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[Reviews] [Marcus's Exploration] Vol 2: Explore the Soul of Redmi Note 3 - MIUI 7

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11:58, Mar-19-2016 | From PC
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Mi Explorer.png

Hey MIUIers!

          Previously I have written a review of my first impression on Redmi Note 3. Today I will bring you guys my exploration with the real contents of Redmi Note 3 - Software. The Operating System that Redmi Note 3 uses is called MIUI (pronounced as Me-You-I), which is the stock OS for most of the Xiaomi phones and tablets. Why do I even explain this in MIUI Forum? Well, maybe some of my friends are reading this via my facebook share, so they might not know about MIUI yet.

Enough talking. Let's get started with this machine!

First Boot-Up


In first time booting, we need to hold the power button more than 4 seconds. A Mi Logo will appear along with a quick vibration from the phone.


We are required to choose our language used in phone and our country. Since this is a Global ROM, there are a lot of languages that we can choose.

The languages available in Redmi Note 3 are:


There are total 40 languages in Global ROM for Redmi Note 3 to be used!
(Click on image to enlarge it)


Next, we will be asked to choose a keyboard and also connect to a WiFi network so the coming procedures can be done easily. As usual, there will be terms and conditions for us to agree with when we want to use a product.


Redmi Note 3 by Mi Malaysia has pre-installed Google Account Manager. It will prompt us to sign in our Google account during first boot up.


After logged in, we can choose to enable option for auto backup our apps, data and settings to Google account. We can even set up payment info with it. I will just ignore them as I do not need any of them.


Other than that, we have to create or login a Mi Account so we can utilize most of the features provided in Redmi Note 3. We can activate Mi features such as Mi Cloud, Device Tracker, Mi Message (free SMS via Internet), and etcs.


If we already have an existing Mi Account and using a Mi phone, we can backup all our apps and data into Mi Cloud and restore back to the new phone. How convenient!


For Redmi Note 3, we have the step which asks us to register our fingerprints as a unlock screen method. We will need to choose one of the lockscreen method (Pattern, PIN or Password) first, then only register our fingerprints.


To register a fingerprint, just press our finger on the fingerprint sensor for 12 times repeatly. A green tick will appear and taadaa! We have just registered a fingerprint for secuirty unlock!


Then, we can choose the option to enable option of enable location service for apps and User Experience Program (which will send anonymous data from our phone to Xiaomi server). Usually I will turn on the location and disable User Experience program. Last but not least, choose our favorite themes among the 5 default themes of MIUI 7, and we are ready to rock the Redmi Note 3!

Apps & Settings


There are several pre-installed Google Apps we can find after booting in for the first time. I try to remove some of them, but none of them can be deleted as they are part of system apps. Other than google apps and system apps, we have additional pre-installed apps such as Facebook, WPS Office, Swiftkey, Wego and Flesky. Here's some quick intro on these additional apps:

  • Facebook - I don't need to intro this right?
  • WPS Office - App to open up Microsoft Office files (Words, Excel) and PDF
  • Swiftkey - A keyboard app which has a lot of swipe features
  • Wego - Search for Flight and hotel with lot of variety
  • Flesky - Another flashy keyboard app

Without hesitate, I remove Swiftkey, Wego and Flesky as I don't need them at all. I use Google Keyboard as my main keyboard. While Facebook is an important social media app and WPS Office works great with Microsoft documents and PDF.


The phone comes with Android 5.1.1 and MIUI 7 (Global Beta). The screenshot above shows my current storage space after install some games and apps, but the initial storage available with only system apps is around 22GB. Although the official said Redmi Note 3 can support up to 32GB external SD card, but I have tried with 64GB SD card and it works flawlessly. Please check the screenshot above for the evidence of 64GB external storage.

Notification & Toggle Page


By pulling down from the homescreen, we will enter notification/toggle pages. In notifications page, we can clear the notifications by either tap on the X below to clear all or swipe the notification to the right to clear it (1 by 1). The toggle page displays 9 toggles at once, we can change the toggle position by entering Setting > Notifications > Toggle Positions. The screenshot toggle key is really useful in MIUI, which other phone OS don't have.

Security App


Security App is one of the main highlight in MIUI. In this app, we can find its own cleaner, virus scanner, memory optimizer and permission setting manager. We can even restrict the data or Wi-Fi access in all install apps! This is one of my favorite feature in MIUI!


This everything-in-one security app also allows us to add numbers into blocklist so we can block unwanted call or messages from people we are not comfortable with. There are also setting to autostart the apps when we boot up the phone. We can manage all permissions for all apps in security app too! In fact, this feature already available since MIUI 5 while stock Android version brought this feature quite late.

Theme Store


MIUI is also popular with features which allow users to customize their own phone interface. Introducing Theme Store App in Redmi Note 3! In MIUI 7 Global version, we have only choices of changing the themes and wallpaper in phone. Unlike old days when we can customize more of it such as fonts, icon, boot up animation and etcs. But still, we can still enjoy this theme store that provide more colorful and fun into our phone.

Call & Messages


What is the use of a smartphone if it can't even do the most basic functions of a mobile phone? Presenting you guys the interface of phone app in Redmi Note 3. We need to swipe up the green phone button to answer the call. If we want to mute the call without ending it, just press power button.

My favorite feature in MIUI phone app is that we can activate call recorder to (6) recorder the whole conversation. Other than that, we can (3) enable speaker mode and (4) save a new contact during call. Guess what, I found that Redmi Note 3 microphones have quite decent voice reception range! We can talk with speaker mode while the phone is approximate 0.5 metre away from us!


Redmi Note 3 has a hidden feature in messaging app. It is known as private messaging. On our messaging app, we can pull down the whole interface to enter private messaging page. We can add any contact or numbers with its setting. The whole conversation of that number will be hidden in this page. We can even set a password for this! Cool feature right?



Camera in Redmi Note 3 provides a lot of features in itself. The camera interface is shown in screenshot above. By swiping left, we will see a set of filters to play along when taking a picture. By swiping right, we will see some quick settings such as panorama, tilt-shift and much more. It's always fun to take some extra-ordinary photos!

Since Redmi Note 3 has a fingerprint sensor, we can also use this sensor as a shutter for camera! If you watched the Launch event in India, Hugo has showed us how to take a 16MP selfies using the fingerprint sensor. I have tested it and it works flawlessly! (Only available starting from MIUI 7 Global Beta 6.3.18)


For its video recorder, we have two extra modes to play with - Time-lapse and slow-motion. While taking video, we can also capture a picture by clicking on the white dot (as shown in third screenshot above). This setting needs to be enable under video setting though. It can be a very useful feature for some of us!

Music App


The music app for MIUI in Redmi Note 3 has a simple interface which looks like screenshot above. If our phone is connected to Internet, it will auto search for its album art and lyrics too! While playing music, our lockscreen will turn into music player interface as well along with the lyrics! Cool right? The only thing I don't like about this music app is it does not have search function in playlist.

GPS Tracking


I used to be a Redmi Note 3G user, and the GPS locating time really took me very long. However, Redmi Note 3 Snapdragon variant definitely outruns its predecessor. GPS lock on for apps didn't even take longer than 5 seconds! I have tried Sport Tracker app and Waze, they are all work really smooth with the GPS on Redmi Note 3. I'm not sure about locking on GPS at 500km away from the last location though, it may takes longer than 5 seconds.

Mi Cloud


In MIUI, they have their own cloud service known as "Mi Cloud" to backup a lot of data from your phone. Here are all the data we can backup in Mi Cloud:
Contacts, Messages, Gallery, Call History, Notes, Wi-Fi, Calendar, Recordings, Browser (Bookmarks, history, tabs)

Other than that, we can also backup our apps and setting in our current phone. If we have reset the phone, we can restore all our apps and settings via Mi Cloud. The default storage that Mi Cloud gave is 10GB. They used to gave free 1GB every month we use Mi Cloud to sync data, but that was in 2014.

We can visit the Mi Cloud website at http://i.mi.com to check our photos, videos, contacts, messages, and recordings that synced to our account. From that website, we can easily manage and organize our data in Mi Cloud. My personal advice, turn off the "Backup and sync automatically" in your gallery app, so all photos or videos will not automatically upload to Mi Cloud. You would have hard time deleting photos from Mi Cloud among thousands of photos later.


I have been using MIUI for one and a half year, since MIUI 5 till today with MIUI 7. The features in MIUI always astonish me and other phone OS just doesn't suit my taste anymore. MIUI also provide weekly update for us if we use MIUI developer version. My opinions might be a little bit bias toward MIUI, but I try to give my honest feedback on the overall software in Redmi Note 3.

Next Volume will be about the battery life of Redmi Note 3.
Please stay tuned!

Signing Off,

Marcus's Exploration Volumes:

Feel free to ask questions by replying to this thread.
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Just like a page of MIUI on Wikipedia!

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So good. More sharing plz
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