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[Tips & Tutorials] [GUIDE] TWRP, Magisk, Unlock Bootloader, relock, root, all devices from A to Z

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21:44, Oct-27-2016 | From PC
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ctually, you have received your new Xiaomi device ! Read all and let's begin.
!!! this tutorial is not only for redmi 3 !!! colored thread : prefer PC site view to follow it !!!
First : verify you have un real Xiaomi, not a forgery (search on forum ;-) or here)
Now, go to settings and see what kind of version is installed and what it means :

- global >>> multilanguage & gapps, no chinese apps
- china >>> mi store, chinese apps, chinese & english only, no gapps
- stable >>> example : 8.x.x.x (ABCDEFG) for miui 8, monthly updated or less often
- developer (beta stable) >>> example : 6.10.20 for 2016 october 20th, updated each friday

all possibilities : you can have a "(global/china)(stable/dev) rom" or "(unofficial/bad) rom".
(china dev has a native pre-root ; see links at end of topic to learn more about versions)
compare in download section if the version installed by reseller matches with wanted rom.
If your version is unofficial you will need miflash + fastboot/EDL mode to flash official.

If you are official, just download the wanted version in your "download" folder in internal memory.
Go to Updater app, turn ON wifi, type on 3 dots in top right of the screen and select install update.
It will verify your zip file and ask to reboot to install - quite long, don't panic (need min 30% battery).
Usually, Zip is deleted after but not all the time so keep a copy in SD card or elsewhere.

- miflash needed to switch china<>global<>unofficial rom
- miflash can be used in fastboot mode with unlocked bootloader
- miflash can be used in download mode (EDL) with locked bootloader

- mipc suite is obsolete for the moment but can be used with old roms on some devices
- sp flash tool is for MTK (Mediatek) devices

After this short introduction, here the table of contents :

1 - Ask for unlock authorization (step by step procedure)
2 - Stuff : (official links of all prerequisited)
3 - Unlock Bootloader (step by step procedure, common problems and the "50% stuck" solutions
4 - Check then next step to root (check state lock, temporary boot twrp, smart advices)
5 - Root (step by step procedures for superSU and Magisk)
6 - Change the Recovery for TWRP (all different methods)
7 - Next ROM updates (pure knowledge for future procedures, advices, many answers)
8 - A little more (some advices)
9 - Knowledge (anthology of links around these subjects to go further)

< 1 > Ask for Unlock Authorization :

- create/log your MI account in device and fill at less phone number and email
- activate "locate service", set your region in additional settings and sync it one time in mi cloud
- install developer version (most of time needed if old rom, no longer necessary with recent roms)
- disable PIN/pattern/fingerprint
- log your account on forum and create/verify you have a forum nickname before
- now go to unlock miui page
!!! the thing asked in chinese in first window to access the demand is your forum nickname !!!
- now you are on the asking page : put your country code +xx and complete by your phone number 0123456789
note : the first 0 is not often needed, example : +xx 123456789 (without 0).
- type the reason to unlock like root, TWRP, custom roms, others... thank them and valid your demand.
you'll get one sms to confirm that the demand is sent, then wait for 1-7day(s) to get 2nd sms for confirmation.
Sometimes you don't receive SMS, so just log to unlock site and check if you can download the tool after some days (one day most of time).

Notes :
it is possible to make another device to receive the sms (your old device for example) and you don't need to have your SIM inside during unlock - the only one rule is to be logged with your right account with phone number in device AND in unlock tool !
Keep in mind that the nickname could be a problem too : if it fails to log, type it without space, numbers or dots.
If you have an error message about your IP, change it (VPN or proxy) to finalize your demand.

Now you have the good rom, and your unlock demand is accepted.
You need some stuff and knowledge.

create a folder on computer to manage all your stuff with roms, tools, etc...

< 2 > Stuff :

- computer with Windows (7/10) and your miui usb data cable (7 prefered)
- Minimal adb and fastboot tool on xda-developers : to boot/flash recovery
- Magisk by topjohnwu on xda-developers : new open source root system for android 5+ (zip+apk+uninstaller)
Lazyflasher by jcadduono to disable verity & encryption in boot and avoid bootloop after root
all versions and the lastest here
- it is optional if your device has no DM-verity or if your TWRP version includes it
- Miflash tool for .tgz roms (fastboot roms) and usb bootloader drivers (all versions and the lastest here)
(on some devices an older version worked better than last - example "april 2016 version" or 2015 - uninstall previous before)
- TWRP recovery : custom recovery > rename it twrp.img and copy it to the minimal adb fastboot folder
(think to unblock the file in Windows with right clic > properties > unblock file - then think that the official site has not all versions, so search in your device subforum the right version of TWRP for your device or elsewhere : xda-developers, xiaomitips, local miui sites...)

- (optional) USB deview by Nirsoft : manage all known & unknown devices ever connected (usefull to delete a failed usb installation most of time and force Windows to forget it)
- (old historic root system) superSU by Chainfire at begining but sold now (prefer Magisk now if android 5+)
- (obsolete) mi pc suite for usb drivers included (you can uninstall it after)

< 3 > Unlock Bootloader :

Now, spam your version number in settings>about phone with finger until developer mode is granted.
Go to additional settings>developer options and turn ON : debug usb mode
also oem unlock & fastboot mode for old devices

There, under statistics menu, you have a MI unlock status (on recent roms) ; check inside the actual status of your bootloader and add your device in your account.
There is another option on some devices named USB Debugging (Security settings) ; switch it to ON if it fails without it (seen in several guides but i never needed it).
!!! The most important is the debug mode ON and to have to right drivers !!!

- go to http://en.miui.com/unlock and it will directly donwload Miui Unlock Tool if your demand has been valided (it is a clue if you have not received SMS to see if you are granted to unlock)
- turn OFF phone.
- press power + vol down to get fastboot mode (black screen with miui character)
- connect your phone and check it is correctly installed (with right non-signed drivers of miflash). You can be blocked at 50% because you have not the right non-signed driver > correct it now (see below how to do)
- now, most often, it asks to wait 72 hours between you added the account and the unlock ; so just wait 3 days and retry
- unlock phone, it will reboot automatically after 10 seconds at 100%
Bootloader unlocked !

Notes :
- to relock your bootloader, use miflash and do a clean install with "relock option" ticked or simply use relock fastboot command : fastboot oem lock (more here)
- to unlock again if relocked : just re apply last miui unlock tool without new demand.

- Mi apps like short paths and dislike spaces (example : prefer c:\miui\unlocktool)
- you must know you only can unlock 1 device by account every 30 days and you keep authorization for lifetime.
- miui server seems to be updated with permissions every day at 01h00 GMT+1.
- on some recent roms nothing is needed except log and sync in device your mi account with informations (phone number, mail). It works on stable version without set anything else.

- sometimes, nothing works after 14 days for some users ; no computer problem, no sms and no bad device configuration. You must contact an admin.
- when you add your account in device unlock status, it seems to fail and ask to wait 72 hours ! Retry 3 days later and it works !

Unlock stuck at 50% or Fastboot commands don't work :

- in win10 : the miflash driver is not signed and system can block it (see full guide to bypass that or read below)
open cmd with admin rights and type two commands to disable protection :
bcdedit.exe -set loadoptions DDISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS
bcdedit.exe -set TESTSIGNING ON
now reboot computer, it will reach the test mode ; you can install miflash and press drivers button to push them !
open cmd with rights again when it is finished and type two commands to enable protection :
bcdedit.exe -set loadoptions ENABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS
bcdedit.exe -set TESTSIGNING OFF
reboot to leave the test mode, unsigned drivers are installed !

Sometimes, phone is known in devices manager but the system has chosen a signed driver (kedacom bootloader...... or else).
In this case you must change it to the good old one given by miflash (example : android composite adb interface)
Connect the phone in bootloader/fastboot mode and go to "devices manager" in Windows to select your xiaomi device and change the driver.
In the list of compatible drivers, choose the only one without certificate icon (non-signed), most of time the older.
If you do not that, unlock could fail at 50% and some fastboot commands cannot be executed.

- in win7 : usually no problem, just verify drivers as above in win10 !

Sometimes, it could fail at 50% with an error about different account : it is advised to logout and login, then try to sync again and locate one time the device with mi cloud, then wait 1-2 days more because miui server need to be up to date with your permission. In official advices you can read that you can turn ON android device manager in settings>additional settings>privacy>device administrators (but i never had to do that).

< 4 > Check then next step to root :

- launch minimal adb tool (previously installed)
- type : adb devices (to list phone connected) it will appear "unauthorized"
- on the phone : accept the computer
if you missed the authorization popup, just disable the "debug usb mode" and enable it again : it will ask again
- re type : adb devices
it has changed in "authorized"
- type : adb reboot bootloader
it will go in fastboot mode (the same that power + vol down)
- type : fastboot devices
your phone will appear as in adb mode (unless the bad signed driver is choosen in win10 ; i won't repeat it again)
- type (optional) : fastboot oem device-info (to verify if bootloader is locked or unlocked)
now, we go to root

- type : fastboot boot twrp.img (if it is your renamed twrp copied in the minimal adb folder)
link for TWRP guide at the end if needed

!!! it will boot temporary in this recovery but it will keep your original recovery !!!
> allow to modify system (don't keep the "read only" if you want to root or flash recovery later)
go to settings to set date, hours, language, set custom options...

My optional advices :
- save your EFS & persist partitions or all whole partitions (except cache) to make a backup
- export this backup in computer or SD card in case of future problem

(EFS, persist are usefull to save and restore your IMEI in particular)
- you can flash directly TWRP with fastboot command : fastboot flash recovery twrp.img

< 5 > Root :

(new) Magisk method :

Boot or flash TWRP and flash DM-verity patch (if needed), then Magisk.zip and accept to wipe dalvik/cache after, finally reboot !
Device is rooted ! You can hide root for some apps and more !
Welcome to Magisk ; take a look to magisk's manager's settings.
notes : the reboot is quite long like rom update (because of cache rebuild on old android versions)
take care to have android 5 at least and no superSU installed, so uninstall/clean it before
then, install full rom zip update : it will restore boot
or full clean method : miflash + .tgz rom in fastboot to restore system and boot partitions (save data user option)

(old) SuperSU method :

Flash DM-verity patch (if needed), then superSU.zip and accept to wipe dalvik/cache after, finally reboot !
Device is rooted ! and you have kept the stock recovery if you i have just booted in twrp without flashing it
notes : the reboot is quite long like rom update (because of cache rebuild on old android versions)
sometimes, parts of theme are lost after rooting : just restore your theme
some devices don't need DM-verity patch as explained upper
superSU app shows "systemless root" from android 6+, it is normal
Chainfire (father or SU)'s project has been bought to a compagny, so the open-source Magisk project is born !

< 6 > Change the Recovery for TWRP (optional) :

Now you are rooted, you have 2 methods :

- Install the official TWRP app with googleplay and flash recovery through app on rooted device.
(flash/backup .img & .tar)

- OR reboot in fastboot mode (with power+vol- method or adb reboot recovery method)
in fastboot mode, and type commands :
fastboot devices
fastboot flash recovery twrp.img
(be sure your twrp.img is unlocked and correctly copied/renamed in minimal adb folder)
Now, long press power to turn OFF phone
power + vol+ (release power at vibration) to enter in TWRP or with Updater app or under Windows with minimal adb reboot recovery command

Note for devices with DM-verity : you don't need to patch your boot again because you have ever done it in previous steps - in an extraordinary case of bootloop : go to fastboot mode, boot in TWRP with commands and patch it. If it persists, just flash full rom with miflash ("save user data" option)

< 7 > Next ROM updates :

Think now you have root and custom recovery you have lost permission to install OTA update, so you need to download full zip each time and flash through Updater app by pressing the 3 dots top right to install your update xxxxxxxxxxxx.zip
It will verify the rom and ask to reboot in TWRP to install automatically the rom updated.
Kernel, Recovery and System are updated systematically !
Therefore, you will loose TWRP AND ROOT after each update and all deleted apps will come back :
So, just : boot/flash TWRP (for recovery), flash again DM-verity patch (for kernel if needed), superSU (for system), wipe dalvik/cache and reboot.

- all root and TWRP settings come back automatically.

- now you just have to disable all unwanted apps again and discover your new update (see link below).
- disabled apps stay disabled after update without need to root again.

- win10 : sometimes, your device reappears in devices manager with "kedacom..." name again because it is detected as a new device and the signed driver is applied by default - you just have to switch again the wrong signed driver by old right non-signed driver again and fastboot commands will work again (no problem for adb commands with signed driver, it is a trap !).
- win10 : sometimes, windows can delete itself the oldest drivers (and so, our good unsigned driver !) ; no choice : you must disable signature verification, reboot, reinstall driver, re enable signature verification, reboot and select it in the devices manager.
- GUIDE HERE to see what you can do and check after each update to restore functions and keep your device clean from unwanted apps for example, to remove forgotten pattern/pin, test LineageOS or to move apps to SD card.

< 8 > A little more :

- Think too now your BL is unlocked, at any moment you can use a fastboot rom (.tgz) to flash phone in fastboot mode with miflash instead of the usual recovery rom (.zip) to restore, update, reset, repair it or switch china<>global (with right non-signed driver).
- Don't forget to sync/backup with MI Cloud or with local SD miui backup (in additionnal settings>backup and reset>local) or TWRP backup.
- Applying auto tuning advices in security center always disables developer options and debugging mode. You have to re enable it manually if you want.
- Google Safetynet (CTS) : only global stable are certified in store, not the global dev versions (uncertified)

Some hardware/software problems appeared recently especially when updating android version (5.1.1 > 6 > 7) : kernel and drivers would not updated properly ! It is advised to flash the full fastboot .tgz rom to repair that with "flash all" option ticked but "save user data" works generally.
Some bugs are fixed by devs but when you update by custom recovery (twrp), it may not update properly. If you have doubts about a bug, just flash in fastboot mode with miflash and your .tgz rom as upper.

Cases of "softbrick, hardbrick, unbrick, deep flash cable (DFC) and test points" : sometimes you can't acces anything (black screen or nothing). It's not died, just search guides for your device with these keywords and good luck !

Then, delete account if needed, reset device and sell the device.

DOWNLOAD MODE (EDL) + miflash on locked bootloader. Many ways for old roms but not reachable on recent except with a deep flash cable (DFC) :
  - with vol+ and power pressed until a menu appears then clic "download", a black screen appears !
  - press vol+ and vol- then connect the device turned OFF
  - press 3 buttons and release power at first vibration keeping others pushed until EDL mode comes
all buttons pushed and released after 2nd vibrate
  - in fastboot mode : valid "fastboot reboot" command while vol+ and vol- are pressed

  - in Windows by adb command "adb reboot edl" (in some cases, it fails but a specific cmd file can force EDL mode, search forum for each device)

  - use DFC (buy it or make your own here) : if nothing works, use this method !
(take care to correctly install right drivers for EDL mode, everyhting else is like in the fastboot mode)

< 9 > Knowledge :

Guide to understand different roms versions
Another guide to better understand versions
Identify official or unofficial rom version
MI verification authenticity tool apk guide 1
MI verification authenticity tool apk guide 2

Bypass drivers signature verification
Clean flash / unbrick fastboot method
Flash fastboot .tgz rom without miflash
Flash official ROM directly with TWRP without updater
Upgrade or downgrade with miflash without loose anything

Full guide for TWRP
General use guide of MI cloud
Understand users groups permissions
Recover without loose data if forgot PIN/pattern/password

More about lock, relock, unlock status
Why Xiaomi locks bootloader

Thanks to feds64, Anik1199, cofface, Tung_Bill, Bughinirari, satyajit_ghana, marcus_keong, RahulTheVirus, mitch002 and others for their work

This thead is permanently updated

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20:41, Oct-31-2016 | From APP
I can't install global stable rom via twrp recovery. always bootloop

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20:41, Oct-31-2016 | From APP
pls help

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 Author| 21:04, Oct-31-2016 | From PC
This post was edited by trahin at 21:08, Oct-31-2016
meohihi replied at 2016-10-31 20:41
I can't install global stable rom via twrp recovery. always bootloop

- restore your twrp backup and use the method explained in topic >>> install the zip by update miui app (even if twrp is installed), it will reboot and install automatically the rom - you will loose twrp (and root)

- other method if you have no backup >>> take the fastboot version in .tgz and use miflash to repair/install the version you want

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21:40, Oct-31-2016 | From APP
Very clear tutorial.  Thank you

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trahin + 1 Thanks!

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21:54, Oct-31-2016 | From APP
Posted by trahin at 21:04, Oct-31-2016
This post was edited by trahin at 21:08, Oct-31-2016

I will try

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 Author| 22:29, Oct-31-2016 | From PC
piotr.b replied at 2016-10-31 21:40
Very clear tutorial.  Thank you

Thank you i did it because i often read guides and something is always missing ; it creates many useless repetitive posts (and of course the fact that many people ask without thinking/searching)

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05:39, Nov-12-2016 | From PC
perfect tutorial. thx

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trahin + 1 Thanks!

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 Author| 09:21, Nov-27-2016 | From APP
This post was edited by trahin at 17:35, Dec-24-2016

users of global dev rom, be careful, don't update this week in 6.11.24
for redmi 3 and many other devices, in some languages you'll get a black screen
bug not present in English language
think to make a full backup before if you want to test update


edit : 6.12.1 >>> it seems that it is not solved for all languages on all devices, be carefull

edit : 6.12.8 >>> it persists for some users
edit : 6.12.15 >> still not fixed reading feedbacks

edit : 6.12.23 >> fixed

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