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[Discussion] [Device Team]MIUI Monthly Talk Feb 2018: Mi XPrint Printer, Mi Music and More!

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Greetings MIUIers

Welcome to MIUI Monthly Talk - February 2018 & Happy Chinese New Year 2018. Every month we have a talk -  MIUI Monthly Talk and here we go again with it. Our previous MIUI Monthly Talk (January 2018) was written by Moderator, @SaiTyson and we were talking about CES 2018, Mi Air Purifier Max, Game Speed Booster and In-Display FingerPrint Scanner. Here's what we are going to talk about this month, the February, 2018. Join MIUI Monthly Talk Discussion : "Will Face Recognition Replace Fingerprint Scanner?"

  • Talk of the Month             : Xiaomi XPrint Printer
  • Tech of the Month            : Lenovo™ Smart Display with Google Assisstant
  • MIUI's Ahead                    : Revamped Mi Music Player App
  • Discussion of the Month : Facial Recognition vs Fingerprint Scanner

Talk of The Month : Xiaomi XPrint Printer

Xiaomi XPrint Printer :
Xiaomi XPrint Printer is a portable printer launched by Xiaomi recently, made in collaboration with several companies.

In XPRINT, the printing is done with  256 levels of colours using inkjet technology based on the CMY3 color fusion, for a total of 16.7 million colours . The photos obtained automatically present a transparent protective film of the Japanese company DNP. Thanks to this, it will be possible to preserve the images for decades without running into faded colours.

Another pretty fun aspect of this Xiaomi printer is its AR support . Similar to the Apple Live Photos, each photo will be able to associate a  mini-video recorded during the shooting in question. Opening the dedicated app and framing the printed photo we will see the combined animation.

The printer will be available on the Asian market at a price of 399 yuan, which translates to about $63. In addition to the printer, the kit includes10 poses. To purchase more, you will need to pay 39.9 yuan (about $6 ) for a 20-pos package .

Tech of The Month : Lenovo Smart Display

Here we will see about : New Lenovo™ Smart Display – with the Google Assistant™ Built In
With the Lenovo Smart Display, the Google Assistant can help you kickstart your morning and get the latest weather, traffic and meeting schedules or you can relax in the evening by video calling friends with Google Duo™, watching YouTube™ videos, enjoying your favorite tunes or managing your connected devices – all with just your voice and a quick glance at the display.

Start, and end, your day with “Hey Google”
The Google Assistant can read out your schedule and tell you the weather as you multi-tasks to get everyone out the door. Ask the Google Assistant for traffic updates it will bring up Google Maps™ to show you the fastest morning commute. It also reminds you on your way out that it’s your colleague’s birthday, so you simply asks the Google Assistant on your Lenovo Smart Display to show the closest open bakery on Google Maps to pick up a birthday cake. To save you even more time, the Google Assistant on Lenovo Smart Display will be able to set up routines designed to help you when getting out the door in the morning, or returning home in the evening.

Powered by the newly announced Qualcomm® Home Hub Platform based on the Qualcomm SDA 624 SoCwhich features integrated CPU, GPU and DSP as well as robust Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, the Lenovo Smart Display can also give you a hand at home after a long day’s work. Picture You are in the kitchen making a new dish for a dinner party. Hands coated in marinade and dinner guests arriving soon, you asks the Google Assistant on your Lenovo Smart Display to show a YouTube video tutorial of the recipe. Just like that, a world-famous celebrity chef appears – in Full HD video along with a 10-watt full-range speaker – to help guide you through the cooking step by step.1 With the Google Assistant, the Lenovo Smart Display is a singular command hub for your connected smart home devices, including those through Nest® and other manufacturers from lighting to heating and more - all with just your voice or touch.

Fits into your modern home décor
The Lenovo Smart Display’s clean, minimalist design not only blends into your home but also adds a modern touch to it. Available in a soft Grey or natural Bamboo color, it matches most wooden, glass or granite tabletops.3 It’s flexible too - the display can be positioned horizontally or vertically to fit nearly any space. When not in use, the display doubles as a digital picture frame - showcasing an ambient screen of beautiful pictures from a personally selected album in Google Photos™, or another background image of your choosing.
The 10-inch Lenovo Smart Display starts at $249.99 and the 8-inch model starts at $199.99, both expected to be available early this summer.

New Lenovo™ Smart Display Specifications :-

  • FHD touchscreen display is available on the Lenovo Smart Display 10-inch model.
  • Google Duo is pre-installed on all new Android devices and is also available on iOS.
  • The 10-inch Lenovo Smart Display comes in Bamboo color, and the 8-inch model comes in Grey.
  • Powered by Qualcomm® Home Hub Platform based on the Qualcomm SDA 624 SoC
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Connectivity

MIUI's Ahead : Mi Music Player Redesigned

Mi Music Player App is one of the most popular apps in MIUI. For years, it has been an important tool for managing your local audio files and a music player. MIUI developers want to make it more convenient for you and that’s why they are working hard to redesign it. Mi Music Player has been Redesigned in the recent MIUI 9 Global Beta ROM 8.1.25 update.MIUI Developers have fully changed the Mi Musc Player in terms of UI design and its new UI is very attractive and somewhat refreshing. Have you updated your phone & noticed this change? - "Developers ROM Users"

    Left: Old Mi Music Player    Right: New Mi Music Player

Redesigned Homepage
On the upper area of the homepage, there are 'Recent Played', 'Favorites', and 'My playlists' in a list view layout, with your local music files organized by Song's name, Artist, Album or Folders on the lower area of the homepage.

Redesigned Current Queue layout

Current Queue Layout has also been redefined. In the Previous version of Mi Music Player, the current Queue list was not so convenient to use and most of the time users are not actually using it. So MIUI Developer Team try their best to renovate it in a way that allows users to have a better experience in managing songs in the Queue list.  

Discussion of The Month : Facial Recognition vs Fingerprint Scanner

Facial Recognition
Face ID.jpg
Facial Recognition or Face ID is the fastest biometric technology that has one and only purpose – to identify human faces. Forget about fingerprints readers and eye scanners, current face recognition systems analyze the characteristics of a person’s face images that were taken with a digital video camera. It’s the least intrusive method that provides no delays and leaves the subjects entirely unaware of the process.

The amazing uses of facial recognition tech are growing up each day. It is already being used for examination, investigation, and monitoring. Governments all over the world use it to identify potential and current threats. Retailers and businesses of all kinds look for suspected shoplifters or track their workers’ chronograms. There are a lot of social media apps which increase a user experience with FRT. Asidefrom public usage by airports and railway stations, stadiums and cashpoints, there is even a progressive adaptation of facial recognition technology in medical applications.

How Does Facial Recognition Technology Works?

The mathematical algorithms of biometric facial recognition follow several stages of image processing:
  • 1. Capture : The first step is for the system to collect physical or behavioral samples in predetermined conditions and during a stated period of time.
  • 2. Extraction : Then, all this gathered data should be extracted from the samples to create templates based on them.
  • 3. Comparison : After the extraction, collected data is compared with the existing templates.
  • 4. Matching : The final stage of face detection technology is to make a decision whether the face’s features of a new sample are matching with the one from a facial database or not. It usually takes just seconds.

The best facial recognition technology is already here! The Apple’s iPhone X represents a beginning of the new era by implementing Facial Recognition Technology (FRT) for unlocking a smartphone. It’s possible thanks to infrared and 3D sensors that work non-stop within a front-facing camera. The system’s unlock would be almost instantaneous and don’t require any buttons to be pressed.

But it’s hardly an exclusive example. There is famous Facebook facial recognition technology which accuracy and powerfulness happens to beat the FBI systems! Every time you upload a photo and tag your friends on it you provide enormous help for the facial recognition (FR) algorithm.

  • 1. The Improvement of Security Level : A face biometric system greatly improves your security measures. All corporation’s premises would be protected since you’ll be able to track both the employees and any visitors that come into the area. Anyone who doesn’t have access or permission to be there will be captured by the recognition system that alerts you instantly about the trespassing.It require eyes to be open, so no one can unlock your phone while you are sleeping.
  • 2. Easy Integration Process : Most of the time, integratable facial recognition tools work pretty flawlessly with the existing security software that companies have installed. And they’re also easy to program for interaction with a company’s computer system.
  • 3. High Accuracy Rates : These days, the success level of face tracking technology became higher than ever before. It’s possible but difficult to fool such system, so you can be sure that an FR digital security software will successfully track every aspect of attendances to provide a better level of protection for your facilities. Accuracy ensures that there won’t be any misunderstandings and uncool awkwardness that comes from bad face recognition software. With high levels of accuracy you’d sure that the right person will be recognized at the right time.
  • 4. Full Automation : Automation means convenience and reduces the expenses too. As we are moving into a new Digital Age, where Machine has repalce Human Activities, instead of manual recognition, which is done by security guards or the official representatives outside of company’s premises, the facial recognition tech automates the identification process and ensures its flawlessness every time without any haltings. You won’t even need an employee to monitor the cameras 24/7.
  • 5. Forget the Time Fraud : One of the big benefits that facial recognition technology companies offer is the time attendance tracking that allows excluding the time fraud among the workers. No more buddy favours from securities for staff members, since everyone now has to pass a face scanning devices to check-in for work. And the paid hours begin from this moment till the same check-out procedure. And the process will be fast due to the fact that employees don’t have to prove their identities or clock in with their plastic cards.

  • 1. Processing & Storing : Storages are like gold in a digital world since you have to save huge amounts of data for future usage. Even though you get HD-video in a pretty low resolution, it still requires a significant space. Just as the high-quality image visuals. There is no need to process every video’s frame – it’s an enormous waste of resources. That’s why most of the time only a fraction (around 10 – 25%) is actually being put through an FRT. Professional agencies use whole clusters of computers in order to minimize total processing time. But every added computer means considerable data transfer via network, which can be influenced by input-output limitations that lower a processing speed.

  • 2. Image Size & Quality : It’s obvious that a facial recognition is a super advanced software that requires HQ digital cameras for algorithms to operate accurately. A face-detection system captures a face in the photo or screen-shot from a video, then the relative size of that face image will be compared with the size of enrolled one. So, the photo’s quality here affects the whole face recognition process, how well it would be done.Twins can sometime crack Face Recognition security system.

  • 3. Surveillance Angle : The identification process is also under a great pressure of the surveillance angle that was responsible for the target’s face capturing. To enroll a face through the recognition software, the multiple angles are being used –  profile, frontal, 45-degree, etc. But to generate a clear template for the face, you’ll need nothing less than a frontal view. The higher resolution photo has and the more direct its angle is (goes for both enrolled and compared images) the more accurate resulting matches would be.Then, there are also troubles with such things as facial hair or sunglasses. One can still fool the FRT with a suddenly appeared or removed beard, same goes for obscuring face’s parts with glasses or masks. To avoid such failures, the databases must be regularly updated with the most up-to-date images.

Fingerprint Scanner

Fingerprint Scanner or Touch ID is an electronic device used for capturing digital image of fingerprint patterns. Fingerprints scanners come in different sizes, shaped, equipped with different sensor types and technology; depending on the usage. Access control is a common application of fingerprint scanners and access control fingerprint scanners come with networking capability to connect with a standalone computer or a computer network through wire or wireless means. On the other hand, a USB fingerprint scanner is only active when connected to a smartphone or a computer, which should be running a supporting app.

  • Fingerprint scanners for access control often come with supporting software.
  • Supporting software installed on a designated computer can communicate with fingerprint scanner to import data like clock-in and clock-out time of employees.
  • Can generate different reports and matrices, depending on the capability of the software.
  • While access control fingerprint scanners have capability to scan and store fingerprint template without any assistance from an additional IT system, there are tiny scanners available in the market, which have no processing capability unless they are connected with a smartphone or a computer.
  • They just scan the fingerprint and send it to the app, and then the app can perform further processing.

How Does Fingerprint Scanner Work?
  • Fingerprint scanners may employ different types of sensors (optical, capacitive, thermal, Ultrasound/ultrasonic) to scan and generate the digital image of fingerprint patterns.
  • When a finger is put on the scanning area, digital image of fingerprint patterns is read by the sensor.
  • This digital image is pre-processed to remove unnecessary noise and enhance the image quality.
  • This enhanced image is taken through fingerprint algorithm to identify unique points like ridge endings, bifurcation, short ridge, island, spur, etc. These details are called minutiae.
  • Since there are a huge number of possibilities for the location of minutiae, fingerprints are theoretically unique.
  • A biometric template is generated after post-processing the fingerprint image, which is stored in a database.

Types of Fingerprint Sensors
  • Optical sensors : Optical sensors capture the image of fingerprints with a specialized digital camera setup. This is the most common type of fingerprint sensors, which are widely available at cheap prices. Optical sensors pose shortcomings like quality of scan is impacted with dirty fingers and they are easier to be tricked than other types of sensors.
  • Capacitive scanners :  Capacitive scanners make use of pixel array of capacitors instead of visible light, to produce image of fingerprints. Capacitive scanners are hard to forge because they cannot be fooled with fingerprint images. They are more expensive than optical sensors.
  • Ultrasound/Ultrasonic sensors : Ultrasonic scanners use very high frequency sound wave to read pattern of fingerprints. Ultrasonic sound waves reflected form the fingertip surface are measured by the sensor and fingerprint pattern image is produced. Performance of ultrasonic sensors stay unaffected by dirtiness of finger surface as it doesn’t capture image like optical sensors.
  • Thermal line sensors : These sensors read a fingerprint pattern by measuring temperature variation in fingertip ridges and valleys. It requires finger to be moved over a linearly arranged narrow array of thermal sensors. They are small in size and require finger movement to measure fingerprint patterns.

  • 1. Fingerprint scanners offer high security as fingerprints are unique.
  • 2. It offers very high speed & accuracy
  • 3. Can be use to capture Selfie, photos

  • 1. Cannot be use with wet hands
  • 2. Cannot be use when the device has just been turned on or restarted.
  • 3. Someone can use your finger to unlock your phone while you are sleeping

Will Face Recognition Replace Fingerprint Scanner?

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Security can not depend on software alone, because the software always has a back door

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08:22, Feb-16-2018 | From PC
awesome and fantastic information

very well done explain

Special Thanks @justzzshadz for share this informative information with us

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10:02, Feb-16-2018 | From PC
I like Face Recognition Technology

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Interesting thread.

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