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[Discussion] [Help]How to use credits on theme maket ( chinese version )

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00:15, May-18-2018 | From PC
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Hi there,

Since I'm not chinese and I use the Chinese rom, I would like to purchase some themes.
Since on mobile to buy a theme, always asks for data that NEEDS to be chinese, I went to, and bought Mi Credits for my account.

Now on I go to theme market ( ) but for ANY theme etc, doesn't have any kind of option to buy / use my Mi Credits on my account.
So what is missing me here to be fa$%ing able to simple buy a theme???

I dont know if this can be a issue, but my the region of my account is set to Portugal, and I can't change it.

Best regards, and i WILL REALLY APPREACITE to anyone that can help me, since clearly there's still such a big gap on info from Xiaomi to help users

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