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[Xiaomi] [Xiaomi Launch] MIJIA, Mi Induction Heating Pressure Rice Cooker

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11:57, Mar-29-2016
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Dear Mi fans,

I guess it is known to all that something big is happening about Xiaomi. Yes. Xiaomi Ecosystem is introducing more than one new products to the world today. We are marching to build a new perception of China-made goods. It is redefined as good quality.

The launch event will be held at 2:30pm in Beijing. Stay tuned with us. Before it happens, you can watch the videos here. Our News super moderator vincent has been consolidating the teasers and preheat videos of this event all together.

For your information, the pictures below will be updated in reverse order and it is in Beijing time.



Pre-announcement of Mi Fan Festival offers of Mi in April.
1. Mi 5 Pro Launch Sale
2. Redmi 3 Pro with Finger Print Sensor Launch Sale
3. MIJIA Induction Heating Pressure Rice Cooker
4. Mi TV 3S Curve

4:01 pm
Induction Heating Pressure Rice Cooker: high-end and smart!

What is magic? Use your app to adjust the softness of your rice.


Scan the code on your rice package and the data will be uploaded to cloud. A corresponding heating method will be calculated and carried out. There are 2450 heating methods in total.

3:40 pm
What it takes to make a good inner container of the IH Cooker? 69 procedures in total.




The Induction Heating Pressure Rice Cooker is coming. Check out what it looks like.



Xiaomi decided to make high-end cookers based on 4 factors: Good quality, scarcity in China, high current prices and market needs. So we invited NAITO TAKESHI, a renowned engineer from Japan to join us and built the cooker team. They are from Apple, Moto, IBM, Media, Philips, and Sanyo.



Liu De is introducing technologies of electric cookers. High-end cookers use pressure IH heating technology.

Introducing Boss Liu De, the superman who has given his best in thriving Mi Eco-system. His first words are, I'd like to thank the 55 members in our ecosystem firstly. So cute:)


MIJIA, a new look and an artwork.

3:10 pm

Today, we'll upgrade the branding of Mi Eco-system. So we're launching a new brand for Mi Eco-system at this moment.MIJIA it is, literally meaning Xiaomi Smart Home. The logo looks like a shield. Yes, it is as reliable as a shield.

3:00 pm


Xiaomi introduced Mi Power Bank in 2013. Now there are only 2 brands of Power Banks on market, namely Mi Power Bank and Mi Power Bank Copycat. Please buy from official channels of Mi.

2:46 pm
Products from Mi Ecosystem have received 28 international design awards. Do you like their design?



Representative products of Mi Eco-system. Mi Air Purifie from ZhiMi, Mi Power Bank from ZiMi and Mi Band from HuaMi have been rising stars in their industries.



Mi Ecosystem has been executed for over 2 year. Let us what we have done. Xiaomi invested 55 startups till now. 29 among them started from nothing. Xiaomi is deeply involved in their development. 2 of them achieved 1 billion RMB in revenue.


It's happening. Lei Jun came onto the stage.Lei says that we talked about 2 words in the last few years: real-quality and touching. We hope that Xiaomi can have products made of real qualityand touching.

2:28 pm
3 minutes to go. Everything is ready:)

Mi fans are seated. They are adjusting their Mi phone for all kinds of live updates.




The launch event is 1 hour to go. Mi fans and media started to sign in.
12:41pm 8.jpg
Mi 5, Mi 5, Mi 5!

11:04 am
Bottled water purified by Mi Water Purifier.

Let me move the camera inside.

10:22 am
Xiaomi prepared a signature wall for Mi fans. Everyone who comes to attend the event can sign their names right there.


A glance at the launch venue

8:36 am
Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun has been interviewed in CCTV recently. He discloses that Xiaomi's lineup has been extended from MiPhone manufacturing to Mi TV, Mi Routers, and more. Xiaomi has invested in multiple ecosystem enterprises including the well-known ZiMi and HuaMi. Lei says the final goal of Xiaomi is to become the impetus of social development.

8:29 am

Xiaomi Eco-system Product Launch Event will be held in Beijing at 2:30 pm.

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Waiting :)
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nice ..still watiing ....great job..xiaomi .

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this was exciting!

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Great news!


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