TWRP)
- NotePad ++(Editor maintaining Unix format)
- Zip_signer (Subscriber archives)
- ZIP Archiver
- File-blank (or update-binary for manual assembly)

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file update-binary

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Binaries (archive / source)

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choose for instance "android-5.1.1_r18", then look for the folder "updater", in the folder "updater" binary source.


For example, https: // - you can look all the teams that can execute in android 5.1.1 Binary (in install.c file, at the bottom)

Attention! Patches are only for twrp\cwm and effectively only work in them. The official recovery (on the "out of the box" devices) patches do not work.

Program to automatically create patches

Android script creator


Developer: Octanium
Interface: Graphic (rus, eng)
OS: Windows \ Linux \ MAC OS \ Solaris
Recovery: CWM, TWRP

google drive

Copy the Code

- Opening of the script (

- Scripting (

- Select binary, on pledged by bynarnikov can choose your

(Integrated binaries: Universal, EMMC, EMMC MT65xx, EMMC not neon, MTD, SGS2, SGS3)

- Using the Bash script instead of binary

- Add files to the script

- Laid down a set of standard commands from the description and examples

- The program remembers the last used path and file names

- Choice of ready-made templates

. . . CREATION. . .

To install the new system apps apk in your device, you need to perform three steps:
1) to collect your (from blank)
2) sign the utility Zip_signer
3) to throw on a flash drive and install it on the device through ClockWorkMod Recovery \ TWRP
These steps are universal, ie suitable for other similar operations.


Collect new, using the "blank"

How to use

1) Unzip the archive
2) Remove signature files META-INF / CERT.RSA, CERT.SF, MANIFEST.MF (since the 2nd step, we will create them for their assembly)
3) Move to folder / data / app your custom application (xxxxx.apk)
4) If necessary, edit the updater-script file (more later)
5) Back up everything (META-INF and data) ZIp uncompressed


Sign using Zip_signer utility

How to use Zip_signer utility:

1. Rename your edited (ie, since the application inside) to
2. Put it in a folder with the program Zip_signer
3. Run the file zip_signer.bat
4. Wait until the process is completed
5. In the folder appears file - this is a signed file
6. Rename in its sole discretion (according to the logic of the patch)

Step №3

Install new application
1. spill (renamed) on the flash drive and install it in the machine through a TWRP or CWM (install zip from sdcard -> chooze zip from internal sdcard -> Yes, install
2. Reboot Device



The root of the patch:
- META-INF directory
- The source folder to install applications (system, data, sdcard, cache, sd-ext)

Required files:
- META-INF / com / google / android / update-binary - system means run this patch, also creates a temporary working tmp folder
- META-INF / com / google / android / updater-script - a script executed at which place, and copy operations, etc.

Let us

ui_print ( "=== Patching new application ===");
ui_print ( ""); - Displays the label and the empty string
run_program ( "/ sbin / busybox", "mount", "/ data"); - (Assembles data) provides access to work with the system partition
package_extract_dir ( "data", "/ data"); - Copies the contents of the data folder to the appropriate folder on the device
set_perm_recursive (1000, 1000, 0771, 0644, "/ data / app"); - Sets the owner, group and permissions for the folder contents on your device (info code below)
run_program ( "/ sbin / busybox", "umount", "/ data"); - Unmount data
ui_print ( "=== Complete ==="); - Displays a completion message
The patch adds a custom application MyPiano in Data.

Possible fix for their own purposes

1) Change of rights
set_perm_recursive (1000, 1000, 0771, 0644, "/ data / app /");
can be replaced by:
set_perm (1000, 1000, 0644, "/data/app/mypiano.apk"); - In this case, the rules have changed only for the added application

2) Adding system application
a. the root folder of data changes on the system
b. code updater-script is the same
at. rights are assigned through set_perm only added applications for system code 0675 (information on the codes below)

3) Removal of the application / file
The code is added to a string of this type:
delete ( "/ system / app / OldApk.apk");

4) it is in a different place, a possible replacement Assuming that busybox
run_program ( "/ sbin / busybox", "mount", "/ data"); - On - run_program ( "/ system / xbin / busybox", "mount", "/ data");
mount ( "ext4", "EMMC", "/ dev / block / mmcblk0p5", "/ data"); - At the same time to clarify the location of the block of your desired section

5) Rules of etiquette in writing any code is to use TAB (indentation at the beginning of the line).
  1. show_progress(1.000000, 2);
  2. ui_print(" ");
  3. ui_print("========================================");
  4. ui_print("---------- Silent AUDIO Patch ----------");
  5. ui_print("========================================");
  6. ui_print("> Mounting system...");
  7.         run_program("/sbin/busybox", "mount", "/system");
  8. ui_print("> Copying files...");
  9.         package_extract_dir("system", "/system");
  10. ui_print("> Fixing permissions...");
  11.         set_perm_recursive(0, 0, 0755, 0644, "/system/media/");
  12. ui_print("> Unmounting system...");
  13.         run_program("/sbin/busybox", "umount", "/system");
  14. ui_print("------- Changing AUDIO Complete --------");
  15. ui_print(" ");
Copy the Code

Syntax: package_extract_dir ( "<src-dir>", "<dst-dir>");
Copies the contents of the <src-dir> in <dst-dir>. Files in the <dst-dir> available <src-dir> is overwritten.
Example: package_extract_dir ( "system", "/ system"); Copy the files from the folder in / system

Syntax: package_extract_file ( "<src-file>", "<dst-file>");
Copies file <src-file> in <dst-file>. If the file <dst-file> exists, it is overwritten.
Example: package_extract_file ( "", "/tmp/"); copy a file from the in /tmp/

Syntax: format ( "MTD", "<root>");
Formats section <root> (see. Appendix).
Example: format ( "MTD", "system"); Fully will format / system. Note: Formatting deletes data permanently.
Example 2: format ( "ext4", "EMMC", "/ dev / block / mtdblock5", "0", "/ system");

Syntax: delete ( "<file1>" [, "file2", ... "fileN"]);
Removes the file (s)
Example: delete ( "/ system / app / Calculator.apk"); Removes Calculator.apk of the system / app folder.

Syntax: delete_recursive ( "<dir1>" [, "dir2", ... "dirN"]);
Recursively delete the folder (s) with all contents
Example: delete_recursive ( "/ data / dalvik-cache"); Delete the folder / data / dalvik-cache with all its contents.

Syntax: run_program ( "<filetorun>" [, "<opt1>", "<opt2>", "<opt3>"]);
Run the program (script) <filetorun>.
Example: run_program ( "/ tmp /"); Run the script /tmp/

Syntax: set_perm (<uid>, <gid>, <mode>, "<pathtofile>" [, ... "pathtofileN"]);
Set the owner, group and permissions for the file or folder as 'chmod', 'chown', and 'chgrp' all in one
Example: set_perm (0, 2000, 0550, "/system/etc/"); Set the owner, group and permissions for the file /system/etc/

Syntax: set_perm_recursive (<uid>, <gid>, <dir-mode>, <file-mode>, "<path>" [, ... "<pathN>"])
Recursive sets the owner, group and permissions for the folder contents. <Dir-mode> - Folder, <file-mode> - to files.
Example: set_perm_recursive (0, 0, 0755, 0644, "/ system / app"); Establish rules for the contents of the / system / app, folders - 0755, for the files - 0644.

Syntax: show_progress (<fraction>, <duration>);
Promoting progress bar at a fraction <fraction> of <duration> seconds. <Duration> may be zero to advance it by komande set_progress, not by time.
Example: show_progress (0.100000, 1); Increase the progress of the 0.1 for 1 second

Syntax: set_progress (<fraction>);
Sets the position of the progress bar at a fraction <fraction>, for the latest show_progress team call.
Example: set_progress (0.500000);

Syntax: symlink ( "<link-target>", "<link-path1" [, "<link-path2>", "<link-path3>"]);
It creates a symbolic link (like 'ln-s'). <Link-path> is written in the format root: path, and <link-target> in the target file system format (and can be relative). Wikipedia Symlink.
Example: symlink ( "/ data / app_s", "/ system / app"); It will create a symbolic link to the folder / data / app_s folder / system / app

The syntax is: mount ( "<kind>", "<what>", "<path>");
Mounts <what> to the path <path>. <What> should be the name of the section, if <kind> is "MTD", or if the memory block <kind> is "vfat"
Example: mount ( "MTD", "userdata", "/ data");

Syntax: unmount ( "<path>");
Disable <path>.
Example: unmount ( "/ data");

Syntax: ui_print ( "<message>");
Displays the message <message>
Example: ui_print ( "Formatting SYSTEM ...");

Syntax: sleep (<time>);
Pause the process at <time> seconds
Example: sleep (5); - Pause 5 seconds, after which the script code runs on.

Error and decision.

If you know what is of Recovery, the CWM, you know what the custom firmware and what they eat, then you are probably faced with the fact that the firmware update is not installed, or outputting an error of "Status #".

Signature verification failed. Installation aborted - Patches are only mod.rekaveri and effectively only work in them. The runoff rekaveri (on the "out of the box" devices) patch does not work. Replace the stock rekaveri on CWM or TWRP.

Status 0 - error the code originated from the fact that the updater-script file or update-binary missing in the firmware or updating

Status 255 - the error code originated from the fact that the update-binary file is not suitable

In both cases, it is treated equally, it is necessary to take the update-binary of any firmware for your devaysa

Status 1 - errors the code originated from the fact that given the wrong partition mount path

Status 4 - This error code originated from the fact that the firmware file or file-update designed for an earlier version of the SWM (there used updater-script without binary update-binary).

Status 6 - a) Indicates that the updater-scpript not created in Unix format, so when you install Android does not recognize that there is written and an error Status 6. In order to fix this advise to download and install NotePad ++ and change the format;

  b) Syntax error (missing a symbol, such as "", passed the letter on the team)

Status 7 - a) The firmware is not suitable for your devaysa and updater-script written another name for the model. Open the updater-script and delete the line containing the name of someone else's model and firmware re-sign.

  b) Through rekaveri first mount system (mounts & storage - mount / system), then put a patch

line *** col **: syntax error - Syntax error in line number of code symbol ** and *** number (look for where missed or put extra character, usually a comma and quotation marks)

Symlink: some symlinks failed - not enough space on the system partition. Patch installs files in the wrong section / unit.

No space left on device - not enough space on the system partition. Patch installs files in the wrong section / unit.

format () Expects 4 args got 5 or format () Expects 5 args got 4 - [function format () expected X argument, but got Y] - in soderzhinii format remove or add the section name, for example ( "ext4", "EMMC "," / dev / block / mmcblk0p6 "," 0 "," / system "). "Argument" - the data that is written inside parentheses, separated by commas.

No space left on device - not enough space in the sewn section

The error does not issue a patch in mod.rekaveri works, but the desired application is not added - see caps EDITING UPDATER-SCRIPT -.> Claim 4 or manually mount the required section.

Please upgrade to latest binary or ..... binary - file update-binary does not fit, you must take the update-binary of any firmware for your device.

It does not work subscriber Zip_signer - check java on your computer, update or reinstall it.

"Java" is not an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. - Error in Zip_signer - install Java,

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