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[Others] [New Feature] Undo and Redo functions in Notes

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15:47, Mar-14-2014 | From PC
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Hey guys, I assume you've all had an exicting moment seeing the new forum yesterday. Haven't you? Now let's see what's to get excited about in this week's update.

There're sometimes when we were writing something in the Notes, and went back and forth with some words or something else. In the old days we'll have to delete the words and then add it again and again. Now you don't have to go through all those troubles.

Let's say I don't like the last part of this note. I just have to press the Menu button, and select Undo instead of deleting all those words one by one.
MI_20140314_152052.png MI_20140314_152105.png MI_20140314_152114.png

Then I regretted about my decision. And MIUI still gives me another chance to change back
MI_20140314_152125.png MI_20140314_152130.png

The best part is, you can do this all day, and you won't hear one word of complainng.

Learn more about MIUI Notes here

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01:37, Mar-15-2014 | Via mobile
How many undo levels do we have?

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