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[Others] [Announced]MIUI App Review Team Members Wanted! Apply to join us!

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17:52, May-23-2014 | From PC
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Update on June 3, 2014

Time's up!!
Here's the list of our newly selected MIUI App Review Team members:

PS:Please submit your application at your convenience. If you missed this time, no worry, you can send me pm whenever you want. We are always waiting for your joining.


Congratulations to our first group of MIUI app reviewers. We'll work together to help MIUIers play better with cooler app!
Any suggestion to MIUI App Review Team is highly appreciated!!!

Hey MIUIers,
Thanks to your great support and contributions, MIUI has more than 50,000,000 users worldwide!MIUI English Forum is also on the way to expansion, now we decide to form MIUI App Review Team to help other users better experience apps before their installing! Please join us if you are also interested in or good at writing app reviews.


What Does MIUI App Review Team Do?

        MIUI App Review Team aims to write android apps reviews. The cooler apps you choose and review, the better! Please be noted what you would do will help others play better with their phones, we try our best to provide MIUIers with the best and coolest app.

Rights and responsibilities
Once you join MIUI App Review Team, you will have the following rights and responsibilities:
       1.    Read permission: 90
       2.    Larger attachment size
       3.    Access to MIUI daily update (Same right with MIUI Beta Team)
       4.    Priority of joining MIUI official activities
       5.    More chances to get your posts promoted
       6.    Special forum rewards and medals  
       7.    Possible MIUI gift package to outstanding members

      1.    Be willing to carry out the forum rules and guidelines fairly
      2.    Maintain reference information in the forums
      3.    Help forum members use the forum properly by offering guidance and answering questions
      4.    Edit, merge, or remove threads or posts violating MIUI Forum Rules and Guidelines
      5.    Test new forum features
      6.    Help make forum policies

     1.    Reasonable English level
     2.    Familiar with Android, MIUI function
     3.    Have a good understanding of MIUI related forum
     4.    Previous forum management experience, especially from MIUI related forums, highly preferred.
     5.    Have enough time and commitment to be online at least 2-3 hours every day.
     6.    Good at communication and cooperation.
     7.    Post at least 3 threads of original app reviews per month

If interested, please reply to this thread to apply.  Those who have previous experience in apps reviews (thread link if possible) will be preferred to be taken in .

PS: Please submit application at your convenience. The newly selected members will be announced on June 3, 2014. Please stay tuned!

Come on, guys! Your application is highly appreciated!

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21:09, May-23-2014 | Via mobile
I am interested. I have written reviews for a site Now that is not there. I can get old links from my mails, if needed. I have reviewed for devices, software's, games - all for mobiles.

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21:04, May-23-2014 | From PC
iam interested but i am not have much i just support this derica

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19:28, May-23-2014 | Via mobile
This post was edited by Sidm92 at 19:32, May-23-2014

I am interested in writing reviews. I haven't written such reviews on any sites earlier except for Google play but I would like to join the team and provide helpful and original reviews. And i come online each and every day and try to contribute my ideas wherever possible.

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21:38, May-23-2014 | Via mobile
This post was edited by DoxMAZz at 06:46, Jun-01-2014

Nice to see that more team members will come

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21:46, May-23-2014 | From PC
i would like to take part in the miui app review for the app and ram improvements at my level ........ i am little experienced too in this thing i had done the same for the cover screen application

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21:49, May-23-2014 | From PC
This post was edited by Glennnugraha at 21:50, May-23-2014

Actualy im interisting for this job..
but im in Miui News Team now..

But, im always support..


allakazoo If you can spare the time, why not take up a second post? :)  23:20, May-23-2014

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21:51, May-23-2014 | From PC
Cool ya, more and more different teams

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21:57, May-23-2014 | From PC
Congratulation to those who apply..
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22:07, May-23-2014 | Via mobile
Welcome everyone and please join us. This is a great opportunity to each of us to shine and help others in this community.

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