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[Tips & Tutorials] [MIUI 8 China Alpha ROM Review] Insights Of The Future's Depth

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04:03, May-23-2016 | From PC
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Hi MIUI-ers,


It took around 9 months for us to prepare an upgrade of everyone's favourite customized ROM: M
IUI. Yes, time flies and we're already in MIUI 8 and the upgrading progressment are faster than what we've expected. Numerous pm were received daily on forum asking on one question. When will the MIUI 8 developer ROM update roll out to public. Be patient guys, it's coming soon. In the meantime, let's take a tour in this blooming gracefully MIUI 8.

Notification Shade

Screenshot_2016-05-22-23-11-07-247_com.miui.home.png Screenshot_2016-05-22-23-11-19-282_com.miui.home.png

When you first boot into the MIUI 8 home screen, you might not seen any huge difference on between MIUI 8 and MIUI 7. Keep calm and explore deeper ! The first thing came into my eyes is the notification shade. Beside the search bar which is present in MIUI 7 there's also newly added weather info on the panel which enable user to have a quick glance on the weather without going into the weather app.


Scroll down on the notification panel you'll get a similar design in MIUI 7 with larger icon and clearer view. Where is the single page mode you showed in the teaser?

Head towards Notification and status bar ---> Single page


Here you go ! You have 2 selections on choosing the design of your desired notification panel. The choice is up to you

Cloned apps[1].png    Screenshot_2016-05-22-23-13-07-186_com.miui.securitycore.png

Most of us have more than one account on social media. Facebook, Whatsapp, Wechat, Weibo, Twitter and more. Social media enable us to maintain our relationship with friends and family and keep ourselves up to date on their recent status. However most of the time we prefer to have some privacy and only share our status and info with our close one while the other account for colleague or working purpose. But there's a problem arises,  in each device we can only install and run one app at a time. Switching account is really troublesome and headache especially when the passwords are long and mixed with characters. In MIUI 8, we can solve this problem easily with cloned app.

Clonned app---> Choose the app you want to clon

Screenshot_2016-05-22-23-13-46-737_com.miui.home.png    Screenshot_2016-05-22-23-14-18-535_com.miui.home.png

1 Facebook, 1 Whatsapp, 1 Weibo and 1 Wechat, lets clon them ! Yeah, now we have 2 Facebook, 2 Whatsapp, 2 Weibo and 2 Wechat. The duplicated apps will have a 'paste' symbol on it. I wish MIUI 8 can duplicate our money too

Touch Assistant    Screenshot_2016-05-22-23-20-55-328_com.miui.touchassistant.png

Touch assistant is a newly added feature in MIUI 8,  however due to the popular demand we decided to push this cool feature earlier in MIUI 7 China Developer ROM 6.5.19 for everyone to try it out.

Screenshot_2016-05-22-23-21-04-970_com.miui.touchassistant.png    Screenshot_2016-05-22-23-20-35-620_com.miui.home.png

You can customize the shortcut or apps that you always use and the loyal floating ball is always right there for you. The ball is not static but you can move it anywhere based on your preference. This feature is good for those who're using a large screen phone or even in one hand operation where you can access everything by just using single hand.
Long Screenshot


When you tap on the screenshot, there's an option shot longer appears on the menu. Click on it and we'll have the long screenshot. This feature is useful especially when we're browsing on news on browser and we would like to share it with our friends

Second Space    Screenshot_2016-05-22-23-17-30-924_com.miui.securitycore.png

We introduced child mode in MIUI 7 which enable the owner of the phones to choose which apps to be accessible. How good if we have a new homescreen, a new folder or even a new space where the data of the apps and personal data do not interupt each other? In MIUI 8, this idea is possible with second space.

Settings---> Second space

DCIM_Screenshots_Screenshot_2016-05-22-23-18-19-7.jpg    DCIM_Screenshots_Screenshot_2016-05-22-23-18-40-6.jpg

When you tap on second space, you'll be prompt to the screen shown above. If you have a lockscreen password, different pattern will lead you to a different space !

003421tmcqeyw3cljscybq.png.thumb.jpg QQ图片20160523021414.jpg

My main space VS Second space


Here's how my second space look like, there's move data, switch apps and space settings shown on the homescreen. This feature is useful and you may store your apps which's related to finance in second space. Important photos can be stored in second space too and it's an even advance child mode

DCIM_Screenshots_Screenshot_2016-05-22-23-18-47-8.jpg DCIM_Screenshots_Screenshot_2016-05-22-23-18-58-2.jpg

You may even turn the settings and indicator off so that no one know whether the homescreen they're looking at is your main space or second space . The second space is a completely new space and data in second space does not interrupt with main space.

Lets test them on my computer and see whether we can access the data, nope, you can't access them !
Second Space not activated

Second Space activated
Security App (Battery Saver)

Screenshot_2016-05-22-23-16-47-831_com.miui.home.png    Screenshot_2016-05-22-23-17-00-148_com.miui.securitycenter.png

Battery life is everyone's concern. When i'm playing around with my Mi 3 the phone temperature shot up to 40 degree celcius and a warning is issued. When you tap on the notification it will bring you to security ---> battery saver

Screenshot_2016-05-22-23-26-35-769_com.miui.securitycenter.png Screenshot_2016-05-22-23-17-09-156_com.miui.securitycenter.png   

The result shows that there're apps running at the background making my cpu running and draining my battery. One click on cool down and security center will perform recommended action to prolong your battery life.

The new battery usage history graph

Word Editor and Translator

When we long press on the word we typed there are few options such as select all, copy, cut and paste. In MIUI 8, we have a translate feature added too

I tried this feature with English and Chinese language, surprisingly the translation is accurate and the pinyin of Chinese is shown as well



Screenshot_2016-05-22-23-34-03-155_com.xiaomi.scanner.png Screenshot_2016-05-22-23-35-44-113_com.xiaomi.scanner.png

There're alot of cool features in MIUI scanner, lets begin with the shopping. You must connected to Internet when you're using this feature. In this experiment, i'm using rubik cube which can be commonly found anywhere. After you snap the photo, it will take a while to search for the product in the Internet and this technology is supported by Taobao.Dangggggggggg...the result is out !

Screenshot_2016-05-22-23-42-05-920_com.xiaomi.scanner.png Screenshot_2016-05-22-23-41-58-686_com.xiaomi.scanner.png

With MIUI scanner you can use it as translation tool as well, just make sure the photo you captured is clear enough only the translation could be done.

There are filters option at the main interface of the camera app.   

Gallery now has more options for you to beautify the photos you've taken. Crop, adjust, brightness, sharpen.............doodle, mosaic and so much more waiting for you to explore. With gallery you don't have to install other third party apps to edit your photos anymore !


Volume Key and Music Player

Screenshot_2016-05-22-23-24-10-082_com.miui.home.png    Screenshot_2016-05-22-23-24-16-827_com.miui.home.png


Here's the small changes i found in MIUI 8, you can adjust the volume accordingly and the music app is spotted hidden inside the recent app tray

Beta Features


003421tmcqeyw3cljscybq.png.thumb.jpg Screenshot_2016-05-22-23-22-39-369_com.miui.home.png   

Apps in invisible. We can roughly know what it's just by pure guessing based on the name. Yes, you can make your app invisible and untrackable even in recent apps !


173556yfeh2nvtphjpffdd.png 173557vi4xvpv8q5qq252q.png
Human tend to make mistaken, that's common especially when we are dealing with number. What if we entered a digit wrongly in calculator? Normally we have to clear all and reinsert back but with MIUI calculator, just move your finger to the digit you insert wrongly and edit it. Simple !

Screenshot_2016-05-22-23-31-59-782_com.miui.calculator.png Screenshot_2016-05-22-23-31-48-847_com.miui.calculator.png

Screenshot_2016-05-22-23-32-12-251_com.miui.calculator.png    Screenshot_2016-05-22-23-32-20-509_com.miui.calculator.png

Screenshot_2016-05-22-23-32-44-331_com.miui.calculator.png    Screenshot_2016-05-22-23-32-38-552_com.miui.calculator.png

We added a lot of useful features in daily life in our calculator app. All kinds of convertions are available ranging from currency, scientific, length, area and volume

Recorder app is an useful app for those who are working as journalist, reporter or even student. In MIUI 8, when the male's voice is detected then the background color will turns blue and green for female.

After the recording you may even transform the speech into wording.I've tried both English and Chinese and currently the app only support Chinese.

Remote  Assistance


Not everyone are IT geek like us, our parents might still face some problems when updating to MIUI 8. With this built it remote assistance, we can assist them anytime anywhere as long as both of us are connected to WiFI.

Note :
The multi windows feature will be added into MIUI 8 in the future

Based on the review, which feature do you like the most ?

Single-option Poll, 1324 members voted
32.23% 427
20.83% 276
3.40% 45
8.00% 106
4.38% 58
1.43% 19
1.28% 17
1.43% 19
2.04% 27
20.15% 267
1.43% 19
0.53% 7
1.06% 14
1.81% 24
Your User group have no permission to vote
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AshishHTC Please allow an option to change the battery, wifi and signal icons. Its the same from Miui 6-7-8, also please bring back the Font Style option if possible.  13:49, May-24-2016

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Wow... an other masterwork explanation from Mr. Vincent_khoo
i love MIUI 8 more and more...


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Self help is the best help!
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Great..thank you.

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Where is Dark UI ? It was requested since MIUI v5 :(

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Lots of useful settings!

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Difficult to say what is the best feature among these fantastic improvements:)

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Great job. Wating for RM3.
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thanks for sharing. nice!

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