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[Reviews] [MIUI8 Review] An Overview of MIUI 8 China Alpha ROM for Xiaomi Mi 4

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12:23, May-20-2016 | From PC
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This post was edited by Veerasuri at 08:16, May-23-2016

Greetings MIUIers,
You may aware that Alpha Testing for MIUI8 China ROM has been started. Users testing the ROM and evaluating the bugs in effective manner. Do you want to use MIUI8 before others? Apply in the MIUI8 Global ROM Alpha Test recruitment and join with us. In the meanwhile I would like to share my experience using MIUI 8.

The first setup process looks real nice. Fully flat background white design and the text color is changed to blue from orange.
Screenshot_2016-05-16-22-04-21-104_lockscreen.png Screenshot_2016-05-16-19-35-19-768_lockscreen.png
Screenshot_2016-05-16-23-03-48-289_lockscreen.png Screenshot_2016-05-16-19-35-52-846_lockscreen.png
Screenshot_2016-05-16-19-36-03-441_lockscreen.png Screenshot_2016-05-16-19-36-16-026_lockscreen.png
Screenshot_2016-05-16-19-37-06-812_lockscreen.png Screenshot_2016-05-16-19-37-20-695_lockscreen.png
Screenshot_2016-05-16-19-37-26-268_lockscreen.png Screenshot_2016-05-16-19-37-31-842_lockscreen.png

Desktop clock widget, app icon and etc:
The desktop clock widget design is changed. Its width is wide and height is reduced which looks simple but nice. The icon of the some apps has been changed. The folder background view is more transparent now but view is clear.
Screenshot_2016-05-16-19-38-04-207_com.miui.home.png Screenshot_2016-05-19-20-19-29-491_com.miui.home.png

Notifications shade and Notifications:
The notifications shade comes with weather information, search bar and etc. The notifications shade style is changed like MIUI5. It has two style, one is "Single page" and another one is "Dual page". The notifications design in the single page is really cool. Now its easy to switch WiFi connection from the notifications shade itself. The notifications shade icons color will be changed based on the weather forecast. Clicking on the WiFi toggle bottom arrow will show the available and already used connection(s).
IMG_20160519_015933.jpg Screenshot_2016-05-18-17-25-07-405_com.tencent.mobileqq.png
Screenshot_2016-05-17-14-37-31-184_com.miui.home.png Screenshot_2016-05-18-20-00-33-925_com.UCMobile.intl.png Screenshot_2016-05-19-13-14-28-047_com.UCMobile.intl.png

Volume bar:
The volume bar design also changed. While pressing volume button the volume control will be available on the top with ringtone, media and clock volume control menu.
IMG_20160519_161912.jpg IMG_20160519_135904.jpg

General optimization:
The system interface is changed for many process. Like notification style in lock screen, change wallpaper, themes app and etc
Recents tray:
Recents tray is optimized with shortcut music toggle, app preview controller and etc. The shortcut music toggle is placed on the middle top. The app preview controller is placed on the right top. Swiping down of the app icon will show the options of "Lock Task" and "App details". Screenshot_2016-05-16-20-20-59-900_com.miui.home.png

New customized theme app interface and wallpaper change menu.
Screenshot_2016-05-16-23-08-14-475_com.miui.home.png Screenshot_2016-05-16-23-05-24-926_lockscreen.png
Screenshot_2016-05-16-20-50-40-463_com.miui.home.png Screenshot_2016-05-16-20-50-51-146_com.miui.home.png

Lock screen notification & Brightness slider:
The notification background for lock screen and brightness slider also white now.

Brightness slider:
The brightness slider background is white buy the progress bar color will show different color based on the weather forecast). Its integrated with notifications shade so the function also depends on the notifications shade.

Search function:
The search function is optimized with new search tools and the background is white.

Sharing function:
The sharing function is changed with new icons module and we can check and choose the images again before sharing it. The images can be sent through bluetooth in two options. One is, the image can be sent with low resolution or in lesser size. Another one is, the image can be sent in original size. Also the scrolling option to choose the sharing method is changed.
IMG_20160519_003704.jpg IMG_20160519_003523.jpg

Settings and more:
The settings interface is fully changed with new icon, title bar and etc.

Font settings:
Isn't it font size option is missing? No, its moved to the Display settings.

Lock screen&Password:
Lock screen shortcuts option is added. We can customize the function as per our wish.

Second space:
Did you see the "Second space" option? Yes, we can use two different space. We can customize the space as per our wish like we can use the apps in both space or either in default space or in second space. We can set different password for both space. Nothing can be accessible from both the space without proper permission. Its easy to import or export the data/file from the second space and its easy to remove the second space.
Screenshot_2016-05-19-04-02-44-670_com.miui.securitycore.png Screenshot_2016-05-19-03-59-49-953_com.miui.home.png
Screenshot_2016-05-19-03-59-58-323_com.miui.home.png Screenshot_2016-05-19-04-00-20-978_com.miui.securitycore.png

Manage apps battery usage:
The option to restrict the apps usage is modified. Only two options of "On" & "Off" and one hidden option of "Ultimate" will be available to restrict the apps usage. To get the hidden option tap continuously three times on the "Off" option for the "Ultimate" option.
Screenshot_2016-05-16-19-46-48-486_com.miui.powerkeeper.png Screenshot_2016-05-16-19-46-41-757_com.miui.powerkeeper.png

Battery usage:
The battery usage graph design is optimized with single line so I'm finishing this with single line.

The full control to optimize the battery performance is available to use.
Screenshot_2016-05-16-19-47-01-372_com.miui.securitycenter.png Screenshot_2016-05-17-00-51-21-801_com.miui.securitycenter.png
Screenshot_2016-05-17-00-51-27-949_com.miui.securitycenter.png Screenshot_2016-05-16-19-47-09-851_com.miui.securitycenter.png

-Battery Saver:
The background apps will be controlled when the battery is reaching 60%. The rest of the two options "Battery Usage" and "App battery saver" is explained above.

-Analyze battery usage:
The apps which affects the performance of the device and which consumes more battery will be analyzed and optimized. If the CPU reaches 40% then notification will appear to cool down the device.
Screenshot_2016-05-16-19-39-55-325_com.miui.home.png Screenshot_2016-05-16-19-44-00-459_com.miui.securitycenter.png

Additional settings:
Two new features added in the additional settings. One is "Touch assistant" and another one is "Beta Features".

Touch assistant:
Its an assistant which will have shortcuts of the apps or options. We can optimize it as per our wish. Also we can define where it should be visible and where it should not be visible. Screenshot_2016-05-16-19-50-33-935_com.miui.touchassistant.png

Beta Features:
Beta features will have options of "Battery saver" Power checker" and app invisible".

-Battery saver:
Battery usage can be checked and controlled by this function. We can "Test battery" usage and battery consumption. Also we can optimize the "Battery settings" based on our convenience.
-Power checker:
This function will show the app which consumes more usage. We can disable the apps which consumes high battery.
The installed apps can be hidden from the desktop.

Cloned apps:
Are you using t
wo different WhatsApp or QQ or any other account? This feature will help to use two different accounts. We can use two accounts at the same time.
Screenshot_2016-05-16-19-55-10-918_com.miui.securitycore.png Screenshot_2016-05-17-21-26-38-014_com.miui.home.png
Screenshot_2016-05-17-21-26-08-976_com.miui.securitycore.png Screenshot_2016-05-17-21-29-37-816_com.whatsapp.png

Optimization in the apps:
Almost all apps interface is changed with some new feature/option.

The camera is optimized. There will be no left or right swipe to access the option or filters. The rear camera have "Modes" for the camera options. Three icons to use the filters. We can use the flash and hdr as usual but these two options moved to the top. The front camera also has "Modes" to use the options and three round icons for the filters(like rear camera but magic mirror option has been added). Beautify function has optimized with some extra features of "Intelligent" "Slim" "Color" and "Smooth".

Phone, Messages, Contacts&Dialer:
The interface for phone, contacts&dialer is fully changed and messages interface is partially changed.

The default background for the calls is blue and the icons are optimized. Also the notes option is added in the call.
IMG_20160519_012516.jpg IMG_20160519_011934.jpg
IMG_20160519_011959.jpg IMG_20160519_012014.jpg

The messages looks flat and the compose message option icon is changed and moved to the right bottom side. More options, call icon and contact icon is changed in individual messages. IMG_20160521_054703.jpg

The contacts&dialer interface has been changed. The menu button in the dialer is added at the bottom with new style. Also the number buttons and dialer button icon is changed. The contacts interface also optimized. Add contacts, preview contacts interface and each saved contacts interface is changed. Each contact will have different background. The call log option is added on middle(above the number).
IMG_20160519_003006.jpg IMG_20160519_002936.jpg
IMG_20160519_002710.jpg IMG_20160519_002058.jpg
IMG_20160519_002041.jpg IMG_20160519_001925.jpg

Clock, Recorder, Scanner, Calculator and Report bug:
The add clock option icon is changed and "Delete after goes off" option is added for the one day alarm.

The recorder interface is fully changed with customized function.

The scanner is completely new with more features of "QR code" "Shopping" Translate" Study" "Business card" and "Document".
Screenshot_2016-05-19-02-49-28-339_com.xiaomi.scanner.png Screenshot_2016-05-19-02-49-55-374_com.xiaomi.scanner.png
Screenshot_2016-05-19-02-50-31-495_com.xiaomi.scanner.png Screenshot_2016-05-19-02-50-58-249_com.xiaomi.scanner.png
Screenshot_2016-05-19-03-00-31-366_com.xiaomi.scanner.png Screenshot_2016-05-19-02-52-19-063_com.xiaomi.scanner.png

The calculator optimized with new options and functions. The most expected percentage(%) option is added and other functions included.
Screenshot_2016-05-16-21-34-24-945_com.miui.calculator.png Screenshot_2016-05-16-21-34-31-929_com.miui.calculator.png

Report bug:
The report bug app interface and icon is optimized with flat design.
Screenshot_2016-05-16-21-31-18-057_com.miui.bugreport.png Screenshot_2016-05-16-21-31-23-579_com.miui.bugreport.png

Calendar, Gallery, Notes and Weather:
The calendar is optimized with different color for each month.

The preview of the gallery "Albums" image is optimized. New editor tool is added for image editing and video editor.

Image Editor:
Designing the image is now simple. We can edit the images and customize the images with new doodle.

Video Editor:
Now its possible to edit the video without any special app. Add audio, trim video and etc.

The full interface is changed with list view, grid view and much more features. The note can be deleted by swiping up side. Also delete option, new filter(background design) and security for the notes are added.
Screenshot_2016-05-19-03-34-58-189_com.miui.notes.png Screenshot_2016-05-16-21-15-22-581_com.miui.notes.png
Screenshot_2016-05-16-21-14-57-010_com.miui.notes.png Screenshot_2016-05-16-21-14-29-330_com.miui.notes.png
Screenshot_2016-05-19-03-38-34-580_com.miui.notes.png Screenshot_2016-05-19-03-29-02-183_com.miui.notes.png
Screenshot_2016-05-19-03-26-52-947_com.miui.notes.png Screenshot_2016-05-19-03-30-02-294_com.miui.notes.png

Weather interface is completely new with some optimization and features. The extended forecast is added to see the detailed view of weather.
Screenshot_2016-05-16-21-44-31-932_com.miui.weather2.png Screenshot_2016-05-16-21-44-38-164_com.miui.weather2.png

Marking tool with translation, screenshot preview and long screenshot
Marking tool with translation:
The marking tool is completely new. Its optimized with white background and blue marking function. Also the translation feature added to translate any kind of language
(Notex Currently its developed to translate only one word at the time. Multiple words translation may implemented in the future).
Screenshot_2016-05-19-14-15-26-118_com.UCMobile.intl.png Screenshot_2016-05-19-14-15-34-063_com.UCMobile.intl.png

Screenshot preview and Long screenshot:
The captured screenshot preview no longer visible in the notifications shade. The screenshot preview will be available on the screen itself for 3 seconds. We can easily check the captured screenshot. Taking screenshot of longer content is now easy. We can take any long screenshot in simple way. No need to take multiple screenshot.
Screenshot_2016-05-16-19-37-44-390_com.miui.home.png Screenshot_2016-05-16-21-45-32-278_com.miui.weather2.png

This is the new design of the updater.

Its just an overview of MIUI8 ROM and its not complete review so I did not add more content with detailed explanation. MIUI8 has many more optimization.

So are you waiting for MIUI8?
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Awesome review

I want to taste this rom soon

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Awesome review !
Please use Reply button or do @Manwex so I can get a notification and reply faster.

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17:38, May-20-2016 | From PC
How about Music App?

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great review
MIUI is :- Innovation never ends.

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17:40, May-20-2016 | From PC
I WannA Have A Piece Of MIUI 8 ToO.


@anuj Me too  20:21, Jun-05-2016
Always Believe That Something Wonderful Is About To Happen :)

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Excellent preview andwhat about multitasking?

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17:44, May-20-2016 | From PC
Looks very beautiful!

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