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[Tips and Tutorials] Jio high speed internet for rooted device only Xiaomi and others

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23:19, May-17-2018 | From Redmi Note 4X
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Hi friends, if you are facing the problem with jio very low internet speed inside the house, so you are in right place.

Just follow the instructions carefully and you will get right internet speed inside your home.

Jio sends signals in different bands like-
1800+  and

850 frequency band has good network coverage but internet speed is very low.

1800+ and 2300 frequency band also have good network coverage but not better than 850 band but have good speed of internet.

When we are outside of the house the mobile starts talking signals from the 2300 or 1800+ Hz band because of good network coverage but

When we move to the home inside because of network coverage issue our mobile switches to 850 hz band that's why internet speed gets down.

Now what??

if we manually choose the band in mobile, it will not switch to another band.

Ok, so how it will be possible??

Required fields.

1. Your device must be rooted.
2. Nervelocity app.
3. Network signal app.

How to do this???

Follow the video link below-

sorry for bad english।

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