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[Discussion] [MIUI Device Team] MIUI Monthly Talk - July 2016: Mi Max, Android N & More

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02:08, Jul-17-2016 | From PC
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Hello MIUIers,

Welcome to MIUI Monthly Talk.

We are keeping the last month initiative and today we are going to talk about the "tech trends" of July.

Tech of the month

According to our team's decision, the Tech of the Month is Mi Max!


Xiaomi is now well known, not only in China but all over the world, for making great smartphones and gadgets. It is expanding fastly and gives its fans more and more devices to taste. Thus, in May Xiaomi released a new smartphone, which was also presented in India on June 30th. What do you know about it?

Firstly, it is simply HUGE in all and every aspect. Isn't that why it is called MAX? It's got an immersive display of 6.44" with Full HD resolution and 342 PPI. Nevertheless it doesn't feel too large for your hand as its metal body is ultra-thin. Powered by 6- or 8-core Snapdragon 650/652 processor it gains Max power with 3 to 4 GB RAM and you'll never see any lags. And with its huge storage you can keep in it loads of photos, videos and music. Don't get lost in all those apps installed on your phone! Let's also remember that we can expand storage even more with the help of micro-SD up to 256 GB.

Large displays usually consume more power, so Mi Max includes a high capacity battery. Just imagine that with such a big screen you are still able to watch video for up to 14 hours. And it is really astonishing!

In Mi Max, Xiaomi is also using the fingerprint sensor, which gains more and more popularity after previous models with it were launched. Combined with Android Marshmallow it allows you to protect sensitive and financial apps on your phone from unauthorized access.

I think there's no need to tell you that Mi Max is packed with other cool features and sensors that can help you feel its power anytime and anywhere. In case you want to get to know more about this tech, here are some threads to help you:

All You Need To Know About Mi Max: Specifications, Price & More
Mi Max in pictures
Unboxing the beast

Talk of the month

This month's talk is Android N.
Android Nougat is the new name for the upcoming release of the mobile OS by Google. This version preview was first released on March 9 this year. Google also states that N's final version will be released in the third quarter of 2016. So it is yet to come. But this still gives us the opportunity to talk about it.


As usually, each new version of Android introduces new features. Let's walk through some changes, which are happening to Android this year.

1. Multi-window and multitasking

The screens of the mobile devices are growing now and many users start to feel lack of multitasking support in Android. Yes, some of the OEMs provide multi-window options for their users, but not Android as a whole. So Google decided to work on this problem and in upcoming version native support for multi-windowed interface is included.


From now on, every user will be able to use two applications on screen at once. In multi-window mode the screen gets split and apps are placed side by side (or one above another if in portrait mode). User then can adjust split size, but minimum size can be set by the app developer. Google also made this feature easily activated by adding a special button to each app in the Recent panel.

One more multitasking option to be included in the Nougat release is picture-in-picture mode, which would be great to use with video players. This mode allows an application to be displayed in an overlay floating around the interface. However, there is no state that this feature will be available on phones as it is considered for use on Android players and possibly tablets.


2. Notifications panel

When you first launch Android N after using Android M, you won't spot significant visual changes, but it's only at first glance. When you open the notification area, by pulling it down, you can find that it now takes all your screen width (in M there were small margins on both sides). Second thing you see is that now only one row of control icons for quick settings is visible (still, you can expand QS panel) and by tapping some of them you get a larger interface for configuration right in the quick settings panel, with no need to open corresponding Settings app section. Android team is also making an API for third-party developers to create their own tiles.


Notifications themselves are also changed now. Notifications now don't use card design and look like a single page with small dividers, which makes them look much cleaner. There is also an ability for apps to bundle notifications - a bunch of notifications by one app can be displayed as a single notification, but they can be "unpacked" by two-finger swiping down. This action will make smaller notifications appear and allow you to handle each of them separately. Additionally, now you can reply to messages right from notifications area.

3. Display size

Have you ever felt that you would like to increase or decrease the size of Android interface elements? Then Nougat is what can help you. Android N now includes an ability to configure elements' size in Settings, which magnifies or reduces everything in its interface. These changes are applied after you move a slider in the corresponding Settings section and they don't require special changes by the applications developers.


4. Seamless updates

Now there is no need for the user to interrupt his work with his smartphone - no matter what he is doing. Playing a game or having an important chat in messenger. Now you can keep doing that while your device is updating. No more long reboots to install updates! When an update comes up, your device just updates an operation system copy on the second system partition and gets prepared for a fast reboot. Then, when an update is finished, you just reboot your phone and it switches system partitions and boots up. This type of updates has already been tested on Chromebooks and now it comes to the smartphone world.

5. Multiple locales

In Android 7.0 users can select multiple system languages and order them by importance for the user. How does it work? It works like locales in Linux and Windows. When you launch an app, which was given multiple translations, Android checks if it supports your main locale and launches it (if it does). If an app doesn't support your main language, it goes down through you list of locales attempting to find the one supported by the app.


6. Other changes

There are also plenty of other features in the new Android. For example now it has a truly configurable Night mode, which can be automatically switched depending on location and time of the day and allows you to set your display tint and brightness when enabled. Recent panel now gets a button to clear all apps at once - so no need to close them one by one. Also, not only the Notifications panel gives you an ability for direct replies to the notifications, but you can also have direct reply enabled for your lockscreen notifications. For those who actively use emoji in chats, Google also included the new version of emoji - based on new Unicode 9.0, it includes 72 new characters for you to describe all your ROFLs, facepalms and selfies.

MIUI's ahead

Let's talk about one feature that everyone likes in Android M. Try to guess, what it is.

As smartphones have become a part of our life and more and more different socializing apps have been made, our phones suffer from those apps' background activities - nearly all of them synchronize in the background, download some stats and advertisements. They simply deny our phones from "sleeping" for battery life. And no matter how big our battery is - it will always be not enough for them.

In Marshmallow Google introduced its battery optimization. This includes Doze mode and App Standby. First one works when you don't use your phone actively - it just restricts low-priority apps from background activities. Second one works for apps you rarely use, but still have installed. It lets them sync and update once in a day or two or when you connect your phone to its charger, and denies these activities during all other time.

But MIUI had options for battery optimizing long time ago. More than that, Xiaomi keeps improving them in each new MIUI version. These options include Autostart permissions, battery profiles and overall system optimizations. Now in MIUI 8 you can set options both system wide and for each app separately.

Discussion of the month

We live in a world of fast progress and innovative ideas nowadays. New software is being developed widely, it gives us more opportunities, security, power and beauty. However, it becomes more and more resource consuming for our devices - more beauty means more processor and video processor resources are used. Achieving more security also requires new technologies (fingerprint scanners, face detection etc.). And for more power we need to find out how to increase batteries. So this is a fight between software and hardware. Let's discuss, what is of more importance.


Special thanks to @soumya_2002, @LuckyMeAgain and all my team for their special help in creating this thread!
Thanks also go to @Mi_Bua for the thread banner.

Image source - Android Authority

Previous Talks:

What plays bigger role today - software or hardware?

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Keep up the good work! Great effort

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Awesome read!  Full of information.
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Awesome thread. Well done. MIUI Monthly Talk team.
Keep up the great job and hope to see more and better threads come soon.

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10:40, Jul-20-2016 | From PC
This post was edited by quakze at 08:11, Jul-20-2016

I think that software has a bigger role to play, Since any hardware can be reviewed with new software !

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yeah,  talk about android N, but our device still in android L



kurniawanisme Even my Redmi 2 still Kitkat based Miui 8 :D  21:09, Jul-21-2016

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Software definitely bring about the goodness out of the hardware.

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MI great Work

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hope to see RN3 upgraded to M first hehehe

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11:04, Jul-20-2016 | From PC
I think that software has a bigger role to play

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