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[Q & A] MIUI App Ideas

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14:05, Nov-10-2018 | From PC
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Hi everyone,

I am kinda new in posting on forums, so if I do it wrong, please forgive me for that upfront :-D.

I recently start using Mi devices (Redmi S2 and Redmi 5) and I seriously like using and love the MIUI design, hence I even disabled all the Google applications, because they really don't fit into the design of MIUI.

I have thought of installing the China version of MIUI, since that does not come with Google applications, but left that  idea due to my lag of the Chinese language haha.

Anyway, there are plenty of apps available which match the MIUI design once intalled (like WPS Office + PDF, WeChat, Twitter, Aviary, Flipboard), however, I was wondering if XIAOMI would be eager enough to do the following:

- Mi Voice Assitant - app (in English for Global users) - now only in Manarin
- Mi Reader - app (in English for Global users) - now only in Manadrin
- Mi News - app (in English for Global users) - now only in Manarin

As for productivity tools, perhaps XIAOMI can look into coming out with  a "Mi Office" version or so, completely deticated to Mi users and usable
with MiCloud?

Just some brainstorm idea, but doing so, makes MIUI even better and bigger.

Any comments or ideas on the above? Please do :-D
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Alexander Wolf

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