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[App Review] [MIUI App Review Team] Cortana- Your Assistant For Life

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20:12, Jun-23-2018 | From PC
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Hello Everyone!
I am back again with an app review as usual. This time it will be really helpful for you. Before we proceed, let's talk about AI. Definition of AI says "the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages." With our efforts, we are able to create such artificial intelligence such as Google Assistant, Google Lens, Alexa, and many more.

With this topic of AI, I am here to make an app review on Cortana, an artificial intelligence by Microsoft Corporation. Cortana is now available in android 4.4 and above, and in Windows 10, a computer software by Microsoft, so let's start.
Note:- The app is unreleased.

First Look


Sign Up
So we are ready to start off. It will ask you for signing in with a Microsoft account. If you don't have one, then you can create it here.
But you can use Gmail address though while entering the email address

Above the input box, you can see you can see the logo of the Cortana. Below the logo there two lines intersecting each other. Below it there is an interrogative sentence, "Ever hear an AI sing? Ask me to sing a song." Below that, you get an option of playing the music. It sings a nursery rhyme i.e Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Swipe right to see more examples.

As you sign in, a window will pop up stating the Terms & Privacy of the app and you have to accept it to continue. If you deny, you won't be able to use it. After it, the app will ask you for accepting some permissions.
After accepting, again a window will popup that will ask you to turn on the accessibility so that you can access Cortana everywhere, in your lock screen and home screen. If you wish, you can do it later, but I suggest you to turn it on. Again a window popped up, getting irritated. It asks you to make Cortana, as your default assistant.

At last, we reached inside the app. It's showing Upcoming. There are some interesting cards. Below upcoming, we get two options, one is for adding a reminder and the other one is for adding an event. Below that, there are some options
The first card requests me to enable contact, call, and text.
The second card shows me the weather in my area.
The third card asks me to add any To Do Tasks.
The fourth card shows me the latest headlines

These cards are really very helpful! Also, the UI is awesome, I love it! The background is awesome, translucent blue! At top of it, we find the logo of Cortana! At bottom, we find an area to write down a phrase. At right bottom corner, we get an option of a mic. At right bottom corner, we get an option of expanding a menu. It shows some personalized menus. I'll come back to that later on. Above it, we get some phrases that we can try. It acts as a suggestion chip. Coming back, let's move on to Interests

Below it, we get a card called 'Interests'. We have to tap on it to view it. It takes us to Notebook section. Below it, we get two options, Organizer and Manage Skills.

We get two options, Lists and Reminders. This two helps to become really efficient in our work.

Tapping on Lists takes you to another window. Here you will find three types of Lists, Grocery, Shopping, and To Do.


Shopping List/ Grocery List/ To Do List
Want to go shopping and you got a huge list of items to buy, but don't have a pen and paper, then you can open Cortana and add the items. Or want to order some groceries or want to do something but you are sure that you won't remember, you can just add it to Cortana. After that, you can ask Cortana for the lists

Manage Skills
Under this you will get the following options:-
- Connected Services
- Calendar & Reminders
- Commute & Work
- Suggested Tasks
- Finance
- Flights
- News
- Music
- Weather
- Packages
- Eat & Drink
- Special Days
- Cortana Tips
Note:- The above features varies from different English accents to accents and region.

Manage Skills.png Manage Skills2.png Manage Skills3.png

Connected Services
Here you can add a service to Cortana to get more personalized experiences.
Services that are now available are:-
- Gmail
- LinkedIn
- Office 365
- Outlook.com
- Wunderlist

Connected Service.png Connected Service 2.png

Calendar & Reminders
This lets you get updates on daily schedules and reminders present in your calendar. This is one of my favorite feature which helps me to stay updated with my schedule. I am always committed to the schedule.

Calendar & Service.png

You can get stock updates. You can add stocks to get updates. In India, there's a popular stock known as MRF. So let,s try to add and see how it looks!

Great! It looks really awesome. The card looks really awesome. This is really helpful for users who are engagaed into stock marketing!

Here you can enable this option to get the status of the flight you booked. Also the flying status!
I don't have any bookings yet so I won't be able to show you how it looks. Still, I can expect something cool from this.

If you have ordered something and you know the tracking ID, you can easily track where your package is. This makes me to stay organized. I don't have to open different different online shopping apps to track my order. Everything at one place!!

Well, only two services available for music. Spotify, iHeartRadio and TuneIn are limited to some countries. These three services are not available around the whole world.
So this is useless for me. Might be useful for you :-()

Commute & Work
This helps a lot if you really want to save time. This notifies you when to leave for work. Also, it tells you the traffic condition in your route.

To stay updated, you can add news topics in this section. Let's try adding a topic. Added Google as a topic. Let's see what happens if we return to interests
Worked! But I am unable to find news of Google :-(
Was it a fake joke?

We get notified about a popular sports event going on. It's FIFA Season, so it's showing FIFA option! Really this is helpful for me because I can track the scores just in few taps.

You can get the weather forecast. Also, you can track weather in different cities in two common different units i.e. Celsius and Fahrenheit
Tracking cities option is really very awesome. It helps in tour/trip planning.

Eat & Drink
You can get food and drink updates. You can add cuisine type to get updates. If you are a foodie like me then it's really helpful!

Special Days
This a weird option. It surprises you with some fun stuffs on special days. This is really weird. It should be inbuilt!

Cortana Tips
This will let Cortana send some tips card to interest section. This is very helpful for newbies

Suggested Tasks
This is just nothing. It suggests some task that are pending. This information is collected from your Gmail.
Suggested Task.png

Three lines option
Back to the home screen, you can find three lines, tapping or sliding towards the right, pulls a menu. Here you can find Notebook option, that we just reviewed, settings, color theme, help, join beta program, and feedback. Below that, we can also find the current version of the app.


Here we can find many types of option that we can toggle.
Set Cortana as default assistant, Cortana voice shortcut, home and lock screen and Hey Cortana. These are some useful toggles that will make Cortana more efficient.


Atlast the wait is over and we are going to meet our digital assistant cortana! To access Cortana, tap on the mic button and you are good to go and ask some questions. As we tap on the mic, cortana tips shows on. Lets try out some phases!

Me: Hey Cortana
Cortana: That's me.

Me:What can you do?
Cortana: No response! :-!

Me: Tell me a joke
Cortana: A harm sandwich walks into a bar and the bartender says, "Sorry, we don't serve food in here."
Not too bad!

Me: Who is the Prime Minister of India?
Cortana: The current Prime Minister of India is Narendra Modi

Me: How tall he is?
Cortana: He is 5'9" tall.
Great! She knows contexual questions!

Me: Can you book an uber for me?
Cortana: Here's what I found on the web.
I think, my region matters so she wasn't able to book an uber for me.

Me: Covert 1 USD into Indian Rupees
Cortana: 1 USD is equal to 68.17 Indian Rupees
Nice! I can tell her to covert more units easily!

Me: What's your real name?
Cortana: My name is Cortana

Me: When is your birthday?
Cortana: I made my debut on April 2, 2014

Me: Today is my birthday!
Cortana: Happy birthday to you...Happy Birthday Happy birthday, happy birthday to you!
LoL! It gave me a picture of cake too. Wait, it's taken down from internet! Thats too awkward!
PS. Today is not my birthday!

Me: What's my brother name?
Cortana: Her's what I found on the web!
:-! She can't ask for my brother name! By the way, Google Assistant can do!

Me: Who is your best friend?
Cortana: You are my real friend! Virtual Friends Forever
Haha, sounds too funny

Me: Do you know Google Assistant?
Cortana: Google? Google, Let me Bing that!
Sounds too harsh and egotistical!

Me: Tell me a poem
Cortana: Star light, star light...it's just a satellite.
Tooo short!

Me: Who is slavin23? Hehe @slavin23
Cortana: Here's what I found on the web.
You can see slavin's miui profile and twitter's profile on the web!. You are rocking on internet @slavin23 Hehe

Cortana in Windows 10
Here how it looks Cortana in Windows 10. Yeah, I know it's out of the topic but my beloved and supportive smod @slavin23 supported in this and I am really glad to show you how Cortana looks in Windows 10! First, I want to tell you all that the features in android are as same as in the Windows 10. But Windows 10 is tightly integrated with Cortana or vice-versa. And some extra features are there but it's related to windows only.
Let's check out how it looks!

notebook1.png reminders.png

This is all how it looks in Windows. Same settings, same internal settings, same view, same functions. But, Cortana in Windows 10 acts as a search button of Windows. Yeah, it's true, there is one more search bar, which acts as same as Cortana search bar. Also, Coratan doesn't hangs or lags in Windows. Also it has 'Hey Coratana' feature, which seems very good! Overall experience is good in Windows 10.

Pros & Cons

- Materialistic Themes
- In built notepad and reminder option
- Features overloaded for better UE

- No additional voice
- Hangs a lot
- Full screen web results


Hey! It's time to give rest to your eyes! But after reading this. Summing up some stuffs, overall experience was really great! I really enjoyed talking to Cortana. She made my life very easy and efficient. Availability of Cortana in Windows 10 and Android made me really stress free. But... I am a Google Assistant user. I use Google Assistant more than Cortana. So this helped me a lot to decide the differences between Google Assistant and Cortana. Google Assistant is really much better in giving responses that touches my heart! If we talk about the voice, there is only one voice available for Cortana, whereas, in Google Assistant, there are 8 different voices. Small small things matters a lot. When I said Cortana to tell me a poem, it was very very short. Also, the app lags a lot. Even if you have a 4 GB of RAM, it will lag. Yeah, it is the truth. But, Cortana is really very efficient as it has inbuilt lists and reminders option. Cortana was launched in 2014, and Google Assistant was launched in the end of 2016. The growth rate Google Assistant is more than Cortana. So, itsi really very sad to know that in 4 years, she was not able to grow that much, than Google Assistant. So with this discussion, I want to rate Cortana 4 stars out of 5. I would have rated 4.5 stars if Cortana would have some proper conversational speeches and voices and some interesting stuffs. There are a lot of development needed for Cortana


Additional Information



Download Microsoft Cortana from Google Play

Download The APK: Cortana.apk (38.82 MB, Downloads: 130)

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20:25, Jun-23-2018 | From Redmi Note 5
Cortana could have more users if Microsoft didn't decided to shut windows mobile os. By the way great review.


RaghavTheGreat$ Yeah! You are right!  22:08, Jun-24-2018
RaghavTheGreat$ Thanks!  22:07, Jun-24-2018

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Thanks for amazing review


RaghavTheGreat$ Thanks for the sweet compliment  22:09, Jun-24-2018

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Nice review


RaghavTheGreat$ Glad! You like it  22:13, Jun-24-2018

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Thank you for detail review!


RaghavTheGreat$ Thank You sis!  22:10, Jun-24-2018

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Amazing review

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21:50, Jun-24-2018 | Via mobile
May be longest review ever


RaghavTheGreat$ Might be !  22:11, Jun-24-2018


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21:50, Jun-24-2018 | From PC
Bhai full on awesome thread .
Thanx :)


RaghavTheGreat$ Thanks for such compliment  22:12, Jun-24-2018

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RaghavTheGreat$ + 5 Take this kanjoos

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