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[Xiaomi] Redmi Note 3, Mi Pad 2, Mi Air Purifier 2 Launched: Specs, Features & Prices

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13:34, Nov-24-2015
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Hi Guys,

It is going to happen! Xiaomi is to launch more than one new products today, including the 3rd-gen of Redmi Note. The new products are featured with awesome specifications, being thin, fast and high-efficient. What are they? Let us wait for Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomi, to unveil all the surprises. I'll update the thread from time to time. If you are eager to know what is happening before the event, please click here. [Xiaomi NPL On Nov 24]Exclusive Photos From China National Convention Center

We launched Redmi Note 3, Mi Pad 2 and Mi Air Purifier 2.
2015.11.24_RedmiNote3 1024x512.081.png

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The best spot to put Mi banner.Oh, i love love love Mi!


Mi Purified Water. Wanna have a drink?


Say hello to Mi Bunny and Ninebot mini.
And our Mi Staff


Have a show of Ninebot mini before the event starts.
ninebot mini show.png

Redmi Note 2: sold like a hot cake in China. Xiaomi is still No.1 in SIngles' Day Shopping Festival on Nov 11.
2015.11.24_RedmiNote3 1024x512.001.png

2015.11.24_RedmiNote3 1024x512.002.png

Redmi Note 2 is one of the best mid-range smartphones up to date.
2015.11.24_RedmiNote3 1024x512.003.png

2015.11.24_RedmiNote3 1024x512.004.png

A little survey conducted by Xiaomi. What features of Mi phone are you expecting? High Resolution, Smooth operating system, big battery, fingerprint sensor, awesome camera, etc

Yeah. Lei Jun is presenting us Redmi Note 3!!!!
Redmi Note 3

2015.11.24_RedmiNote3 1024x512.005.png

Highlights of Redmi Note 3:
- Helio X10 MediaTek Flagship Processor
- 4000 mAh large battery
- Metal body, 8.65mm, 164g, thin and light
- Fingerprint sensor, unlocks in 0.3s
- 13MP PDAF Autofocus
- 2GB LPDDR3 dual-channel
- 1080P, 5.5” full HD
- 4G Dual SIM, both SIM slots support 4G
- 802.11ac Wi-Fi
- MIUI 7 operating system - RMB 899(≈$145) for Redmi Note 3(16GB model) and RMB 1,099(≈$177) (32GB model)

Introducing the Sleek Full Metal Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 (HD)

Redmi Note 3 is the third generation of Redmi Note series, and it shares similarity with the old Redmi Notes, but it has more cool features and designs to boast. To begin with, it is the first Mi phone to get a full metal body and fingerprint sensor. More updates are coming along. What other features would you like it to have?

Key feature 1: Fingerprint Sensor
2015.11.24_RedmiNote3 1024x512.007.png

Key feature 2: all metal body
2015.11.24_RedmiNote3 1024x512.006.png

Key feature 3: a 4000-mAh battery
2015.11.24_RedmiNote3 1024x512.008.png

Devices comparison with 4000mAh batteries
2015.11.24_RedmiNote3 1024x512.009.png

Big battery and a thick body? A big NO! Redmi Note 3 is much more thinner than we expected.
2015.11.24_RedmiNote3 1024x512.011.png

A better grip for us. A new experience.
2015.11.24_RedmiNote3 1024x512.010.png

2015.11.24_RedmiNote3 1024x512.012.png

Have a measurement and you'll know the difference.
2015.11.24_RedmiNote3 1024x512.013.png

It is only 4g heavier than Redmi Note 2, with its all metal body. 4g doesn't matter to normal people, weighing just like a coin.
2015.11.24_RedmiNote3 1024x512.014.png

2015.11.24_RedmiNote3 1024x512.015.png

3 colors to choose from for Redmi Note 3:Silver, Gold and Dark grey
2015.11.24_RedmiNote3 1024x512.020.png

2015.11.24_RedmiNote3 1024x512.022.png

2015.11.24_RedmiNote3 1024x512.023.png

2015.11.24_RedmiNote3 1024x512.024.png

How long does it take to unlock the phone? Yes. 0.3 seconds it is.
2015.11.24_RedmiNote3 1024x512.032.png

2015.11.24_RedmiNote3 1024x512.033.png

Redmi Note 3 Display: 5.5" sunlight display, supports reading mode
2015.11.24_RedmiNote3 1024x512.034.png

Camera? Beautify yourself wherever you like.
2015.11.24_RedmiNote3 1024x512.035.png

2015.11.24_RedmiNote3 1024x512.036.png

Sample photos of Redmi Note 2 coming. Lei says that we miss the blue sky in Beijing so much.
2015.11.24_RedmiNote3 1024x512.041.png

2015.11.24_RedmiNote3 1024x512.037.png

2015.11.24_RedmiNote3 1024x512.038.png

2015.11.24_RedmiNote3 1024x512.039.png

Specs of Redmi Note 3
2015.11.24_RedmiNote3 1024x512.042.png

Price??? I'd like to know! RMB 899(≈$145) for Redmi Note 3 (16GB model) and RMB 1,099(≈$177) (32GB model)
2015.11.24_RedmiNote3 1024x512.043.png

Mi Pad 2

2015.11.24_RedmiNote3 1024x512.044.png

Mi Pad 2 Highlights:
- Intel Atom X5-Z8500 processor, Intel Atom 64-bit CPU
- 7.9" high resolution display (326 PPI)
- 8MP/5MP cameras
- 6190mAh battery
- USB Type-C port
- Full metal body, 6.95mm, 322g, ultra-thin and light
- Available in dark grey and champagne gold
- MIUI 7 operating system
- Priced from RMB 999(≈$161) with 16GB and 64GB options

2015.11.24_RedmiNote3 1024x512.051.png

The new version of Mi Pad is much more thinner than its predecesor. The thinner, the merrier.

2015.11.24_RedmiNote3 1024x512.045.png

2015.11.24_RedmiNote3 1024x512.046.png

Not only thinner it gets, but also lighter than Mi Pad.
2015.11.24_RedmiNote3 1024x512.047.png

How does the Mi Pad 2 look like?
2015.11.24_RedmiNote3 1024x512.048.png

2015.11.24_RedmiNote3 1024x512.050.png

Two colors of Mi Pad 2 are available: Dark grey and Champagne gold.
2015.11.24_RedmiNote3 1024x512.049.png

Mi Pad 2 is powered by an Intel X5 chipset and an Intel HD Graphics processor. 16GB model will be available soon.
2015.11.24_RedmiNote3 1024x512.054.png

An awesome combination of cameras on Mi Pad 2.
2015.11.24_RedmiNote3 1024x512.056.png

2015.11.24_RedmiNote3 1024x512.057.png

2015.11.24_RedmiNote3 1024x512.058.png

2015.11.24_RedmiNote3 1024x512.059.png

Mi Pad 2 supports reading mode.
2015.11.24_RedmiNote3 1024x512.055.png

2015.11.24_RedmiNote3 1024x512.060.png

2015.11.24_RedmiNote3 1024x512.061.png

Price of Mi Pad 2: RMB 999(≈$161) for 16 GB model and RMB 1,299(≈$209) for 64GB model.
2015.11.24_RedmiNote3 1024x512.065.png

Mi Air Purifier 2

We  have a big eco-system evolving with Mi. Many products of them are best sellers in the market. To name a few, Mi Power Bank, Mi Band, Mi In-ear Headphones, our latest-released Ninebot mini and of course, the Mi Air Purifier.

We're introducing a new air purifier to Mi fans today: Mi Air Purifier 2.
2015.11.24_RedmiNote3 1024x512.066.png

2015.11.24_RedmiNote3 1024x512.067.png

A necessity in your bedroom and it only takes a tiny spot.
2015.11.24_RedmiNote3 1024x512.068.png

How does the new Mi Air Purifier look like?
2015.11.24_RedmiNote3 1024x512.071.png

2015.11.24_RedmiNote3 1024x512.069.png

2015.11.24_RedmiNote3 1024x512.070.png

The night become quiet when you sleep with Mi Air Purifier 2.
2015.11.24_RedmiNote3 1024x512.072.png

While becoming smaller, the new variant gets more efficient.
2015.11.24_RedmiNote3 1024x512.073.png
2015.11.24_RedmiNote3 1024x512.074.png

2015.11.24_RedmiNote3 1024x512.075.png

2015.11.24_RedmiNote3 1024x512.076.png

2015.11.24_RedmiNote3 1024x512.077.png

Price of Mi Air Purifie: RMB 699 (≈$112)

2015.11.24_RedmiNote3 1024x512.080.png

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oxye please settle mediatek issue and launch in india  20:50, Nov-24-2015
prasadg83 mediatek means not coming to india why not settle issue and bring this to india  15:56, Nov-24-2015
RAIEF Again Mtk processor mesns Redmi Note 3 won't be launched in India  15:33, Nov-24-2015
Cold_Shot Sad. Mi Pad 2 is bad news for Mi Pad 1 Users as they will be dumped further when it comes to providing updates.  15:00, Nov-24-2015

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I wish I would have been invited by Xiaomi for this event.

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13:47, Nov-24-2015
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more surprise


MeSamie What more surprises..??  17:06, Nov-24-2015

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Awesome,waiting for it

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Redmi Note 3 look like another class ( Mid range ) of mi phone! Awesome!

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