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[Others] [Update Stopped]Fastboot MIUI ROM files collection for Mi1/1S/2/2S/2A/3/4/Pad

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16:07, Feb-10-2014 | From PC
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You can download fastboot ROMs directly from download page now! Check this thread:
Hey MIUIers, this is a collection thread of the Fastboot ROM files for Mi1/1S/2/2S/2A/3/Pad.

Fastboot is one way to flash ROMs to your phone, it's safer than flashing in Recovery mode. Different phones enter Fastboot mode differently, e.g. for Xiaomi devices, you should turn off your phone, and hold the Volume+ & the Power button at the same time. You could find the way for you device using Google. When flashing ROMs in fastboot mode, you should connect your phone to the computer via USB cable.

The files are arranged reverse from the latest ROM version, please pay attention when downloading.

You could use Ctrl + F to quickly find the ROM version you're looking for.

ROM Flashing Guides  
Mi1/1S/2/2S/3/4/Pad Recovery ROM Files  Redmi Recovery ROM Files Redmi Fastboot ROM Files

Note: there're potential riskes in flashing custom ROM, please think twice before you do it.

Xiaomi Mi Pad - MIUI Developer Version
These ROMs can only apply to Xiaomi Mi Pad

             ROM Version Size MD5
Mi Pad 4.11.21 fastboot(4.4)404M7352dcd481b4c8f590ad5e8e18f6393f
Mi Pad 4.11.14 fastboot(4.4)402M670ab6767d84c1465e38c9343242ae8f
Mi Pad 4.11.7 fastboot(4.4)403M580214669bed16b796f0950af859c1fc
Mi Pad 4.10.31 fastboot(4.4)403Mab044846b4adc503f99a9da23958a1a0
Mi Pad 4.10.24 fastboot(4.4)397Mda0999cc35cb6bdcf4ac84f8ecf72ebe
Mi Pad 4.10.17 fastboot(4.4)396M95420937a2b2e4effd736e25694ee750
Mi Pad 4.10.10 fastboot(4.4)393M9ae63772db733bce2589aa19d8522635
Mi Pad 4.9.26 fastboot(4.4)393M9b7b3a7b58c4769d0923a882d952ffd0
Mi Pad 4.9.19 fastboot(4.4)289M709c402a410cfdefc5cbf5504462363c
Mi Pad 4.8.22 fastboot(4.4)421M83afeedf94e0d8b45c433435da138f2d
Mi Pad 4.8.15 fastboot(4.4)421M4c3a4919e0811288f108c9960043ca43
Mi Pad 4.8.8 fastboot(4.4)420M48c9d2bf0699972a70caafb040eb65e8
Mi Pad 4.8.1 fastboot(4.4)420Me47bead3cb1f9e30cc823495fc31433f
Mi Pad 4.7.25 fastboot(4.4)401M0a583ee1a880cb9cdae223469b33c020
Mi Pad 4.7.18 fastboot(4.4)399M3b3bb42ca1a46d81a298d1192381cfae
Mi Pad 4.7.11 fastboot(4.4) 433Mdaf9ae10138ab76811f8fe0729fbd145
Mi Pad 4.7.4 fastboot(4.4) 432M1110b7cbf9e93739cb445b27a608718f
Mi Pad 4.6.27 fastboot(4.4) 434Me1e6d31f30b2e74835a04ada6d840f83
Mi Pad 4.6.20 fastboot(4.4) 433M552f02d115a6c6c488b6a24688360663
Mi Pad 4.6.13 fastboot(4.4) 432M 1418e894c785c350b86a2b4225cb04db
Mi Pad 4.6.6 fastboot(4.4) 381M 095ce8d0a90f648c9fa1bcaef1d733e1

Xiaomi Mi Pad - MIUI Stable Version
These ROMs can only apply to Xiaomi Mi Pad

ROM Version Size MD5
V6.1.1.0.KXFCNBJ(4.4) 429M2ef1b11c0d64c1e8f8822d0a18c0dc08
KXFCNBF11.0 fastboot(4.4) 425Md7a373c9afed8d0d4c013efa1a95fdf2
KXFCNBF9.0 fastboot(4.4) 425M2bb6578611e2414edd8e51017b7f35c1
KXFCNBF5.0 fastboot(4.4) 455M8bc513f8d156fee8ab20b4d628b317d7
KXFCNBF4.0 fastboot(4.4) 455M6946f05cba689674489b9674ef751362
KXFCNBF3.0 Fastboot (4.4) 434M9459fe236ffbf765e146b21722e326a0
KXFCNBF2.0 Fastboot (4.4) 433M ba2301fdf75f1ea034d18fe223e6fbea

Xiaomi Mi3/4 - WCDMA MIUI Developer Version
These ROMs can only apply to Xiaomi Mi3/4 - WCDMA device
Note: Only ROMs after 4.7.18 (including 4.7.18) could be applied to Mi 4

              ROM Version Size                      MD5
Mi 3-WCDMA 4.11.21 fastboot(4.4)567M 892dbc2e65fea1793558dd4837dbab39
Mi 3-WCDMA 4.11.14 fastboot(4.4)564M 6a7af5cc10740d4b8975ac34d1e9aa23
Mi 3-WCDMA 4.11.7 fastboot(4.4)564M7ad273c4df78c693fa4913482c58d15d
Mi 3-WCDMA 4.10.31 fastboot(4.4)565M372ab89fb7642ebeff770ddde9aa039a
Mi 3-WCDMA 4.10.24 fastboot(4.4)559Mfa0641b8981b62c4d3d274e0ac19ca62
Mi 3-WCDMA 4.10.17 fastboot(4.4)566Mc27dbd0c21c184e6e46d367fc6fa573f
Mi 3-WCDMA 4.10.11 fastboot(4.4)562Mbbb86b0c2a226940ee2625a989ff1542
Mi 3-WCDMA 4.9.26 fastboot(4.4)562Md1203043909d999aa439c8c432060874
Mi 3-WCDMA 4.9.19 fastboot(4.4)573M1f035af0c96e146fb31f0a83533c28a8
Mi 3-WCDMA 4.9.14 fastboot(4.4)579M 0a264d70b6a8fcb181f84d39a1545f44
Mi 3-WCDMA 4.9.5 fastboot(4.4)574M47805c59ed8129570618f4d06866a0fe
Mi 3-WCDMA 4.8.29 fastboot(4.4)637M8ffb8259d3ef4498aefbc506e171dc95
Mi 3-WCDMA 4.8.22 fastboot(4.4)676Md18643458722af54374c17d3d8e636ce
Mi 3-WCDMA 4.8.15 fastboot(4.4)676Md1273a34570e9bdff76f0eaeac467469
Mi 3-WCDMA 4.8.8 fastboot(4.4)675M73ccb4f742f2b5c9e1179cdec0a08130
Mi 3-WCDMA 4.8.1 fastboot(4.4)674M90b2fd492f638b14509683ea1c1e0880
Mi 3-WCDMA 4.7.25 fastboot(4.4)673Mc170693dbb9a950e84105607e8e91035
Mi 3-WCDMA 4.7.18 fastboot(4.4)675M0bc355b0543c3b1db048663dd8919984
Mi 3-WCDMA 4.7.11 fastboot(4.4)672M3f5ba43aa9e9755e1d7853c5211214aa
Mi 3-WCDMA 4.7.4 fastboot(4.4)669M4d6ff8afbfcd84a1d42239f6e718d4f6
Mi 3-WCDMA 4.6.27 fastboot(4.4)670M54c567db66976881871462fde1457e48
Mi 3-WCDMA 4.6.20 fastboot(4.4)705M184efa020af23fffe6e54c0d53ce3ab8
Mi 3-WCDMA 4.6.13 fastboot(4.4)679M1ac6937d7b10dd4a18d51892de2cea30
Mi 3-WCDMA 4.6.6 fastboot(4.4)678M8ec4a0820bb572207d4d67feadbef5c9
Mi 3-WCDMA 4.5.30 fastboot(4.4)677Mdb5bdb8393a8eeb755ddfcce0a40e02f
Mi 3-WCDMA 4.5.23 fastboot(4.4)692Mebb34ee5b4159b9e1bb7b4a0f5a9b5f5
Mi 3-WCDMA 4.5.16 fastboot(4.4)697Mcbcc11cf2da3d0219b0b5f8f22362f57
Mi 3-WCDMA 4.5.9 fastboot(4.4)693M56b0b2033ddc84b165ca377562484c08
Mi 3-WCDMA 4.4.25 fastboot(4.3)623M28e0c185550fb5bf6c65b02e4b382457
Mi 3-WCDMA 4.4.18 fastboot(4.3)624M8f8dfd91190aed121bc41536cfc80666
Mi 3-WCDMA 4.4.11 fastboot(4.3)608Ma714fede95f9958d915d43ebaa3ec588
Mi 3-WCDMA 4.4.4 fastboot(4.3)605M1de0a0b0a9f6218f5f50d411f0671478
Mi 3-WCDMA 4.3.28 fastboot(4.3)605M3fd0a8994d1a274964b5797c8899af47
Mi 3-WCDMA 4.3.21 fastboot(4.3) 589M200c5c8933b47caf013e9fcf9bfcd463
Mi 3-WCDMA 4.3.14fastboot(4.3) 589M629a7779991bda40db93af6f3b6bbe93
Mi 3-WCDMA 4.3.7 fastboot(4.3) 553Mde5a34ef20a31fa087442680f9f274dc
Mi 3-WCDMA 4.2.28 fastboot(4.3) 549Mf8015121ba21356c04279cf8c7b92ee1
Mi 3-WCDMA 4.2.21 fastboot(4.3) 548Mc5a864acdb3a590511cc51486d077bff
Mi 3-WCDMA 4.2.14 fastboot(4.3) 548M20acfab9ea1bcc5332eb2b7e65366bbe
Mi 3-WCDMA 4.2.7 fastboot(4.3) 545M 2d5f11731b7ab12eb9b9339880b7fa23
Mi 3-WCDMA 4.1.24 fastboot(4.3) 543M d6f7e93a16ffcc6884028226a5775199
Mi 3-WCDMA 4.1.17 fastboot(4.3) 539M5d5c39c95084c8dc170f2841b74ec8a3
Mi 3-WCDMA 4.1.10 fastboot(4.3) 524M5ffcc6c108786b0ba2291680a60560fe

Xiaomi Mi3/4 - WCDMA MIUI Stable Version
These ROMs can only apply to Xiaomi Mi3/4 - WCDMA device
Note: Only ROMs after JXDCNBF21.0 (including JXDCNBF21.0) could be applied to Mi 4

ROM Version
Mi 3-WCDMA V6.1.2.0.KXCCNBJ fastboot(4.4)554M2cbb2e76e8acf4a71e3d3e7a2d1f06e5
Mi 3-WCDMA KXDCNBF34.0 fastboot(4.4)592Me0a92a2a263be62b95f3192935f93787
Mi 3-WCDMA KXDCNBF24.0 fastboot(4.4) 668M1fbb634ef8f8f8cdaa49f97d25304262
Mi 3-WCDMA KXDCNBF23.0 fastboot(4.4) 668M91b31b38e539ccc049c4ac862b70a1a4
Mi 3-WCDMA JXDCNBF21.0 fastboot(4.4) 668Md4f7bd9bcfff25f19d64d25ea8a8d978
Mi 3-WCDMA JXDCNBD18.0 fastboot(4.4) 638Mcf8ff5a7481ecc219ea20e3ae1cedac1
Mi 3-WCDMA JXDCNBD14.0 fastboot(4.3) 603Mbb5096bfd97b5debdf4f43c581e1b0aa
Mi 3-WCDMA JXDCNBD13.0 fastboot(4.3) 602M138abbba57cd03788fc11281b0bda390
Mi 3-WCDMA JXDCNAL12.0 fastboot(4.3) 582M227e90812dfbdc0441d64de4993fc3ad
Mi 3-WCDMA JXDCNAL9.0 fastboot(4.3) 578Md562d743650c5742f89948f6a0d159b6
Mi 3-WCDMA JXDCNAL8.0 fastboot(4.3) 547Mbc65e84af580137ad0939f174d6cda78
Mi 3-WCDMA JXDCNAL4.0 fastboot(4.3) 524M fcac6ec19e9a4a642e62fb2c370048bc
Mi 3-WCDMA JXDCNAL3.0 fastboot(4.3) 524M af604fa9594fc379631497a99e8d0acd

Xiaomi Mi3 - TD MIUI Developer Version
These ROMs can only apply to Xiaomi Mi3 - TD device

               ROM Version Size                            MD5
Mi 3-TD 4.11.21 fastboot(4.4)511M5435e194d6ef4a29448c743c893036aa
Mi 3-TD 4.11.14 fastboot(4.4)507M8aa5c66a23b0bc623c0803fd458afe28
Mi 3-TD 4.11.7 fastboot(4.4)507M4c4f81bdee0831986e0217789e9c1b18
Mi 3-TD 4.10.31 fastboot(4.4)510Mab54229290b399a65678a4e7cdb2d68e
Mi 3-TD 4.10.24 fastboot(4.4)505Me2cf193c19671e89538b6d56d345423d
Mi 3-TD 4.10.17 fastboot(4.4)501M5d36a03647b64743257a70adf08c90c4
Mi 3-TD 4.10.10 fastboot(4.4)497M6e6e2e734feef9752fdd2c06cb1f764f
Mi 3-TD 4.9.26 fastboot(4.4)498M6e79931743d9c0b3eb97eaed379a1961
Mi 3-TD 4.9.19 fastboot(4.4)503M2e497f5499a55a716b7c3630ad5a04a3
Mi 3-TD 4.9.14 fastboot(4.4)509M115fd6afac4f7ed648acfd1ed655a1f4
Mi 3-TD 4.8.22 fastboot(4.4)618M1377f877598259f8e2a4638320b83671
Mi 3-TD 4.8.15 fastboot(4.4)617M2da7909124a3103a9aa701670f817431
Mi 3-TD 4.8.8 fastboot(4.4)617M1423333e73868d16d38def9ac50a1bf3
Mi 3-TD 4.8.1 fastboot(4.4)616Mb6c9a2da9cafdffa0b82329a96644104
Mi 3-TD 4.7.25 fastboot(4.4)615Ma3c64849de25f9701f3b4ee20dedd31a
Mi 3-TD 4.7.18 fastboot(4.4)617M3a1548054a471b543c7340cd8ba2cc46
Mi 3-TD 4.7.11 fastboot(4.4)618M90b1f558ec51e3e19d164dee56e05256
Mi 3-TD 4.7.4 fastboot(4.4)618M977a506ef77a74f6da8d999942b55958
Mi 3-TD 4.6.27 fastboot(4.4)619Md02f78a8e554b4baa92db9f4b782ded2
Mi 3-TD 4.6.20 fastboot(4.4)653Me01fc7c196548ca8a9354f9730f8fa6b
Mi 3-TD 4.6.13 fastboot(4.4)636M3946bf84dad78895f612be976350a61d
Mi 3-TD 4.6.6 fastboot(4.2)593M0857cf8d882fc62268bc459ac8ef84e1
Mi 3-TD 4.5.30 fastboot(4.2)592M61324997bc4a5dac71cd75f9761f230c
Mi 3-TD 4.5.23 fastboot(4.2)609M9039646b31cc6a1cbb719b57d6cb21e5
Mi 3-TD 4.5.16 fastboot(4.2)614M8c38bf0c3fd027cd6571dae07d4f3ec3
Mi 3-TD 4.5.9 fastboot(4.2)612M008abacb7c24dd6901e527ca648edc9f
Mi 3-TD 4.4.25 fastboot(4.2) 594Mae2580b84e1f71ed83d2e642e30ebbb6
Mi 3-TD 4.4.18 fastboot(4.2) 599M49dc19cf06092c238b1a6699b845bb3e
Mi 3-TD 4.4.11 fastboot(4.2) 583Md74c4d2b791f65c5032658670cf977df
Mi 3-TD 4.4.4 fastboot(4.2) 580M6b8339bb5b7c03604d27a62791d4e18e
Mi 3-TD 4.3.28 fastboot(4.2) 579M61be6a9cee2347ff501a61ca20f6cbce
Mi 3-TD 4.3.21 fastboot(4.2) 565Md8698090a8b2cf32de9e710dfd7aea7c
Mi 3-TD 4.3.14 fastboot(4.2) 564Mc7aa4b639918bc6a7903c82ed20d3757
Mi 3-TD 4.3.7 fastboot(4.2) 533M766200f264a58d8fd761fcd864f4d4bc
Mi 3-TD 4.2.28 fastboot(4.2) 529M9e731c7588076b0924b7f9bdda37730a
Mi 3-TD 4.2.21 fastboot(4.2) 528Mf08932529046cd741e950f9bd111ac77
Mi 3-TD 4.2.14 fastboot(4.2) 528Mb88ba909ce0428e746b464022231340b
Mi 3-TD 4.2.7 fastboot(4.2) 524M 32c7b63f06e8a0eaa364b6ce636a1d77
Mi 3-TD 4.1.24 fastboot(4.2) 523M aee449b72327aa92037747683f5daea0
Mi 3-TD 4.1.17 fastboot(4.2) 520M c6b8806541e93cd6cfaeea63a8a9b8e4
Mi 3-TD 4.1.10 fastboot(4.2) 521M 6d3c9b91be058d50a4a0415f242e64c0
Mi 3-TD 4.1.3 fastboot(4.2) 526M 7ead6b948d11c17dc05c588030d686e3
Mi 3-TD 3.12.27 fastboot(4.2) 515M e58264dd576e5a30bbc14bb4faf83ab4
Mi 3-TD 3.12.20 fastboot(4.2) 508M c0bfd0983bf954d72c7fadad88811a9c
Mi 3-TD 3.12.13 fastboot(4.2) 508M 799eaf8ef30bf3c9f5d29e27188dd790
Mi 3-TD 3.12.6 fastboot(4.2) 504M b52db0d84207838eb05a5beb99a488bf
Mi 3-TD 3.11.29 fastboot(4.2) 502M 2e6d9f6f7802519dc7dbd445c593ef6f
Mi 3-TD 3.11.22 fastboot(4.2) 500M 87e25701c95035b1fe5b0a39debeca77
Mi 3-TD 3.11.15 fastboot(4.2) 498M dfe2f7f610c7c9e8de029602750eda59
Mi 3-TD 3.11.1 fastboot(4.2) 506M 0bc16c4094d7206fc5a669919e60628f
Mi 3-TD 3.10.25 fastboot(4.2) 505M 0f37a8fb2fbbf9da45ea9eeebc366544
Mi 3-TD 3.10.18 fastboot(4.2) 503M 7de47f0687b12b8cbc79733a18c91ac3
Mi 3-TD 3.10.11 fastboot(4.2) 496M e484205aa177323d7196690f92a769f2
Mi 3-TD 3.9.27 fastboot(4.2) 509M 5e0dd949ba2d6fe36b4759ebe6bdae8f
Mi 3-TD 3.9.20 fastboot(4.2) 509M 5e5fc78d35f80a2349b726b49c77e501
Mi 3-TD 3.9.13 fastboot(4.2) 509M 89198e6ea764f3c0ce932bf6a8d0ad61

Xiaomi Mi3 - TD MIUI Stable Version
These ROMs can only apply to Xiaomi Mi3 - TD device

             ROM Version Size                        MD5
Mi 3-TD V6.1.2.0.KXCCNBJ fastboot(4.4)499M34c1f8144212801f7582e59e2dab6a39
Mi 3-TD KXCCNBF31.0 fastboot(4.4)553M616af5453b688dd0f6a2c54b8ad98314
Mi 3-TD KXCCNBF25.0 fastboot(4.4)615M6facfcea903f9bfb6629a454628df67d
Mi 3-TD KXCCNBF24.0 fastboot(4.4)615Mff7d39f5dc4df29563bd6aff2b41b135
Mi 3-TD KXCCNBF23.0 fastboot(4.4) 615M80cdfcc0390405b141abc0414be22b12
Mi 3-TD JXCCNBE21.0 fastboot(4.2) 590M8d3ab3eb6a53e75a539669bcc8a3cd2b
Mi 3-TD JXCCNBD20.0 fastboot(4.2) 577M05dea1980718896891c4e5a29785bb37
Mi 3-TD JXCCNBD19.0 fastboot(4.2) 577Mae60d46e9ab958f4901f69507591c553
Mi 3-TD JXCCNAL13.0 fastboot(4.2) 556M64e6f33f81cdc3d2070181a66892d97b
Mi 3-TD JXCCNAL12.0 fastboot(4.2) 506M ae9fd68da52e8dd6d4aa48b4858eccf0
Mi 3-TD JXCCNAL11.0 fastboot(4.2) 504M 19bfad26dec26a50738b5cd8c4bab09e
Mi 3-TD JXCCNAL10.0 fastboot(4.2) 504M ddaeaca37924b75c26ef042789ac97c9
Mi 3-TD JXCCNAI7.0 fastboot(4.2) 500M f5fc80c8796725654dde87f3e8d0ea24
Mi 3-TD JXCCNAI6.0 fastboot(4.2) 501M 28685c0f2c96d6b15b8752654f6ff2c6

Xiaomi Mi 2A -  MIUI Developer Version
These ROMs can only apply to Xiaomi Mi 2A

       ROM Version
Mi Two A 3.7.19 fastboot(4.1)388Mc6912778e01231ff5643d5b51587236c
Mi Two A 3.7.12 fastboot(4.1)387M804df2caa05d3027ceefdd0fee0be1bf
Mi Two A 3.7.5 fastboot(4.1)386M6382325043e4049aed8bfcc15c3b48fc
Mi Two A 3.6.28 fastboot(4.1)385M4182d53a874fe203205c42039aae5e7c
Mi Two A 3.6.21 fastboot(4.1)385Mfd353051e73cee61420adb505e1f047a
Mi Two A 3.6.14 fastboot(4.1)376M917f88d6e4d2487d7a9a707f9cc8b126
Mi Two A 3.6.7 fastboot(4.1)376M1a57235c1aac2d2db8f47465f1bcf156
Mi Two A 3.5.31 fastboot(4.1)376Mb11734ff5a0979195dc7eaacabf5c9b2
Mi Two A 3.5.31 fastboot(4.1)376Mb11734ff5a0979195dc7eaacabf5c9b2
Mi Two A 3.5.24 fastboot(4.1)
Mi Two A 3.5.17 fastboot(4.1)369M4023a9fa311c1bcf2a43a153c0ce8470
Mi Two A 3.5.10 fastboot(4.1)367M5a3b0d7c875beac3054a4850331e22f3
Mi Two A 3.5.3 fastboot(4.1)365M4336533586c13f981392ba35b4ad4b33
Mi Two A 3.4.26 fastboot(4.1)365M5b63ea24f791b6df44e524395b9ca2dc

Xiaomi Mi 2A -  MIUI Stable Version
These ROMs can only apply to Xiaomi Mi 2A

        ROM Version Size                    MD5
Mi Two A JLB49.0 fastboot(4.1)423M 837fecb63561f3d4a684c92ec1efb891
Mi Two A JLB39.0 fastboot(4.1) 503Ma8dd0ab9cf4e883f7e5471d8b0f8b09b
Mi Two A JLB36.0 fastboot(4.1) 503Mbfc9c6585e26eeeea67607ac51748f68
Mi Two A JLB34.0 fastboot(4.1) 518Ma9e2ba69ff2c891dfda3cdf394437824
Mi Two A JLB33.0 fastboot(4.1) 504M5e5fcdfc603ec149e68e3dd47bd790b6
Mi Two A JLB29.0 fastboot(4.1) 506M0949e2a842a5b24dbc9cc48b30b50a02
Mi Two A JLB28.0 fastboot(4.1) 431M 95d889c2e672c4f934d75dc100f603c9
Mi Two A JLB27.0 fastboot(4.1) 430M fa84a8e9dbfb83da0df7c9e3540a7f46
Mi Two A JLB26.0 fastboot(4.1) 430M 7887b75862c98e0dd3db4ca5c316516c
Mi Two A JLB24.0 fastboot(4.1) 419M 14541938ef6a3beb38c847f8a9f12b844
Mi Two A JLB23.0 fastboot(4.1) 423M 1eea2d9f839403983726373bb5869340
Mi Two A JLB22.0 fastboot(4.1) 420M 2887d35bc745d0e060a2af1a70822a56
Mi Two A JLB21.0 fastboot(4.1) 396M b1ee68b7e1f512c47040d0835cb70a9c
Mi Two A JLB20.0 fastboot(4.1) 380M 728ae65d3e2de7e8f1e1089c81dfa622
Mi Two A JLB18.0 fastboot(4.1) 380M 7171b918f1fe4268a4eee04cb83935ea
Mi Two A JLB17.0 fastboot(4.1) 369M e2d6e9b22f5c3c7d83664a0edc34e3f5
Mi Two A JLB16.0 fastboot(4.1) 369M dddc31824d18adf691d304da62fe6302
Mi Two A JLB15.0 fastboot(4.1) 364M 2c18a092eca8576a1e1cfa504ac64277

Xiaomi Mi2/2S -  MIUI Developer Version
These ROMs can only apply to Xiaomi Mi2/2S. MIUI V5 cannot be flashed back to MIUI V4

         ROM Version Size                      MD5
Mi Two  4.11.21 fastboot(4.1)493Mc8900c24dadee1757d8245dd83919b10
Mi Two  4.11.14 fastboot(4.1)490M68c0329d3a70e3bc9e920db6e553de72
Mi Two  4.11.7 fastboot(4.1)490M929b6ea8d0b693627e0557a930fe636a
Mi Two  4.10.31 fastboot(4.1)488Mf7a0df72925d1052e4439f7118dc7c46
Mi Two  4.10.24 fastboot(4.1)487Mf0a86269e355063df7917ee1e8c66e67
Mi Two  4.10.17 fastboot(4.1)480M19531132468d42cfb040e68c7579f527
Mi Two  4.10.10 fastboot(4.1)475M548997961059d18b6ad24c06c3ea6065
Mi Two  4.9.26 fastboot(4.1)475M546ad75a88a9f77b11c1e84793d5237f
Mi Two  4.9.19 fastboot(4.1)476M1bec35c0beb0afb2f725ab4790f6fa20
Mi Two  4.9.12 fastboot(4.1)481M4507ee420c6817df2055a4e8b56ab5ab
Mi Two  4.9.5 fastboot(4.1)472M7c9998f65d4a7ad1b027e3fe81c79fbe
Mi Two  4.8.29 fastboot(4.1) 535M800c4c1179a869d6df8de5183fedca7c
Mi Two  4.8.22 fastboot(4.1) 556M27a0933d04830d46e253e40cd67dbb1e
Mi Two  4.8.15 fastboot(4.1) 555Md85b1b71ee1053019b122e8720a18f1e
Mi Two  4.8.8 fastboot(4.1) 554M5833def18c2d01f8f482539b9c685298
Mi Two  4.8.1 fastboot(4.1) 538Mf2a291d523ff62fb10f07daf70e9d0d2
Mi Two  4.7.25 fastboot(4.1) 538M9e7b7ddbadb9186221e0af88cd14afbf
Mi Two  4.7.18 fastboot(4.1) 537M45ebf7bff159fd030f78bbfbf8f942d9
Mi Two  4.7.11 fastboot(4.1) 554M248cf8484b79e8c159a0adce2e3f5232
Mi Two  4.7.4 fastboot(4.1) 553M3cb6d399799ff6473114971eebb2fdd7
Mi Two  4.6.27 fastboot(4.1) 552Mca84121a5599c2f1d6a49ea9cab5b492
Mi Two  4.6.20 fastboot(4.1) 552Ma4b245ceb4b38c47b128c77432ecfa63
Mi Two  4.6.13 fastboot(4.1) 547M7369f723af54829649e66f145bb0905e
Mi Two  4.6.6 fastboot(4.1) 551M38256a8e1833c58d326b42c73eee4f9f
Mi Two  4.5.30 fastboot(4.1) 575Mee7a3db0f4dcc389abc71cb7003e168a
Mi Two  4.5.23 fastboot(4.1) 590M9d8a43f50f59de6849e3ef3359a7eae0
Mi Two  4.5.16 fastboot(4.1) 597M2e587a2143a5dbb5644fa7fcffa6d35f
Mi Two  4.5.9 fastboot(4.1) 595Mea3f3fd0a5be24c9d54a8a6a974c6da1
Mi Two  4.4.25 fastboot(4.1) 585Md970b44256efa4c4e21fc9233be5904d
Mi Two  4.4.18 fastboot(4.1) 594M3db03ad8553fb08bae182a3459cdfb10
Mi Two  4.4.11 fastboot(4.1) 575Me2df11514b29592e1483aa587478d542
Mi Two  4.4.4 fastboot(4.1) 574M69fd1e4174d8eff38ef02fc053ccda60
Mi Two  4.3.28 fastboot(4.1) 574Mb06ed7e202cf1e11b77046651160ac7f
Mi Two  4.3.21 fastboot(4.1) 560M55ed8f97e40cf5b9ef965fc6e786fe8a
Mi Two  4.3.14 fastboot(4.1) 559Ma16c53435aff4f3fb797bbff875ae915
Mi Two  4.3.7 fastboot(4.1) 525M65086e020531cbaaf1bce1683e1a3469
Mi Two  4.2.28 fastboot(4.1) 524M6ef058b1e92e6cae6af04b42cbf52d6
Mi Two  4.2.21 fastboot(4.1) 523M9f7ab1ac63d28bff3c2076fa36c5abf
Mi Two  4.2.14 fastboot(4.1) 522Ma27b39e92dd3eddc14aef65f556a21d9
Mi Two  4.2.7 fastboot(4.1) 521M 74bdbfd7e6623d7cfbe4b543d062807d
Mi Two  4.1.24 fastboot(4.1) 519M e99946c0a7d8175921f2977b59241051
Mi Two  4.1.17 fastboot(4.1) 517M cab342b953b9c9a341a495a78ef6bb44
Mi Two  4.1.10 fastboot(4.1)518M b7db343e5e48f7120ffd376732497238
Mi Two  4.1.3 fastboot(4.1) 493M 269dba4236d521ec498d1e3f98e1b2cb
Mi Two  3.12.27 fastboot(4.1) 483M c67314761bf3558de5a459f74e5efd83
Mi Two  3.12.20 fastboot(4.1) 482M 54aaf41451ff087f5bbbc653fe85b184
Mi Two  3.12.13 fastboot(4.1) 477M a6191fdc705cae999c6606b66ac44268
Mi Two  3.12.6 fastboot(4.1) 477M 7edaf34d2bdd37a5d4d54f638302b049
Mi Two  3.11.29 fastboot(4.1) 477M a64fc94a0a0429ed7eedae5c0af71da7
Mi Two  3.11.22 fastboot(4.1) 475M 53888279129a126c9902fe4da73ffa9a
Mi Two  3.11.15 fastboot(4.1) 498M 56da61598bcf14b86783f706d37d8825
Mi Two  3.11.8 fastboot(4.1) 471M d496e8b056c5bfa39fd28b7d5807e9a5
Mi Two  3.11.1 fastboot(4.1) 474M 3f832bbcd01f598ff1a89af2483055ba
Mi Two  3.10.25 fastboot(4.1) 474M 48275cd772665893ddee282f104dd406
Mi Two  3.10.18 fastboot(4.1) 472M 646e405b7328897a3bb6332af1fbbf3a
Mi Two  3.10.11 fastboot(4.1) 461M 4ef32b549a749e8f0eebcb9d19d75771
Mi Two  3.9.27 fastboot(4.1) 462M adfa6d378cb98653eaa9a3f6ec2bb39c
Mi Two  3.9.20 fastboot(4.1) 467M f0983f088400ebb3c4cc0b465dda8cc3
Mi Two  3.9.13 fastboot(4.1) 460M 22645255c2e2ac45cd0006c8fdc7127d
Mi Two  3.9.6 fastboot(4.1) 460M 4ef3d682c961e1b98c930fe78aa85dab
Mi Two  3.8.30 fastboot(4.1) 458M 82f9e339f5596d5fe3b354f038dc8d8d
Mi Two  3.8.23 fastboot(4.1) 457M ccbccbe443f40876a4dccecc076ba672
Mi Two  3.8.16 fastboot(4.1) 447M 06a999ac95d6b21efe7fa949c73706a2
Mi Two  3.8.9 fastboot(4.1) 446M 0f85af8e3e81e5d80c16e8826d276474
Mi Two  3.8.2 fastboot(4.1) 446M 2a7c30899cd1f3c95649287258eab030
Mi Two  3.7.26 fastboot(4.1) 446M e5cbb3c10418ee27d587ba912dfd6817
Mi Two  3.7.19 fastboot(4.1) 434M aa8397f2c36e1dffd7ffb93268857b5a
Mi Two  3.7.12 fastboot(4.1)434M36006bdd0d0e64292d69fcef4c126aff
Mi Two  3.7.5 fastboot(4.1) 443M03220766fb8b13f241aea84f3d553a05
Mi Two  3.6.28 fastboot(4.1) 433Mbc6dd5f821dfb218b4a684eeecdbfa62
Mi Two  3.6.21 fastboot(4.1) 433M9cb2724fe4711648a9550c9ff7a57cc5
Mi Two  3.6.14 fastboot(4.1)423M 62a757b8b2c4ddd8c69e3c3e25ce369d
Mi Two  3.6.7 fastboot(4.1) 423M 4b6e87a9e1a4a24479001a2c811d6b11
Mi Two  3.5.31 fastboot(4.1) 423M ec8f869acc728fb53bc7f1d16a94f868
Mi Two  3.5.24 fastboot(4.1)416M8ff02f0486754decbde67f718f9a5d9e
Mi Two  3.5.17 fastboot(4.1) 416M de0962d303a2469dc9d9fb0905cb98ec
Mi Two  3.5.10 fastboot(4.1) 415M18e14ce112f2c9d3d9291e728b9753a0
Mi Two  3.5.3 fastboot(4.1)412M b875ddea207052b8bbdebfb962b134da
Mi Two  3.4.26 fastboot(4.1) 422M45236ac981db57c258dca10a11cfd0a2
Mi Two  3.4.19 fastboot(4.1) 422M2dc104c4ba0e7888ee9d7111783034f1
Mi Two  3.4.12 fastboot(4.1) 421M f3c0fd8ef81116204eb30b1f5ed104d6
Mi Two  3.4.5 fastboot(4.1) 399M 19ef463916a6f112d255a690544e8595
Mi Two  3.3.29 fastboot(4.1) 503M 36a15df3f3fdb5834e42ebe2e6d16ed1
Mi Two  3.3.22 fastboot(4.1) 399Md1002866cb4b730a8480695e932ef79f
Mi Two  3.3.15 fastboot(4.1) 399M 063abd938f0063284f4e3a7b4fdce90d
Mi Two  3.3.8 fastboot(4.1) 391M e8844cea8345c7c707649e49fbcf17f6
Mi Two  3.2.22 fastboot(4.1) 386M9859a47ad67f79433c2972de51d730ba
Mi Two  3.2.8 fastboot(4.1) 386M ed90d04da84a3cde6cc904d0f0c7f26b
Mi Two  3.2.1 fastboot(4.1) 382Me2f8dd26438c08e775bc79e4897b02c0
Mi Two  3.1.25 fastboot(4.1) 382M 31ef0680a2caf29c02f0412fe9077d73
Mi Two  3.1.18 fastboot(4.1)385M47ac609bd161996498d32effae9d2e5d
Mi Two  3.1.11 fastboot(4.1)376M30fc782333715bbcb94dc987f881e650
Mi Two  2.12.28 fastboot(4.1)375M1110fdd2f0cca37f06dc1a109cdb71d2
Mi Two  2.12.21 fastboot(4.1)371M5709bab3ab75058da11082d7e66a1930
Mi Two  2.12.14 fastboot(4.1)449Md2c0ee9d6eef54415ded8f07faa8247f
Mi Two  2.12.7 fastboot(4.1)449M98a940ba266b149066a85c94c7a230f1
Mi Two  2.11.30 fastboot(4.1)478M32b6c25b92c65da4d154025415b6d7bd
Mi Two  2.11.23 fastboot(4.1)478M7978d3bb239d14f073f7cd3f2f1d87e6
Mi Two  2.11.9 fastboot(4.1)477Mdfd427a2304b2d865a221adca2a2a94d
Mi Two  2.11.2 fastboot(4.1)477M07a521d60a687178f73eeb3218ef8b5b
Mi Two  2.10.26 fastboot(4.1)474M44bcd2637a9b9466877e422c807faeeb
Mi Two  2.10.19 fastboot(4.1)464Mcde26b042f75ddcca977ca886d0b37dc
Mi Two  2.10.12 fastboot(4.1)447M84576b9f63f04b52bb31bbd523f1471f
Mi Two  2.9.28 fastboot(4.1)459M3a67f441a15353862405dc010d9f9ed5
Mi Two  2.9.21 fastboot(4.1)460Mb395b5141b7b68f22dae8656ceb8f3f0

Xiaomi Mi2/2S -  MIUI Stable Version
These ROMs can only apply to Xiaomi Mi2/2S. MIUI V5 cannot be flashed back to MIUI V4

         ROM Version Size                        MD5
Mi Two  JLB49.0 fastboot(4.1)471M5b246a7ed4f11c2e5a937c464491c652
Mi Two  JLB39.0 fastboot(4.1) 551M961e20cd4a0f8ead3cb45f85202445bd
Mi Two  JLB36.0 fastboot(4.1) 551M3f04c743033a396316d21b1c18fe18af
Mi Two  JLB34.0 fastboot(4.1) 567M85e280d1048c8bd79c13affd863f3440
Mi Two  JLB33.0 fastboot(4.1) 558Mf2c3e3bfa1ff0354172d04ca88e0052c
Mi Two  JLB29.0 fastboot(4.1) 560Mfa897fa9f5289c91f1ae8c1009583cab
Mi Two  JLB28.0 fastboot(4.1) 479M a4e4e1c47200923c16e3429d51b56413
Mi Two  JLB27.0 fastboot(4.1) 478M 34d0fec0c32d841fc34ff65d36a8be07
Mi Two  JLB26.0 fastboot(4.1) 478M 48a642410bb9963145ade3d1d5463692
Mi Two  JLB24.0 fastboot(4.1) 467M 4336a1aa032bafd4eff567582d987692
Mi Two  JLB23.0 fastboot(4.1) 471M 577f1de97cf661deb88204d81b692d59
Mi Two  JLB22.0 fastboot(4.1) 468M 0b54e2f9b6fffb93d4629a409d9d306f
Mi Two  JLB21.0 fastboot(4.1) 443M aa4ac37cce0d561b978d595d878a643f
Mi Two  JLB20.0 fastboot(4.1) 434M c080ed34115c7f0bdc7b5bad05a3fb84
Mi Two  JLB18.0 fastboot(4.1) 434M 0411380be35ba109ebfd91b10d4f3dfb
Mi Two  JLB17.0 fastboot(4.1) 434M f20675debb46a1421825826ea08c956f
Mi Two  JLB16.0 fastboot(4.1) 418M 5960d65de2e2fccbdbc1d55fde2a215a
Mi Two  JLB15.0 fastboot(4.1) 417M 102819eb6b4235e3f6efa081c324491c
Mi Two  JLB14.0 fastboot(4.1) 471M 15d18a527a5f3cbf8ceeea3726d14ba9
Mi Two  JLB12.0 fastboot(4.1) 384M 827700cb77bd8c3ed99d72c014b6dbfe
Mi Two  JLB11.0 fastboot(4.1) 385M fbf4a1f82924c9ce0dc260870dbdf8a1
Mi Two  JLB10.0 fastboot(4.1) 472M a526fcceb5bc4db048f15d878584babd
Mi Two  JLB7.0 fastboot(4.1) 474M b7a82839625a6010d4705bcf8b82bae3
Mi Two  JLB5.0 fastboot(4.1) 471M 0fcc02dadc6be576adcd76f5c3a45383
Mi Two  JLB4.0 fastboot(4.1) 471M 68677669fe89991f392ca5692adfcbdd
Mi Two  JLB3.0 fastboot(4.1) 472M 65252393c2ff5586a92fe13463c037fb

Xiaomi Mi1/1S - MIUI Developer Version
These ROMs can only apply to Xiaomi Mi1/1S. The Mi1 Youth version can use ROM versions 2.5.18 & later ones

    ROM Version Size                     MD5
Mi One 4.11.21 fastboot286M6c521789a0258555399dcabdae7c4835
Mi One 4.11.14 fastboot283Mfacd6d86e4e76fa4f9f64c1375f26ae2
Mi One 4.11.7 fastboot283M85ba6ad44f28928c183d9fde46f15535
Mi One 4.10.31 fastboot281M2f7e3bbcf71df52403898a6b5fd363c4
Mi One 4.10.24 fastboot281Md2d14cff3366673b4d5aa78b496c6f33
Mi One 4.10.17 fastboot267M5bbda44004c366ae1627ef8819908009
Mi One 4.10.10 fastboot267M2f4c66c55145c38ad866e391403b453e
Mi One 4.9.26 fastboot267M1208803e18965b877e26bef088861275
Mi One 4.9.19 fastboot266M5c5441cb98d67038bad95ebce65680f1
Mi One 4.9.12 fastboot268M7347512159b4ba2bf567d48d618beed9
Mi One 4.9.5 fastboot263M76e41f97712b0a5ff2202edb42fa1ec6
Mi One 4.8.29 fastboot263M551e696a43b22ebd70eb060ad6ab6bfe
Mi One 4.8.22 fastboot269Me86c94804c25fab534081652c263fdd4
Mi One 4.8.15 fastboot262M03dc17fb52a95f01a96e46da9113b12a
Mi One 4.8.8 fastboot262M0a809521613c19fcac35c111dc98ab62
Mi One 4.8.1 fastboot245Mf123ee21c165ad147c2de3622700be42
Mi One 4.7.25 fastboot244M1eea08b879f103ff8a6dbe21dbc10459
Mi One 4.7.18 fastboot244M88ee1c7336c30a9d18552efcd9f568aa
Mi One 4.7.11 fastboot260M6a50cf251a8b17eb8bd5737a378340a0
Mi One 4.7.4 fastboot260M970a85fd3c9463a4a31d12bb203b0b58
Mi One 4.6.27 fastboot259M4b4375e7ce7ab7eb858c4ef46792f0b0
Mi One 4.6.20 fastboot259Ma1295f9ac094a33b9961784aa4331331
Mi One 4.6.13 fastboot259Me4f0493261dbd3b24e1aef5295ea3f4a
Mi One 4.6.6 fastboot260Me96386a1821b1ff4bc727a44944022b4
Mi One 4.5.30 fastboot285M2f1376acabf8dd0bc23b4780b86955e9
Mi One 4.5.23 fastboot301M4e41a9234d2f8ced85b116382ee02371
Mi One 4.5.16 fastboot302M4aa57780be5671f7d878a64da9e58ad7
Mi One 4.5.9 fastboot299Mdbe9a57fd1b6fb78a3e6299a6e77ca70
Mi One 4.4.25 fastboot 305Med01f3f48f9d360a97548c63716bc7e6
Mi One 4.4.18 fastboot 302M05f2c0ba758f6135c7d0619f7579d6f5
Mi One 4.4.11 fastboot 303Md17eef4a0473f89b19dee7b3b059f107
Mi One 4.4.4 fastboot 303M5c2d876350ef7f40c4da5ff7ad4c85d0
Mi One 4.3.28 fastboot 304Md9dc48e07c77246a3005802ef94df39c
Mi One 4.3.21 fastboot 305M6111e006c45fd685c8113b78da9e4c07
Mi One 4.3.14 fastboot 305Mdeecd0263e2a168dc2a7f11a78e8431d
Mi One 4.3.7 fastboot 288Med01f9551da2241ff4f7982f786b0a97
Mi One 4.2.28 fastboot 288M3aef35bdab2daec43888392ede7b9afb
Mi One 4.2.21 fastboot 287Mcf0bf59a1ce7488aec349b7d64f06b22
Mi One 4.2.14 fastboot 286Mbc4c226a58d35fe4f06c476a54dd258
Mi One 4.2.7 fastboot 285M dbc4c226a58d35fe4f06c476a54dd258
Mi One 4.1.24 fastboot 285M e59a03dc8b32f698a6d6ecced1372cef
Mi One 4.1.17 fastboot 285M 16035f53d6f31654e6e3d948f38180a8
Mi One 4.1.10 fastboot 279M 05120d6ef4e91fcc25016773f7c24a5a
Mi One 4.1.3 fastboot 297M 576843d7c38d97b9c9696f64fefa819e
Mi One 3.12.27 fastboot 286M 0ed02ed3b5a047f5e426171db8c0501d
Mi One 3.12.20 fastboot 291M 6d19736170120e45a433abae6f1bff9e
Mi One 3.12.13 fastboot 288M 45a28bac52f3c05727150337e6584638
Mi One 3.12.6 fastboot 286M ea594fc885d4d5d56e0bfe8b02435ab8
Mi One 3.11.29 fastboot 286M cf14067bd0960252fca65066daa9b184
Mi One 3.11.22 fastboot 284M a944c3a5f738465cebf42295f11ee662
Mi One 3.11.15 fastboot 283M 881e6c310ce6440fa091f5f67a8f60e1
Mi One 3.11.8 fastboot 283M 971bae08689ff6537cb8eedc3cd17afc
Mi One 3.11.1 fastboot 286M 6862a508fca27d99705b72cf5c9055b7
Mi One 3.10.25 fastboot 284M a9840932213d4ba9d5bf9bbb3465ed19
Mi One 3.10.18 fastboot 283M 141da42878968e274925ac672c9ec303
Mi One 3.10.11 fastboot 282M 4c1e27978b740bdc266d16f1933d7f54
Mi One 3.9.27 fastboot 284M 2074e2e46698ad75063b6b3a3dddbfab
Mi One 3.9.20 fastboot 285M ed36c35b6a79dea342fee84131f43c9b
Mi One 3.9.13 fastboot 286M a5c09fafd98271f4a70d07279f3139c4
Mi One 3.9.6 fastboot 286M d4773ddeb4feb4b0c3e801acd6a2113f
Mi One 3.8.30 fastboot 285M ce1667606ca643fc6e285ba3ca4c140d
Mi One 3.8.23 fastboot 285M b453a3b3c65041c5053058ea49e0c38a
Mi One 3.8.16 fastboot 275M 66aed0cfc004e0598f2ec20b49066cf7
Mi One 3.8.9 fastboot 275M 86ed10e167710f176db24fd3d6edbd24
Mi One 3.8.2 fastboot 276M 661169a37673d01d480134ab66b76861
Mi One 3.7.26 fastboot 275M 242416dd0664f2ab40936ed1a77a3b36
Mi One 3.7.19 fastboot 263M 780b6a5706f421b971eacd2223ead0c8
Mi One 3.7.12 fastboot263Mfd9dfa1b7a378efa2a8f0c692b01a131
Mi One 3.7.5 fastboot 263M 2bd6d1ca4c70d0db6266ce95255b9696
Mi One 3.6.28 fastboot 262M b4c5a1797effb8491587a7cf8c162c8e
Mi One 3.6.21 fastboot 262M 300cb90cc7cb33bc1535e1b55fbf2d8f
Mi One 3.6.14 fastboot 262M 1d545d4af103f3a44b75f6e39c821de9
Mi One 3.6.7 fastboot 261M cd58cafc65f9a410c828ddea78e19aaf
Mi One 3.5.31 fastboot 257M 077b458cdb5e9bca84e8a6ceba47ef76
Mi One 3.5.24 fastboot 245M 430d70f0518b9d4067f4b80630c96b70
Mi One 3.5.3 fastboot 244M d5d429a0aef51aad5ad38819eee63d4f
Mi One 3.4.26 fastboot 244M c083e9acae5eb08c2d9ca9418cd279b3
Mi One 3.4.19 fastboot 246M 4516034f5459259f5612a85c848fc33b
Mi One 3.4.12 fastboot 245M6a121e842639e08a8186027fa0da7d63
Mi One 3.4.5 fastboot 244M 5937d28b5fbd9be69b8b5f325271cc76
Mi One 3.3.29 fastboot 246M 612450678216c688ddc6d7df85a59b4b
Mi One 3.3.8 fastboot 246M 4834da7c4fcc276fbd058a8cec06f487
Mi One 3.3.1 fastboot 246M e853ec2f8132804c7a5d591ae9efcde2
Mi One 3.2.22 fastboot 246M e6ea415975be1b8ab6c089bade76bcfc
Mi One 3.2.8 fastboot 247M ffa0a7854ecd4c39047708a2d1ea03b0
Mi One 3.2.1 fastboot 247M fa16293436ad8181779ce831aa7afab6
Mi One 3.1.25 fastboot245M 485158ce78b8a040cd92501fe5be987e
Mi One 3.1.18 fastboot 235M a72eec63aa709218652c3f5a7b46b52f
Mi One 3.1.11 fastboot 235M 28c80214c843754d2ef5344aad2043f7
Mi One 2.12.28 fastboot 235M b26344323e171131973d48a8ce23599e
Mi One 2.12.21 fastboot 234M 594511bab8ec650f7d62919f78177820
Mi One 2.12.14 fastboot 235M e48d76dc497283c90b434ad63df82309
Mi One 2.12.7 fastboot 235M 4e885aa8ae6eee7840ce0ac28cf804e5
Mi One 2.11.30 fastboot 235M 21d0fa5f8d29f421c18e4d3db9b15abf
Mi One 2.11.23 fastboot 234M 005f0a2724e10bb4bba10ec33c9dc577
Mi One 2.11.16 fastboot 234Ma60cb0b6add6796a8fc7c062234cda71
Mi One 2.11.9 fastboot 234M b870b41d1d075931e1c055e5cf7f89ea
Mi One 2.11.2 fastboot 234M 57a9a99e53c9eb351b7f716064b30270
Mi One 2.10.26 fastboot237M 4ad962e6c6c912002316fd1674171805
Mi One 2.10.19 fastboot 235M 2fd53e3f5014cb28f97e5541829757c1
Mi One 2.10.12 fastboot 218M 3dab80cf633d2714960763fa995e6146
Mi One 2.9.29 fastboot 220M 5851b6d151b42f3ac33b0147a82f9bf5
Mi One 2.9.21 fastboot 219M 83df69460b8511346c5bc58ae0f70daf
Mi One 2.9.7 fastboot 246M 8a866faa9e9d842c7186e8b6552448e8
Mi One 2.8.31 fastboot 244M 4db13232456d72ffe947b95e09e68a5f
Mi One 2.8.24 fastboot 236M b745bab31b090dc2deb80269b2f0d113
Mi One 2.8.17 fastboot 233M 50e9002e4775717db5d0f6ccc48d30e9
Mi One 2.8.10 fastboot 219M 6239c0f5b35ef56e05e894d495a8b86d
Mi One 2.8.3 fastboot 218M 83eb1c127b1cd99f310a63d2e02dd367
Mi One 2.7.27 fastboot219M 23093d4a5efcc9a8b2cf9681cddd7dac
Mi One 2.7.20 fastboot 228M 463c634d9f795aa2db4e68977f3e6033
Mi One 2.7.13 fastboot 226M 9b565817ca4f9f816a7f5c3707ef0f16
Mi One 2.7.6 fastboot 214M 8af5a59d1cff5c58a055b761cce5b5c7

Xiaomi Mi1/1S - MIUI Stable Version
These ROMs can only apply to Xiaomi Mi1/1S. The Mi1 Youth version can use ROM versions ICS3.0 & later ones

      ROM Version Size                      MD5
Mi One_JMACNBF11.0 fastboot268M db9b27588592b3a92b89a425699859a8
Mi One_JMACNBF7.0 fastboot260M 901c278a52474a1017470a3fbffcbff9
Mi One_JMACNBD4.0 fastboot306M b5a298f4360945dee28f82f465ed8c5a
Mi One_JMACNAH1.0 fastboot285M aa40f6c753a1a0be08373f4e10bfdf6c
Mi One_ICS24.0 fastboot245M defa45dab767cf4588d4bbd0744f4184
Mi One_ICS23.0 fastboot245M 71f4620c9842a9d24a9fe38736fe967a
Mi One_ICS22.0 fastboot234M d7aff4991d74d7ca19a15591c8557edd
Mi One_ICS21.0 fastboot233M b4783a9434cecfa71e327cd7a0690e38
Mi One_ICS20.0 fastboot 233M f0c513154ed2449f68dfa63e92558615
Mi One_ICS19.0 fastboot 233M 331ac5735c3a0a81c22ca0c63dcbfde1
Mi One_ICS16.0 fastboot221M6bdb70c4c3c6c7a57482fa968052740b
Mi One_ICS15.0 fastboot226M 4875ee73ededca20d01826d6dab74db5
Mi One_ICS14.0 fastboot216M 65d6319b7282de3b69546d4a33e73035
Mi One_ICS7.0 fastboot215M8ffdbdb651114b8c649e2a92564dca38

via: MIUI Chinese Forum
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Iyengar Support: 5 Hell a lot of work you have done on this. Hats off.  19:52, Feb-11-2014

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GyNCs replied at 2014-8-19 06:31
I can not download.
Error when downloading
Link ... 1_cn_961e20cd ...

I'm having the same problem, please someone help me!

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OK tanks

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17:21, Sep-21-2014 | From PC
I need Flashboot ROM for "KXDMIBF23.0" (India Stable version)

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red rice (Redmi)

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Again!  Hongmi stepchild

KeBuTeR !

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Great work

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 Author| 17:48, Feb-11-2014 | From PC
Reply corradino Add Thread

You should flash these ROM files if you're flashing with your phone connected to the computer, and your phone in fastboot mode.

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Great work

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great work !!

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17:06, Feb-11-2014 | From PC
I confess I do not unferstand what these files are. Can  you explain a little bit more? Are these alla the miui updates released so far for each decise?
Thanks a lot


Iyengar Simply put, ROM Repository in a incremental packages. Not exactly update, but individual FULL Base  19:50, Feb-11-2014

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Awesome collection!!

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