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[Others] Once upon a tower: can't scroll down to pick characters

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02:22, May-17-2018 | Via mobile
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Redmi 5
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Can't scroll on character selection screen
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Last month I downloaded the game Once upon a Tower. In it, you should be able to scroll down to pick the unlocked characters (I've tried to play the game on a Redmi Note 4 X without any problems). But in my Redmi 5, the screen doesn't scroll down on the character screen, so I'm stuck with the first characters and I don't have any other option to choose the ones that are below that. The game, besides said problem, works just fine. If I unlock a character that is below the mentioned first screen, I can play with it, but when I select any other, I can't access it anymore because it's out of reach of the screen.

As I don't know any other person that has a Redmi 5, I don't know if it's a problem of the model or not, because I haven't heard of any other Xiaomi user (only Redmi Note 4 variants) that suffers from this, or if the game isn't as compatible with my phone as is with others.

What can be done about this?
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