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[Interview] [MIUI Interview] Super Moderator Slavin23 Talks About Xiaomi, Mi Fans and More!

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14:54, Oct-31-2018 | From PC
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Hello MI Fans!

It's halloween and I've got a chance to interview one of the veteran Super Moderators of the forum Slavin23! He is busy preparing things for the halloween party but his love for our forum has let him give this interview. To start with, Slavin23 is a Super Moderator from Malaysia currently managing Ringtones, Apps sections along with App Review Team. I've been working with him from last 4 years and finally got chance to interview him. Let's proceed to the interview:

Q) Hi Slavin, how are you?
Slavin: Hello! I'm good and actually smiling here :)

Q) What's the meaning of your forum name and what is your real name?
Slavin: Pretty direct actually, my real name is Slavin Khoo and my birthday is on the 23rd. So it became slavin23.

Q)  Where are you from? And what do you do?
Slaving: I’m from Malaysia and I’m working in the advertising industry.

Wow! Advertising industry, you must be creative and also competetive...

Q) How did you come to know about Xiaomi and MIUI global forum?
Slavin: It is when I bought my first Xiaomi device which is Mi 3, then I wanted to root my phone and that’s how I ended up on MIUI Global Forum and learnt that this is such an awesome place to connect with Mi Fans from all over the world and also to learn more about Xiaomi & MIUI.

Yes, this forum is really an awesome place to connect with Mi fans from around the world!

Q) Do you still own your first Xiaomi phone?
Slavin: Of course. Although I’m using Mi 6 and Mi MIX 2 now but I still have all my old gadgets with me such as the Mi 3, Redmi Note 3, Redmi 3S, Mi4i and etc.

Did you just say MIX 2? I wanna take the next flight to Malaysia and steal all your Mi gadgets...

Q) What do u do on the forum? Your daily responsibilities?
Slavin: Many of you might not be familiar with me since I have stay low profile most of the time. I’m currently a Super Moderator for Resources section and mainly taking care of the App & Ringtone Section.

So most of my responsibilities are pretty much the same with most moderators here except that another of my main portfolio is to manage the App Review Team whereby I have to look for new and interesting apps to recommend for my team member to review and also to check their articles to make sure all are fully original without plagiarism. So please pay attention to App & RT sections.

Aha, App Review Team? Now I know why ART is such an awesome team!

Q) You must be quite busy with your work and family , how do you balance real life and forum life?
Slavin: For me the forum or rather Xiaomi is like a hobby to me. So I get on forum whenever I have the free time and of course nowadays everything can be done easily just from our phone.

So it is not actually that difficult to manage my time unless if when I can’t really be active then I always have my reliable team of mods who will support the forum always.

Q) Could you share us a memorable moment you had on global forum?
Slavin: This probably will be when I won the Super Moderator of The Year in 2017? Since this award recognised me for what I had done for the forum over the years.

Wow! That must be really the happiest moment for you.

Q) You have been on this forum for 4 years, what kept you stay so long on this forum?
(Aren't you bored?)
Slavin: I been around for over 4 years now and the reason why I’m still around is very simple.
I Love Xiaomi! Lol

Yay! When you love something, it is not boring at all.

Q) Whats the best thing you like about MIUI Global forum?

Slavin: Being able to know new friends from different part of the world and talk about the same thing that we all love.

Q) Apart from forum, what are your hobbies?
Slavin: Playing with my daughter and drone, and recently videography.

Ha ha, would you share the picture of your little daughter? Guess she is super cute

Slavin, your Halloween party should start in few minutes, let's make it fast. Here is the rapid fire round and you need to answer every question within 3 seconds! Here you go...

Q) Which phone are you using now and why would you stick with Mi & MIUI?
Slavin: Mi 6. For me is the best ROM that I’m used to already.

Q) What superpower do you have?
Slavin: Identifying plagiarism content.

(You should be working for FBI!)

Q) Share one of the crazy names you are given by your family of any friend!
Slavin: Ku Ku Bird. If you guys know what is this.

Q) If you are going to a desert island, you can only bring three things, what will you bring?
Slavin: Fire steel, tent and knife.

Q) Name one person whom you wanna meet from the forum?
Slavin: For now I would say our new admin Elaine!

(Elaine!!!! Are you reading this?)

Q) Describe yourself in 3 words
Slavin: Nerdy but outgoing.

Q) If you could change one thing about Xiaomi, what would it be?
Slavin: Pay even more attention to the English speaking market.

Q) Which is your favourite Mi phone?
Slavin: Mi 8 Explorer edition.

(Slavin's neighbour appeared: Trick or Treat?)
ha ha, time to conclude the interview....

Q) How do you see the future of Xiaomi?
Slavin: It will be interesting to see more devices and homes are connected to any of the Xiaomi ecosystem and I hope to see that soon.

Q) What do you wanna say to MI Fans?
Slavin: Be creative & innovative and do feedback whenever you feel so but in a polite and civilised manner.
It will be a fun journey for you as a Mi Fan too.

And here comes the best part of this interview!
Can you guess what is that?

Don't kill your brain guys -- It's his selfie!


A cutie daughter with her perfect daddy! I'm really glad to take your interview. Really good to know more about you and thank you for your time. Hope you will continue supporting and manging this forum and help it make a better place for all the Mi Fans.

We do really love Mi Fans like you and here's a small token of appreciation for your continuous support and contributions to MIUI Global Forum. Now, you will be awarded with a MIUI Community VIP Medal

That's all for the day
See you soon with another exclusive MIUI Interview
Till then, Happy MIUIing

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16:56, Oct-31-2018 | From PC
Thanks for taking the time to prepare this interview for me bro.

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Awesome interview

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very good interview

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15:38, Oct-31-2018 | From PC
Why are Smods being interviewed like celebrities ??


raviki Super Moderators are nobody but Die-hard Mi Fans who relentlessly contribute and manage this forum. Yes, Mi Fans are Celebrities to Xiaomi.  15:51, Oct-31-2018

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16:02, Oct-31-2018 | From PC
Awesome interview

My QQ - 3525155806
Use @Katrix to notify me

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Awesome interview

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16:07, Oct-31-2018 | From Mi 5X
Great Interview!
MIUI photography Team
QQ : 811274429

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16:09, Oct-31-2018 | From Redmi Note 5A Prime
Yo... slavin

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16:09, Oct-31-2018 | From PC
Nice interview


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16:15, Oct-31-2018 | Via mobile
Awesome Interview

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