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[Discussion] [Device Team]MIUI Monthly Talk-Jan. 2018: Mi Air Purifier Max, CES 2018 and More

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04:21, Jan-14-2018 | From PC
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       Greetings MIUIers

We have a tech Monthly Talk on every month which accentuates the technology of that month. A wonderful year has passed, since December 2017 issue has been written by our team member @cherri94 and we were talking about Redmi 5 Plus, Samsung new battery technology, MIUI Gallery editing feature. Now it’s time for new tech trends in this fresh New Year month. Get ready!
Without further ado, these are the topics according to our team:

  • 1. Talk  of the Month            : CES 2018
  • 2. Tech of the Month            : Mi Air Purifier Max
  • 3. MIUI's Ahead                    : Game Speed Booster
  • 4. Discussion of the Month : Should In-Display fingerprint replaces Normal fingerprint scanner?

  Talk of the Month

CES also known as Consumer Electronics Show is an annual trade show held each January in Las Vegas, state Nevada, USA. It is one of the World's biggest consumer tech event which gives us a grand look at the future. With over 4,000 companies exhibiting at CES this year, there was no shortage of shiny new gadgets. Well, it's not possible to put all highlights in a single sub-topic we will just have a brief look at the best of best in CES 2018. Believe me, I'm really having a hard day to find the best topics because this year "CES bought the whoa" in every aspect.

World's First Rollable OLED TV and Canyon

In 2017 LG unveiled a wallpaper TV that is thinner than your smartphone and could sit flush on any surface. This year they took things even further and showcased a 65-inch flexible television screen that rolls down into a small tube like a poster. But it's not as big as Samsung The Wall - a giant 146-inch TV with a micro-LED display. The rolling feature is controlled by the press of a button which is even more impressive, with partly rolling out we can check information like weather, notifications at ease.

Another LG's OLED TV is its 92-foot-long "OLED Canyon" made up of more than 240 displays which perfectly symbolizes the excess of CES 2018.

LG has turned its attention to the processing that drives that hardware. It comes up with a new Alpha 9 processing engine that’s claimed to have a profound impact on picture quality. Motions and colors much less likely to suffer from banding and appear much more crisply, smoothly and naturally than we’ve ever seen before on an OLED TV. Of course all thanks to its own Alpha 9 intelligent processing engine.

World's Thinnest Laptop

On the processing side, Acer reveals World's thinnest laptop down from 10mm to 8.98mm which is an upgraded version of its sleek Swift 7 Ultrabook. The Acer Swift 7 (2018) packs built-in 4G LTE connectivity antenna that’s built directly into the aluminum unibody. That positioning should boost the signal for mobile broadband users.

This Ultrabook can hold 10-hours of battery life housing Intel 7th gen i7 Processor. It also packs with 8GB RAM and a 256GB SSD. It’ll go on sale in March for a whopping $1,699 (around £1,250).

World's First AI-Equipped Table Tennis Tutor- FORPHEUS

     OMRON Corporation is showcasing its latest advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) that makeup FORPHEUS including sensing, control, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotics. FORPHEUS judges the skill level of his partner and adjusts his play to help promote longer rallies, and coaching throughout their match.

FORPHEUS has a three-camera system to identify the ball and evaluate players, a high-speed robotic arm that moves in response to its AI controller, trajectory prediction, a motion controller 'brain' which tells it how to hit the ball and machine learning to evaluate the capabilities of his opponent. Simply FORPHEUS is far more than a just 'ping-pong' playing robot.

Best Robot and Cutest Gadget in CES 2018

Sony surprised everyone with the return of the Aibo robot dog. it's just as cute and cuddly as it looks. The revived Aibo has cute, glassy OLED eyes and a camera inside its nose, which can act as a webcam for your home when you're away. The dog understood a handful of English-language directions, including hand-shaking and commands to sit.

The robo dog has 22 points of articulation and various motion sensors that allow it to detect and interact with humans and other Aibo dogs. The robopup contains a quad-core CPU, built-in LTE, and WiFi, as well as speaker for robotic yips and yaps and four microphones to pick up voice commands. Battery life is also relatively low two hours on a single charge. Still, it's hard to say that this robo pup worth $2000.and a 25$ per month for cloud maintenance to keep it running which is super weird!

World's First Self-Driving Suitcase

Forget The Self-Driving Car, Meet The Worlds First Self-Driving Suitcase- The ForwardX CX-1 the smart luggage trolley was unveiled at CES 2018 branded as the world’s first self-driving carry-on. This AI trolley can detect obstacles and make way for itself in a crowded place. It can also be controlled with a smartphone app and can roll alongside its owner.

The ForwardX CX-1 trolley has a set of cameras a 170-degree wide-angle view and a smart brain with facial recognition algorithms to follow its owner anywhere at 7 miles per hour. The ForwardX suitcase also has gesture control technology and can be immobilized to protect against theft. In case it loses track of the owner, it lets it know through a wristband that vibrates to notify the same. The wristband also acts as a tracker for the trolley to come back to the owner. It's priced somewhere around $1000 and will be expected to launch in February or mid-2018.

Well, these are some of my best numbers in CES 2018. So dear MIUIers Which is your Best Tech in CES 2018? Make sure to drop your opinions and views in the below comment section.

  Tech of the Month

Here we will be discussing about Professional Household Purifier - MI Air Purifier Max

We have seen some MI Air Purifiers with different models, but if there's one head-turner, it would be the MI Air Purifier Max. In the last 3 years, Xiaomi has launched 5 new Air Purifiers the first-gen Mi Air Purifier in 2014, and the Mi Air Purifier 2 in 2015. Later in the year 2016 Mi Air Purifier Pro and then the Mijia Car Air Purifier. Finally, in the last year, we saw the cheaper and trimmed down Mi Air Purifier 2S. With this new Air Purifier Max Xiaomi's arsenal counts to six Air Purifiers.

In this sub-topic, we will see the specifications, highlights of Xiaomi's latest entrant in its smart home gadgets range

  • 1. Product Model: AC-M5-SC
  • 2. Application area: 120 square meters
  • 3. Built-in Module: Wi-Fi, OLED touchscreen
  • 4. Material: ABS
  • 5. Rated voltage: 220V
  • 6. Rated power: 86W
  • 7. Rated Frequency: 50 / 60Hz
  • 8. Sensor: laser particle / temperature / humidity sensor
  • 9. Power cord length: 1.6m
  • 10. Noise: 34 - 63.5dB   
  • 11. Product weight: 18.0000 kg
  • 12. Package weight: 20.0000 kg                                                  
  • 13. Package Contents: 1 x Air Purifier, 2 x Filter, 1 x English User Manual, 1 x Power Cord
  • 14. Power Cord Length: 1.6m
  • 15. Price: By the look of this appliance it looks same as MI Air Purifier Pro which tags 1299 yuan ($197). At the time of launch, the gigantic purifier is priced at CNY 1,999, which roughly translates to Rs 19,600 or $304.


  • OLED display shows PM2.5 value, Temperature, humidity, Wi-Fi connection status and more.
  • Offers a longer filter life of 6 to 12 months.
  • Laser Particle Sensor, Temperature and humidity sensor.
  • Ultra-quiet 34dB noise level in sleep mode.
  • Emergency stop function when the top grid or filter cartridge is opened.

  • Triple-layer filter removes harmful PM2.5 articles.
  • A proprietary Dual-Inlet system for up to 120m² coverage on the left and right increases the air inlet and outlet area, resulting in more powerful air purification performance.
  • Laser particle sensor claims to automatically detect AQI ( Air Quality Index ), temperature sensor and humidity sensor detect temperature and humidity.
  • New air pressurization system with a particle 1000m³/h Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR)


  • Intelligent remote control with multi-device linkage.
  • Advanced mute noise reduction technology.
  • Emergency stop and Magnetic adsorption door designs.

So MIUIers, What do you think about this MI Air Purifier Max- Xiaomi's highest entrant in its smart home gadgets range? In my view, Mi Air Purifier MAX is gigantic in size which is suitable for large areas and with maximum fan speed, the clean air quickly reaches all corners of room even in the highest gear mode by absorbing noise and blocking noise as low as 34dB. What's your response dear readers? Reply to this thread below with your views and opinions.

  MIUI's Ahead


In MIUI's Ahead we discuss the features exclusively available on MIUI. In MIUI 9 there are a lot of UI and feature changes like adding new extraordinary ones. One of them is Game Speed Boost which is exclusively in China/Global beta ROM. Game speed boost is powerful system optimizer which focuses on tuning the CPU and GPU frequencies to attain the best from it. Don't forget that, it also stops certain system and user services in-order to free some RAM. Well, let us have a brief look at this stunning feature.

The Game speed boost solves many problems like

  • 1. Network and game lags which we often face in online gaming.
  • 2. Frequent pop-up messages.
  • 3. The unexpected touch of navigation keys.
  • 4. Continuous background sync.

You are all aware that it's available inside 'Security App' if you are on the latest beta build. Here's a quick look at inside app and its settings. The UI and its toggles are effortless to understand and use. Just simply add (+) the game and select the toggles based on your requirement then boost the game from the app. A key to note that in the recent update once we add the game in activity then it can be launched from anywhere by enabling 'Boost Automatically' from booster settings.

Check out these popular threads from our special team to know more about Game speed boost in a detailed way.

Our MIUI team is working on more advanced boosting techniques. Hope we can expect it in a better way soon for stable builds.
This is all about current MIUI's ahead. So MIUIers 'What is your experience and thoughts on this flawless app'?. In my view 'nothing would be better than inbuilt Game speed booster which is specially designed for MIUI devices'. Make sure to drop out your experience.

  Discussion of the Month

At CES 2018 we witnessed World's first In-Display Fingerprint Scanner by Vivo which has been rumored by Apple and Samsung since last couple years. But Vivo finally brings it to the production stage, though the name has not yet been revealed but the announcement of availability will be in early 2018.

In-Display Fingerprint Scanner-
Initially, Vivo
presented a prototype of fingerprint scanning solution at MWC Shanghai 2017 based on a Qualcomm's ultrasonic sensor. The company applied the same ultrasonic tech to a spot on the back of the phone's metallic body, thus allowing the phone to be unlocked even when placed in water.

But those prototype demo's happened in MWC Shangai 2017. In this year CES 2018 Vivo Showcases World’s First Ready-to-Produce In-Display Fingerprint Scanning Smartphone supported by global partner Synaptics.
  Vivo Stated that this 'Technology supports various usage scenarios beyond unlocking the smartphone, and is only activated when needed. Based on the fingerprint recognition requirement a graphical UI will show up on Vivo’s smartphone screen in any scenario such as when the screen is off, during software unlocking, or even mobile payment authentication' (with Synaptics' help, of course).

Synaptic's scanner, however, is not ultrasonic like Qualcomm, but optical. The scanner Clear ID itself is nowhere to be seen. The so-called Clear ID is actually a small sensor that sits right beneath the device's organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display and can recognize a fingerprint by scanning the space in between each individual screen's pixel. The in-display sensor is only located at the center-bottom.

  • Users can press the fingerprint graphic on the screen to perform unlocking, payment, and other operations.
  • Compared to fingerprint sensors on the back of smartphones, In-Display Fingerprint Scanning Technology offers a more convenient operation without sacrificing the sleek and unified design of the smartphone.

  • The fingerprint sensor works as long as you place your finger on the entire fingerprint icon. If you're just slightly off, it usually fails to recognize it.

Normal Fingerprint Scanner-

Normal fingerprint recognition has long been one of the most common and well-known biometrics used to secure smartphones. Well, most of the current smartphones equipped with generic fingerprint scanner even for a basic device. So as you all are aware of its usage, pros, and cons. Let's just cut it and come to main discussion part.

Should In-Display fingerprint scanner replaces the Normal fingerprint scanner?

Sources: MIUI Official forum, Gadgets.ndtv,,,, Google for images and some info.

Previous Talks:


Special thanks to Ma'am @candicesu, @Nanana and beloved admins for their continuous supervision. Million of thanks to @Nig_ZA for guiding and giving me an opportunity in this great initiative. Thanks to @soumya_2002 for this great initiative and my team for outstanding support! Also big thanks to SMODs and MODs of every SF.

Should In-Display Fingerprint Replace Normal Fingerprint Scanner?

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11.61% 54
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