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[Tools, Tips & Tutorials] [MIUI Device Classroom] Lesson 30: All About Li-Fi

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13:27, Jul-29-2016 | From PC
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Lesson 30: All About Li-Fi

Hello MIUI-er's,

Welcome back to yet another device classroom session, in the last session prepared by @SpideyMan we have learnt All About Ingress Protection! Water and Dust Proofing!. In today's class we are going to briefly tell you about Light Fidelity (Li-Fi). Li-Fi has been in development since it was invented in 2011 and getting close to being available as a technology to the end users but do you know how it works and what the advantages are?  

So my dear students, let's start our class.

Why change from Wi-Fi to Li-Fi?

Cisco has predicted that by 2020 there will be 1.7 billion devices that will be connected to Wi-Fi but this steady growth will mean soon after that around 2025 could result in the available radio frequency spectrum being unable to support the number of devices. This is where Li-Fi comes to the rescue by transmitting data by using the visible light portion of the electromagnetic spectrum

A Brief History of Li-Fi


Visible Light Communications (VLC) was first used to transmit data in 1880 by Alexander Graham Bell; he did this 4 years after the telephone was invented using sunlight as the light source to make a “wireless” telephone call using a device called a Photophone.

In 2011 Harald Haas, a professor at Edinburgh University presented a TED talk titled "Wireless Data from Every Light Bulb". He introduced the new technology by streaming live video over light.

In October 2011 the Li-Fi Consortium was formed by companies and industry groups to promote, coordinate and drive the specification and adoption of Li-Fi. Harald Haas co-foundered PureLiFi to provide VLC technology enabling ubiquitous high speed connectivity.

By August 2013 data throughput of 1.6 Gbit/s and above were demonstrated using Li-Fi.

PureLiFi demonstrated the first commercially available Li-Fi system, at the Barcelona 2014 Mobile World Congress.

A prototype VLC smartphone was presented at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in 2014. The phone converted light waves to usable energy, enabling the phone to receive and decode signals without using its battery

Early adopters

There are a few sites that are using Li-Fi to transmit data currently. A tech company called Velmenni have designed a Li-Fi solution and smart lighting solution; they have achieved 1 GBps on their network. Velmenni are running pilot networks in offices and industrial environments in Tallinn using Li-Fi.

Oledcomm in conjunction with SunPartner Technologies have already produced a prototype Li-Fi enabled smartphone. The prototype has a transparent photovoltaic screen. The thin transparent photovoltaic component called Wysips® Connect; this allows the phone to receive Li-Fi signals via the screen while using the photovoltaic cells to charge the phone. This was reported to generate sufficient power to make the Wysips® Connect self powering at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2014.


Some technical details

Li-Fi is a fast optical version of Wi-Fi; it is using VLC as a data communication medium. Li-Fi uses visible light between 400 THz (780 nm) and 800 THz (375 nm) as the optical medium to transmit data as well as illumination. It uses fast pulses of light or rapid changes in light intensity to transmit data wirelessly. Data at speeds of up to 10 Gbit/s were already achieved in 2014 by Sisoft so the technology will provide very fast wireless speeds
The main components of Li-Fi system are an LED light source to transmit and a silicon photodiode to receive. While  the IEEE 802.15.7 standard is outdated it does define the physical layer and media access control (MAC) layer of VLC.


Infrared (IR)

Before Wifi and Bluetooth was available on all cellphones IR was used at times, the early cellphone IR could transmit as speeds of 4 or 16 Mb/s IR is not dissimilar to Li-Fi they both use the light spectrum to transmit data between devices. IR uses invisible radiant energy compared to Li-Fi's Visible Light. While VLC uses 400 THz (780 nm) and 800 THz (375 nm) as mentioned above IR uses 430 THz (700 nm) to 300 GHz) (1 mm) therefore IR uses longer wavelengths than those of visible light.

Interestingly around half of the total energy from the Sun to reach the Earth is in the IR spectrum, with all the IR light around the IR signals have to be modulated to allow the receiver  to identify the transmitted data. Modulating the signal means assigning a pattern to your data to so the the receiver knows to listen to.

While the human eye can not see the IR light some cellphone cameras are capable of seeing the transmitted light.

There are many examples of IR transmitters and receivers in our daily lives
  • Home-entertainment remote-control's
  • Intrusion detectors
  • Motion detectors
  • Fire sensors
  • Night-vision systems
  • Medical diagnostic equipment

Night vision devices such as night vision cameras etc make use of active near-infrared illumination to allow the user to see without any visible light in the area of view.

IR can achieve rates of 1, 5 and 10 Gb/s today, but the standard is no longer used as widely. The main limitations are line of sight transmission within 15 degrees angle and very short range; Li-Fi has the added advantage of using standard LED light bulbs. The main risk with IR is at high voltage IR may cause damage to our eyes.

How does Li-Fi work

Li-Fi can be thought of as a combination of Wi-fi and fiber optic; since it transmits wirelessly like Wi-Fi does but uses light in the same way as fiber optic does. Standard LED light bulbs have a standard lamp driver, the driver puts on, off or dims the LED light bulb. The standard LED light bulb emit a constant stream of light.


In the LF-Fi network above, data from audio, web or applications flow from the local server or internet in binary form. Before the data reaches the Smart LED Light bulb it gets to the to the lamp driver. The lamp driver makes the LED light bulb change the intensity of light at frequencies higher that the human eye can detect to emit encoded data. The encoded light signals are decoded by an optical receiver; devices can contain both a receiver and transmitter to allow 2 way communication.

Advantages of Li-Fi

There are some very clear advantages of Li-Fi

  • Li-Fi is secure since the light does not pass through walls the Li-Fi signal is contained in one physical area; if the area is secured eavesdropping is not possible.
  • Li-Fi is pervasive since any light source can be internet enabled; house lights, street lights, airplane overhead lights, public area lighting and even toys could have smart LED lights allowing for easy connectivity.
  • Wi-Fi spectrum is limited and can be expensive compared to almost limitless light spectrum.
  • There is no electrical interference; so Li-Fi is safe to use in hospitals, aircraft cabins, hospitals etc. that cannot support Wi-Fi.
  • While radio waves are quickly absorbed in water; light can penetrate dense salt water allowing signals to be transmitted underwater.
  • No known health or safety issues.
  • LED lights are very efficient compared to the excess heat large Wi-Fi routers generate to transmit the Wi-Fi signals.
  • Most of the infrastructure exists since lighting is already installed.
  • Any LED light can be converted to Li-Fi enabled with the addition of a microchip.
  • Possibility of self powered connectivity.

Disadvantages of Li-Fi

  • Li-Fi tends to have lower coverage area than Wi-Fi.
  • Light does not penetrate walls so signal contained to one area.
  • For ideal speeds line of sight is required.

Unique applications of Li-Fi and VLC

Besides the clear use of our cellphones getting higher speed network connections there are are some interesting uses that become possible.

Intelligent transport
Cars and public transport could communicate to avoid collisions with smart LED head and tail lights.

Augmented reality
Exhibits or displays for example at museums could have Li-Fi enabled lighting to provide localised information when standing on specific areas by allowing a visitor’s cell phone to download further information regarding the display being viewed using the light that lights up the display.

Since it works underwater it is possible to have wireless communications between undersea divers or to underwater equipment easily.

A presentation or information that needs to be secure simply needs the light contained to a specified secure area to make the information secure.

Indoor navigations
It would be possible use the overhead lighting instore to give the users cell phone feedback and guidance to navigate the store.

Toys can take advantage of single or bi directional and become more interactive with each other and people, they can communicate and there for react to nearby or directed activities.


Imagine the possibility of self powered communications, no more high battery use of Wi-Fi no more congested RF frequencies or possible added radiation and interference from nearby wireless networks.
Most of what Li-Fi does offer can be accomplished with Wi-Fi or beacons or combination of technologies but Li-Fi can do the task with out adding risk in sensitive areas, no radiation, lower security risks and be self powered; by replacing light bulbs.

Harald Haas's 2011 TED talk  

Harald Haas's 2015 TED talk

Thank you for reading this classroom thread and I would like to specially thank @marcus_keong, @BharatG, Mod's , SMod's, Admins and Device Team for their support!

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Nyce thread... loved it...

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Thanks for the brilliant guide !

It will not be the future because of disadvantages of Li-Fi which can't be overlook :
  • Li-Fi tends to have lower coverage area than Wi-Fi.
  • Light does not penetrate walls so signal contained to one area.
  • For ideal speeds line of sight is required.

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Thanks for sharing..
If you can't do great things, do small things in a great way.

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Wondering how to indulge in Wysips® Connect self powering.

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Thank you for sharing this wonderful information.

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Line of sight is a major problem.
Always use Reply option so we can be notified

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nice info...thanku

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still long time to be implemented in real life i think

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Light does not penetrate walls so signal contained to one area, For ideal speeds line of sight is required. These 2 cons are very serious issues. Let's see how Li-Fi performs when they are made avilable in the market.

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