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[Xiaomi] Xiaomi New Products Launch: 60-inch 4K Mi TV 3, Mi TV Bar, Ninebot mini

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14:29, Oct-19-2015 | From PC
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2015.10.19_MiTV3 Ninebot mini 1024x512 19Oct 1pm.001.png

Dear Mi fans,
It is known that our NEXT GENERATION product, Mi TV 3, is going to be launched today. We are excited that Mi TV series has evolved from Mi TV to its third generation. Let me walk you through the exciting moments of the launch event.

Mi TV 3   >> Detailed Introduction
- 60", next-gen smart TV, LG true 4k display
- High color gamut, MEMC motion compensation
- World-class independent sound system
- Flagship TV process
- Ultra-thin 11.6mm aluminium metal frame
- RMB 4999 (approx. 786USD)
2015.10.19_MiTV3 Ninebot mini 1024x512 19Oct 1pm.019.png

Mi TV Bar >> Detailed Introduction
- Next- gen main board for smart TVs
- Transforms TV, displays and projectors into a smart TV
- Built-in speakers, full metal body design
- RMB 999 (approx. 157USD)


It is happening now.
Price matters a lot! Xiaomi cares about what Mi fans want and we did it. RMB 4,999 for a 60-inch Mi TV 3.


Why is Mi TV 3 different?
1. The bigger the better. Mi TV 3 has a 60-inch extra-large display. How awesome it could be when you set it in your living room? Other dimension parameters include a 11.6 mm at its thinnest and 36.7mm at its thickest.

2015.10.19_MiTV3 Ninebot mini 1024x512 19Oct 1pm.003.png

2015.10.19_MiTV3 Ninebot mini 1024x512 19Oct 1pm.002.png

2. Good design everywhere. Mi TV 3 has a metal backplate, full aluminum frame. It looks elegant and beautiful.
2015.10.19_MiTV3 Ninebot mini 1024x512 19Oct 1pm.004.png

2015.10.19_MiTV3 Ninebot mini 1024x512 19Oct 1pm.005.png

A beautiful image processing chip gives you a visual feast when watching TV.
2015.10.19_MiTV3 Ninebot mini 1024x512 19Oct 1pm.006.png

Mi TV 3 is equipped with LG 4K display. NTSC > 85%+ MEMC motion compensation offers a flagship TV image quality.
2015.10.19_MiTV3 Ninebot mini 1024x512 19Oct 1pm.007.png

Like Mi TV 2, the 3rd generation of Mi TV has its own independent sound system. And we upgraded it, with more exquiste design.
2015.10.19_MiTV3 Ninebot mini 1024x512 19Oct 1pm.008.png

2015.10.19_MiTV3 Ninebot mini 1024x512 19Oct 1pm.009.png

2015.10.19_MiTV3 Ninebot mini 1024x512 19Oct 1pm.010.png

2015.10.19_MiTV3 Ninebot mini 1024x512 19Oct 1pm.011.png

4. Awesome specifications, check. Affordable price, check. Look cool?
2015.10.19_MiTV3 Ninebot mini 1024x512 19Oct 1pm.012.png

2015.10.19_MiTV3 Ninebot mini 1024x512 19Oct 1pm.013.png

2015.10.19_MiTV3 Ninebot mini 1024x512 19Oct 1pm.014.png

2015.10.19_MiTV3 Ninebot mini 1024x512 19Oct 1pm.015.png

2015.10.19_MiTV3 Ninebot mini 1024x512 19Oct 1pm.016.png

2015.10.19_MiTV3 Ninebot mini 1024x512 19Oct 1pm.017.png

2015.10.19_MiTV3 Ninebot mini 1024x512 19Oct 1pm.018.png

We've been wondering what keeps a TV fresh new after a long time of use? We spent 3 years on it and finally it is the time to show off. What do you see in the future? Here is what we see. A smart TV, split into two.
2015.10.19_MiTV3 Ninebot mini 1024x512 19Oct 1pm.020.png

Mi TV 3 is comprised of 2 separated parts: the display and main board. They can be upgraded respectively. Your TV will never ever become outdated.
2015.10.19_MiTV3 Ninebot mini 1024x512 19Oct 1pm.021.png

2015.10.19_MiTV3 Ninebot mini 1024x512 19Oct 1pm.022.png

Traditional TV sets come with a lot of cables exposed outside which makes our home less lovely. While the new design makes it  easier for you to hide all the cable with just one: Mi Cable.
2015.10.19_MiTV3 Ninebot mini 1024x512 19Oct 1pm.023.png

Done. Please don't overlook this, because Xiaomi has really put much effort in it.
2015.10.19_MiTV3 Ninebot mini 1024x512 19Oct 1pm.028.png

Second Surprise. Mi TV Bar, at price of RMB 999. Mi TV Bar embodies an independent sound system, a smart TV main board and the content of Mi Box.



2015.10.19_MiTV3 Ninebot mini 1024x512 19Oct 1pm.034.png



2015.10.19_MiTV3 Ninebot mini 1024x512 19Oct 1pm.039.png

Don't panic that you are using an old traditional TV. You can upgrade it via Mi TV Bar to a new smart TV.


What if you are not satisfied with this plan? Buy one more Mi Subwoofer and Mi bluetooth remote control.
2015.10.19_MiTV3 Ninebot mini 1024x512 19Oct 1pm.042.png

2015.10.19_MiTV3 Ninebot mini 1024x512 19Oct 1pm.043.png

Surprise 3: Ninebot mini, RMB 1,999   >> Detailed Introduction
New member of Mi Ecosystem: Ninebot mini. Xiaomi invested Ninebot a year ago and Ninebot announced its acquisition of Segway this April. We all know that Ninebot and Segway are the giants in the scooter field. And this one, Ninebot mini, is tailored for Mi fans.
Ninebot mini
- Self-balancing scooter
- Speeds of up to 16km/h
- Climbs 15°inclines easily
- Compact, lightweight, shoulder-width length
- Weighs 12.8kg fits easily in the trunk of a car
- High capacity battery pack, 22km in a single charge
- Smart phone controls
- Aerospace-grade magnesium alloy infrastructure  
- RMB 1999 (approx. 315USD)

2015.10.19_MiTV3 Ninebot mini 1024x512 19Oct 1pm.044.png

2015.10.19_MiTV3 Ninebot mini 1024x512 19Oct 1pm.045.png

2015.10.19_MiTV3 Ninebot mini 1024x512 19Oct 1pm.046.png
Ninebot mini has two colors available. White and black. Which one do you prefer?

2015.10.19_MiTV3 Ninebot mini 1024x512 19Oct 1pm.049.png

2015.10.19_MiTV3 Ninebot mini 1024x512 19Oct 1pm.047.png

2015.10.19_MiTV3 Ninebot mini 1024x512 19Oct 1pm.050.png

2015.10.19_MiTV3 Ninebot mini 1024x512 19Oct 1pm.048.png

Why is it called Ninebot mini? Yes, it is so tiny that you can name it your mini scooter.

2015.10.19_MiTV3 Ninebot mini 1024x512 19Oct 1pm.051.png

2015.10.19_MiTV3 Ninebot mini 1024x512 19Oct 1pm.052.png

2015.10.19_MiTV3 Ninebot mini 1024x512 19Oct 1pm.053.png

2015.10.19_MiTV3 Ninebot mini 1024x512 19Oct 1pm.054.png

Don't worry if you can't ride a bicycle. Ninebot mini uses gravity to activate and achieves balance itself.
2015.10.19_MiTV3 Ninebot mini 1024x512 19Oct 1pm.055.png

2015.10.19_MiTV3 Ninebot mini 1024x512 19Oct 1pm.058.png

2015.10.19_MiTV3 Ninebot mini 1024x512 19Oct 1pm.056.png

2015.10.19_MiTV3 Ninebot mini 1024x512 19Oct 1pm.057.png

2015.10.19_MiTV3 Ninebot mini 1024x512 19Oct 1pm.059.png

2015.10.19_MiTV3 Ninebot mini 1024x512 19Oct 1pm.060.png

2015.10.19_MiTV3 Ninebot mini 1024x512 19Oct 1pm.061.png

Gifts for Mi fans who came to the launch: A suitcase designed by Runmi, an ecosystem company of Mi.

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Kartikkulks All of these are awesome , when you have so much creativity for things like this then why don't you also become open-minded and release the kernel for Mi pad .......nd also in the least care for cu...  23:35, Oct-19-2015
DiLshadSys cnt wait for ninebot mini and Mi TV 3.. will buy it from china.. Great Products  20:24, Oct-19-2015
bapaharish Can't wait...  16:20, Oct-19-2015

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14:31, Oct-19-2015 | From PC

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14:31, Oct-19-2015 | From PC
we love mi

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14:31, Oct-19-2015 | From PC
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Woohoo!!! Can't wait for it to never be available in India..!!
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14:32, Oct-19-2015 | From PC
Awesome! Excited

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14:32, Oct-19-2015 | From PC

But when do we Indians get the Mi TV? We have been waiting from a long time.

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We won't be able to get it at that price even if we bring it outside China ourselves

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launch in India.

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Great News ~ Thanks Ailsa!

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