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[Interview] [MIUI Interview] Devices SMod Sudd1976: One on One With the Great One!

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10:21, Jan-18-2018 | From PC
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Dear MIUIers,

Greetings and welcome to another MIUI Interview Series, today's honorable guest is one of our hardworking Senior Supermoderator Sudd1976, and he manages Redmi Note 3G, Redmi Note 3 and Redmi Note 4 subforums. He has written numerous tutorials over the years and is a great contributor to the MIUI Global Forum. After going thru his interview thread, we were able to pick quite a handful of good questions asked by forum users, and without further need to introduce this great guy, let us start with the interview shall we?

Exclusive Video Interview:

Mitch002:    Whats your Real Name and what country are you residing in?

Sudd1976:  My Real Name is Martin James Suddick and I live in England in the United Kingdom

Mitch002:    What does your forum username Sudd1976 mean? Any special meaning behind it?

Sudd1976:  My forum name came about by accident, my original one was going to be my whole surname including the year I was born, but the forum does not like the last four letters in my family name so I had to shorten it to Sudd1976

Mitch002:    How was your journey towards Super Moderator? Can you share us your story on how you reach this level?

Sudd1976:  I started off as a normal user on the forum just like everyone else, I then saw an advert asking for people to join the Device Team, I applied and was chosen by Marcus Keong (A legend in our forum) to join the device team.

                   After this I was then given the opportunity to become a moderator and then I was promoted to Super- Moderator after this. My whole journey took about two years to go from normal user to Super moderator.

Mitch002:   What is your weakness? Every hero has one including the great Superman.

Sudd1976: My biggest weakness at the moment has to be Cookies and Biscuits. It has been Chrismas recently and as such my house was full of lots of tasty treats, so it was my challenge to work my way through these which I have left over.

Mitch002:   What was your very first Xiaomi device?

Sudd1976: My First Xiaomi device was a Redmi Note 3G, I loved this phone and spent many hours flashing custom Roms and other modifications to it.

Mitch002:   How many Xiaomi Device do you currently own?

Sudd1976:  In total, I own nine devices, and let me mention all of them for you:
  • Redmi Note 4
  • Redmi 4A
  • Redmi 2 – Bricked
  • Mi band 2
  • Mi band
  • Mi box Mini
  • Mijia Pen
  • Mi Micro USB fan
  • Mijia Dashcam – Bought as I read a really good review by Mitch002

Mitch002:   What is your most favorite and least favorite Mi Device?

Sudd1976:  My favourite is the Mi MIX as it was so unlike any device previously released. Least favourite is the Mi A1, only because it does not come with MIUI, I think that all Xiaomi devices should come with MIUI.

Mitch002:   Xiaomi products are generally not sold in your country I know, by what means do you do to get them?

Sudd1976:  I have to import them all using third-party resellers, getting devices has become easier over the years, but I hope to see them enter the UK market officially in the next few years.

Mitch002:   One of your intern mod asked, you are known as the great “The Note Mod”, probably the greatest mod to every hold the note series, which great Note device became your favourite?

Sudd1976:  My favourite Note released so far has to be the Redmi Note 3, this device was great fun to play with it has official TWRP support, plus a great selection of custom Rom’s and became the fastest selling device in India.

Mitch002:   How did you get to know about Xiaomi in a non Xiaomi invaded country.

Sudd1976:  I had used MIUI for a while on a Sony Device and read an article on XDA developers about Xiaomi releasing their first device and the specs were really good, plus the price point was amazing for what you got.

Mitch002:    What do you think is the biggest challenge for Xiaomi in 2018?

Sudd1976: To continue with the current rate of expansion throughout the globe.

Mitch002:    What is your favourite food?

Sudd1976: My favourite food has to be Sushi, I love it !! Nobody else in my family like it at all which means there is always more for me….nom, nom, nom!

Mitch002:    Which is better, Xiaomi or Apple?

Sudd1976: I don’t believe that its fair to compare them both, they both have their own positives and negatives. It’s like comparing Porsche and a Jaguar

Mitch002:   What is your opinion about the economic crisis in Greece?

Sudd1976: Greece decide to stay in the E.U, unlike the UK so I guess we will have to see how both of these decisions pan out over the next five years and who made the correct choice.

Mitch002:    When was the first time you heard about Xiaomi?

Sudd1976:  As said before it was when the Mi 1 was released and written about on XDA developers

Mitch002:   In your opinion, which was the best Mi device launched in 2017?

Sudd1976: Personally I think that the Mi 6 was the best device released in 2017, this came in a fantastic array of colours, has a great chipset and has dual cameras. All of this coupled with the price point that the device was originally released with makes this the greatest device in 2017 for me.

Mitch002:   What do you expect from Xiaomi and MIUI Forum in 2018?

Sudd1976: In 2018 I would like to see Xiaomi move deeper into parts of the world it currently has only just started with so Africa and Europe, as I think both of these markets hold great opportunity of them to expand and increase market penetration.  

                    From the forum I would like to see more local sub forums for various regions like North America, Europe and Africa. There is lots of focus currently in Asia and I would like to see other regions supported in the same way as India currently is.

Mitch002:   If you were given that one chance in your life to choose a country that you will reside in other than your home country, where would it be and why?

Sudd1976:  For me it would have to Mexico, I have been lucky enough to visit this fantastic county a few times over the years and will be going there again this year (I feel a travel thread coming on), this is a beautiful country with a diverse and complex history, the Mexican people have always been friendly and the food is simply mind blowing, and it turns out I really like Tequila !!!

Mitch002:   Other than doing moderations, do you have other hobbies and pastimes?

Sudd1976: When I am not on the forum I spend my time playing video games on my Playstation, I play a lot of Call of Duty (Sudd1976 is my PSN add me and play) with my friends from work. I also really enjoy watching Anime, in particular, I watch loads of Cyberpunk and Mecha stuff, which my wife like and cannot really understand why her 41-year-old husband watches cartoons until three in the morning, but I love it.

Mitch002:   What is your message to our almighty creator Nanana and the Admins, as well as your fellow Smods, Mods, Special Teams and your own Mi Fans.

Sudd1976: To Nanana and all of the Admins on the forum, thank you very much for all of the opportunities that you have given me over the last few years, your encouragement and support really mean a great deal to me and help me to become an even better Supermod.

For all of my fellow Supermods, Moderators and all of the special team members, your hard work and dedication to the forum blows me away on daily basis. The amount of time and energy that everyone puts into the forum is just amazing, when you take in to account that we are all volunteers and don’t get paid. Without you guys the forum would not be the fantastic place that it is, plus I would not have made as many friends over the years in different parts of the world.

To all of my Fans, first let me say sorry as I know that I haven’t been as active writing threads and creating posts as I should have been due to starting a new job and moving house, but I have lots of stuff in the pipeline coming for the Redmi Note 4, so please stay tuned and keep hitting the “Like” button.

I would also like to say thank you for the opportunity to be interviewed as this is a fantastic series, and I look forward to the next in the series.

Mitch002:   It was my pleasure to have you on board for this wonderful interview as we were able to pull this off after 10 attempts as we have different time zones, and this has been mitch002...

Sudd1976:  ... and sudd1976

Mitch002:   Signing off! Till the next interview, don't forget to stay tuned for the next guest on this show! Bye!!

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Awesome interview. We're lucky to have you here to help us build a great place for Mi fans!  
Thank you guys!

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Awesome interview

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Amazing interview

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Marvelous interview.

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nice interview
thanks for sharing

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Nice. Keep up the good work.

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12:11, Jan-18-2018 | From PC
Awesome interview

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12:12, Jan-18-2018 | From Redmi 4X
Good interview 👌

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