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[Others] Myths And Facts About Android OS- Know Here!!

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13:04, May-18-2018 | From PC
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Hello MIUIers,
                      Friends, who among us doesn't know what is Android? Just look around you and you'll find out that 8 out of 10 people are using Android Phones. Android OS is indeed a real KING in the mobile market and the Play store is richest with approx 2.4 million apps. And we all know that Android phones are quite affordable and can be owned at any moderate budget. But at the same time, some myths are also popping up around Android smartphones. It's so unfortunate that Android is the victim of many myths that have persisted for years. Let’s break down the most common ones and see what’s simply not true in this thread.

Myth: Android Is Too Complicated For The Average User:


  • Android’s haters love to paint it as a complicated mess that only computer experts can use. Just like the misconceptions about Linux’s ease of use, this argument isn’t true of Android either.
  • New versions of Android include a guided setup process to walk you through getting your device online and adding your accounts. From there, doing what most normal users want to do with their phones (e.g. calling, texting, browsing social media, taking pictures) is easy.
  • Installing a new app is as simple as searching for it on the Play Store. The camera app is point-and-shoot. Open the Phone, Messages, and Contacts apps to do what you would do on any other phone.
  • The Settings menu, while perhaps a bit overwhelming at first, is no more confusing than that of iOS. For people used to another mobile operating system or inexperienced with technology in general, Android may be confusing. But it’s not a special case. Someone who’s never used a smartphone before wouldn’t magically know how to use iOS right away, either.
  • For more help, you can read through our Android beginner’s guide to get up to speed. If you still have trouble, you can install a simplified launcher to make it even more straightforward.
  • Only Android power users need to dive into advanced tactics like rooting their phones and installing a custom ROM. Average users don’t ever have to concern themselves with this.

Myth: Android Is The World Of Malware/Less Secure


  • One of the most common lies detractors shout about Android is that it has malware waiting at every corner. While it’s true that Android has more potential for picking up an infection (though iOS isn’t immune), the average user of either platform won’t ever see malware.
  • Google takes a more hands-off approach to the Play Store than Apple does with the App Store, so it’s easier to get an app listed. But Android still has several security measures in place to ensure apps are free of malware.
  • First is the newly revamped Google Play Protect. This service scans both apps on the Play Store and your device to ensure they’re free of infections. If it detects a problem, Play Protect will alert you to take action.


  • Further, apps on the Play Store are 99 percent safe. Having some basic sense when downloading, like not downloading sketchy apps and checking reviews before you install, will keep you safe from infection. Taking care to not grant unnecessary permissions is important too.
  • Most Android malware occurs when users download apps from third-party sources and/or root their phones. Mobile malware is easier to sneak into an Android app downloaded from a random website than it is on the Play Store. And rooting your device opens you up to new threats if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Myth: Android Lags And Crashes More Than iOS:


  • Another false criticism of Android is that it lags and crashes more than iOS. This particular claim has been circling since the start of Android and has never really gone away.
  • The fact is that every platform lags and crashes, including iOS. A Forbes’ report mentioning the data of Crittercism shown that iOS apps crash more frequently than Android apps but then a year after, another Forbes report shown that Jelly Bean crashes more apps than iOS 6. So it’s really very difficult to conclude which platform crashes more apps than other one.
  • Also in most cases of crash, Android devices made with cheap hardware are found to be guilty. Underpowered processor, low-memory RAM, heavily tweaked UIs and carrier bloatware is seen to impact device performance but still, they don’t inherently impact the stability and performance of the OS. High-end devices do not suffer from significant crashes and freezes.

Myth: Android Looks Similar On Every Smartphone:


  • Android is now the most widely-used operating system in a phone, and it’s open source and customizable. Android looks completely different from one phone to another. If you want to compare then try comparing older Android phones with newer ones you will feel the difference.
  • Being open software, it can be customized to look completely different, for example, Amazon’s Kindle Fire runs a custom version of Android called Fire OS. The true beauty of Android is its diversity and people are free of use a wide range of phones and looks & feels of the OS.
  • This is just not possible with iOS smartphones. With iPhone and iPad, you have very little freedom to customize your devices even after spending hundreds of dollars.

Myth: Good Apps Aren’t Launched First On Android


  • This is the biggest lie that good apps first arrive on iOS and then on Android. It has been an assumption of early days when there was iOS leading the market but now believing that good apps aren’t launched first on Android isn’t justified.
  • Many app developers now prefer to create Android and put all their efforts into creating high-quality apps for Google’s OS. This is because Android phones are used by a large number of users.
  • Now if someone argues that many apps never arrive on Android then many apps do not also arrive on iOS after being launched on Android. Many apps are deliberately created to well-suit Android and wouldn’t be useful for iOS or other platforms.

Myth: You Are Bounded To Use Google Services To Use Android Phones


  • One of the most discussed myths about Android is that you have to use Google services Gmail, Google Calendar, Drive, Maps and several others if you want to use an Android device. But it’s also not true. These services are useful not only in Android phones but also in other ones too; however, you are free to not use them.
  • You can even use the device without signing in with a Google account but in that case, you will not be able to access the Play Store and download apps. It’s compulsory to sign in with a Google account to use the Play Store.
  • But if you want apps without signing in to Google account, you have third-party app stores as alternative to the Play Store.

Myth: Android Phones Must Need A Task Killer


  • One of the biggest misconceptions that still plagues Android users is that they must use a task killer. These apps were wildly popular in Android’s early years but we now know better. Task killers aren’t just useless, they’re bad news.
  • Android does a fine job of managing processes on its own. Killing them constantly using a task killer app only wastes resources when they stop and start again. If you identify a misbehaving app using a lot of battery, you can uninstall or disable it to fix the issue.
  • In the same vein, lots of Android (and iPhone) users regularly open the “recent apps” menu and swipe away every app to “close” them. This, like using a task killer, is a waste of time.
  • The recent apps menu is a shortcut for easy navigation. While you can swipe away an app to remove it from the menu and close it, doing so obsessively is counter-productive. Clearing all apps from this menu every time you lock your device is akin to closing and re-opening your desktop browser every time you want to go to a new website.

As you can see, many of these myths about Android are just outright wrong and are the result of rumors and not giving the platform a real chance. Android is not less secure or more laggy than any other platform out there. It does not look the same on every device, but rather has a great deal of freedom for how you choose to customize your Android experience, including not using the Play Store or any Google Services at all, and finally, it does not require you to use a task killer just to get a performant experience.

                  That's all for today.Thanks everyone!!


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Great and hard work. Thanks for very informative thread. Keep going.

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Very useful information. Thanks.

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