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[Others] Push notification does not work. How whatsapp works ?

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14:53, Apr-17-2018 | From PC
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Does MIUI doe sanything specifical to Whatsapp. Here are my observations in my app that I am developing

1. With FCM, I am not recieving any notification, when it si running in background or closed. Popup notification works fine. But I wanted to handle the notification in messageRecived. This not called when app is closed by swiping from recent app list.

2. To solve the above problem, I used Pushy. It works fine. Even if I close the app, it sends the notification. But after 30 mins, even that is also not working.

3. I see that whatsapp works fine. Noticication can be recieved any time. Is there anything MIUI is doing specific to Whatsapp

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