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[News] Global MIUI 10 Powered by AI & Redmi Y2 Launched In India!

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16:24, May-14-2018 | From PC
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Hello MIUI'ers,

Finally the wait is over. Today we announced the global launch of faster than fast MIUI 10 powered by AI in India. MIUI has come a long way since it's first version. Today we are really excited to share our tenth edition of MIUI which our team has been working on over the past 1 year. Today in MIUI 10 we continue our strive to make MIUI even faster, even better.

Last year, we’ve launched a new product line series - Redmi Y. We created this series with Indian youth in mind. In the short span of 6 months, the user adoption rate of Redmi Y1 at age between 18 and 24 is 46%. And now, it's time to welcome Redmi Y2. We have been exploring different technology and innovation over the past 6 months to make the next Redmi Y the best smartphone for self-expression and creativity. Today, we are ready to bring Redmi Y1 to the next level.





- MIUI 10 introduces optimizations 'Lock-free critical path' and 'Co-dependent prioritizing', increasing the speed by 10%
Adapted design for a better full-screen experience by introducing full-screen gestures
- New Recents with maximized screen space, full-screen gestures, swipe to delete tasks and long press for more options.
- New visual details in Weather app, Calendar, Notes and Lockscreen.
- Enjoy different sounds of Nature in our timer: Beach, Forest and Drizzle.
- AI-powered MIUI 10, even single camera can take beautiful portraits.
- We have made lots of customization for India like Mi Music, Mi Video, Progressive web apps, digital payments and quick menu customizations.
- MIUI 10 Global Beta ROM will start rolling out from mid-June.


  • Here’s the MIUI 10 Beta rollout schedule. Multiple rollouts starting from mid June.


  • Next lets talk about our Messaging app. 2 years ago, in MIUI 8, we launched a feature for identifying Message Sender IDs. We help you to translate message sender IDs from just their numbers and gave each of them a real name with official logos.  Till last month, with Identify rate of 65%, 2/3 messages sent to users, were identified. But we knew that users use our feature to identify the sender's names and we wondered what else can we do to help them further.




  • These are the messages sent by ICICI. It is a page we are familiar with. How can we make it more useful for users? We added something called Quick Menu to such messages form Business with single tap right from this message, you can open ICICI app or find that Nearby ATM of ICICI banks. We already support more than 100 sender IDs with this feature. MIUI will go on working for such features to have to make your life a little better than before





  • We see these PayTM QR codes everywhere now. Most places of business have these for digital payments. So, how do you make your payment on MIUI 10? Camera is always a tap or a swipe away on your phone. Now, with MIUI 10. You can easily scan a QR code right from your camera & it deep links into the PayTM app to complete the payment.


  • Browser is one of the most used apps in the mobile phone, as it connects you to all kinds of online service. We wanted to make browser all the more useful and hence, we added a local service page for you. And, all of them - Fully support PWA. You can use web pages just like you use apps. Open the PWA immediately similarly like an app use BookMyShow. MakeMyTrip, same for OLA, OYO & more! You can even put their shortcuts on the home screen like a regular app. With Mi Browser, we provide a better way for you to reach and use online service.



  • We have made lots of customization for India. We launched Mi Music last month and have provided 10M+ high quality tracks. One month later, 5M users have been enjoying our music. On the same day, we also launched Mi Video. It provides 500,000+ hours content and support streaming across top OTT players




  • Let’s look at some example photos. Look at the difference before and after background blurred. If we don't mark the mobile model on the pictures, it's hard to believe that they are taken by single camera mobiles that were produced two or three years ago. And let us stress it again, they are 100% original.


  • With AI-powered MIUI 10, even single camera can take beautiful portraits. we will support first with the front camera, and will gradually support even the rear cameras, for complete list of devices, you can check out the full list on our website. So that’s AI portrait mode on MIUI 10




  • Now coming to the AI portrait mode, portrait mode in dual camera has significantly improved the photos we take every day and makes it look like it was shot with a DSLR. In dual camera setup, the primary lens keeps the subject in focus and the secondary lens identifies the depth of the scene. However, 90% of our users are still using single camera phones. It made us think, how can we do the same on a single lens camera set-up. Can we get similar great portrait shots from single camera phones? To make this possible we used thousands of photos with deep machine learning. This helped us achieving AI Portrait Mode even in single camera phones





  • We’ve been exploring nature’s sounds for a long time and have a rich collection of nature’s sound in our library then we’ve made another cool thing. We thought we can use nature’s sound in some other app. Ambient noises of nature - Now you have another reason to set a timer. When you are tired after a day's hard work, let ambient noises ease your body and mind. It will help you to be relax, focus, getting sleep or during a meditation session. Enjoy different sounds of Nature in our timer: Beach, Forest, Drizzle and much more!







  • Now your notifications sounds like water droplets…& every notification that you receive is unique just like water droplets & if you get multiple notifications one after the other. They form a distinct pattern just like a rhythm. No two leaves are alike and similarly no notification sound in MIUI 10 are the same. We used a lot of these nature’s sounds and built it right into the core of the system. For e.g. If you delete a notes with two finger swipe up gesture, it sounds like sand - Natural and cheerful.






  • Next, let's talk about sound, something often overlooked by smart phone developers. Repetitive sounds can be annoying with multiple applications and tons of notifications every single day. So, we looked for sounds that will be more pleasant to your ears.


  • And we found that the perfect solution in nature. Nature’s sound never stop inspiring us. Why is nature’s sound better than regular sound? Nature’s sound is pleasant and inspiring. Our ears can never get fatigued.





  • We couldn’t stop thinking how to design more for full screens. What are new visuals that can perfectly match full screens? In previous generations due to those foreheads and chins, the division which color blocks create still looks reasonable and validated. However, if we apply this to full screen devices…without foreheads, it looks like block designs and gives a strong feeling of segmentation, which we think doesn’t work well with full screens.

  • That’s how MIUI 10 solves the problem. First of all, we removed extra decoration and visual clutter then we redesigned the layout and regrouped items based on their features. Now your screen looks crisp, clear, and airy. Not just the notification shade, we also redesigned the whole system. MIUI 10 is filled with new visual details: Weather app, Calendar, Notes and Lockscreen. These are the new visuals for MIUI 10 - Designed for full screens with new aspect ratios







  • This is what the current recents look like in iOS, Stock Android and MIUI. This horizontal stacking of cards only allows you to view one card at a time. To make use of the whole screen space, we completely redesigned our recents view. Getting inspired from our own notes app on a full screen we realized this makes so much more sense, especially full screen displays.


  • With that inspiration we worked towards creating a new recent tabs space. So here are the features of the new Recents: Maximized screen space, Full screen gestures, Swipe to delete tasks, Long press for more options



  • Let’s talk about design. Ever since we launched MIX, the entire mobile industry has moved towards the Full Screen Era. MIUI Design team has been re thinking of how to make use of this full screen display at its full potential, a huge challenge we tackled step by step. First we got soft key options then removed the buttons from hardware and replaced them with soft keys. Again this was not fully utilizing the extra screen space, so we made another step and took it further - Full screen gestures.


  • We replaced each of those keys into gestures, go to home screen, go back  & open Recents. Ever since we rolled this out, we received thousands of positive feedbacks with users saying “once you go full screen, you can never go back.”




  • Now with all these 14 system optimization, how fast is MIUI 10 actually? We used Redmi Note 5 Pro and Samsung Galaxy J7 Duo. In the speed test we ran the 5 common system apps and 25 popular apps one by one and see which phone launched the app the quickest. Redmi Note 5 Pro with MIUI 10 beats Samsung J7 Duo by a good margin. MIUI 10 opened 3 times more applications quicker. So with MIUI 10 we went one step further. Now it is faster than ever.



  • Today in MIUI 10 we continue our strive to make MIUI even faster. We are adding two more critical system optimization namely Lock-free critical path and Codependent prioritizing, which improves the overall responsiveness of MIUI 10 by 10%.


  • In MIUI 9, we did tons of behind the scene work to make MIUI faster with a dozen of system optimization such as automatic background activity management and launch speech boost.


  • There are 4 key areas that we have focused on to build a completely new user experience.
  • 1. Speed
  • 2. Design
  • 3. Sound
  • 4. AI Portraits
Let’s talk about speed first.


  • Mi Fans were thrilled to experience all the improvements and particular appreciated how fast MIUI 9 was. Today we are excited to share our tenth edition of MIUI and talk about few of things that our team has been working on over the past 1 year - MIUI 10 Global.


  • MIUI has come a long way. The first MIUI came to the world in 2010 and from then on, MIUI already experienced 8 years in 9 Versions. The latest is MIUI 9. Last year we announced MIUI 9 with some major improvements and focussed on making MIUI as faster than ever.




Redmi Y2


- 16MP AI-Selfie camera with a LED selfie light
- 12MP + 5MP AI dual camera
- Snapdragon 625 octa-core processor
- 3000mAh full-day battery
- 2 SIM cards with a dedicated microSD card
- 5.99" HD + 18:9 full-screen display
- MIUI 9.5 based on Android Oreo


  • Let’s talk about the price now (You may be impatiently waiting!). Redmi Y2 3GB+32GB is priced at ₹9,999 and 4GB+64GB at ₹12,999. Sale starts from June 12 exclusively on, Amazon India and Mi Homes.




  • Xiaomi cares a lot about quality. Here are some of these durability tests performed on Redmi Y2. We also have an extremely low field failure rate.



  • Redmi Y2 also has a dedicated microSD card slot and we’ve also included a ultra-slim case in the box, so you get this high-quality Xiaomi protective case for free. All Redmi Y2 smartphones will be Made in India.



  • Redmi Y2 is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor which ensures great power efficiency and thermal performance. Also, it comes with an all-day battery which gives you up to 31 days standby time, 25 hours talk time and up to 7 hours of gaming.


  • Redmi Y2 runs on Android Oreo out of the box with MIUI 9.5, AI based facial recognition and you have the option to unlock with either your face or your fingerprint.



  • Regarding low light photography, Redmi Y2 uses 1.25 micron pixels this allows more light into the sensor, resulting in better low-light photos.



  • Let’s start with portrait photography. A lot of smartphones companies out there focus on putting high MP cameras without putting any work in fine-tuning the camera software



  • Now let’s talk about the rear camera. The dual camera features a 12 MP sensor to capture still images and a secondary 5MP colour sensor to capture depth information.



  • Let’s take a look at comparison. You can already see Redmi Y2 produce better details than the other two devices. In the next picture, you can see the Redmi Y2 preserves more hair detail than Samsung J7 Duo.



  • Redmi Y2 also feature AI Beautify 4.0 works on both the front and rear camera. Take a look at all the features of  AI Beautify 4.0.



  • The selfie camera for Redmi Y2 also comes with a front HDR that you can use when you are in a backlit situation. This selfie definitely looks better with the HDR switched on and you can clearly make up the details in the background better.



  • We’ve also tuned the LED selfie light to 4500k temperature to simulate natural white light and our LED selfie-light works great with group photo too.



  • Low-light selfie is a problem that all smartphone companies have been trying to solve. Redmi Y2 has a feature called Super Pixel which uses a technique called Pixel Binning. The effective pixel size ends up being 2 microns so it’s a super pixel that is really good in low light.



  • We designed Redmi Y2 camera to take your selfies to the next level even during challenging conditions. Redmi Y2 features a 16 MP front camera with a f/2.0 aperture. Tons of technology have been put into the front camera and the three highlights are low-light selfie, AI beautify, and AI portrait selfie




  • The Redmi Y series and Katrina exude a sense of self-expression.



  • Redmi Y2 comes with a 5.99” HD+ display, brushed metallic finish back, and the two separation lines adds a nice finishing touch to the phone.




  • We're excited to unveil the best AI-Selfie smartphone in India! Presenting the all-new Redmi Y2



  • We've always continued to believe in offering our Mi fans the best-specced hardware, at the highest quality and at honest pricing. Today will be no different.


  • Last year, Redmi Y1 - our first selfie-centric smartphone was the No. 1 choice of the youth of India! We had an adoption rate of 51% among users aged under 24 years. This was better than the industry avg. of 48%.


  • Woah! 9 out of the top 10 selling smartphones in the online segment in India for Q1 2018 were all Xiaomi phones! #1SmartphoneBrandXiaomi #FindYourSelfie


  • Xiaomi is the most preferred smartphone brand by an entire generation of online shoppers in India. In Q1 2018, we hold an online market share on 59.61% and dominate this category. #FindYourSelfie


  • We've continued to remain India's #1SmartphoneBrand 3 quarters in a row! Our market share dominance of over 30% is the first time by any brand since Q1 2014. 1/3 phones sold in India is a Xiaomi phone. #FindYourSelfie



  • Registration desks for Media and VIPs


  • The Stage is Set!


  • Good afternoon from New Delhi. #FindYourSelfie coming soon.


  • #FindYourSelfie - the BEST selfie smartphone is about to be launched.


Thank You everyone for joining us today!

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Redmi S2 as Y2 😎

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Redmi s2

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Redmi S2 as Redmi Y2


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No,as I don't take selfies too much so i am not excited...

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Redmi S2

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Redmi S2

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