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[Changelog] MIUI 7.1 Global Stable Build Now Rolling Out: Changelog & Download Links!

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17:31, Jan-04-2016
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Dear MIUI fans,

It's been over 2 months since the first MIUI 7 global stable build was released. Today we are really excited to announce that MIUI 7.1 global stable build is now rolling out! From now on, many of you should be able to progressively receive the update over-the-air (OTA) on your phones via the Updater app. If you cannot wait, you can download the ROM packages in this thread below. Yours by design! Get ready for the first upgrade in 2016!

Upgrade to MIUI 7 Global Stable Build: FAQ Click Here For More Details
Q: What's MIUI 7 stable version?
A: MIUI has 3 ROM versions: Experimental, Developer, and Stable.
Experimental version is updated every day, and is open to a small part of senior members. It includes new features and bug fixes for the senior members to test before they enter developer version, therefore it contains high risks of serious bugs
Developer version (China) is updated every week, developer version (Global) is updated bi-weekly. It get new features and bug fixes in every update, and is stable enough for daily usage
Stable version doesn't have a regular update frequency. It's updated once a month/two months/even longer. Stability is its major concern. Common users who prefer ROM stability are recommended to use this version

Q: Which devices could upgrade to MIUI 7.1 stable version?
A: Global MIUI 7.1 stable version supported devices are: Mi 2/2S, Mi 3, Mi 4, Mi Note,  Mi 4i, Redmi Note 4G, Redmi 2 / Prime, Redmi 1S, Redmi Note Prime, Redmi Note 2, Redmi Note 3G, Mi Pad

How to Update to MIUI 7 Global Stable Build? Click Here For More Details
Q: How to upgrade to MIUI 7 stable version?
A: The upgrade method depends on the MIUI version you're currently using on your device
If you're using MIUI V5/MIUI 6/MIUI 7 stable version on your device, you can update directly on your deivce via OTA, or flash the full ROMs in recovery or using Mi PC Suite.
If you're using MIUI China developer version or Global beta build, you can flash the full ROMs in recovery mode after wiping all user data.

Q: Are there any notes I need to taken before upgrading to MIUI 7 stable version?
A: It's highly recommended to back up user data before updating. OTA update is safe procedure, it's not necessary to back up data. But if you update using full ROM, it's better to back up all your data to a computer. Please don't update accross MIUI versions (experimental / developer / stable). If you really need to update accross MIUI versions, make sure to wipe all user data in Recovery mode before updating.

Q: Could developer version 'upgrade' to stable version?
A: The answer is yes. But you can't use the OTA method to update, and can only flash the full ROM. As developer version is actually advanced than stable version, there will be data conflict between the two versions, therefor make sure to wipe all user data in Recovery mode before flashing the ROM.

MIUI 7.1 Global Stable Build Update Highlights
- File Explorer supports hidden folders
- New ‘Doodle’ tool added for image editing in Gallery
- Mi Drop makes it easier to share files with nearby devices
- Six text sizes available for you to choose from including XS

MIUI 7.1 Global Stable Build Full Changelog
Note: Data saver feature is now only available in MIUI 7 global beta build (Click here to download the latest version) and works only in India, Indonesia, Philippines, Brazil, Singapore, Malaysia, HongKong and Taiwan for now. It has not been added to MIUI 7.1 yet, and hopefully will be included in next update. Sorry about the mistake in the changelog.

Optimization - Clean up shortcut supports cleaning apps' cache (09-15)
Optimization - Apps locked in recent task page will not be closed by system when remaining RAM is low (09-15)
Fix - Verification messages might be sent automatically (11-15)
Fix - Google keyboard was missing after update (11-26)
Fix - System partition did not have enough space (11-26)

Lockscreen, Status Bar, Notification Bar
Optimization - In DND mode, for incoming calls with screen turned off. There will be a green bar on the top after waking the screen (09-07)
Optimization - Reduced status bar RAM usage (09-15)
Optimization - Support setting lockscreen and floating notifications separately (11-02)
Optimization - App notifications page displays blocked apps first (11-02)
Optimization - Support changing wallpaper from top right corner in lockscreen when daily lockscreen is enabled (11-11)
Fix - SIM card displayed abnormally after restarting the status bar (09-07)
Fix - Sometimes, notifications' order changed automatically in Notification shade (09-15)
Fix - Music widget play/pause button had error in some situations (09-15)
Fix - Sometimes status bar disappeared (09-15)
Fix - Sometimes, Mi Band icon disappeared from status bar (09-22)
Fix - Sometimes, there was no response after pressing lockscreen notifications (09-22)
Fix - Connection speed in status bar overlapped when using XXL text (09-22)
Fix - Screen could not be waken up while loading themes (09-30)
Fix - Combined password could not be entered when exiting Child mode/Private folder (10-29)
Fix - Pushing blank sides in a floating notification could not fold it in landscape mode (11-02)
Fix - Sometimes WiFi connection was recognized as portable hotspot (11-05)

Home screen
Optimization - Enhanced home screen smoothness and speed of opening folders (09-15)
Optimization - Unified third party apps' launching animation (09-16)
Optimization - Apps' content will not show in Recents tray when 'Lock apps' is enabled (10-13)
Fix - Adding Cleanup function shortcut caused home screen to FC (09-10)
Fix - Display error when using images taken by the device as wallpaper (09-14)

New - Audio settings support Mi Piston earbuds color edition (09-02)

File Explorer
New - Added private folders (10-20)
New - Support listing starred files by editing time (11-03)
New - Support adding folders to private folder (11-09)
New - Allow selecting restore path when disabling private settings (11-09)
New - Support moving files in private folder (11-18)
New - Private folder supports file name encryption (11-18)
New - Added space clearing prompt for phone management (11-18)
New - Support setting default video player (11-18)
New - Support adding File Explorer shortcut to home screen (11-18)
Optimization - App more compatible with custom themes (09-08)
Optimization - Optimized images display method (11-03)
Optimization - Progress status display method of compressing/decompressing etc. (11-03)
Optimization - Changed Mi Drop category page default ordering method to descending by time (11-03)
Fix - Thumbnails are not displayed in searching result (11-03)

Optimization - Greatly enhanced Browser start page launching speed (11-17)

Optimization - Optimized app widget style when using different font sizes (09-08)
Optimization - Card view style for displaying events (10-29)
Fix - SwiftKey keyboard could not input Chinese in Calendar app (09-15)

Clock / Calculator
New - Support closing the next alarm clock only when turning off repeat alarm clocks (10-22)
Optimization - Added vibration when pressing the options at the bottom of clock page (09-16)

Mi Drop
New - Added Mi Drop to help transfer files between phones (09-28)
Optimization - Long press on Mi Drop toggle will direct to usage help page (10-14)
Optimization - Increased file transferring speed (10-20)
Optimization - Processing mechanism when the receiver does not have enough space on their device (10-20)
Optimization - Animated effects when scanning (10-28)
Fix - Sometimes files failed to be transferred (10-13)
Fix - Sometimes app crashed while scanning (10-14)

New - Added ''Connection' shortcut in security to view each app's realtime connection speed (10-26)
Optimization - Increased check process efficiency (10-27)

New - Recommendation page after clearing trash (10-20)
New - Clearing animated effects (10-20)

Battery Usage
Optimization - Low battery warning message will not pop up when there's an incoming call (10-12)
Optimization - Optimized the prompt text when power on and off time are set as the same (11-17)

MIUI 7.1 Global Stable Build Recovery & Fastboot Downloads  Click Here to Download All
Mi Note- V7.1.1.0.KXEMICK click here for details
Fastboot (913M)
Recovery (723M)

Redmi 2 / Prime (4G)- V7.1.1.0.KHJMICK  Click here for details
Fastboot (850M)
Recovery (662M)

Redmi Note (4G)- V7.1.1.0.KHIMICK  Click here for details
Fastboot  (896M)
Recovery (709M)

Mi 3 | Mi 4- V7.1.1.0.KXDMICK   Click here for details
Fastboot (859M)
Recovery (672M)

Redmi 1S (3G) - V7.1.1.0.KHCMICK Click here for details
Fastboot (886M)
Recovery (698M)

Redmi Note Prime (4G Dual SIM) -V7.1.1.0.KHKMICK  Click here for details
Fastboot (960M)
Recovery (703M)

Mi Pad - V7.1.1.0.KXFMICK  Click here for details
Fastboot (574M)
Recovery (547M)

Redmi Note 2 - V7.1.1.0.LHMMICK Click here for details
Fastboot (1155M)
Recovery (931M)

Redmi Note 3G - V7.1.3.0.KHDMICK Click here for details
Recovery (665M)

Mi 4i - V7.1.1.0.LXIMICK Click here for details
Fastboot (1140M)
Recovery (846M)

Mi 2/2S: V7.1.2.0.LXAMICK  click here for details
Fastboot (715M)

Note: Only fastboot ROM provided for now due to system partitions merging. You can directly flash the ROM to merge system partitions. Please remember to back up all data. Click here to know more about Merging System Partitions

MIUI 7.1 China Stable ROM released as well. Please click here to download

Upgrade now and keep your feedback coming! For major bugs, please post a bug report here!Thank you!

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coolpepe Great... and Happy New Year  14:38, Jan-05-2016

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12:13, Jan-05-2016
again wasted my time....even now I am quite bored from MI. Either release kernel source code or give us android M upgrade.

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--Henny-- + 1 You're totally right! :)
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00:50, Jan-07-2016
This post was edited by 喔嗫哇嘉明 at 14:19, Jan-09-2016
shwemin replied at 2016-1-5 12:17
Thanks ,when can redmi note 3 get sir?

hello,I am a Chinese,Sorry my English is very poor.
I want to tell you that the Stable ROM (MIUI 7.1)  is Developer ROM a month ago.
You now use the Developer ROM, which is MIUI 7.2 Stable ROM a month later.

MIUI = MIUI 7.1 's 3rd test versions
L = Android L(5.0 & 5.1)
HN = Redmi Note 3
MI = Global(CN = China)
CK = Developer ROM of  November 2015

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18:03, Jan-05-2016 Via mobile
k87rahul replied at 2016-1-5 15:05
It's in Security - data usage - data saving.

See where it is

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rajaprabu + 1 Agreed!

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12:17, Jan-05-2016
Thanks ,when can redmi note 3 get sir?

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Mi BandI Love MIUIFantastic!Redmi 3Summer Mi Bunny

05:29, Feb-28-2016
what about redmi 3?

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RingerJK + 1 Agreed!

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MIUI Global Forum 2014

19:06, Jan-31-2016
Redmi Note 3, pleaase.

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Redmi Note 3
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08:44, Mar-02-2016

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15:17, Jan-05-2016
harisrini114 replied at 2016-1-5 15:08
You using Redmi note 3g????
If so, please tell me whether google maps working on latest version o ...

Yes, I'm using Redmi note 3G. nothing wrong with the google maps, working fine. Did you on your GPS??

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Redmi 2MIUI 100 Million UsersMIUI Fan from India1 Million Forum Members

11:22, Jan-05-2016 Via mobile
Do you think those who are in developer version need to upgrade to this one? I don't find any major changes in this ROM when compared developer latest version as developer version has this features and fixes already.  I have updated to the latest Developer Version  

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MDNATH + 1 Thanks!

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11:22, Jan-05-2016 Via mobile
trying out will be providing with feedback soon

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11:13, Jan-05-2016 Via mobile
Downloading the stable version.. Let's see how it holds!

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11:14, Jan-05-2016 Via mobile

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11:16, Jan-05-2016
Where is redmi 1s links
VJaI red E

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11:16, Jan-05-2016
Ready to update
live young, live free...
xhswzy This user has been deleted
11:18, Jan-05-2016
Note: The author has been banned or deleted.

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11:18, Jan-05-2016 Via mobile
move rom or stay in dev rom??

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Awesome!Mi 3Xiaomi 6th AnniversaryGamer Mi BunnyAndroid Guru

11:20, Jan-05-2016
4.4.4 or 6.0.0


chandansomani Kikat based Rom are the most best ROM for MI3 , in terms of Batter backup, features stability, Heating issue.  02:02, Mar-02-2016
MeSamie 4.4.4!!1  14:14, Jan-05-2016
ZaCkMaNia this 7.1 is KK base...  11:26, Jan-05-2016

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