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[News] Xiaomi Mi 5 Global Launch: Mi 5 is Here! Specs, Price and Photos!

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10:50, Feb-24-2016
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Dear MIUI fans,

Today is the big day!! Witness Mi 5 global launch with Mi, live from Barcelona at #MWC16. The long awaited Mi 5 will be unveiled by Hugo just for you! Live stream starts on Feb 24 at 9:00 am CET (Barcelona) / 3:00 am EST (New York) / 1:30 pm IST (New Delhi). Live updates of images and texts will be provided here in this thread too. Stay tuned! The Mi 5 launch event in Beijing happened at 14:00 (GMT+8 Beijing), please click here for more details.

Please use PC to read this thread for better experience.
Note: The launch event updates are posted in inverted order. Please keep refreshing during the event.

Mi 5‬ is here! Packed with tech breakthroughs, it’s unimaginably fast and surprisingly light. Powers on Snapdragon 820, hits an insane 142,084 AnTuTu score. Exquisite 3D ceramic body that fits a 5.15” display in a grip of a 5” device. Is this all you ever imagined, and more?
- Snapdragon 820, up to 4GB RAM + 128GB UFS 2.0
- 600Mbps 4G+ download speeds, VoLTE
- 3D ceramic/glass body, weighs 129g
- 5.15” 16 LED light display, 3D ceramic/glass body
- Front fingerprint sensor
- 16MP 4-axis OIS + 2µm-pixel 4MP camera
- 3000mAh battery, Quick Charge 3.0
- Full feature NFC
- MIUI based on Android M




Xiaomi 2016 Mi 5 Global Launch at MWC Barcelona

Introducing Xiaomi Mi 5: An elegance beyond imagination


Watch Mi 5's 4-axis OIS shake it off

Beautify with video calls? Why not! There are 6 different effects to play with, and you can also do conference calls with up to 3 friends. Beautify function will truly make you want to chat more using video.


Keep your downtime to a minimum with Quick Charge 3.0, which charges Mi 5 for 5 minutes and provides usage of 2.5 hours. One hour of charging gives you 80-90% battery. Now that's quick!


In addition to swiping your phone to make payments, full-feature NFC makes life easy with bus or subway transactions and recharges.

"Borderless displays are a myth—they will continue to exist," says Hugo Barra. ‪#‎Mi5‬ has an ultra-thin bezel on its display, plus a ton of cool features, like Reading Mode and Sunlight Display.
The key to having a bright display is how you light it from the back. #Mi5 has a 16LED display that is 17% more power efficient.

OIS technology is usually seen on larger devices because of its complicated design. ‪#‎Mi5‬ introduces FOUR-axis OIS, which is a new kind of optical image stabilization, allowing you to take great photos in low light and shaky situations (sorry Tay tay, can't shake this one off ;))
It's a really big tech breakthrough we've implemented as part of #Mi5.
It also ships with a Sony IMX298 sensor, one of the first devices to use this 16MP high-definition sensor. It's our first camera featuring DTI (deep trench isolation) technology, preventing light leaks so you can get pure, clean colors.
Qualcomm Spectra image processor allows you to take 4K videos, while the front-facing camera is a 4MP shooter that gives high level of detail. And of course, your favorite Beautify feature is there to make sure you look gorgeous all the time.


Mi 5‬ has a 5.15" display with the feel of a 5" inch device in hand. Total weight with 3D glass back is only 129g, 14g lighter than an iPhone 6s.It's hard to believe that it's so light when you find out that there is a high-density 3000mAh battery tucked into its light and slim body. Lightness and a large battery.
"You can have one or the other but never both; this is a new milestone in the industry." - Hugo Barra
You want more? Yes, there's more to Mi 5 than meets the eye. Camera up next smile emoticon



Mi 5‬ improves on all aspects of Mi Note with an even slimmer, more comfortable grip. Mi 5 has a flat line and then a curve.
From an engineering perspective, the biggest challenge was to create a single surface with the curved edges so that glass to metal transitions seamlessly.
We also wanted to explore other materials, which led us to 3D ceramic for the back body of #Mi5. It's durable and resists any kind of abrasion really wall—up to 8H on the Mohs hardness scale (steel is 4 to 4.5 for comparison, while a diamond is at 10).
"This is not the kind of ceramic you'll find in plates, but high-grade nano-ceramic zirconia." It gives the the texture of marble, without the weight.
Beauty and brains!

A1_MWC_Feb24_FINAL.092.png A1_MWC_Feb24_FINAL.093.png A1_MWC_Feb24_FINAL.094.png
A1_MWC_Feb24_FINAL.095.png A1_MWC_Feb24_FINAL.096.png A1_MWC_Feb24_FINAL.097.png

Insanely fast, and more! ‪Mi 5‬ has: Snapdragon 820, up to 4GB RAM + 128GB UFS 2.0,
600Mbps 4G+ download speeds, VoLTE plus an INSANE 142,084 Antutu score.
It doesn't get any faster than this!
Mi 5 also takes a more elegant approach to design. "Mi 5 builds on top of Mi Note and takes a bigger leap forward."
"It's also the first time we're using a home button and a front-facing fingerprint sensor, with a very subdued design—that's Mi 5."
"It comes in other colors, too, like white. And gold. A very light and elegant shade of gold."

A1_MWC_Feb24_FINAL.073.png A1_MWC_Feb24_FINAL.076.png A1_MWC_Feb24_FINAL.077.png A1_MWC_Feb24_FINAL.079.png A1_MWC_Feb24_FINAL.086.png

Mi 5‬ features a CAT12 LTE modem thanks to Snapdragon 820. To simplify the explanation, Hugo Barra says it can take just 30 seconds (seconds!!) to download a 1080p movie.


It also comes with VoLTE support. Killer advantages of VoLTE (Voice over LTE) technology for 4G users: faster call connection, high-definition and better voice and video call quality which provides a more natural sound while resulting in lower dropped-call rates. Is this a feature useful in your daily life?


Mi 5 comes equipped with UFS 2.0: Universal Flash Storage, which is 87% faster for read/write operations and uses a different data architecture than eMMC. UFS is vastly superior.


Mi 5‬ is here! Running on Snapdragon 820, it's a multi-tasking powerhouse that has 4GB LPDDR4 RAM + 128GB onboard flash storage to manage intensive tasks, games, and more.

Mi5‬ is insanely fast, and more, with CPU faster than Snapdragon 810 and network speeds 300% faster than 4G, with a whopping 142,084 Antutu score.

Hugo Barra goes into the tech breakthroughs of #Mi5 that is so awesome it's almost like "black magic."

Qualcomm Snapdragon 820: Double the power, half the power consumption, it's a powerhouse chipset. Next up, Derek Aberle, President of Qualcomm Inc. to talk about Snapdragon 820 more.







Xiaomi Ecosystem



Mi phone users are very active.

MIUI is a live mobile OS with weekly update. We launched MIUI 7 in 2015. There are over 170 million MIUI users worldwide.



Founded on April 6th, 2010, Xiaomi has become the No.1 smartphone brand in China! Over 70 million Mi phones sold in 2015!



Here we go!!!

Counting down!!

Xiaomi VP Hugo Barra is to reveal the Xiaomi Mi 5 today!!


20 mins to go! Are you ready? Xiaomi VP Hugo Barra is ready to rock n' roll and launch ‪‎Mi 5‬ at ‪‎MWC16‬ in Barcelona! This photo was taken by a Mi 5, btw

Xiaomi VP Hugo Barra has arrived in Barcelona!
¡Hola desde Barcelona! Just saying a big hello from #MWC16 together with GSMA CEO and Director John Hoffman.

Just a few hours left until we finally launch #Mi5! Are you excited yet?? We're already preparing and rehearsing—I can't wait to show you guys Mi 5, it's really all you ever imagined, and more!


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Wow! It happened at the same day as China? Cool!

Just 1 hour late than Beijing's Mi 5 Launch Event :)
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this is cool!

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cool HUgo! Live
My Youtube Channel
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ooh cant wait

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Awesome.. can't wait

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Good news

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