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[MIUI] [MIUI8] Introducing and Welcome MIUI 8 Global ROM: Simplify Your Life !

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14:50, Jun-30-2016 | From PC
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Hi MIUI-ers,

MIUI ROM is the first product launched by Xiaomi even before Mi Phones were actually launched. MIUI ROM could be flashed and installed in various phone models and brands. It's not limited to Mi devices only thus making MIUI ROM is one of the most attractive and popular customized Android ROM among the tech geek. During the MIUI 8 launch event in China, Lei Jun revealed that there are 200 million users around the world are using MIUI ROM, are you one of them? Today the long awaited MIUI 8 Global ROM is finally revealed in New Delhi, India. We're really excited and proudly present to you :

MIUI 8: Simplify Your Life

#‎MIUI8‬ is here to Simplify your life with a gorgeous user interface that’s more interactive and colorful than ever, under-the-hood optimizations, and all-new Xiaomi-style innovations that you can’t live without:

- Dual apps: life-changing feature that lets you have two separate accounts on one phone for any app you want: Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.
- Second space: create two entirely separate profiles on your Mi phones
- Gallery—native video editing, Quick sharing, redesigned thumbnails, Mi Cloud Photo Sync
- Scrolling screenshots, capture all you want with precise cropping
- Quick ball, fully customizable 5-gesture shortcut
- Calculator with smart conversions baked into the app
- MIUI 8 is the first OS to support Hindi T9 dialer
- More useful SMS app with one-tap actions on messages

MIUI 8 Timeline
20160630 MIUI8 FINAL.103.jpeg
20160630 MIUI8 FINAL.105.jpeg

20160630 MIUI8 FINAL.104.jpeg

‪#‎MIUI8‬ global ROM public beta OTA will start on July 11 and we’ll start updating devices on stable on August 16! Devices that will be receiving the MIUI 8 update first are: Mi 2/2S, Mi 3, Mi 4, Mi 4i, Mi 5, Mi Note, Mi Max 32GB, Redmi 1S, Redmi 2, Redmi 2 Prime, Redmi Note 3G, Redmi Note 4G, Redmi Note Prime, Redmi Note 2, Redmi Note 3 Qualcomm. Check out here for more details!


20160630 MIUI8 FINAL.095.jpeg

20160630 MIUI8 FINAL.096.jpeg

20160630 MIUI8 FINAL.097.jpeg

20160630 MIUI8 FINAL.099.jpeg

20160630 MIUI8 FINAL.100.jpeg

Take action. MIUI provides helpful action buttons directly below messages from businesses and services,  allowing you to take action with just one tap.*

20160630 MIUI8 FINAL.101.jpeg

20160630 MIUI8 FINAL.102.jpeg


20160630 MIUI8 FINAL.085.jpeg

20160630 MIUI8 FINAL.086.jpeg

We're really proud to become the first OS to support Hindi T9 ! Search contacts in English or Hindi  directly from the dialer with T9-inputIndian Mi Fans, i'm sure you guys would enjoy using it

20160630 MIUI8 FINAL.087.jpeg

Built-in Caller ID. Avoid scams and sales calls using MIUI's built-in database.*

20160630 MIUI8 FINAL.088.jpeg

All of us hate to receive calls from unknown numbers or i would rather label them as spam.

20160630 MIUI8 FINAL.089.jpeg

20160630 MIUI8 FINAL.090.jpeg

We've got you covered with Caller ID. Now you can easily identify which call you should answer and which call you should reject.You can contribute to the community by labeling and flag those calls as spam so that other users do not fall into their trap

20160630 MIUI8 FINAL.091.jpeg

Instantly identify calls from popular services like Swiggy,  Zomato, Domino's Pizza, and more.*

20160630 MIUI8 FINAL.092.jpeg

20160630 MIUI8 FINAL.093.jpeg

20160630 MIUI8 FINAL.094.jpeg


20160630 MIUI8 FINAL.081.jpeg

20160630 MIUI8 FINAL.082.jpeg

20160630 MIUI8 FINAL.083.jpeg

20160630 MIUI8 FINAL.084.jpeg

There are many talented fans who contributed and make lots of MIUI themes. We held our India first ever theme contest from 2015.12.1 to 2016.5.28 and the contest was successfully organized. Guess what? There're 369 themes submitted and 6.5 Million downloads. Designers walked away with attractive prizes such as Mi Note, Ninebot Mini and even Mi TV. Feel free to join us on next round !

20160630 MIUI8 FINAL.080.jpeg

20160630 MIUI8 FINAL.077.jpeg

20160630 MIUI8 FINAL.079.jpeg

20160630 MIUI8 FINAL.078.jpeg

We've partnered with Hungama and more resources and ringtones are available to download now

Dual Apps

20160630 MIUI8 FINAL.060.jpeg

20160630 MIUI8 FINAL.061.jpeg

20160630 MIUI8 FINAL.062.jpeg

20160630 MIUI8 FINAL.065.jpeg

20160630 MIUI8 FINAL.066.jpeg

20160630 MIUI8 FINAL.067.jpeg

20160630 MIUI8 FINAL.068.jpeg

20160630 MIUI8 FINAL.069.jpeg

20160630 MIUI8 FINAL.070.jpeg

Create and sign into dual accounts for any app, including WhatsApp, Facebook and more. Some of us have more than one account on messaging apps and social media. It's really annoying and troublesome to logout and switching account especially with long password "A2@#$%^&*DDsdSJAJDaasdd"  mixed with numbers and alphabet. MIUI 8 lets you duplicate apps. You can duplicate almost every apps on the market and playstore. The duplicated app will have a paste icon indicated on the app icon

20160630 MIUI8 FINAL.071.jpeg

20160630 MIUI8 FINAL.072.jpeg

20160630 MIUI8 FINAL.073.jpeg

20160630 MIUI8 FINAL.074.jpeg

20160630 MIUI8 FINAL.075.jpeg

20160630 MIUI8 FINAL.076.jpeg

Duplicate apps feature is not powerful enough? Okay, lets introduce second space ! You can also run 2 different MIUI logins in one phone, so that allows you to split your work mobile interface, from your personal one! Use different passcodes or fingerprints to access different profiles, each with its own wallpaper, apps, files and photos.  Perfect for times when you need a clear separation in your life!


20160630 MIUI8 FINAL.053.jpeg

20160630 MIUI8 FINAL.054.jpeg

20160630 MIUI8 FINAL.055.jpeg

20160630 MIUI8 FINAL.056.jpeg

20160630 MIUI8 FINAL.057.jpeg

20160630 MIUI8 FINAL.058.jpeg

20160630 MIUI8 FINAL.059.jpeg

Our calculator is not an ordinary calculator. We have added so many useful functions such as scientific calculation, conversion of currency, conversion of standard units make your daily life easy. Tap on the menu on top left to access more modes

Quick Ball

20160630 MIUI8 FINAL.050.jpeg

20160630 MIUI8 FINAL.051.jpeg

20160630 MIUI8 FINAL.052.jpeg

Quick ball is useful especially you're using a large and big device or one handed mode. Add your favourite apps and frequent actions
for better one-handed control.


20160630 MIUI8 FINAL.036.jpeg

20160630 MIUI8 FINAL.037.jpeg

20160630 MIUI8 FINAL.038.jpeg

20160630 MIUI8 FINAL.039.jpeg

Come across something interesting or important when reading on a webpage. Wanna share with your friends? Screenshot is your solution ! Normal screenshot covers only what is displayed on the screen of the phone, however sometimes to screenshot everything what we want is really troublesome. We might require two,three or even more times to capture the required information.

20160630 MIUI8 FINAL.040.jpeg

In MIUI 8, we fixed this !

20160630 MIUI8 FINAL.041.jpeg

Take scrolling screenshots of webpages and news articles. Crop, doodle or mosaic before sharing with a friend.

20160630 MIUI8 FINAL.042.jpeg

20160630 MIUI8 FINAL.043.jpeg

20160630 MIUI8 FINAL.044.jpeg

20160630 MIUI8 FINAL.045.jpeg

20160630 MIUI8 FINAL.046.jpeg

20160630 MIUI8 FINAL.047.jpeg

20160630 MIUI8 FINAL.048.jpeg

We have introduced scrolling screenshots in MIUI 8 enable you to take a 'long screenshot' image. One action to capture everything you need!
20160630 MIUI8 FINAL.049.jpeg




Here's how our panorama photo looks like after captured from the camera. Beautiful isn't it?


However when we head toward gallery app, the photos shown in the thumbnail is not attractive and appealing at all.




One of the changes in MIUI 8 is the gallery. Now it does support panorama photo in landscape preview. With facebook 360 degree photo feature implement recently, i'm sure panorama photo would become one of most popular and great hit in the future. Start taking photos and share with your friends


Wanna share a photo with your friends? Lazy to tap on "..." button and send? With MIUI 8 , what you have to do is just swipe up to share your favourite photos !



Photos and videos are taking much space in our storage. Nowadays smartphone are sports with high MP camera resulting the size of the photos taken increase dramatically. To overcome this problem we have Mi Cloud Photo  Sync which sync full sized photos to Mi Cloud and thus free up to 90% of phone storage.






20160630 MIUI8 FINAL.033.jpeg

Spice up your videos with filters, text and background music.Trimming video and adding effects are now possible in MIUI 8. You can trim and add special effects & music easily by just using your smartphone. Swipe up and share could be use in sharing video too !

20160630 MIUI8 FINAL.034.jpeg

20160630 MIUI8 FINAL.035.jpeg

Gallery is one of the most used app by users. All your precious photos with friends and family are stored here. We've revamped our gallery app into more user-friendly interface and added tons of useful and powerful features into it. With our gallery app there's no need to install other third party app to edit your photos anymore ! A powerful hub for photos and videos

MIUI 8 Color Redesigned









MIUI has always focused on design and function. for ‪#‎MIUI8‬ we've put in every effort to refresh the design and improve on functionality. Here's a video showing you how #MIUI8 looks and feels!

MIUI Users World Wide






‪#‎MIUI‬ is actually our first Mi product! 6 years down, and with the support of you guys, we've reached an enormous user base of 200 million, and not only that! MIUI users are all super active! MIUI fans, you rock!

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MIUI-ers, which feature do you like the most?

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jssharma Many many useful features!! Miui 8 really simplifies Life! My fav feature is recharging from miui 8,no need to run for retail shops or 3rd party apps !! I love that  23:20, Jun-30-2016

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16:58, Jun-30-2016 | Via mobile

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I am using global stable version. Will I get the miui 8 update on 11th July or I have to wait till 16th august??


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Wooow! Love the DUAL APPS and even simple Caller ID
Proud of my:

Redmi Note 2
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awesome, can't wait for it
my imaginary friend thinks you have serious mental problems..

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Nice features

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eagerly waiting MIUI8 ON 11JULY
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Nice yeah

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Die hard Fan of MIUI :) :)

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Wohoo. Nice..

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