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[Reviews] [Mi Products Review #69] [Device Team] Mi Smart Gateway Complete Set Review!

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00:10, Jan-18-2018 | From PC
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Mi Smart Gateway Complete Set Review!
by mitch002


Welcome to another edition of the Mi Product Review, voted as the Most Popular Series in 2017 during the annual awards, Im thankful to all of you for continuing to support my series. This year, we will bring in even more exciting articles just like this one being presented just now.


Its been a while since Xiaomi has released their smart gateway series, but I holded back and did not do a review on this simply because I want to collect all of them and make a grand review for all of them together in 1 awesome thread. The Mi Smart Gateway is a hub that connects all your gadgets to secure your home or office. In this review we are not including the Aqara series, we just sticked to the Mi Series. You can find all the good stuff for the Smart Gateway on sale from Xiaomi Webstore in China here:


Every home needs a good security, especially when you have love ones at your home and your not always around to be there with them 24/7. But fear not, as Xiaomi has introduced the Mijia Smart Gateway, these security devices are made just to alert you whenever there are activities, be it regular or irregular going on at your homebase.

Presenting the complete set of Mijia Smart Gateway

  • Multifunction Smart Gateway Hub
  • Wireless Switch
  • Body Sensor
  • Temperature and Humidity Sensor
  • Door/Window Sensor
  • Smart Socket
  • Cube Controller
  • Smoke Detector
  • Natural Gas Detector



Mijia Multifunction Smart Gateway Hub

This is the main module wherein you connect all your security devices, it can light up and function as a night light for you. This hub is the most important unit among all, without this one, all other security devices are rendered useless.











Connecting to Mi Home App is quite a breeze, you just need to keep it near your router and its pretty much automatic.  You can now set the parameters based on your requirements for your home. Setting up the night light and the alarm is just a few clicks away, you can even set the color of your light as well as the doorbell tone of your choice. How great is that?



Mijia Body Sensor

This little gadget task is to sense whenever there is a body moving inside the room, once it enters it will be able to sense it. Now to use it you just need to set the parameters, like lets say when the body sensor sense a body entering the room, turn on the air purifier, then you can also set it to when you dont sense a body in the room, turn of Mi Bed Lamp.









To pair with Mi Home App, make sure its near the Gateway Hub for it to be paired. Now you can start setting up your parameters and start checking the movements inside the room where the body sensor is located.


Mijia Natural Gas Detector

There are probably a few company being able to make a gadget like this, this gadget detects if there are gas leaks inside your house, normally its best to place this in the kitchen, where the LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) tank or pipeline is located. It will trigger the alarm on your phone as well as the gateway once it detects heavy leakage of natural gas. This is always the starts of an accident, the leakage of the gas which later leads to fire when acted carelessly.













Connecting the Natural Gas Detector to the Mi Home App needs to be placed a little near the Gateway, to ensure its proper pairing. Now you can set the parameters as once it detects heavy leakage of natural gas, the alarm will sound on the gateway, as well as it will contact you thru your mobile phone thru the Mi Home App, this is to ensure that you are well informed of malfunctions happening inside your house to ensure the protection or proper evacuation of the person inside the house.


Mijia Window/Door Sensor

This is probably one of the more important sensor for your home, the Door/Windows sensor will alert you for all the activities going thru that door or window in your home. Now you can set it to alarm mode when you are not at home, like the gateway will alarm once the window opens as well as the door, to alert the people at home or a possible buglar entering the house.









You just need to set the two sensorts sticking to each other to ensure the connection is normally closed, once it is departed from each other it will then be normally open, triggering any alarm that you may set in the parameters. The Mi Home App is your buddy in setting up all those alarms and parameters that you want.

Mi Temperature and Humidity Sensor

This little gadget is as small as a coin, but dont belittle this gadget as it is very helpul when properly connected to the Mi Smart Gateway. You can set your Mi Humidifier to turn on once you hit a certain humidity that is not very suitable for your kids. Then you can also set the temperature senson into turning the airconditioning sytem once the room temperature reaches 25 Celcius.









Make sure you dont stick this item to a metal surface as it can interfere with its performance. It can even send you a temperature and humidity report should you need it before reaching home.


Mijia Zigbee Smart Socket

Not all adapters are smart like this one, this little plug can do you a heck of a workload that your ordinary plug cannot do. You can now set it with your gateway and define the parameters, like when the body sensor detects a body, it will turn on the smart plug, and the smart plug is connected to a ordinary electric fan or stereo set.






Whats good about this smart plug is that it can even compute for the kilowatt consumption of your plugged device for this span of time opened. This will give you the idea on how much electricity you are paying for on a daily basis for this kind of gadget. Cool eh?



Mi Cube Controller

This cube is no toy, its a controller that can command anything you want at home. lets say turn left open the mi bed lamp, tap once to turn on the air purifier, turn the cube to turn on the Mi TV. How sweet is that? You just need to define what the functions are on every movement it can detect.









Mijia Wireless Switch

This switch is a very accessible one, there are so many function you can set on this one, like lets say it can acts as a doorbell wherein you can set the alarm when pressed once. Or you can also place it inside the living room, wherein at a single press, it will turn on the air purifier and the mijia electric fan, then on 2 press it will turn on the mi tv and the stereo. This is pretty much more of a switch to help you get the job done in a single press of the button.









The connection to the Mi Home App is a breeze, then you can now monitor all the activited logged on your Mi Wireless Switch.


Mijia Smoke Alarm

This gadget is best placed on a place near the kitchen, normally this is where housefire starts, for accidents in the kitchen involving fire. Now, this detector will sense the smoke and will eventually trigger the gateway into alarm mode, then you can set it to contact you for emergency purpose. This will give you all the access to information that you need while you are on your way to save your loved ones inside the house.













To pair it wil the gateway, just select the Smoke Alarm on the Mi Home App and you can easily configure it on your phone to set all the parameters needed to keep your house safe from fire.


All of these security devices you can easily purchase from Xiaomi China Webstore.

Mitch002 signing off!

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